Tom Holland's Rude Fans Insult Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie Shuts Them Down - 2018


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  • theimprobableone
    theimprobableone 3 hours ago

    I think they were trying to be funny but it just wasn’t done well.

  • AL C
    AL C Day ago

    poor tom

  • MailC3p
    MailC3p Day ago

    48 seconds in and im cringing already...

  • Maalik The Amazing Roblox Noob

    till he got into civil war movie and infinity war movie

  • Maalik The Amazing Roblox Noob

    12 avengers movie and the other avengers movie

  • Maalik The Amazing Roblox Noob

    why is there no spider-man in avengers movie

  • Maalik The Amazing Roblox Noob

    1:20 what da frik did he say

  • Haylee Elizabeth
    Haylee Elizabeth 2 days ago

    That entire situation was so awkward, but Mackie was so smooth and legendary, why can’t I have his charisma 😅

  • Julia Santiago
    Julia Santiago 2 days ago

    Think makes me cry everytime 💀😂😂😂😭

  • Elizabeth Santana
    Elizabeth Santana 2 days ago

    Honestly, they are all super rude and immature. These girls are disrespectful but God they are adults just let it go

  • Kizmizz
    Kizmizz 2 days ago +1

    Why are these girl stupid

  • Northside Holland
    Northside Holland 2 days ago

    Tom holland is the best

  • 1-800 -INEEDBLEACH
    1-800 -INEEDBLEACH 2 days ago

    I can’t believe how rude they were,they embarrassed Tom and insulted Mackie and Stan,they need to calm down and think about what they’ve done,it’s so disrespect to be kind to one actor and not the ones around him-
    Y’know what *chugs bleach*

  • Kit5Strike :3
    Kit5Strike :3 2 days ago

    1:59 Look at Tom lol 😂😂😂

  • Bethany O
    Bethany O 2 days ago

    I'm seb. Just sinking into the couch.

  • Bethany O
    Bethany O 2 days ago

    I still cant get over these girls reacting the way they did. This is the problem I have with teenagers obsessing over celebrities

  • alessie heart
    alessie heart 2 days ago

    Thats so rude... we know that they both love tom holland but they don't need to act rude towards sebastian and athony...

  • Lulu W.
    Lulu W. 2 days ago

    you can *see* how horrible they feel

  • Lulu W.
    Lulu W. 2 days ago


  • Lulu W.
    Lulu W. 2 days ago


  • Tanya Kalidindi
    Tanya Kalidindi 2 days ago

    Big oof

  • migbds col
    migbds col 3 days ago

    this hurts

  • Taiyoko
    Taiyoko 3 days ago

    omg I know her

  • Renae Darkness
    Renae Darkness 4 days ago

    Oooookaaayyy I imagine how embarrassed tom is

  • Jaiswal Siddharth
    Jaiswal Siddharth 4 days ago

    Maybe you haven't seen the entire interview. They make fun of Tom in entire video. They deserve it.

  • Jaiswal Siddharth
    Jaiswal Siddharth 4 days ago

    Sebastian is nice. They should insult mackie. He is rude to Tom in all interviews. I feel like punching him.

  • some scrub
    some scrub 5 days ago

    The cringe was real these poor actors omg

  • Darth Cersei
    Darth Cersei 5 days ago

    Ok what happened here is, that everyone should only have one question....

  • TigerLily15
    TigerLily15 5 days ago

    Tom: I don’t feel so good...

  • Rachel Barn
    Rachel Barn 5 days ago

    The grill in the black shirt isn't rude. I think she was trying to banter with the two of them but when to far too soon. The girl in the green shirt, is however quite rude

  • LT
    LT 6 days ago

    Tom’s probably thinking: Oh.

  • Mother Chaos
    Mother Chaos 7 days ago

    My god... I'm with Mackie on this one. Those two needed schooling. I probably would have asked for their mic to be turned off. I've got zero patience for continued rudeness.

  • melshane. Cogtas
    melshane. Cogtas 7 days ago

    anthony mackie wants to discipline those bullshitt girls!!!! do thy exactly know what true actors are!???so disgusting thy came from and grow up in america and thyr act so ignorant!!

  • Yunixe YT
    Yunixe YT 9 days ago +4

    Those girls doesnt know how to be a REAL fan

  • Lily Snape
    Lily Snape 9 days ago +1

    Can some one wrap me up what she said? I'm like really confused right now....

    • Touchstone 47007
      Touchstone 47007 17 hours ago

      Me too bruh.... Hence combing through the comments

  • seven HOT
    seven HOT 9 days ago

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  • Bella Trịnh
    Bella Trịnh 9 days ago +3

    These two girls should educate themselves, Tom deserves better fans

  • Steven Universe
    Steven Universe 9 days ago

    I love how Tom is just sitting in the middle like ‘Jesus Christ what is my life...’

  • Ryan Carvalho
    Ryan Carvalho 10 days ago

    Fucky you

  • Cristina Doroteo
    Cristina Doroteo 10 days ago

    I feel so bad for Tom he was so embaressed

  • lana lee
    lana lee 10 days ago

    I’m on team Macki and Stan I don’t care about holland

  • cat heart
    cat heart 10 days ago

    2:50 is me when people argue

  • Audrey Pierson
    Audrey Pierson 10 days ago

    Seb just keeps cringing more and more as time goes on😂

  • Jeslyn Colon
    Jeslyn Colon 10 days ago

    Tom is just like-ughhhhhh, lemme just ughhhh, ya know what* inhale* ughh nevermind

  • Jeslyn Colon
    Jeslyn Colon 10 days ago

    *EduCaT3 Y O Ur$El F* * says while quaking *

  • Emma Watterson
    Emma Watterson 11 days ago

    Im a huge Stan fan and Holland fan. But if two little bitc*es likethose two girls insult my Bucky baby, I will snap. Not my fingers, but their necks. Sorry if that was aggressive, but I'm really mad rn...

  • Emma Watterson
    Emma Watterson 11 days ago

    Chris Evans: I don't wike 'em......
    Tom H: Really....?

  • Karen Hughes
    Karen Hughes 11 days ago +2

    I think they were very rude and should have apologized. I would have done the total opposite since this would have been my probably only chance to talk to them. I want to say that no matter what anybody says I love you Tom, Sebastian, and Mackie. You guys rock!!! Lots of love to all the Avenger/Infinity War actors and actresses. You guys are awesome. Nobody should treat you with such disrespect.

  • Manash Jyoti Saikia
    Manash Jyoti Saikia 11 days ago

    Thanos would be damn

  • WhiteTiger Gaming
    WhiteTiger Gaming 11 days ago

    Those to girls are karma for those two

  • Maddy Leaning
    Maddy Leaning 11 days ago

    How can these too even say they’re fans 😒fans love all the characters and actors if I didn’t like seb or anthony(I do don’t worry) I would act like I did to make tom like me but these two idiots didn’t think of it - I hope they turned to dust!

  • Margaux C
    Margaux C 11 days ago

    The one that has to be educated is not on the couch. So rude.
    Just ask your question and move on! You are not the only one.

  • Danica Anda
    Danica Anda 11 days ago

    Damn!! They (the girls) are so rude!

  • Bigbear kay
    Bigbear kay 13 days ago

    Those girls have brains the size of a peanut obviously Tom doesn't like this so why continue to be annoying go find Logan Paul he will appreciate the cloud red necks.....

  • toiki i
    toiki i 13 days ago

    my listening not good, can someone translate them?

    • toiki i
      toiki i 9 days ago

      +Violet Raven yeah I kinda agree with you, and they're just teenage kids

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 9 days ago

      You're welcome. And I agree, that they were really rude, but to be honest, Mackie was rude too. I mean, it was the girl in black shirt who said something bad, but then Mackie was rude to the other girl too, even when she's done nothing wrong.

    • toiki i
      toiki i 9 days ago

      +Violet Raven omg the first girl so rude to seb, and second girl more rude to mackie. thank you for the translate

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 10 days ago

      Well, the beginning is basically those two girls saying they are huge fans of Tom Holland. Than they said to Tom that they "love Tessa because she is so cute."
      Sebastian: "Who is Tessa?"
      Girl in black shirt: "His dog! Oh my gosh, educate yourself!!!"
      Then she apologized, Tom said "You are making me look really bad, guys." and Sebastian said: "Okay. Have fun on the internet tonight."
      Anthony: "Time out. How do you girls know who Tessa is?"
      Girl: "He posts Tessa all the time. You don't follow him on Instagram?"
      Anthony: Baby I'm an adult. I follow no man."
      Then the girl in green shirt started sentence with "I promised my friend..." but Anthony interrupted her with "You got a lot of friend? Where your friends are?"
      Girl: "Friends... maybe a term you don't know."
      Anthony: "Oh, i like that. I don't know the term Friend, but I know Family. When the things get thick, let me see where are your friends."
      Girl: *says to Tom* "Okay. I'm in your team and I don't care about them."

      ... it all started with the first girl saying something mean while she probably meant it as a joke, and then it was just them and Anthony insulting each other while Tom and Sebastian just felt embarrased.

    GRAMPS 13 days ago

    Alright you eyebrowless fucking rat
    Instead of fucking yelling at celebrities that make more than you do in your small town fucking Starbucks a week how about you go back to the fucking set of bootleg brave with your Merida looking ass

  • Emgee78
    Emgee78 13 days ago

    Ugh, this is so cringe-y. Fans like these girls are the reason why I don't attend the celeb Q&As at cons.

  • Rummy Naidoo
    Rummy Naidoo 13 days ago

    have fun on the internet to night

  • Sophie Leong
    Sophie Leong 13 days ago +1

    Lol I just kept scrolling down to the comments its too cringy 😜

  • Kitty Cat
    Kitty Cat 13 days ago

    All I have to say is...WTF?!

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin 13 days ago

    note for self - don't WATCH THIS IS YOUR IN A BAD MOOD 😂

    • Shujana Aurin
      Shujana Aurin 13 days ago

      1:55 toms reaction is SO 👏 UNBELIEVABLY 👏 PRICELESS 😂

  • Shujana Aurin
    Shujana Aurin 13 days ago

    This is cringey omg it really is I'm scared

  • Emma
    Emma 14 days ago

    These girls are so lucky and completely throw away a good interaction with their fav by being unnecessarily rude smh

  • Haroon Arain
    Haroon Arain 14 days ago

    1:59 at this moment Tom knew he was f*****

  • auxitoy
    auxitoy 14 days ago

    Someone tell me what they said, I'd cringe way to hard if I watched the video.

  • NovaCorp
    NovaCorp 14 days ago

    Lol Kevin Smith's face the whole time

  • NovaCorp
    NovaCorp 14 days ago

    Anthony (for a whole minute, preparing for his next diss) *oOhOoHooHooh* (proceeds to roast them)

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 10 days ago +1

      At least Papa Doc didn!t choke this time :D

  • Awesome Lego
    Awesome Lego 15 days ago

    Throw the mic at those bitches

  • Yery C
    Yery C 15 days ago

    They will cringe themselves when they finally become ‘ADULTS’ watching this video lol

  • Aimee Mitchell
    Aimee Mitchell 15 days ago +4

    She was so rude to them, if you don't want to talk to them, dont

  • Isabel D
    Isabel D 15 days ago

    sebastian: *live entertainment*

  • Isabel D
    Isabel D 15 days ago

    “ tom looks like he wants to dIE ”

  • Isabel D
    Isabel D 15 days ago

    “ youre making me lOOK BAD ”

  • Hidden Eagle1
    Hidden Eagle1 15 days ago

    Jesus Christ, this is frickin awkward

  • Abbie Folksman
    Abbie Folksman 16 days ago

    I think these girls were so rude to Anthony and Sebastian like I get it who doesnt love tom holland but its not fair to only show admaration to one actor but i think anthony handled it really well especially when that girl said friends might be a term that he didnt know but i also think sebastian did the right thing to let Mackie handle it as i think it would have escalated WAY to quickly if he had got involved and also Mackie would never have delivered that killer line

  • Elle Kim
    Elle Kim 16 days ago

    I hope that when Thanos snapped his fingers, these two girls disappeared too.

  • Bucky Barnes
    Bucky Barnes 16 days ago


  • Sam Ajang
    Sam Ajang 17 days ago

    Imagine if Andrew Garfield was in infinity war

  • I learned how not to be jealous!

    Oh my God i dont undetstand

  • Bakery saucccee
    Bakery saucccee 17 days ago

    H if someone like those 2 girls do that in front of my babi and his celeb friends (they’re all cool btw)
    For sweet Jesus, they’re just so cringeworthy.
    I mean if I ever meet Tom Holland, I wouldn’t go this far.

  • Ibtissam B
    Ibtissam B 17 days ago +1

    Omg i would cry my balls out oh my fucking god but i would never tell anyone that ESPECIALLY NOT THEM

  • alceste bicy
    alceste bicy 17 days ago +1

    I never liked tom. One more reason to hate him even more. Tom and his stupid fans.

  • olsen fernandes
    olsen fernandes 17 days ago


  • Galina Zarudnaya
    Galina Zarudnaya 17 days ago

    these girls instantly became famous!
    Well... Unstable nerves will bring happiness to someone.
    It's good that nothing will break the dignity of these experienced men

  • panache1204
    panache1204 17 days ago

    well done both u girls. Mackie is a bully to Tom and u really gave him a taste of his own medicine.

    ERIN ALARILLA 17 days ago

    “hi my name is Hally”
    Anthony: HALLY!

  • Olivia Swarts
    Olivia Swarts 17 days ago

    Oh My Gosh
    Noooooooooooooooo!! They should've just stopped and walked away!

  • Andre John
    Andre John 18 days ago +2

    On behalf of the Tom Holland fanbase we humbly apologize for these 2 motha fuckas on stage and I humbly apologize for calling them motha fuckas jk

  • Savannah Ray
    Savannah Ray 18 days ago +1

    This vid is like a roast each other challenge

  • Sarthak Jadhav
    Sarthak Jadhav 18 days ago

    Papa Doc finally has a comeback

  • It'sJustLokiFromAsgard Holmes

    What does the girl with the green shirt say at 1:52???? Thanks!!!

    • It'sJustLokiFromAsgard Holmes
      It'sJustLokiFromAsgard Holmes 9 days ago

      +Violet Raven Thank you!!😊

    • Violet Raven
      Violet Raven 10 days ago

      She said "Friends... maybe the term you don't know" as a reaction to Mackie's remark about where are her friends.

  • Hulk Smash
    Hulk Smash 18 days ago

    They dont insult Sebastian they insult Romania

  • 태리꾹
    태리꾹 18 days ago


  • Emily Asdfghjk
    Emily Asdfghjk 19 days ago

    2:13 made me love him more

    THFC COYS 19 days ago


  • EveryDayPray
    EveryDayPray 19 days ago

    It seems like these girls planned on grabbing their 15 mins of fame before they arrived, of course, not considering who'd they be up against.. because they are kids. BTW where were their parents?

  • duck films
    duck films 19 days ago

    Can’t the girls realise that Anthony wasn’t intentionally being serious?

  • Squid Spork
    Squid Spork 19 days ago

    Thanos: I’m gonna kill half the population!
    Me: You monster! You are terrible!
    Thanos: These girls will die as well.
    Me: ...
    Me: Proceed...

  • Farima Mehrabi
    Farima Mehrabi 19 days ago

    "Have fun on the internet tonight" seb knows from the first moment that these girls are going to get fucked after this interview😂

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 20 days ago

    Omg those girls are so rude my jaw is permanently dropped and I feel so bad for those 3