Replace your Laptop... with Something Worse!

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
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    Apple thinks the iPad Pro 2018 is a computer. And it is! Sort of.
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Comments • 7 560

  • Andrenaline Studios

    the main purpose is for affinity photo and designer for ipad
    btw is it just me or does affinity software on windows just seem like mac software but for windows idk i like them tho

  • Kapil Prajapati
    Kapil Prajapati 2 days ago +1

    4:10 i was just shocked for a sec

  • Alex Beale
    Alex Beale 2 days ago +1

    The lack of any external storage support killed it for me. I’ve been loving my iPad, use it in conjunction with my Mac and pc, but I’m always needing to reach for either my Mac or pc to finish what I’m doing because I can’t move it to a thumb drive or sd card.
    Compromising by using email is what I’ve grown accustomed to doing but I recently just bought a small 11” 2 in 1 that has pretty much replaced my iPad :(

  • shinpaku 123
    shinpaku 123 3 days ago +4

    Moral of the story get a surface book 2 instead

  • zk22
    zk22 3 days ago +4

    damn that ad transition was smooth as butter

  • Eric Chan
    Eric Chan 3 days ago

    Why is a iPad worse than a laptop?

    • Eric Chan
      Eric Chan 2 days ago

      Khaverus iPad serves different purpose than a laptop hence it’s not apples to apples comparison

    • Khaverus
      Khaverus 2 days ago

      Why? Software, hardware, peripherals... Those seem to be a little lacklustre with the iPad. The iPad is more bling than function to be honest.
      It's alright and justified if it's a companion to your computer, but not standalone.

  • Andrei Alexandru Bleorțu

    You did not mention how powerful this thing _actually_ is. You have not showed ONE benchmark. I would bet the A12X SoC is comparable to the Surface’s i7, yet in the configurator you selected the i5. The i7 would have brought it up to just about the same price. Linus. Hates. Apple.

    • Taskin Memeyagi
      Taskin Memeyagi 3 days ago

      Nobody cares how powerfull it is. His point was that you cant do much "Power" demanding proffesional Things on it. On the surface you CAN do All the Pro Things you want. Even with the i5. And i would say Even with a i3.

  • SpectrumGaming asphalt 9 and more

    OMG Asphalt 9 legends

  • 2K Tan
    2K Tan 4 days ago +3

    I'd rather have a 15 year old full Dell Optiplex tower with a Pentium 4 heat generator than this POS as a "computer"

  • John Raschedian
    John Raschedian 4 days ago

    Well, the assumption that an iPad has to replace a laptop is not wrong, nor would I say that it's right but why does one have to make that assumption in the first place? You can simply go back to your favorite laptop and ignore the iPad. In 2019, I'm still using a desktop computer with two monitors. I use two such computers for reading books, writing books, creating educational videos and research. Good videos! Thank you Linus!

  • Brian Best
    Brian Best 5 days ago

    After using gaming class CPU.. tablets and laptops are just annoying.. It's like WoW... it ruined my MMO experience .. all other MMO's are just poorly designed.

  • Charlie Ingham
    Charlie Ingham 5 days ago

    Why are the only subtitles in Indian...?

  • Thomas Paxinos
    Thomas Paxinos 5 days ago +2

    If Apple were smart they would use Mac OSX on the iPad "Pro".

  • Jonathan Grove
    Jonathan Grove 6 days ago +1

    Excellent script. Very well done.

  • ARS
    ARS 6 days ago

    I missed the old lollipop method of charging an Apple Pencil...

  • ian walker
    ian walker 6 days ago

    I don't think that you can truly replace a laptop with an ipad yet, but maybe in the future if apple decide to let you use a mouse with the machine it could become easier to use things like microsoft excel on the machine.

  • Frepa Gioerne
    Frepa Gioerne 6 days ago

    2.4k people spent 2.4k $ on that useless iPad shit...sorry... Pro :)

  • David Vishnu Kumar
    David Vishnu Kumar 6 days ago +1

    Thanks for the review. This clearly isn't for me.

  • 谢昊天
    谢昊天 6 days ago

    Isn’t it ironic that I’m watching this video on a 11' iPad Pro?

  • FennecTECH
    FennecTECH 8 days ago +1

    I already use a rugged book with my iPad Pro as a laptop

  • daniel kilvington
    daniel kilvington 8 days ago

    Short answer is no

  • the alaskan
    the alaskan 9 days ago

    Wrong Linus! Microsoft wasn't first to marry a tablet and a PC. Apple was first!

    • EggyPlanty
      EggyPlanty 8 days ago

      Apple did there's in 2015

    • EggyPlanty
      EggyPlanty 8 days ago

      Wrong Microsoft was first they released the first surface in 2011

  • Adam
    Adam 9 days ago +3

    Something I think Linus missed at the end there is the existence of the regular ipad. If the pro can't replace a laptop, then why pay twice the price of a regular latest gen ipad? My girlfriend who's an art therapist tried the pro and the regular ipad and really found no reason to get the pro. The only real downside is that the first gen pencil doesn't have some of the conveniences the second gen one does have, but are you really willing to pay twice the price or more for some small conveniences? If you're an artist I think it's best to just get the standard ipad and keep using your real computer along side it.

  • Roei’s Sports
    Roei’s Sports 10 days ago +1

    iOS is way better than macOS

  • purnomo purnomo
    purnomo purnomo 10 days ago +2

    i have to admit. you are right. still i love iPad, but it doesnt ‘fully’ replace a laptop.

    • Elythas
      Elythas 8 days ago

      barely replaces anything

  • DerekSiems
    DerekSiems 11 days ago +5

    I overwhelmingly agree that something like this needs full OS X with a "tablet mode". I've been saying this since the original iPad launched. The future is something like an iMac that you can take off the stand and it goes into tablet mode for portable touch use like light browsing and productivity, then you put it back and can use a mouse and keyboard with full Mac OS. Strangely Microsoft has beaten Apple to the punch on this and continues to do so.

    • Eric Chan
      Eric Chan 3 days ago

      DerekSiems you know the surface pro pc (not the laptop) is a epic fail product right?

  • Riasat202
    Riasat202 11 days ago +2

    Its not a pro device, period!

  • wouter de wachter
    wouter de wachter 11 days ago


  • Avenged1736
    Avenged1736 12 days ago +1

    8:54 What is this? OG RollerCoaster Tycoon?

  • lestliness
    lestliness 12 days ago +1

    I like that Linus isn't afraid to both rip on AND compliment Apple when it's warranted.... but Apple is still a shit company. So there.

  • Sharna Reilly
    Sharna Reilly 12 days ago

    The thing is I can’t afford to buy a MacBook, but what I can do is get an iPad Pro on a plan through my iPhone service provider. So I’m hoping if I do decide to go for the Pro, that I can use it instead of a laptop. I’m a student and I’ll just be browsing the web, answering emails, writing docs, taking notes, and drawing.

  • Adr Sngp
    Adr Sngp 13 days ago +3

    iPad pro could be my 10 year old laptop replacement as all I use is basic MS office, web browsing and reading pdfs.

  • Chloe Mcholoe
    Chloe Mcholoe 13 days ago +7

    this is pretty much only good for artists imo. i'd still get the 380$ 2018 one unless i'm a pro artist. or use a screenless tablet. for anyone but graphic designers etc it's just a simple browser and netflix machine

  • Göran Gustavsson
    Göran Gustavsson 14 days ago +2

    Ipad is nice sometimes for some tings, but can it replace a laptop, hell no.

  • Rishi V.L.
    Rishi V.L. 15 days ago +2

    My iPad Air which I bought in 2013 has been 90% of my laptop in these last 5 years. The problem is that it has been only 90% till now.

  • just a random educated human

    hah! where i live a 12.9 inch ipad pro 2018 with 256 gigs is $2000

  • Meir kivelevitz
    Meir kivelevitz 17 days ago

    I use my phone as a computer.

  • secrets532
    secrets532 17 days ago

    It was better then Samsung.. But it is better than samsug. But if you are not of the apple user.. Damn. This suckesbazz

  • James Duff
    James Duff 17 days ago +1

    More FOSS software for ipads, android, etc would be awesome! It's the big reason I don't like these 'app store' based devices. I want to download and install FOSS! (FOSS = Free Open Source Software)

  • J W
    J W 19 days ago

    I just took my Surface Pro 6 back. It was not even powerful enough to run Tradingview charts without MAJOR lag. Like you said, it depends on what you’re trying to do with it
    I think I’m going to buy the iPad Pro for “powerful general tasking”

  • Avero Mugi
    Avero Mugi 19 days ago +4

    "Xbox One S-class graphic performance" but can't run High end Games and Program

  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze 19 days ago +1

    Yeah if the pencil did go to home that wouldn't be really good for illustrations.

  • M H S
    M H S 19 days ago +2

    For fucks sale it still doesn't support a mouse

  • Ryan Ghezzi
    Ryan Ghezzi 20 days ago +1

    Dont buy surface pro, if your looking for a laptop replacement completely, don’t do it. Its way to big to be used as a tablet and not nearly as comfortable to use as a laptop.

  • Cliff Gamer
    Cliff Gamer 20 days ago +1

    Only reason Macbooks don't get a touchscreen is to keep the iPads from tanking. No mouse support, no file system, limited storage, no freedom to download video /mp3 or any type of file other than pictures, no Flash drive support, no external hard disk or SSd support. Yeah Apple! great laptop replacement.

  • Joshua Archer
    Joshua Archer 20 days ago +1

    I own an iPad Pro, yet, I still like and agree with some of his points. Especially iOS. I hope iOS 13 fixes the problems it faces. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.

  • Slayre Hesh
    Slayre Hesh 21 day ago

    Lenovo tab v7 💦

  • WhaleTank
    WhaleTank 22 days ago +1

    As a PROfessional software developer, i love my Surface!

  • psammiad
    psammiad 23 days ago

    Man says it's 11 inches = actually 6 inches

  • Mailman BibBob
    Mailman BibBob 24 days ago

    Trust me, nothing can be worse than my laptop.

  • Francisco Zermeno
    Francisco Zermeno 24 days ago

    4:12 At this moment I was about to throw my phone

  • 7Write4This9Heart7
    7Write4This9Heart7 24 days ago

    AND don't forget, there are 2-in-1s like Lenovo Thinkpad Yogas that are real laptops that can do all that, come with a GARAGED rechargeable pen (no batteries/charges in 15 seconds for 100-120 minutes of use!) AND a headphone jack! AND cheaper!

  • MineMC
    MineMC 24 days ago

    Wathing on ipad pro video about ipad pro. Interesting...

  • Nightlight Studios
    Nightlight Studios 24 days ago

    I'm watching this on a Surface Pro 6

  • Moe Lee
    Moe Lee 25 days ago

    It'll seem fine for a few years until the background update slows it down to the point where it's unusable, and ultimately you can't update to the new ios or update your apps. JUNK!

  • Dustin Provost
    Dustin Provost 25 days ago

    Even as an artist, I would still never replace my real equipment with this toy. It's an awesome toy, but nowhere good enough for any profeasional.
    For any other flavor of creative pro? Uh nah

  • Bon Bonjovi
    Bon Bonjovi 26 days ago

    It would not work for a "pro" DJ but it will work for a bedroom DJ. But even then, it would not be a good idea. Better off with Decks that supports USB flashdrives or Laptop since they are more stream lined since in both cases, you can load your library up with a USB flash drive which both laptops and Most DJ Decks have.

  • ishmam rahman
    ishmam rahman 27 days ago

    Any who is stupid enough to replace their laptop with a tablet or something like surface.. please comment and let me know why


    That intro though 😂

  • Marc
    Marc 27 days ago

    Why ya hatin 😆?

  • Quantum Quantonium
    Quantum Quantonium 28 days ago

    Meanwhile im looking at my shield tablet which is a lot older and has more than 2x the features...

  • Emiel333 Official
    Emiel333 Official 28 days ago

    Although I own different products from Apple, I must admit that Microsoft does a better job nowadays regarding to hardware. The Surface tablets are insanely good and more affordable than an iPad.

  • Simon Kristensson
    Simon Kristensson 28 days ago

    Apple have this powerful hardware and they still dont give us the features. I imagine a future where i can use my iPhone as a trackpad and iPad as a screen for a real Macbook Pro experience.

  • Josephina Carlucci
    Josephina Carlucci 28 days ago

    I am an *ARTIST* and *STUDENT* and I have been looking into the iPad Pro 2018 for a while. I am unfortunatly broke so I think I need to go for 64GB & 11inch but I want to know if 64 GB is enough for art & if 11 inch is enough screen space for drawing. I really love Apple's design, and I'd need it for school work too (projects, research, etc). If anyone has answers to my questions that would be greatly appreciated.

  • jan bert simborio
    jan bert simborio 29 days ago

    i have a microsoft surface pro, it's good but it doesn't have the apps that the ipad has..

  • Shane McMa
    Shane McMa 29 days ago

    I really enjoy your episodes. I totally disagree with your need for a headphone jack. Wired headphones are a thing of the past. Leave them there to rest. Having a headphone jack is like saying you won't buy a new car because it has keyless remote. You have to have your key to open it...that sounds ridiculous. There is absolutely no need for a jack. Unless we've time traveled back to 1999

    • Shane McMa
      Shane McMa 20 days ago

      7Write4This9Heart7 using this logic we should go back to analog. Digital music uses on and off signals where analog does not. If it's quality analog is 100 times better than digital. Also the price of wireless headphones isn't that expensive. You can get a decent pair around 30 dollars.

    • 7Write4This9Heart7
      7Write4This9Heart7 21 day ago

      Bro, are you high? Wired headphones are better-sounding, cheaper, more reliable (software-, hardware-, and repairability-wise), and way less expensive (usually, both outright and for stupid batteries/cables later) than wireless. Virtually all pros still prefer wired until Bluetooth gets better and the other things i mentioned get worked out, and even then! Wired are nowhere NEAR a thing of the past.

  • FastLikeUNO
    FastLikeUNO Month ago

    Documents 5 is an AMAZING file explorer. It also has a built in browser so you can download files even mp3s!

  • Völundr Frey
    Völundr Frey Month ago

    My apple fan boy friend loves his and says it can definitely replace a laptop, even though he hasn't replaced his. He is also adamant that the reason it doesn't have a headphone jack is because it's "too thin".

  • _xXGIMpL0rdXx _
    _xXGIMpL0rdXx _ Month ago

    No apple products are for 'pros'

    Unless programmers, I guess
    Or writers

    • DerekSiems
      DerekSiems 11 days ago

      What kind of "pro" are you thinking of? They're for creative fields mostly and always have been: graphic design, visual arts, video editing (though they are losing their edge rapidly with declining hardware offerings for that end), etc. Pro doesn't specifically mean for the IT guy or the "pro gamer", there are lots of professions in the world. All of this said I'm not buying one, but pro doesn't just mean the specific field or use case you're in.

  • Stefan Etienne
    Stefan Etienne Month ago

    I love this new Ipad

  • mojoblues66
    mojoblues66 Month ago

    Why do 8 million people subscribe to such a dumbass? A monkey has more understanding of tech than this guy.

  • André No Last Name

    INTRO: Oh but with android is a magical craftmanship 😒

  • Daniel Weizenblut
    Daniel Weizenblut Month ago


  • Christopher R
    Christopher R Month ago

    Face ID is most certainly not faster than touch ID by substantial tried experience and admittedly by most legit reviewers. And I can't imagine how it could possibly be more secure than a fingerprint even with the new "attention," feature. I'd pick fingerprint anyday over face ID. I have both the iphone x and the new ipad pro along with all the older products and fingerprint is far better for so many reasons. But damn I couldn't agree more with the headphone input. What's especially confusing about that is the fact that they own Pro Logic and the ipad has a pro logic app, and some third party apps for mastering. All of which no one is going to want the latency of a bluetooth headset which using it.

  • Bekir Çelik
    Bekir Çelik Month ago

    I don’t think it’s funny

  • Zawa Rudo
    Zawa Rudo Month ago +1

    After testing both for a month, surface pro wins hands down when using for the professional tasks. More comfortable peripherals, more flexible system, more applications, real applications not their mobile counterparts. I don't know which wins in the competition of pretending to not be hipster in Starbucks, but for obvious reasons I am not doing those checks

  • Christopher Nethercott

    The files app does has support for multiple other Cloud Systems. I know it does work with Google Drive and I’m 90% it works with Box.

  • CrewsMachine
    CrewsMachine Month ago

    Now if it only ran my estimating software and had mouse support I'd give it some love.

  • Esther Aladeyelu
    Esther Aladeyelu Month ago +1

    They claim it has an Xbox One S graphic capability but never even play Gears of War 1 on it just to back up their claim. Guess it will over heat so fast I can barely say SHAZAM!. Ohh! It will probably bend while playing any game on the level of Xbox One S on it. Ipad pro are overpriced gimmicky pile of excreement, just so much compromise one device that i can stomach.

  • Trevor Dyck
    Trevor Dyck Month ago +1

    "BraAaAaaAanD MaaAanagErrrs" 😂

  • Jordan Hendy
    Jordan Hendy Month ago +1

    A surface, but worse

  • Kye Bessant
    Kye Bessant Month ago +1

    Watching this video, on an iPad Pro

  • Michael Placzek
    Michael Placzek Month ago +2

    What they could do it implement MacOS when the keyboard is "activated"

  • demetre nadiradze
    demetre nadiradze Month ago

    I'm sorry but what is thee first minute of the video? Especially the apple pencil part.

  • PrivateSi
    PrivateSi Month ago

    has anyone release a laptop base unit that can be paired with any usb-c capable tablet as a screen. Could even have a desktop dock for tablet and base unit, each device has its own processor and processes can be offloaded to any of them.

  • BalthazarTheGreat
    BalthazarTheGreat Month ago +1

    Ive always found a consistent way to use my ipad iPhone and windows laptop fairly regularly. The iPhones i use as my only device when at work or on the go my ipad is my iPhone alternative at home or at someone else house why use an iPhone when you got a much bigger screen, and the overall experience is just better than trying to use safari on my iPhone xr when i got nearly 13 inches of ipad pro motion goodness to take advantage of. That and my windows laptop i use when i want to do anything not natively support on IOS or macs even, mainly playing games on steam, and most good physics rendering programs only support windows so really thats it. I use my iPhone and ipad for many more things than my laptop but my laptop is the only thing that can get done the few things that need to get done which is mostly gaming. I wouldn’t mind steam coming to ipad if thats even possible i mean performance of course its smoking my 7th gen core i7 cpu laptop but not quite my gtx 1060 but the mx150 equivalent apple gpu should still handle a wide variety of games at a decent frame rate and graphics setting, that is if developers take any advantage of that which i doubt.

  • RyanGaming777
    RyanGaming777 Month ago +1

    Nice Apple Pencil ✏️

  • Alex Tud
    Alex Tud Month ago +1

    Android is more computer friendly

  • Alex Tud
    Alex Tud Month ago +1

    Buy a laptop that transforms into a tablet. NVIDIA GRAPHICS, CORE I5/I7 and full windows

    • demetre nadiradze
      demetre nadiradze Month ago

      None of thise laptops are good. Maybe the yoga hook but that isn't a traditional laptop.

  • im kind of stupid just a warning

    I’m watching on an iPad Pro, I feel attacked.

  • Wooshinwev
    Wooshinwev Month ago +1


  • Sarvar
    Sarvar Month ago +2

    It s time to *iMacPad*

  • matty9460
    matty9460 Month ago +3

    I couldn't imagine trying to edit with iOS. If they're serious about replacing laptops they need a proper file management system, or just have it run macOS

  • Bukson
    Bukson Month ago +2

    Apple should make MacPad

  • Toasteraintme
    Toasteraintme Month ago +1

    pc master race
    like if u agree

  • Birudu Gautham
    Birudu Gautham Month ago


  • Duy Linh Chu Ha
    Duy Linh Chu Ha Month ago

    If Apple could port their MacOS to run on ARM, I think it might break the MacBook and MacBook Air. There’s no reason to buy those 2 anymore and the iPad would finally become a true laptop replacement.

  • Cats Meow
    Cats Meow Month ago +1

    Why if the ipad pro is more powerful that the majority laptop, Apple does not just add MacOS on it??? Ohhh yeah, because Apple wants to sell a iPad AND a Mac.

  • kasey fleming
    kasey fleming Month ago +1

    As a professional graphic artist, if you had to have a tablet to draw on, I would go with the surface pro. Clip studio/adobe creative suite and a traditional file system is really the best way to go. Also if your a gamer it's nice to be able to use steam stream on a home network to a surface tablet from a gaming rig. Not gonna give up my iphone though

  • The Muslim RC Racer
    The Muslim RC Racer Month ago +1

    iPads are for kids, grandad and granny