Tom Holland's Rude Fans Insult Sebastian Stan & Anthony Mackie Shuts Them Down - 2018


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  • Russell Wong
    Russell Wong Hour ago


  • Unknown Fangirl
    Unknown Fangirl Hour ago +1

    They’re Red af

  • Danielle Pearce
    Danielle Pearce Hour ago

    Luvv this 😂🙈🌻🌻

  • Connor Gough
    Connor Gough Hour ago

    Banter lads

  • jahanzeb ali
    jahanzeb ali 2 hours ago

    " since the idea of question is lost on you two get the f**k outta here ! " Wished he would've said that

  • jahanzeb ali
    jahanzeb ali 2 hours ago

    I'm so pissed off because of these slu*s! If he started talking about cocks these girls will have no idea which one it will be ! ( speaking of not knowing what friend means )

  • jahanzeb ali
    jahanzeb ali 2 hours ago

    How can these two freaks say all this shit ?! They are not their regular friends ! They should've been thankful for they were given a chance to talk to them ! Saying sorry casually after saying all that crap. These are freaks are out of their mind !

  • jahanzeb ali
    jahanzeb ali 2 hours ago

    How can these two freaks say all this shit ?! They are not their regular friends ! They should've been thankful for they were given a chance to talk to them ! Saying sorry casually after saying all that crap. These are freaks are out of their mind !

  • SydelleLior •
    SydelleLior • 4 hours ago

    Ok I was bout to say the girls weren't that rude but they were a little bit extreme

  • Telediario LA 5a
    Telediario LA 5a 4 hours ago

    Civil war

  • Telediario LA 5a
    Telediario LA 5a 4 hours ago

    Hey guys dont be like this Girls and dont torment them we arent that stupid, theyll learn

  • Owen Orsini
    Owen Orsini 5 hours ago

    Talk about getting salty! That was a roast off!!

  • Sarah O.
    Sarah O. 5 hours ago


  • Sunflower Gal
    Sunflower Gal 6 hours ago +1

    “I don’t know the term friends, I know family”

  • Lazy Potato
    Lazy Potato 7 hours ago +1

    Tom needs some better fans.

  • Morgan King Lucena Domingo


  • Find for Anjellie Beanie

    *ultimate cringe and shame*
    Jesus these two...

  • Thorust Bane
    Thorust Bane 13 hours ago


  • *rawr* XD
    *rawr* XD 13 hours ago

    I thought they were quite charming and funny

  • Nigga wit a big mac
    Nigga wit a big mac 14 hours ago

    Destroyed in seconds

  • SeychellesLover
    SeychellesLover 16 hours ago +1

    Im cracking up because anthony mackie was like cut the bs

  • •Fandomdale•
    •Fandomdale• 16 hours ago

    Sebastian is in deep cringing mode

  • aly
    aly 17 hours ago

    *oH My GoSH EdUcaTe yOuRsElf*

  • Marterniq Rogers
    Marterniq Rogers 17 hours ago +1

    BABY I’m a ADULT 😂

  • KaT Tobre
    KaT Tobre 17 hours ago

    Tom is just like the third wheel 😂😂😂

  • KaT Tobre
    KaT Tobre 17 hours ago

    Honestly, I just feel like this was a roasting thing 😂😂

  • Itzel R
    Itzel R 17 hours ago

    How dare she disrespect Sebastian like that

  • Julia LaRe
    Julia LaRe 18 hours ago +1

    mackie is so salty and i love him

  • Lilli Intravichit
    Lilli Intravichit 18 hours ago +1

    Anthony mackie is comedy goal. He is so salty towards them and it’s great.

  • Chris Briones
    Chris Briones 18 hours ago

    Before i clicked on the video i was like hey its 4.5 min itll be quick but i had to pause this so many times because i was literally cringing to the point where my neck is in a zig zag shape

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 19 hours ago +1

    “Maybe a term you don’t know?”
    Tom: 😮😮

  • Jazzy Beee
    Jazzy Beee 20 hours ago

    This was so painfully awkward.

  • Rocky's Trash
    Rocky's Trash 22 hours ago

    *"yOu wERe mY fIRsT favOUriTe maRvEL CharCTeR. bUt nOw iT's tOm."*
    Bruh how disrespectful

  • Ren Amamiya
    Ren Amamiya 22 hours ago

    Somebody get these hoes off the stage. xD

  • doğukan demir
    doğukan demir 22 hours ago +1

    omg falcon(idl his name) is fkin awesome

  • Mr. Howlington
    Mr. Howlington 23 hours ago +1

    I feel kinda clickbaited. The title said that rude fans were insulting Seb. I was expecting some actually mean stuff, not banter. Mackie is a gem here, though.

  • Bowser From sonic

    L I B T A R D S G E T T R O L L E D A W E S O M E S T Y L E

  • Oliwia Scienska
    Oliwia Scienska Day ago +1

    Lmao if i was anthony i would have lost my chill real quick, i mean that's a man right there. The first girl probably didnt mean it, you could see her freeze and rethink her life choices, but that liz girl ohohohoh someone would of have to held me back

  • Morgan
    Morgan Day ago

    I’m hard of hearing so I had a hard time understanding what was said in the video and the captions don’t work. Can anyone explain what they said?

  • Dave yaughnot
    Dave yaughnot Day ago

    I don't see the problem with them, I thought they were being fairly cool, they were just joking around and everyone was smiling and laughing

  • Victor Greenwood

    It looked like a joke

  • Kyle Smith
    Kyle Smith Day ago

    The cringe....

  • Mint
    Mint Day ago


  • Absa Diop
    Absa Diop Day ago +1

    When the word respect isn't common in everybody's dictionary, Well...this happens. Man...there where hundreds of people waiting to have the chance to make a question, these two buttheads get it, and what they do? Totally mess it up?! Fuck them, especially green shirt goblin looking ass motherfucker.

  • katnic mcvood
    katnic mcvood Day ago

    0:59 look at his face😂

  • Jaron Pidcock
    Jaron Pidcock Day ago


  • Berserk___ _
    Berserk___ _ Day ago

    Ughh this is fucking cringey and disrespectful

  • Chris Parker
    Chris Parker Day ago

    Two stupid girls with no fucking brains...... 95% of SOCIETY

  • LordQuackers
    LordQuackers Day ago

    In your intro it said MARVEL before FILMARTSY

  • Maariyah Salloo
    Maariyah Salloo Day ago

    They’re gonna wish Thanos snapped them too

  • Maariyah Salloo
    Maariyah Salloo Day ago

    OmG eDuCaTe YoUrSeLf?

  • Darthddawg
    Darthddawg Day ago +1

    You don’t fuck with Sam and Bucky.

  • _ Robin
    _ Robin Day ago +1

    True hero of the war.

  • Nurul Aini Ahmad

    My friend brought me to this video, damn they savage to the girls 🔥

  • martin gonzalez
    martin gonzalez Day ago

    Stupid fucking entitled little shits. I should put my cock in their mouths so they can shut the fuck up

  • Zoliradulovic
    Zoliradulovic Day ago

    Two morons... Should be bitchslaped two times a day, every day...

  • Dom Bak651
    Dom Bak651 Day ago

    These girls made fools out of themselves

  • Good De Rat
    Good De Rat Day ago


  • Marvel Fan girl
    Marvel Fan girl Day ago

    2:01 Anthony Mackie thinking a perfect answer to shut that girl.thats what he's mourning for seconds.what a cover

  • Ellie Duren
    Ellie Duren Day ago


  • Alyssa R.
    Alyssa R. Day ago

    My sister showed me this video on my TV and it made me so mad that I had to find it on my phone and comment this:

  • Jake Pervine
    Jake Pervine Day ago

    Can’t even handle the cringe wtf

  • Jordanplier
    Jordanplier Day ago

    Clarence got his redemption from his loss at the hands of B Rabbit

  • Kurama Nilh
    Kurama Nilh Day ago

    Clearly Tom Holland's fans...

  • Bryan Castaneda
    Bryan Castaneda Day ago

    These girls ugly and rude af. How u gonna disrespect these people lmao

  • AntonyS0lis
    AntonyS0lis Day ago

    This is what you get when Disney is making your superhero films and turns all the characters into jokes and targets children. These are what marvel fans look like now.

  • Christopher Jared
    Christopher Jared Day ago +1

    Amen. Real fans dont treat their "idols" like this

  • Sammy Salads
    Sammy Salads Day ago +3

    The whole time Tom facepalming at his fans insulting celebrities

  • Pramit Chatterjee

    Mackie is lit!

  • Linxyo Aj
    Linxyo Aj Day ago +1


  • Vernon
    Vernon Day ago

    guys.. they are kids for fuck sake... ya'll judging them like some righteous assholes lol they are still growing and learning about "respect". seemed like they just tried to joke around but it backfired.. thats all lol

  • Rockangel91
    Rockangel91 Day ago

    Poor guys putting up with them, I also wonder if she knows the word respect because tbh that was not it and they call themselves marvel fans 🙄, I would never act/ be like that towards them tbh, they are all awesome actors and they should be treated equally and with respect they aren't just celebs they are genuine people who have amazing jobs, I would love to be in that industry and ah that's how you say Cara's name, I've been saying it wrong the whole time lol

  • Lithosphere
    Lithosphere Day ago

    Up until this point I didn’t like Anthony.

  • Furry Playz
    Furry Playz Day ago +1

    I still don’t understand how people like Tom Holland so much

  • NaeNae Studios
    NaeNae Studios Day ago

    *oh my gawd!!!!my lil' Seb!!I will protect you with me life!!*
    *Wait* look at Sebastian at 2:50....

  • Sincerity
    Sincerity Day ago

    Tom's reaction is priceless.

  • dooms daisy
    dooms daisy Day ago

    My teeth are breaking. I can tell they were flustered... but damn oooh

  • yosolodigo
    yosolodigo Day ago

    I think Anthony is really rude 🤷 he says he's an adult but gets mad in 2 secs with the girls, i think they were just kidding until he started to be rude.

  • Jenna Marie
    Jenna Marie Day ago

    about 15 seconds in i was like oh no

  • Greedy Potato
    Greedy Potato Day ago


  • Pugman05
    Pugman05 Day ago

    Tom tho

  • pikasneeze
    pikasneeze Day ago

    So, the first girl actually felt bad for what she said and apologized. Liz, on the other hand was intentionally rude and didn’t even apologize and embarrassed Tom.

  • pikasneeze
    pikasneeze Day ago


  • Jazzy T.
    Jazzy T. Day ago

    That was funny 😂

  • Ian Skerrette
    Ian Skerrette Day ago


  • Leslie Ellis
    Leslie Ellis Day ago

    E D U C A T E Y O U R S E L F

  • :Berna: :Dawg:
    :Berna: :Dawg: Day ago

    Rims face at 1:59😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alex Ciéra
    Alex Ciéra Day ago

    What the fuck? Everytime Gigi hadid says her name Siri activates

  • kuroko -sama
    kuroko -sama 2 days ago

    I love Anthony Mackie so much istg ❤️❤️

  • kyd
    kyd 2 days ago

    this was sooooooo cringy

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 2 days ago +1

    I’m liking this video for Anthony Mackie

  • enigma mist
    enigma mist 2 days ago

    That's what you get making kids movies. I am tired of super hero movies now. Till Dark knight it was fun.
    Space exploration or Medieval type or Futuristic movies should make a proper comeback.

  • Nicole
    Nicole 2 days ago

    Tom Holland was shook

  • Tutos Italy
    Tutos Italy 2 days ago

    they only like tom for his beauty. they are disgusting

    • piama ritter
      piama ritter Day ago

      Tutos Italy his beauty? I'm sorry but where? I think more for his personality

  • Tutos Italy
    Tutos Italy 2 days ago

    i rlly wanna kill them. gross

  • Jaime Nunez
    Jaime Nunez 2 days ago

    Those two girls suck

  • R C
    R C 2 days ago

    this is so cringey

  • gigingaso baramoto
    gigingaso baramoto 2 days ago

    Wow Anthony mackie was joking or he was serious ???

  • darthnaved
    darthnaved 2 days ago

    Dear Marvel, good luck with those 2 maniacs. #DCbaby

  • esthétique subliminals

    Tom looks so uncomfortable ahh feel so bad for him