Elmo Visits Ricky Gervais' Office

  • Published on Jul 6, 2010
  • Elmo pops in to see Ricky Gervais on a recent visit to London.
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  • Double Guitars
    Double Guitars 7 years ago +324

    How does Ricky Gervais get away with this. Seriously he's just entertaining himself there... still love him.

    • Danny Santos
      Danny Santos 5 months ago +1

      We don't know.

    • The SnuggleDuck
      The SnuggleDuck 6 months ago +1

      Because they come from a time where you can say what you want and not hurt each other. Real people

    • Yo Mama
      Yo Mama 9 months ago

      and Me too √√√√√√√√√√√√√√√√

    • John Doe
      John Doe Year ago +2

      It is because Warwick is not a BETA male. He is a real man

    • kukalakana
      kukalakana Year ago +6

      I think he gets away with it because he and Warwick Davis are mates.

  • gingerbill128
    gingerbill128 7 years ago +478

    lol , Warwick was really struggling to stay in character and look miserable , he couldn't help laughing a few times.

    • The SnuggleDuck
      The SnuggleDuck 6 months ago

      @Johnny Johnny he's playing his life's too short character. If you watch when ricky dresses him up as a frog where he isn't acting, he finds it fucking funny

    • Vatican Cameos
      Vatican Cameos 10 months ago +1

      @Johnny Johnny ​ I'm sensing you're not British... 🤔

    • GrandmasterofWin
      GrandmasterofWin 11 months ago

      @Johnny Johnny you need to watch life's too short.

    • GrandmasterofWin
      GrandmasterofWin 11 months ago

      @Doctor straing Strange thank you. Yeah that was super annoying. Warrick Davis has worked with Gervais many times and even on shows that explicitly made fun of him. It's all part of the gag.

  • Tian G
    Tian G 6 years ago +226

    "I can't believe my luck!"
    I love how Ricky appreciates the simple things.

    • 13th century schizoid man
      13th century schizoid man 2 months ago

      He certainly appreciates the little things in life

    • Johnny Johnny
      Johnny Johnny 3 years ago +2

      Simple? Do you know how hard it would be to get a dwarf and the real Elmo to sit on your lap at the same time?You would have more chance of getting a ride in a Lamborghini.

    • mariemallili
      mariemallili 4 years ago +3

      you mean the little things ;) :D

    • chris bergès
      chris bergès 5 years ago +3

      smalla ss holy shit you made me laugh so hard lol

    • smoker1442
      smoker1442 5 years ago +2

      +Bob V smol

  • Ramsay Bolton
    Ramsay Bolton 8 years ago +394

    We need a show with Elmo and Karl Pilkington

    • Lil me
      Lil me 2 months ago +1

      I think Karl would like it, he'd speak to Elmo as if it were real. I can totally see that.

    • Alif Muhammad
      Alif Muhammad 10 months ago

      @Alastair Beaumont ROFL! 🤣😂🤣

    • Alastair Beaumont
      Alastair Beaumont Year ago +2

      “It’s not Dilkington, it’s Pilkington! Why am I doing this? What’s the point? I’m talking to a gay black guys hand wrapped in felt. Why am I here?”

    • Mister E
      Mister E Year ago +1

      It would mess with Karl’s head too much XD

    • just me
      just me Year ago

      EVIL Dopplegangers

  • Kjca
    Kjca 3 years ago +20

    I love how Warwick stays in character and literally gets degraded for the sake of a sketch, true comedian and actor.

  • Em B
    Em B 7 years ago +158

    I've never seen Ricky so happy in my entire life. Haha.

  • matais1
    matais1 12 years ago +45

    Warrick is trying to keep a straight face and play an Extra's kind of celebrity, but he cracks up so much it's hilarious.

  • Jokerhamil
    Jokerhamil 8 years ago +623

    I was really hoping Ricky's odd little friend was Karl Pilkington

    • Jacob Preston
      Jacob Preston Year ago +1

      I can imagine Ricky pulling Karl out of a bag at parties .. and karl being pissed because he's missing his tv show

    • Paul Drennan
      Paul Drennan Year ago +1

      It is

    • Borut Peterlin
      Borut Peterlin Year ago +1

      They are professional actors! There are much more difficult ways to earn money.

    • Howard Billington
      Howard Billington 3 years ago +5

      Haha yes I'd love that. "This is Elmo" "but, but , what is ee?" "He's a puppet" "well what's the point of that then? Sounds horrible having hand up your arse" and so on

    • Boo Bear x
      Boo Bear x 4 years ago +1

      Jokerhamil me too

  • robg71
    robg71 Year ago +12

    The Joy on Gervais face when Elmo comes on. Like a 8 year old Boy. Priceless.

  • MCcheck97
    MCcheck97 9 years ago +53

    Warwick Davis' autobiography brought me here (I didnt know this clip existed till I read it in his book). Its hilarious! And its not bullying at all; Warwick was fully "in" on the idea and speaks about it fondly :-)

  • Bendoinsomethings
    Bendoinsomethings 8 years ago +74

    Haha dammit Ricky. The inappropriate situations you create makes the audiences project and feel so guilty. You're a genius hahahaha!

  • thepurplewall
    thepurplewall 9 years ago +10

    Ricky and Elmo have two of the most endearing forms of laughter in the world! :D

  • Hey, Internet. Eric here
    Hey, Internet. Eric here 4 years ago +3

    I love how Warwick tries his best to look like he's not enjoying this.

  • Ruby Doomsday
    Ruby Doomsday 11 years ago +5

    Warwick Davis really is such a good sport -- I admire him greatly.

  • Game Guiders HD
    Game Guiders HD 10 years ago +3

    I haven't laughed so hard in my whole entire life...
    This combo of Elmo and ricky is PURE GOLD. I just wish Elmo could be a little PG-13 when he's not promoting his show, but I understand why he can't.

  • SpecialHandlingUnit
    SpecialHandlingUnit 6 years ago +57

    I don't know how Elmo's puppeteer can keep it together through that, too funny!

    • Mihkel Edala
      Mihkel Edala 6 years ago +44

      +SpecialHandlingUnit Elmo is real

  • Bezo Razo
    Bezo Razo 6 years ago +33

    I love how hard Warwick's trying (and failing) to maintain an air of disgruntlement and indignation for comedic straight man purposes, but just can't quite keep the amusement from seeping out ^_^

  • Ira Prettycloud
    Ira Prettycloud 7 years ago +397

    You cant just pickem' up! They got rights!

    • just me
      just me Year ago

      @ABad Man Doppleganger Code

    • just me
      just me Year ago

      @Brian Boyd Doppleganger Code

    • just me
      just me Year ago

      Doppleganger Code

    • Lumibear
      Lumibear Year ago +4

      Oh, this brings back memories of an old friend, a dwarf actor, and his feelings on such things. Basically, if you were paying him, it was all negotiable, if not, PUT ME DOWN YOU X@#%!! (And rightly so!)

  • Nerves Concord
    Nerves Concord 7 years ago +3

    There are a few things that have had me crying with laughter in my life; one is Spike Milligan's comedy award acceptance, another is Craig Ferguson and Geoff Peterson's many houses bit on The Late Late Show, and this. Well done to all involved, this is a drop of purest comedy.

    • Last of Brunnen G
      Last of Brunnen G 7 years ago

      @Last of Brunnen G obviously... I mean Thompson lol

    • Last of Brunnen G
      Last of Brunnen G 7 years ago

      Peterson and Ferguson are so great together. I hope they keep on working as a team.

  • Nicholas Dean Gibson
    Nicholas Dean Gibson 8 years ago +1

    Ah man this is golden!! Ricky and the fellas (Steve, Warwick, Doc Brown) are a god send with respect comedy! Keep it up!

  • JMGB
    JMGB 11 years ago +3

    omg I could Not Stop Laughing!! Warwick's long suffering sighs at Ricky were priceless!

  • bullcrapptv
    bullcrapptv Year ago +4

    How have I never seen this? Ricky is the only person on earth that is allowed to do this. 🤣🤣🤣

  • Keiren David
    Keiren David Year ago +3

    I love it when muppet characters step it up to a more adult sphere

  • Merkwürdigliebe
    Merkwürdigliebe 11 years ago +2

    Gervais is trolling so hard here... I love the guy.

  • Murilo Melo
    Murilo Melo 7 years ago +23

    Only Ricky can get away with something like this!

  • Thabata Siqueira
    Thabata Siqueira 8 years ago +8

    I think there should be a law against how happy Ricky is right now... haha he's emulating pure joy.

  • Squeaky Soliloquy
    Squeaky Soliloquy 3 years ago

    Comedy gold from my hero. Love Ricky Gervais. Thank you for all the laughs 👍

  • Deadpan Barry
    Deadpan Barry Year ago +2

    This was so funny..... I nearly died. 😅😅

  • Chris Beer
    Chris Beer Year ago +32

    I love all these people saying "poor Warwick." It's a freaking gag, for Christ's sake.

    • Jax r
      Jax r Year ago +2

      For all we know it was Warwick's idea. It kinda feels like his humour to me.

    • Mark Ross
      Mark Ross Year ago +5

      The same kind of insane people who watch soap operas and hate the "villians" so much that they end up having a go at the actors on twitter!

    • Twenty 209
      Twenty 209 Year ago +1

      Yeah I mean he is on a sofa with Ricky Gevais and Elmo don’t take it to seriously.

  • person face
    person face Year ago +2

    Elmo is beyond adorable. Bloody love him.

  • D M D
    D M D 3 years ago +13

    I don’t know how gervais gets away with it ! 😂🤣😂 he is mint.

    • Tim Q
      Tim Q 4 months ago

      it's amazing what some respect and inclusion does to make things happen (and warwick is an amazing actor -- even if he broke character)

  • Petter Engersand
    Petter Engersand Year ago +5

    hahaha. absolutely hillarious. Love the way you spit PC in the face. "of course he lives in a little house :) "Message to Willow: " if you got offended by this.......grow up :)

  • Kaia Andy
    Kaia Andy 6 years ago +85

    Warrick! OMG that made me laugh so hard when he was dragged onto Ricky's lap! :-D

    • JamMasterJB
      JamMasterJB 6 years ago +4

      +Kaia Lonergan Same here! I had to rewatch that part like 7 times and laughed so much every time! Warrick's facial expressions made it even better!

  • Ramos23
    Ramos23 6 years ago +2

    Lmao can't believe how much he's cracking up over this

  • Guilherme Campos
    Guilherme Campos 9 years ago +1

    On 1:54 the cameraman is laughing, that made my day!!

  • Danny Fisher
    Danny Fisher Year ago +2

    "He's got a little suit on. Look who's in the bucket. It's Warwick Davis!" LOLLLL!.
    I don't want to laugh, but I can't help it. I'm in tears. Ricky is a devil. He loves mocking anyone who's a little different. Ask Karl Pilkington LOL!

  • Jed Nadin
    Jed Nadin 3 years ago +1

    I love how Ricky is trying to make eye contact with Kevin and Elmo leans in like ‘’my eyes are here!!”

  • Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl
    Olivia Sonia Kay Fiegl 10 years ago +1

    I totally laughed when he says "I can't believe my luck!" As if he has TWO hair covered little "friends" in his joyous lap. One for each leg.

  • JenZ
    JenZ 5 years ago +1

    This never gets old X D

  • Elaine Scott
    Elaine Scott 9 years ago

    When he says that he is the luckiest man on earth, you know he means it!

  • Alistair Higgs
    Alistair Higgs 11 years ago +1

    I love how ricky sits up a little when he says "sitting in my OFFICE" and "not writing another AWARD WINNING SERIES"

  • julian lane
    julian lane 8 years ago +227

    So many people saying 'poor Warwick' and 'it's bullying he should be ashamed' etc etc etc.....ITS CALLED FUCKIN ACTING!!!!!

    • Heda_K
      Heda_K 3 months ago

      @Jam Donut yeah, you clearly don’t have your own agenda.. lol

    • Bloody Marvelous
      Bloody Marvelous Year ago +1

      It's called being funny as fuck :).

    • Nr 6
      Nr 6 Year ago +3

      well some used to make fun of black people and do black faces before and i am sure some did not see why it was not funny because it was acting !

    • Jam Donut
      Jam Donut Year ago +4

      @Stan Cooper unfortunately due to social media, the younger crowd are little lefty snowflakes due to the education system and the government turning them into little puppets for their agenda, after all.. a weak population are easier to control.

    • Jam Donut
      Jam Donut Year ago +5

      Theyre's too many poor little offended snowflakes these days

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire
    ISetYourFaceOnFire 8 years ago +3

    Never seen Ricky so happy.

  • Gemma
    Gemma 11 years ago

    Love Warick, good guy, and Ricky is Amazingly funny. And of course ELMO!!

  • Nortski
    Nortski 7 years ago +63

    "I'd love to see that little house!" LMFAOOOOO!!!!

  • The 10 Minute Woodworker

    Warwick is such a great sport! None of this woke bollocks. Just a laugh

  • Charlie Orellana
    Charlie Orellana Year ago +1

    Ricky just cant stop! His glee is infectious!

  • Hermes&Hera
    Hermes&Hera 8 years ago +165

    When Warwick says, "I've done the furry outfit." EWOK!!!

    • B K
      B K Year ago +1

      I thought he said fairy...WILLOW!!

  • Kyle Ordway
    Kyle Ordway 5 years ago +1

    0:49 For some reason, one of the funniest things I've seen in my entire life. Tears streaming down my face from laughing so hard~~~ heheeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Jody Whelan
    Jody Whelan Year ago

    A certain Ceremony, confirmed that Ricky is on the side of Good.. ❤❤❤
    This is so brilliant, the puppeteer is breaking his shite laughing 🤣

  • Lasse
    Lasse 10 years ago

    I've never seen a happier man before :D Ricky is in heaven! HAHAAHGA

  • Billy Bass
    Billy Bass 10 years ago +1

    "It's Warwick Davis in the bucket!!" Love it

  • skibadee66
    skibadee66 12 years ago +5

    rickys like an excited child, i love him lol!

  • John Graham
    John Graham 10 years ago +1

    does anyone love ricky gervais' laugh

  • fLaMePr0oF
    fLaMePr0oF 4 days ago

    Two absolute legends.. And Ricky of course..

  • Joe R
    Joe R Year ago +29

    Elmo should have said "He looks so life like."

  • gmmg
    gmmg 6 years ago +46

    Karl needs to meet Elmo. I couldn't imagine.

    • Lil me
      Lil me 10 months ago

      Karl would think he was real.

    • Lucas Jeffrey
      Lucas Jeffrey Year ago +1

      "I'm not gonna talk to it, it's just a puppet! I can see the hands there, you're not foolin' anyone"

  • uaintheardnothinyet
    uaintheardnothinyet 12 years ago

    haha brilliant video Ricky. love your stuff!

  • Chilly Rama
    Chilly Rama 12 years ago +1

    2:47 Warric started laughing as did I.

  • Justin Coleman
    Justin Coleman Year ago +5

    That Warwick Davis doll looks so lifelike.

  • Kribo Msandawana
    Kribo Msandawana 3 years ago +3

    Ricky Love ur work....After Life was off the chain... You rock

  • Harry Edwards
    Harry Edwards 9 years ago

    This is literally too funny!!!!!

  • crazykoopa
    crazykoopa 12 years ago

    the fact that this is on my ipod makes me ridiculously happy....Gervais is an absolute genius!! Get Elmo in on a podcast, that conversation with Karl would be brilliant.

  • Kenzi The Dragon Queen
    Kenzi The Dragon Queen 11 years ago +7

    "Meeting you is the highlight of my career."
    "Elmo feels sorry for you." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • awesomeattic
    awesomeattic Year ago +1

    I hope everyone gets this in their recommended, this is too perfect

  • Fuzzy_Lumkins001
    Fuzzy_Lumkins001 2 years ago

    Its great how ricky can move his mouth without hands

  • qqbbrwo11
    qqbbrwo11 9 years ago +1

    i know!! and i love how genuinely OVERJOYED ricky was

  • Simon Becker
    Simon Becker 2 years ago +1

    This is so hilarious

  • JenZ
    JenZ 10 years ago +2

    "Look who's in the bucket! It's Warwick Davis!" lmao!!

  • ultramaximus
    ultramaximus Year ago

    Warwick Davis is too funny. He was probably like what if I hop on your lap LOL

  • Vikotnick
    Vikotnick Year ago

    Ricky is the happiest person in the world there.
    All respect to Warwick though for being SUCH a good sport in humoring all of us. I mean, only a British person would have the sense of humor to do this. Let that self humor go on forever.

  • just a ghoul in the world

    when he reached out and lifted Warrick to sit him on his knee, I thought this can't be happening oh no.

  • millvalleyrn
    millvalleyrn 11 years ago

    Warwick looking uncomfortable made it ... hilarious.

  • DirtyDave
    DirtyDave Year ago +1

    Warwick is like "wheres my fucking cheque?"😂😂😂

  • J F
    J F 11 years ago

    At 2:40 i nearly died laughing haha

  • Brooke Levy
    Brooke Levy 6 years ago +34

    1:04 "excuse elmo" 😂😂

  • ardnega
    ardnega 10 years ago

    warwick davis is an awesome actor.

  • singIeservingfriend
    singIeservingfriend 6 years ago +82

    I'd love Karl & Elmo to meet!

    • MrLondonuts
      MrLondonuts 5 years ago +5

      I can see it "ohh HIII MR PILKINGTON!" ".....y'alright."

    • MegaDonGallo 1981
      MegaDonGallo 1981 5 years ago +20

      A little, round-headed, silly muppet........................... meeting Elmo.

    • VegnaChaos 86
      VegnaChaos 86 6 years ago +3

      +singIeservingfriend omg yes

  • Geoff Saunderson
    Geoff Saunderson Year ago +1

    Ricky has done more to break down barriers in equality between dwarfs/little people and mainstream society than anyone!

  • Cynthia Ahern
    Cynthia Ahern Year ago +1

    Only clicked because of Warwick. Phenominal actor and way underated.

  • Gianmaria Caschetto
    Gianmaria Caschetto 11 years ago +3

    "I've done the furry outfit..." genius!

  • Parl Kilkington
    Parl Kilkington Year ago

    Warwick and Elmo. Both legends. Both created in the Jim Henson Workshop.
    Biddly biddly biddly...

  • Kieran Pugh
    Kieran Pugh Year ago +1

    Ricky is brilliant with the Muppets

  • Shameem
    Shameem 10 years ago +4

    "It's only Warwick Davis" HAHAHHAHAH!! I love that introduction.

  • Roisin Bryson
    Roisin Bryson Year ago

    Lmfbo Warwick Davis is brilliant and lifes too short is still the funniest thing I ever seen.

  • KlohsCalls
    KlohsCalls 10 years ago

    hahaha, when he picks him up and puts him on his lap. Fell of my chair in laughter.

  • Aragog
    Aragog Year ago

    This feels like a fever dream lmao

  • Gram M
    Gram M 4 years ago +13

    One final thing, Elmo, my wife loves you, but I don’t agree with that in the workplace

    • frank hinstine
      frank hinstine Year ago

      "I like when you do the little hand thing..." Gareth

  • rickstein123
    rickstein123 10 years ago

    His laugh at 3:04 is so funny

  • Nick Hammond
    Nick Hammond 12 years ago

    Who'd have thought Ricky Gervais and Elmo would form such a brilliant double act ;)

  • The Truth
    The Truth Year ago +3

    Warrick is so good at pretending to be uncomfortable. Skits like this remind me that Ricky made the office.

  • Mo_ Bra
    Mo_ Bra Year ago

    At first I was super uncomfortable watching this clip... but then when Ricky said "Oh, I'd love to see that little house", I lost it! -Hilarious! I'm glad all parties involved were in on this gag! ;-D

    • MrShinnickNeth
      MrShinnickNeth 7 months ago

      Warwick is definitely in on it. Have you seen the HBO show, Life's Too Short? It's a whole show Warwick Davis did with Ricky Gervais.

  • Toasty Volvo
    Toasty Volvo Year ago

    Warwick aged VERY well.

  • Stuart Edwards
    Stuart Edwards 11 years ago

    "I knew he'd like you...I knew they'd get along" hahahaha

  • KateMcT
    KateMcT 8 years ago +1

    Ricky looks like he's having a blast.

  • newwavepop
    newwavepop 2 months ago

    Warwick is such a good sport.

  • Baron Bayne
    Baron Bayne 2 months ago

    Haha I knew they'd get along!

  • Green Lion
    Green Lion Year ago +1

    Warwick needs to bring back Life’s Too Short

  • Jamie Holmes
    Jamie Holmes 8 years ago

    Warwick is such a good sport man. This is great. I like Ricky the best when he is degrading to minorities.

  • Solo Gals
    Solo Gals 7 years ago +4

    I like it when Warick says "I dont do furry suits".