Why Apollo Astronauts Trained at a Nuclear Test Site

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Apollo astronauts trained in nuclear bomb craters at the Nevada National Security Site. But why?Thanks Audible! Start listening with a 30-day trial and your first audiobook plus two Audible Originals free when you go to audible.com/veritasium or text veritasium to 500500
    I found this story fascinating because in a way a nuclear bomb crater is more like a meteorite impact site than an impact site itself. Consider: Barringer Crater was claimed to be a meteorite impact site but geologists dismissed it as a volcanic formation. It was only after studying nuclear bomb craters and the minerals found there that geologists concluded the energy and pressures that created Barringer Crater were too high to be from volcanic activity and therefore must have formed from a meteorite impact.
    Special Thanks to:
    Nevada National Security Site
    The National Atomic Testing Museum
    Jonny Hyman and Verse: thexvid.com/video/7bUUGzi-AAY/video.html
    Active Galactic for footage of craters in Arizona: thexvid.com/video/yhoooBpndog/video.html
    Special thanks to Patreon supporters:
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    Filmed by Raquel Nuno
    Story and Editing by Derek Muller and Jonny Hyman
    Music and Animation by Jonny Hyman
    Produced by Casey Rentz

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    AAA666 I SCYTHE 3 days ago

    Before they went to Moon, they came here to build the set for shooting.

  • UwUMedicシ
    UwUMedicシ 5 days ago

    Its like popping popcorn in slomo but using nuclear bombs

  • Arzeil MOYAboyonas
    Arzeil MOYAboyonas 6 days ago

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  • Dave 22
    Dave 22 7 days ago

    Humans really don’t deserve earth

  • James Gison
    James Gison 7 days ago

    How can the place not be radio active?

  • Prabhakar Dahal
    Prabhakar Dahal 7 days ago

    I am by no any means into moon landing controversies, but this is done to shoot the astronauts on such terrains so as to make the public believe that they have actually landed on the moon, while they have not..

  • Part Time Hero
    Part Time Hero 8 days ago

    From where did u get all this information??

  • Ako Po
    Ako Po 8 days ago

    The most obvious reason is, this was the place where they filmed the Moon Landing. Look at the landscape, the soil and the horizon, it has striking resemblance to the Apollo Missions.

  • Able Puentes
    Able Puentes 9 days ago

    If they do it one more times or two times, are probably reach the Earth core

  • Vamshi Ganji
    Vamshi Ganji 9 days ago

    Idiotic people with retarded mind, destroying the mother earth. Stupid experiments which are no use to Mankind.

  • Samuel shanahan
    Samuel shanahan 10 days ago

    bull sh*t ad about trump

  • Satish shetty
    Satish shetty 10 days ago

    He teaches science in a practical way

  • アラクネ
    アラクネ 10 days ago

    I'm just imagining if a solar system is actually made by black holes (black holes collect planets and discard them or when it dies those mater turns into a planets😂 and the orbit was by the history force of black holes 😂😂lmfao)

  • I make random videos Please enjoy

    Is this why we have cancer around the world because all the nuke test

  • Nanex
    Nanex 11 days ago

    If you turn on captions it calls him buzz lightyear at 00:05

  • Saif Damen
    Saif Damen 12 days ago

    Nuketown 2025

  • Polar-G
    Polar-G 14 days ago

    Fine I’ll watch it TheXvid.

    GPDVF X 15 days ago +1

    If you turn on Captions on 0:04 it says "Neil Armstrong and BUZZ LIGHTYEAR⚡" 😂

  • Cash Fresh
    Cash Fresh 17 days ago

    Its Near area 51. you are welcome

  • Jerry Gundecker
    Jerry Gundecker 17 days ago

    Moon rocks equal Earth rocks. Hmmm,
    no wonder the space program ground to a halt..

  • Sebastian Sanchez
    Sebastian Sanchez 19 days ago

    2:06 cod fans should know ho to call it

  • Toy TV
    Toy TV 19 days ago +2

    I didn't know this actually exist

  • PixelArks
    PixelArks 19 days ago

    Neil A. is a backwards of Alien

  • steven Galazzo
    steven Galazzo 19 days ago

    Who did you shoot to get the moon dust?

  • Sticknub
    Sticknub 20 days ago

    please start using customary measurements

  • jody mondor
    jody mondor 21 day ago

    What about the glass beads from the Sun going micronova

  • ndy azlan
    ndy azlan 22 days ago

    0:40 idk chef gordon's dick was a guy😂😂

  • Slayer T-rav
    Slayer T-rav 23 days ago

    We never goin back to the moon

  • Zak Aziam
    Zak Aziam 25 days ago +1

    You look like my uncle

  • UnusuallyAsian
    UnusuallyAsian 25 days ago

    Rip ed white

  • Stephen Phelps
    Stephen Phelps 25 days ago

    so this is how they faked the landing

    • Wolf Bbq
      Wolf Bbq 18 days ago

      They did not fake the landing, they have just kept what they found on the moon a secret .

  • punch
    punch 28 days ago +1

    they didn’t just train there

  • Boaz Avraham Banner
    Boaz Avraham Banner Month ago +2

    Am I the only one that saw this guy's name ?!?!😂
    0:39 LMFAO

  • mr bookies
    mr bookies Month ago

    This explains fucken global warming 900 test 🤦‍♀️

  • Logic wolf
    Logic wolf Month ago

    Sad true story the astronauts never made it back

  • Malty !
    Malty ! Month ago


  • Aron Jensen
    Aron Jensen Month ago

    Niel Armstrong trained in a space center acording to most people. But acording to Nas Daily Officials (TheXvid channel) Niel trained in Iceland. Acording to this video Niel Armstrong trained here.
    What should i believe.

  • Mr. Sweet Tea
    Mr. Sweet Tea Month ago

    1:01 A notification ding from someone's phone is in the background. Props to the sound editor for turning it into a smooth transition.

    CHILL Month ago

    Man those are nice houses tho

  • Rocket
    Rocket Month ago

    What about the radition

  • Ricardo Milos
    Ricardo Milos Month ago

    This is were nuketown was made

  • Pan Pan
    Pan Pan Month ago

    The moon is earth a couple billions years ago Thiea collided with earth the remains of the earths dust formed and created the moon
    I don’t know what it is so I’m just calling it dust

  • WILFRED1184
    WILFRED1184 Month ago

    So the Earth is ~4.5B years old since the astronomical event that cause the moon to form. The universe is ~14B years old. Life evolved to the state that is in roughly 1/3 of the life of the universe. Who is to say that we are the first intelligent life forms on Earth? How do we know that there wasn't another that was obliterated by the event that cause the moon to form?

  • Tech Point
    Tech Point Month ago

    Americans destroyed our planet Earth

  • amSEC
    amSEC Month ago

    Lol, people still believe in moon landing

    • Ole B. Dahlum
      Ole B. Dahlum 27 days ago

      Dude the landing is real you gotta reaserch before you say anything

  • Juan dela Cruz
    Juan dela Cruz Month ago

    the next one is Hiroshima bomb

  • atrejuc
    atrejuc Month ago +1

    Finally someone who knows how to pronounce Nevada

  • Ryan Bro
    Ryan Bro Month ago

    I love these vids

  • trmk12
    trmk12 Month ago

    It is not where they "trained", it is where they filmed

  • Shork
    Shork Month ago


  • Alex.shanahan
    Alex.shanahan Month ago

    Nuke town 2025

  • Live higher
    Live higher Month ago

    So they have a globe of the moon with name locations but dont know anything else about it? Ok buddy

    • Live higher
      Live higher Month ago

      Its easy to name things with out knowing but they had more than enough years to find out more

  • Hayden Dlugolecki
    Hayden Dlugolecki Month ago

    Not true, when they “put the rocks in the module” they never let the rocks come in contact with oxygen cause they had a certain material bag that was then sealed tight, but all that is fake seeing that we didn’t go to the moon 😂

  • Hayden Dlugolecki
    Hayden Dlugolecki Month ago

    Nobody went to the moon

    • Ole B. Dahlum
      Ole B. Dahlum 27 days ago

      Yes people did.reaserch before you say anything

  • Juice Of Territory
    Juice Of Territory Month ago

    I don’t think he knows that the moon landing was fake

    • Enough BS
      Enough BS Month ago +2

      I don't think you know just how much of a complete idiot you are.

  • AkA HoodLife
    AkA HoodLife Month ago +2

    Rhode Island?

    Me when I think I’m from rhode: 😧😧😳😳😳😳

  • TheLastMcLaren
    TheLastMcLaren Month ago

    11:00 flat earth confirmed

  • GGG 6
    GGG 6 Month ago

    All fake, NASA is full of crap, never went to the moon. Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landing. Are they going to land on the sun next?

    • Enough BS
      Enough BS Month ago +1

      I hope one day you realize what an absolute moron you are.

  • 50k subs without any vids Challenge

    So the earth was much begger since somthing took a chunk out????????????