Asus ROG Phone 2 UNBOXING - World's FASTEST Smartphone.

  • Welcome to an unboxing of the fastest Smartphone in the world - the ASUS ROG / R.O.G. Phone 2. With the new 2019 Snapdragon 855 Plus chip and a 6,000mah battery, it's time for some serious gaming...
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Comments • 80

  • - Navas -
    - Navas - 13 hours ago

    1:50 I can see what you did there

  • Spariton
    Spariton Day ago

    This can use ray tracing and is more powerful than the laptops

  • Glitchy 852
    Glitchy 852 Day ago

    Me flexing my gaming phone
    My enemy had a R.O.G phone
    (My life is a lie)

  • ÆRO YT
    ÆRO YT 5 days ago

    Things that you forget it's Overclocked. (X mode and hardcore mode)

  • Kars Van der heijden

    Bought this cuz my rog 1 randomly decided it didnt need a screen anymore and it wont light anymore.

  • Deepak Mushahary
    Deepak Mushahary 6 days ago

    But its materials are too breakable it fails drop test glass are useless

  • ACE
    ACE 7 days ago +1


  • Prasanto Kumar Shrestha

    Need this mobile 😮😮

  • labhesh haria
    labhesh haria 9 days ago +1

    Asus ko Koi batao ROG 3 Mein 18:9 Aspect Ratio hona chahiye Aur Most imp - Notch less camera, 144hz refresh rate and Ultra strong Signal Strength . That's it nothing more we want

  • Amartya's Science center

    Amazing video

  • Costas Georgiou
    Costas Georgiou 13 days ago

    Then enters the samsung s20 ultra.... 😂 😂 🤣

  • Michael Antonio
    Michael Antonio 13 days ago

    0:14 word for word my first sexual experience

  • VRON
    VRON 13 days ago

    Nope, the best gaming phone is a Nokia 3310. Can you play snake 2 in your iPhone or Samsung or asus or razer no

  • wiLD woLF
    wiLD woLF 13 days ago

    Second headphone jack.. wow that's awesome

  • Jackson Frylinck
    Jackson Frylinck 14 days ago

    In which country is the Asus rog phone 2 available

  • Sandu Zmeu
    Sandu Zmeu 15 days ago

    I hope it runs Instagram.

  • Mr L
    Mr L 21 day ago

    maybe I'll be proved wrong but I'm not convinced but this 'gaming smartphone' trend. I don't think the world thinks 'mobile games' and 'hardcore' much in the same sentence.
    Having the choice for battery instead of thinness though? There isn't enough of that.

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 21 day ago

    Another twat

  • Mr. Seoul
    Mr. Seoul 22 days ago

    Test Black Shark 3

  • Ian Gray
    Ian Gray 22 days ago

    Has anyone capitalized on worlds fastest unboxing yet?

    JR GAMER 22 days ago

    Watching it in rog 2

  • Blade Spine
    Blade Spine 23 days ago

    Why is the s10+ camera so long I have an s10+ it looks way short than on the video th.

  • AaronXA
    AaronXA 23 days ago

    I just wish I didn’t have to pay so much to get that stupid Kunai Gamepad as well... I can’t find anywhere reliable that’s sells just the phone itself 😭

  • Prerith Boda
    Prerith Boda 25 days ago

    best way to review a phone

  • Funny Kingblogspoy
    Funny Kingblogspoy 27 days ago

    I love this phone .
    I am a gamer and love this type of devices .
    It's too good and very power full phone ever

    • Funny Kingblogspoy
      Funny Kingblogspoy 26 days ago

      @amany wahba i am talking about a gaming phone not comparing without any s20 is very good device but in gaming mode this device is monster .

    • amany wahba
      amany wahba 26 days ago

      What about the s20 ultra and the 16 gigs of ram

  • Mr. ???
    Mr. ??? 27 days ago

    Can i get the wallpaper at 2:29

  • Svenn Martinsson
    Svenn Martinsson Month ago

    Here its less than the s10p and half of the s20ultra so its a deasent price

    • amany wahba
      amany wahba 26 days ago

      @Svenn Martinsson well you may have a point but someone who's gonna pay fourteen hundred dollars over a phone with specs like that is clearly using it over a lap top replacement cus there's dex and 16 gigs of ram and the insane amount of storage plus Samsung is now friends with microsoft so this phone is not a phone to buy if you only want a high end smart phone so, if you want a powerful phone with an amazing chep set at a low price this the right phone

    • Svenn Martinsson
      Svenn Martinsson 26 days ago

      @amany wahba noone needs 16 gigs of rM on a samsung phone... 512 gogsa mem altho nice its a waste give me a cheaper 64or 128 gig option...and those camera number there dont seem right

    • amany wahba
      amany wahba 26 days ago

      Yeah but the s20 ultra has 16 gigs of ram 100x zoom 108mp camera 512 gigs of storage SD 865 120hz display and arguably better battery life

  • zaki ramdani
    zaki ramdani Month ago

    What does it mean Overclocked chip ?

  • Karthick Prasad
    Karthick Prasad Month ago

    Good vocal man,

  • Davera Ki
    Davera Ki Month ago

    Fack no

  • stephen revill
    stephen revill Month ago

    I bout this phone brand new £800ish 12ram 1tb storage absolutely loved it everything I've ever wanted from a phone loud sterios speakers big screen Manly heavy for big hands fast as a Lambo but gutted ones I found internet 3g and 4g would say good signal and would crash internet constantly or would say ofline when grate signal 📶 also ear piece was muffled what ever setting I tried it was muffled could hardly here even though was very loud ear piece was muffled also media volume seem to also put caller ear piece up to max as well so when took a call would hurt ur ear drum was to loud caller needed a stop limit so media could be on sadly sent the phone back and found online that there was a load of them with same issue so not a one off and with such an exspensive price tag sent back and lost faith in the product was very slow process to get refund had to post item back tracked to whare house in London many messages and watched tracking closely got the refund eventually now got p30 pro amazed with it but still wish the rog 2 I bort was still in my hand absolute beast with 6000mh batt but will wait to see if anyone else has had same experience or been able to fix??? Anyone with any info??

  • Klas
    Klas Month ago +1

    What's missing is ios on the phone.

  • KyleTheGamer YT
    KyleTheGamer YT Month ago

    Imagine Aron/Aaron/Eron ( i really dont know how to spell it sorry ) gave away 50 of these to a subscriber and you are one of them

    Just *IMAGINE*

  • Albert Weedstein The Thug Genius

    This looks too flashy, I would like it more if it is more discreet

  • Shaban Alloush
    Shaban Alloush Month ago


  • Mohamed ashraf Ashraf

    Price please

  • Moon Gray Park
    Moon Gray Park Month ago

    I wanted to buy this, but I decided not to after finding out the real price

  • Goushinnso Memento
    Goushinnso Memento Month ago

    I guess this is the only phone in the world which could run Honkai Impact 3 on max settings

  • Waleed Turk
    Waleed Turk Month ago

    Plz Give away it to me i need it plzzzz for god sake

  • missie peachy
    missie peachy Month ago

    i digged in alot about phones and im interested to these phones: (because ill have a gift for my niece and her phone is broken, its hard communicating) what should i get?
    asus rog phone 2
    mi 9t
    huawei p30
    realme x2 pro
    iphone 11
    samsung galaxy s10

  • KUNDAN n_n
    KUNDAN n_n Month ago

    so you didn't get the whole accessories suitcase like others i guess

  • sakiv vaday
    sakiv vaday Month ago +1

    it is my dream phone aruba i am student of class 10th plzzzzz give away it to me

  • Chi Un Ng
    Chi Un Ng Month ago

    Finally, a good phone to play angry birds on.

  • gaming tech GT
    gaming tech GT Month ago

    People:-We need the best phone
    Asus:- yes

  • SuperBBN // NatBrandBen

    PRICE ???

  • Livagoth
    Livagoth Month ago

    Does it have an RGB notification LED on the front? As I cannot seem to find this detail anywhere.

    AUG GAMMING Month ago

    Plsss give me ROG 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Mattia Bosco
    Mattia Bosco Month ago

    Where do you buy it?

  • Soujanya Pb
    Soujanya Pb Month ago +1

    4:49 nno doubt!

  • Naydac
    Naydac Month ago

    Asus: So apple and samsung y’all don’t have a headphone jack right?
    Apple + Samsung: um we don’t
    Asus: We GoT tWo!
    Apple and Samsung : OkAy BoOmEr

    MDNGHT Month ago +1

    If mobile games didn't have macro-transactions then I might've cared about buying a "gaming" phone and it's funny that there are more "gaming" phones than bearable games to play on the device.

  • mal' ganis
    mal' ganis Month ago

    i wish i had one ...

  • AFG- BOY-99
    AFG- BOY-99 Month ago

    I have a question can some one help me

  • Navneet Vikash Saw
    Navneet Vikash Saw Month ago

    Me: How lucky I am to have the latest Samsung and iPhone flaship in hand. My phone changes every 6 months.
    Mrwhosetheboss: I use a new smartphone every day.

    KMENG VKGAME Month ago


  • DraGoLinkz
    DraGoLinkz Month ago

    There is also one good phone...
    I think it was red
    A gaming phone...has trigger motions(like trigger button$) on the side of the phones and the most I agree with is....

    It has *internal sound recording it self*

  • Michael Halili
    Michael Halili Month ago

    Fastest phone to get low battery

  • diblidabliduu diblidabliduu

    1:30 That's not English.

    5:18 That's lag.

  • Lazzo Leon
    Lazzo Leon Month ago

    If you're a Gamer, ROG phone 2 is your best choice out there. I have been an asus user, ever since thier first zenfone 5 and this phone is simply just....too good to be true. Asus is known for buggy software that makes its users spew colourful words in Zentalk but well, they have done surprisingly well in rog phone 2. Let's see wether they'll screw up or continue this first impression of me.

  • Abdullah bin saad
    Abdullah bin saad Month ago

  • fhhsvnggbh
    fhhsvnggbh Month ago

    Id love one of these, im not a gamer, But at close to 2k aud theyve gotta be dreaming.

  • Overseer 88
    Overseer 88 Month ago

    Mmmm i Still like the Redmagic 3 Phone from Nubia cause its integratet fan

  • Troy James Balbedina

    The First gaming phone is Realme

  • coldarif
    coldarif Month ago

    wow thank u 💐

  • Dark Samus
    Dark Samus Month ago

    If he almost changed his daily phone, then you know it's good

  • Jastine Lauron
    Jastine Lauron Month ago

    I wish i have that phone
    I really need new phone cause my current phone is kinda not well

  • Yong Wee Necro Lee
    Yong Wee Necro Lee Month ago

    Ahhh ..... Watching this video with my rog 2.

    WARGOD GAMING YT Month ago

    Bro I would like to own one.can u please give this as a gift for me please.if Intersted please inform:

  • Anthony Mercado
    Anthony Mercado Month ago

    I had the ROG phone 2 and it was complete shit. Simple as that. Nothing special about it and Android didn’t help the cause. Apple is still leading the way.

  • Gato Minino
    Gato Minino Month ago

    The best phones with the worst cases

  • superchibiwings
    superchibiwings Month ago

    one plus 7T pro performs better than this. knowing Asus this will be dumped for software support after a few months

  • Lmao wtf
    Lmao wtf 2 months ago

    This phone is going to be fun to use even if I don't have a single game downloaded

  • Eroll Pastolero
    Eroll Pastolero 2 months ago

    please give me ROG phone 2

  • Althaf Jamil
    Althaf Jamil 2 months ago

    u saying rog makes me uncomfortable

  • kits GMD
    kits GMD 2 months ago +1

    120hz with 1080p and nobody is saying it should be WQHD+ let's see what they say with the s20

  • J Caddy
    J Caddy 2 months ago

    Watching this on my rog phone 2. Love it!

    • J Caddy
      J Caddy 2 months ago


    • Lucif Gaming
      Lucif Gaming 2 months ago

      J Caddy how is the battery life???

  • Tim Erwin
    Tim Erwin 2 months ago

    I have one :)

  • Peppe ego
    Peppe ego 2 months ago

    Send it over, I take photos only with my camera. I wont mind a gaming phone

  • IIceMan
    IIceMan 2 months ago

    Is it worth Buying for Pubg mobile ?
    I all ready have a iphone11 .iPad.

  • Exkayjay
    Exkayjay 2 months ago +12

    *"Did... did anyone else see that?"*