• Published on Oct 19, 2019
  • Gmod TTT! We're trapping the traitors in this Yogs themed map in Gmod TTT!
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    Who's in the video:
    Lewis: thexvid.com/user/BlueXephos
    Ben: thexvid.com/channel/UCeiojUKAAGdwocc5ZjMqryA
    Duncan: thexvid.com/user/Yogscastlalna
    Rythian: thexvid.com/user/YogscastRythian
    Zylus: thexvid.com/user/MrZylus
    Wilsonator: thexvid.com/channel/UC_mkyL75cuKExSTaMbpWrEg
    Zoey: www.twitch.tv/zoeyproasheck
    Gameplay Overview:
    Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT) is an online multiplayer gamemode included with Garry's Mod. The game is about a group of "terrorists" who have traitors among them, out to kill everyone who's not a traitor.
    #gmod #yogscast #TTT
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Comments • 535

  • Sleambean
    Sleambean 8 days ago

    2:20 a duncopop

  • Jackmino
    Jackmino 10 days ago

    13:56 Wilsonator exploded as a spectator while he was looking at Duncan, which killed Duncan

  • xBones
    xBones 16 days ago

    What is the rythian reference too?

  • Jonathan Allen
    Jonathan Allen 22 days ago +3

    "Zulus.... Shut up."
    - Lewis Brindles

  • Namoth
    Namoth 23 days ago

    someone needs to make a good duncans castle....and in the village infront of it , theres duncan dispensers

  • Twybo
    Twybo 23 days ago

    2012: diggy hole
    2016: GMOD

  • chickoricko
    chickoricko 24 days ago

    Good One Zoey ♥

  • the boss
    the boss 25 days ago

    I miss the Tom

  • Thomas Hunt
    Thomas Hunt 25 days ago

    The salt joke from zoey was the best

  • Dave Bobson
    Dave Bobson 25 days ago +1

    What an amazing episode

  • TrollFaceTheMan
    TrollFaceTheMan 25 days ago

    13:09, that might be one of the sickest burns I've ever heard...

  • Beeshroom
    Beeshroom 25 days ago

    This map is amazing and I loved these rounds and this group.

  • John Wells
    John Wells 25 days ago

    I loved the meta plays on this map. Definitely a TTT gem

  • charlieorsomething
    charlieorsomething 25 days ago

    Everyone: "Lewis do you wanna film some TTT today?"
    Lewis: *silence*

  • meuli55
    meuli55 26 days ago

    honestly, am i the only one who thinks Zoey is kind of annoying?

  • Harvey Sullivan
    Harvey Sullivan 26 days ago

    *Lewis: Uh Zylus.*
    *Zylus: Yeah.*
    *Lewis: Shut up.*

  • jameswalker199
    jameswalker199 26 days ago

    Wait, is that Just Potatoes the infamous [Potato Restaurant] from Hole Diggers?

  • GORager99
    GORager99 26 days ago

    zoey meowing as the infected is the greatest thing

  • Jonas Hjelmblink
    Jonas Hjelmblink 26 days ago

    They need to play this map again!

  • Albert Hancock
    Albert Hancock 26 days ago

    I think this is evil

  • noonesknows
    noonesknows 26 days ago +1


  • bmxdude1337
    bmxdude1337 26 days ago

    Clearly Rythian has never played Halo, how dare you not know how to use the Splaser

  • Trommari
    Trommari 26 days ago

    zoey's little victory cheer @ 9:12 is cute!

  • Lord Sylph
    Lord Sylph 26 days ago

    Zoey with the epic Rhythian burn

  • Redelectric
    Redelectric 26 days ago

    I don’t get the rithian reference

  • Jombridge
    Jombridge 27 days ago

    Rythian getting salty at people not doing zombies right. Hmmmm.

  • benibacon
    benibacon 27 days ago

    Ben calling people Twats is the greatest thing so far in 2019

  • Alec Jacobsen
    Alec Jacobsen 27 days ago

    I think this was the funniest TTT video in a while!

  • Marvin Little
    Marvin Little 27 days ago

    Is it just me or was zoey's aim insane this game? She was on fire lol

  • Ian Sharpe
    Ian Sharpe 27 days ago

    The Bristol Pusher strikes again 2:40

  • Nikolov Ivan
    Nikolov Ivan 27 days ago

    why does ben say rip

  • Maltek
    Maltek 27 days ago

    TTT stats
    Detective rate All: Times detective:2869 Victories:1825 Losses: 1167 Success rate:64 %

    1. Mikey: Times detective:1 Victories:1 Losses: 0 Success rate:100 %
    2. Dr simon: Times detective:9 Victories:7 Losses: 2 Success rate:78 %
    3. Caff: Times detective:4 Victories:3 Losses: 1 Success rate: 75%
    4. Spiffing Brit: Times detective:8 Victories:6 Losses:2 Success rate: 75 %
    5. Hanna: Times detective:19 Victories:14 Losses: 5 Success rate:74 %
    6. Tom: Times detective:266 Victories:191 Losses: 77 Success rate:72 %
    7. Dont know: Times detective:26 Victories:18 Losses: 8 Success rate:69 %
    8. Radders: Times detective:41 Victories:28 Losses: 13 Success rate:68 %
    9. Zozo: Times detective:71 Victories:47 Losses: 25 Success rate:66 %
    10. Zaylus: Times detective:300 Victories:197 Losses: 103 Success rate:66 %
    11. Rythian: Times detective:272 Victories:176 Losses: 96 Success rate:65 %
    12. Turps: Times detective:33 Victories:21 Losses: 12 Success rate:64 %
    13. Wilsonator: Times detective:25 Victories:16 Losses: 9 Success rate: 64%
    14. Sjin: Times detective:246 Victories:158 Losses: 87 Success rate:64 %
    15. Barry: Times detective:80 Victories:51 Losses: 29 Success rate:64 %
    16. Daltos: Times detective:14 Victories:9 Losses: 5 Success rate: 64 %
    17. Lewis: Times detective:442 Victories:280 Losses: 162 Success rate:63 %
    18. Duncan: Times detective:281 Victories:175 Losses: 110 Success rate:63 %
    19. Mousie: Times detective:13 Victories:8 Losses: 5 Success rate:62 %
    20. Ross: Times detective:63 Victories: 38 Losses: 25 Success rate:60 %
    21. Pyrienflaxs: Times detective:29 Victories:17 Losses: 12 Success rate:59 %
    22. Allsmffy: Times detective:54 Victories:32 Losses:22 Success rate:59 %
    23. Simon: Times detective:48 Victories:28 Losses: 20 Success rate:58 %
    24. Ben: Times detective:331 Victories:189 Losses: 148 Success rate:57 %
    25. Ravs: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate:57 %
    26. RTGame: Times detective: 7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate: 57 %
    27. Bouphe: Times detective:56 Victories:32 Losses: 24 Success rate: 57 %
    28. Checkpoint: Times detective:7 Victories:4 Losses: 3 Success rate:57 %
    29. Sips: Times detective:32 Victories:18 Losses: 14 Success rate:56 %
    30. Alex: Times detective:11 Victories:6 Losses: 5 Success rate:55 %
    31. Lydia: Times detective:47 Victories:25 Losses: 22 Success rate: 53 %
    32. Peter: Times detective:4 Victories:2 Losses: 2 Success rate: 50%
    33. Loic: Times detective:6 Victories:3 Losses: 3 Success rate: 50 %
    34. Trott: Times detective:60 Victories:29 Losses: 31 Success rate:48 %
    35. Kim: Times detective:13 Victories:6 Losses: 7 Success rate:46 %
    36. Tom B: Times detective:5 Victories:2 Losses: 3 Success rate: 40 %
    37. Geestaer: Times detective:4 Victories:1 Losses: 3 Success rate:25 %
    38. Neb: Times detective:1 Victories:0 Losses: 1 Success rate: 0 %

    Infected: round:291 Victories:101 Losses: 198 Success rate: 35 %
    (Note: Some of the numbers don't add up, but I do not have enough time to fixs the errors.)

  • Ashlin Berman
    Ashlin Berman 27 days ago

    Randomat Idea: It can be any randomat except it doesn't actually say what happens. Example would be like mayhem, but it would just appear as *???*

  • Remy Brettell
    Remy Brettell 27 days ago

    The editors could probably take over Yogscast with "the power of editing"

  • Kieranite FM112
    Kieranite FM112 27 days ago

    That round where they locked Zoey up then left her, then she proceeded to kill them all. Every super villain’s mistake XD

  • awesomeKoalaable
    awesomeKoalaable 27 days ago

    Zoey is so fucking adorable

  • Hombzy
    Hombzy 27 days ago


    Forever in our hearts.

  • deadteddiebear1177
    deadteddiebear1177 27 days ago

    Zoey is so adorable. I wish I could find a guy like Zoey.

    • deadteddiebear1177
      deadteddiebear1177 17 days ago

      @Fa Mulan Thanks. Thanks for shattering my dreams.....

    • Fa Mulan
      Fa Mulan 17 days ago

      I don't think you could.

  • MrFunkyHypnoCat
    MrFunkyHypnoCat 27 days ago

    100% a zoey win that round

  • the hand of truths devout follower

    Who was the guy in the photo that Ben said “rip” to?

  • Jason Allen
    Jason Allen 27 days ago

    I fucking love that cackle Zoey makes when she breaks out of a high pressure situation

  • Charlton369
    Charlton369 27 days ago

    2:40 the pusher strikes again

  • Kristian Hoy
    Kristian Hoy 27 days ago +1

    "Better than a funko pop" When are we getting our Dunko pop?

  • Diara Dalmatian
    Diara Dalmatian 27 days ago +1

    *cute zoey noises* 9:12

  • Fighting Rabbits
    Fighting Rabbits 27 days ago +3

    I don’t think anybody adequately appreciated Zoey’s victory against all the odds. Trapped in a room with an alien and an harpoon shooter with 5 health and a deagle. Against 2 people with more health than her and better weapons!

  • John Kerr
    John Kerr 27 days ago

    What did Ben mean by RIP. Like who was it for?

  • Unwoven Sleeve
    Unwoven Sleeve 27 days ago +2

    13:36 is that Turps?


  • Zed Zeddlington
    Zed Zeddlington 27 days ago

    Haha great map

  • Lavy Kalava
    Lavy Kalava 27 days ago

    YAY! ZOEY!

  • Lolkip60
    Lolkip60 27 days ago

    Zylus is such a cock sometimes

  • M. Al-Fateh
    M. Al-Fateh 27 days ago

    Oh god that was actually Rythian?
    I thought it was just a random chair!

  • Fenekku Kitsune
    Fenekku Kitsune 27 days ago

    Wow, this was a disappointing title ngl. Mainly because you only trapped Zoey, not the other Traitor, as well as the fact that said trapping was only temporary.

  • Tom Ramsden
    Tom Ramsden 27 days ago

    I appreciate that Lewis stuck to his nature as the Bristol Pusher

  • Bloodfencer
    Bloodfencer 27 days ago +2

    Chez Kormit is how Kermit gets rid of his more talented family members.

    • Sackie
      Sackie 24 days ago

      Is Chef Kormit just a joke or did I miss a reference from somewhere?

  • Funk God
    Funk God 27 days ago

    Where is the Sjin meme

  • Danny Shot
    Danny Shot 27 days ago

    Rythian meme 100% accurate.

  • Meta Megagross
    Meta Megagross 27 days ago

    It's like that scene from the mist haha

  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _ 27 days ago

    legendary map

  • Allen DeWitt
    Allen DeWitt 27 days ago +1

    at 13:37, what is the sadness for? I don't get it :[

  • hotscottrulz
    hotscottrulz 27 days ago

    Wait, this is made by FAAAFV??? The perfect person...