Drone Captures Gray Whale Swimming Under Surfers

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • The video has now gone viral.

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  • romcomfan
    romcomfan 5 days ago

    This is so obviously CGI. It looks like a video game

  • Amy Hickman
    Amy Hickman 17 days ago

    Why is Gary Barry not a meme yet?

  • crysjumar1
    crysjumar1 18 days ago

    that sure was some dead ass surf

  • theoneandonlyvman
    theoneandonlyvman 20 days ago

    "crystal clear water"........ looks just like Ho'okipa.

  • MartinTimothy1
    MartinTimothy1 20 days ago +2

    Those "surfers" look sufficiently like each other to make me think multiple exposures of the same board rider were shopped into the video ..

    • romcomfan
      romcomfan 5 days ago +2

      MartinTimothy1 It’s CGI

  • Soldier 2nd1
    Soldier 2nd1 21 day ago

    Good ole fun in the sun

  • James Kolesnikovich
    James Kolesnikovich 22 days ago +4

    "The surfers didn't seem to have any idea that the massive creature was right below them." Literally all the surfers are staring at it...

    • J
      J 22 days ago

      exactly...turning to look at the whale and moving out of its way...

    • CrimFerret
      CrimFerret 22 days ago

      Depending one the angle and when they looked, they might not have seen the whale at all, obviously when parts of the whale poked above the water they would have become aware as the one did when they realized "Hey, maybe I better move."

  • Clive Davidson
    Clive Davidson 22 days ago +1

    Reckon they were hoping to catch a whale of a surf. There certainly wasn’t anything else for surfers??? Com’on they were out there for the photo op...

  • The Camberwell Carrot
    The Camberwell Carrot 23 days ago +1

    Where is the surf?

  • Erik Luck
    Erik Luck 23 days ago

    I thought it said Great White .. lol

  • Yess B
    Yess B 24 days ago +1




  • Box of chocolates
    Box of chocolates 24 days ago


  • walk in beauty
    walk in beauty 24 days ago

    You rock Gary \,,,/😎

  • walk in beauty
    walk in beauty 24 days ago +1

    More cool videos like this please!