Ice Cream Taste Test Tournament (Day 2)

  • Today, we're determining the top fruit ice cream flavor in day 2 of TAKE IT TO THE SCOOP!! GMM #1716
    Check out Day 2 of the Top of the Toppings Tournament where the crew determines the best ice cream topping!
    Note that today's content was recorded in advance of the US outbreak of COVID-19. Please excuse any reference that is no longer accurate or seemingly disrespectful or unhealthy due to general effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Comments • 80

  • Good Mythical Morning
    Good Mythical Morning  4 days ago +297

    Check out Day 2 of the Top of the Toppings Tournament where the crew determines the best ice cream topping!

    • Colleen Ruth
      Colleen Ruth Day ago

      I enjoy GMM but I do have an issue with you saying sherbet is ice cream, which it is not. It needs to be in a category of its own.

      Ice-cream contains almost 50 percent milk or cream, while sherbet contains a maximum of 2% cream or milk. Ice-cream is based on a dairy product, like milk, cream or butterfat, while sherbet is based on fruit puree.

    • babygirlsawg13
      babygirlsawg13 3 days ago

      Good Mythical Morning could y’all do a video rating the best store bought cheese dip 🙏🏻🙏🏻 we need you input on this topic

    • Julie R
      Julie R 3 days ago +1

      Prerecorded. Look for the print on the first episode of the ice cream contest, as it begins. They give you the explanation.

    • aladji djahaby
      aladji djahaby 3 days ago

      @Brody Sanders n

    • Piggyhero6
      Piggyhero6 3 days ago +1

      If a youtuber was to get the corona virus it would be you guys, you're freaking *sharing* a bowl of icecream xD

  • Benjamin Garcia
    Benjamin Garcia 43 minutes ago

    Whataburger's patty melt is better than In N Out's double double

  • Benny Larson
    Benny Larson Hour ago


  • Adariene Robinson
    Adariene Robinson 2 hours ago

    There will be no whataburger slander!

  • elise g
    elise g 2 hours ago

    I have to say, I love bananas, I love ice cream. I picked up some of that banana pudding ice cream from the store , because obviously they raved about it right? It is not good. Fake banana flavor, notes of cardboard in there?? I'm so confused how it it got the finale and now I'm questioning anything Rhett and Link have ever said


    Rhett* Rants about Texas
    Link”Do not mess with Texas

  • Sedona Parsons
    Sedona Parsons 4 hours ago

    Why do I completely disagree with every one of there decisions

  • X-Tech Gam!nG
    X-Tech Gam!nG 4 hours ago

    Should have used Breyer's PEACH. But strawberry is still great.

  • Jbramson12
    Jbramson12 4 hours ago

    Sherbet is not ice cream. Sorry, but it has to be said

  • Keeley Evetts
    Keeley Evetts 5 hours ago

    You should do a sorbet taste test

  • Victor Arocha
    Victor Arocha 5 hours ago

    You gotta try Whataburger when it’s fresh! I can also tell you that the honey butter biscuit is delicious...but yeah try it fresh it tastes better that way.

  • Kendal Harris
    Kendal Harris 7 hours ago

    JEAN!!!!! Wooohooo!

  • Marissa Martinez
    Marissa Martinez 7 hours ago

    Don’t. Mess. With. Texas. ❤️⭐️💙

  • Katie Hoyt
    Katie Hoyt 7 hours ago

    all my florida ppl know that publix ice cream is where it’s at!!

  • Cracked
    Cracked 8 hours ago

    Bro rainbow sherbet is my favorite ice cream ever

  • Madison Wommack
    Madison Wommack 8 hours ago

    You didn’t eat cherry brick road Rhett???

  • CoreyAndRocky
    CoreyAndRocky 8 hours ago

    My guy really said whataburger ain’t good 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Natalie Trivibulchaikul

    Fighting words Rhett -Texas Girl

  • KeanuBodypillo g
    KeanuBodypillo g 10 hours ago

    Dissapointed there was no Haagan daz strawberry ice cream

  • Kevv Chann
    Kevv Chann 11 hours ago

    I wanna cuddle with jean :3

  • Lil toenail 773
    Lil toenail 773 14 hours ago

    TEXAS represent

  • dior awesomeness
    dior awesomeness 14 hours ago

    12:08 there’s a hair on the bowl

  • 99 Taco's
    99 Taco's 14 hours ago

    4:08 ninja senses

  • Chris Moon
    Chris Moon 15 hours ago

    Turd strawberries and turd Mangoes lol

  • TheSnowwolf111
    TheSnowwolf111 16 hours ago

    I think most ben and jerries is overpriced and not that good. The cookie dough is good though.

  • Infamous Rage
    Infamous Rage 17 hours ago

    I know he said everything from Texas is great later on, but I’m still pissed that he said whatsburger isn’t good

  • dungeonbrownies
    dungeonbrownies 17 hours ago

    Link: "They must've got it from their mama."
    Rhett: "I did it as a kid, they'll grow outta it."
    So... is Rhett actually the kids' dads or what?

  • Emmaleigh Wurzdorf
    Emmaleigh Wurzdorf 17 hours ago

    “Everything from Texas is great”. Let’s not get crazy Rhett.

  • stonedboss
    stonedboss 18 hours ago

    Half of these aren't even fruit ice creams lol.

  • Bryanna Dawson
    Bryanna Dawson 18 hours ago

    Rhett: You underestimated how fruity you really are.
    Link: Ignores

  • nmahhkex xx
    nmahhkex xx 19 hours ago

    *double dips a bowl of ice cream you’re sharing with two other people during a global pandemic*

  • Thir13en
    Thir13en 19 hours ago

    as a former baskin robbins employee heres a tip: blend either sherbert, wild n reckless or rainbow, with sprite and it is amazing.

  • Tiffany Andrade
    Tiffany Andrade 20 hours ago


  • Its Just Me
    Its Just Me 20 hours ago

    I’m calling it now the Coco peanut butter is the crown 👑

  • Victoria Hammond
    Victoria Hammond 20 hours ago

    Rhett:"Look Texas CALM down you're not that great"
    *tastes bluebell ice cream*
    Rhett:"Oh man Texas you know how to roll"
    *tastes bluebell again*
    Rhett:"YEEHAW!!!! Y'all come back now ya herr' "
    Don't Mess With TEXAS

  • isoulation
    isoulation 21 hour ago

    We love Cuddle Queen Jean, heheh.

  • ぉゔぇNick
    ぉゔぇNick 21 hour ago +1

    You guys slept on Talenti

  • vivian
    vivian 21 hour ago

    I love cherry Garcia

  • Bo Simmons
    Bo Simmons 21 hour ago

    How can you say whataburger isn’t great what are you talking about everyone lovessss them some whataburger.

  • Evaleen Chalkley
    Evaleen Chalkley 22 hours ago

    I'll admit that i haven't seen your video on Whataburger; BUT, if u ate it OUTSIDE of Texas, then it doesn't count. That's all I'll say lol

  • Amanda Gregory
    Amanda Gregory 22 hours ago

    chunky monkey is soooooooo bad

  • kuro's life ^.^
    kuro's life ^.^ 23 hours ago

    Move to Texas!!!!!!

  • Samantha Hall
    Samantha Hall Day ago

    I'm a lifelong Texan and you're right, Whataburger is gross.

  • panda sparkles
    panda sparkles Day ago

    I live in Texas but I am from Louisiana

  • Ashley Gatewood
    Ashley Gatewood Day ago

    Ben & Jerry used to have a peanut butter banana flavor ice cream and it was SO good! But I haven't seen it around in a while

  • Zainab Farhat
    Zainab Farhat Day ago

    Link; are you happy??
    Me: noh :c

  • Somantic SN
    Somantic SN Day ago

    Whataburger may not be the best, but it’s better than In-N-Out HANDS DOWN

  • Isaiah Garcia
    Isaiah Garcia Day ago

    It’s actually Hook ‘Em 🤘🏼 not 🤙🏼

  • Iced Tea
    Iced Tea Day ago

    Just started the video but if Thrifty's Rainbow Sherbert doesn't win then im going to burn this whole mother down.
    It's not a threat; it's a promise.
    (Nvm. I guess thriftys didnt make it. Hm. Well. Hm. ... nevermind i guess. Ill crawl back into my hole and eat my nostalgia in peace.)

  • adamthemute
    adamthemute Day ago


  • Stambay House security

    I screamed when CUDDLE QUEEN JEAN burst through the curtains!!!
    I missed her and so glad to see her again!!!

  • Justin Grimes
    Justin Grimes Day ago

    I was hurt when y’all hated on Whataburger. This makes up for it. Rhett welcome to Texas!

  • Alyssa Bennett
    Alyssa Bennett Day ago

    I dOn’T eVeN LiKe BANANAS!!!

  • Mika Magnol
    Mika Magnol Day ago

    I love the Cherry Garcia ice cream! D:

  • p c
    p c Day ago

    i like how it says these were recorded in advance even tho every one of these taste tests they have diffrent shirts that arent the same from the past 3 weeks.

  • Dunkers
    Dunkers Day ago


  • Samantha Huff
    Samantha Huff Day ago

    Most things from Texas is homemade

  • Samantha Huff
    Samantha Huff Day ago

    Hmm I'm not one to disagree with you but Texas is awesome

  • John Melander
    John Melander Day ago

    First there were the bone broth deliveries and now Link’s kids have Rhett’s strawberry gene. 🤔

  • angel_in_a_musicbox

    You said Rhett was becoming Texan I already had my horns up. Hook 'em!! Welcome back Rhett

  • Chandler Smith
    Chandler Smith Day ago

    Yee haw Texas represent

  • Flamerunner451
    Flamerunner451 Day ago

    Hey I just became a Texan last fall Rhett! Come on down to Austin once the virus business is done and I’ll buy you a drink

  • McKenna Munjoy
    McKenna Munjoy Day ago

    1:37 links face

  • AnticsRB
    AnticsRB Day ago

    Should’ve had the banana peanut butter chip from Haagen Dazs 😍

  • Shadowbryanv
    Shadowbryanv Day ago

    Better take what you just said about whataburger back.

  • Yehudith E
    Yehudith E Day ago +1

    My favorite quote “this has the shaved turd strawberries which gives it an A+...” 😂

  • tiana francis
    tiana francis Day ago

    i feel like strawberry ice cream is a kid thing cause when my brother and i were little wouldn't order anything.

  • Juliette Shuler
    Juliette Shuler Day ago +1

    Was I the only one who ate ice cream during this challenge😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🍨🍨🍧🍧🍦🍦


    I'd rather see Dolly Parton over Jean !!


    On commercials they pronounce the word Edys, not Eddie's

  • thecookiesandcreams

    Texas is better. You are welcome.

  • Reazy
    Reazy Day ago +1

    “You underestimated just how fruity u are”😂

  • MD. Siddique
    MD. Siddique Day ago


  • Orange Chicken
    Orange Chicken Day ago

    "How does one create tang?"
    I guess we'll never know...

  • punk-as-puck
    punk-as-puck Day ago

    U don't mess with Texas... Until later, we'll see how far it goes.

  • Adison
    Adison Day ago

    That's why sherbet should not be compared to ice cream.

  • Edith Nevarez
    Edith Nevarez Day ago

    Rhett- “not everything from Texas is great”
    Also Rhett- “everything from Texas is great!”
    put some respect on my state!

  • Sinsanatis
    Sinsanatis Day ago

    man i really want to try that mango ice cream. i like me some mango

  • Alexa Heseltine
    Alexa Heseltine Day ago

    think about that yall; he don't even like bananas

  • BethyAnne 90
    BethyAnne 90 Day ago

    I miss my Grandma's banana pudding!