Asus ROG Phone 2 UNBOXING - World's FASTEST Smartphone.

  • Published on Jul 22, 2019
  • Welcome to an unboxing of the fastest Smartphone in the world - the ASUS ROG / R.O.G. Phone 2. With the new 2019 Snapdragon 855 Plus chip and a 6,000mah battery, it's time for some serious gaming...
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Comments • 5 925

  • C Lionsman67
    C Lionsman67 5 hours ago

    Just bought this phone!! AMAZING

  • yacer kran
    yacer kran 6 hours ago +1


  • Xx Firelight xX
    Xx Firelight xX 11 hours ago

    Is it the first phone with rgb?

  • Babu Vengakkal
    Babu Vengakkal 12 hours ago

    Where can I buy this baby? How much

  • Frederick Coralde

    best phone where I can play Minecraft with realistic shaders without crashing

  • fatii fatii
    fatii fatii 2 days ago

    1000 $ in kuwait 😖

  • Edel Six
    Edel Six 2 days ago

    omggg im a fannnnn

  • Naruto Saske
    Naruto Saske 3 days ago

    Fuck you

  • Mohan Krishna Yadav
    Mohan Krishna Yadav 4 days ago

    2:54 what's that game called?
    Someone respond pls

  • Meep X
    Meep X 4 days ago

    Wont this slow down in like 6 months? like most smartphones? or does it take longer to slow down

  • Sashi kiran
    Sashi kiran 4 days ago

    Hi name is sashi kiran.actually i need this mobile.but i dont have money for buy this mobile.plz will u give it to me ...plz plz plz plz plz .7337026920.this is my number

  • Hint Of Sarcasm
    Hint Of Sarcasm 5 days ago

    You cannot put a pop socket on that

  • Braves
    Braves 6 days ago +19

    Me: *ooooooooooo.*
    Kidney: *no pls i have a family of blood cells*


    is it faster than my nokia 3310??

  • wapakels kurimaw
    wapakels kurimaw 6 days ago


  • ToYBoY 087
    ToYBoY 087 7 days ago

    This is better than iPhone 11 pro max....
    I always wanted to buy the Asus rog2 but.....😦😧😩😭 $$$$ ?

  • Aditya vkini
    Aditya vkini 7 days ago

    It costs 37000 rupees

    • Aditya vkini
      Aditya vkini 7 days ago

      No phone can compare in terms of specs at that prics

  • ff gameplay
    ff gameplay 7 days ago

  • tri purwanti
    tri purwanti 7 days ago +4

    Mobile roblox player: My Time has come

  • Professional Retard
    Professional Retard 8 days ago

    1:24 Arun:Did anyone notice how badass I am?

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy 8 days ago

    Where can I buy this phone for a fair price in the UK?

  • Dizzy_ Hunz
    Dizzy_ Hunz 8 days ago +1

    that phone looks *cHuNkY*

  • n1kolegion
    n1kolegion 9 days ago

    Ridiculous Owesome Gaming Phone

    ADAM HAGE 9 days ago +1

    Bought it not long ago. Absolutely best of the best..MKBHD applauded the device. 😊

  • BloxExpert
    BloxExpert 9 days ago

    How close do you think ASUS was to just slapping an RTX graphics card and a heat sink to the phone?

  • Shankara Narayanan
    Shankara Narayanan 9 days ago

    Can i get that used rog 2 of yours?

  • Nolan 2106
    Nolan 2106 9 days ago

    The samsung m30s is lighter and feels like a 6000 mah do a video on this phone please

  • Oklahoma
    Oklahoma 10 days ago

    iPhone 11 series is faster than that phone

  • Gato Minino
    Gato Minino 11 days ago

    Phone it's amazing the cases in the other hand are garbage

  • Jermaine Jackson
    Jermaine Jackson 11 days ago

    Where is the best place to purchase this phone?

  • Luca Gnocchi
    Luca Gnocchi 11 days ago

    Camera is better or worse than IPhone XR? Ty

  • BaeKen
    BaeKen 11 days ago

    Hello mr.whostheboss i know u will not notice this comment but i still do it. Can i have the phone that u use in this video because i really want rog 2 phone i am only kid and not rich to buy, this im watching this on my mothers phone. I'll gladly accept the phone that u use here if u can give this to me so if ur kind enough to give this to me...

  • Kevin Charles Lomot
    Kevin Charles Lomot 11 days ago

    ASUS ROG Gaming Phone II (ZS660KL-S855P-12G512G-BK) - 6.6” FHD+ 2340x1080 HDR 120Hz Display - 48MP/13MP Camera - 12GB RAM - 512GB Storage - LTE Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone - US Warranty - Black

  • Kevin Charles Lomot
    Kevin Charles Lomot 11 days ago

    ASUS ROG Gaming Phone II (ZS660KL-S855P-12G512G-BK) - 6.6” FHD+ 2340x1080 HDR 120Hz Display - 48MP/13MP Camera - 12GB RAM - 512GB Storage - LTE Unlocked Dual SIM Cell Phone - US Warranty - Black

  • Takemikazuchi •l
    Takemikazuchi •l 12 days ago

    1:24 don't you *DARE* doing that again.

  • Xeta6
    Xeta6 12 days ago +1

    0:04 Yeah, MKBHD award show showed that this phone really outdid itself Lol

  • Mark Francisco
    Mark Francisco 12 days ago

    We need IP68 class

  • Pomson Mwololo
    Pomson Mwololo 12 days ago

    Good things come but can't afford

  • Limore Peretz Woloshin

    Who needs all these features n a PHONE

  • Proud internet citizen
    Proud internet citizen 13 days ago +1

    Wait, a USB-C to USB-C cable? Not USB-C to USB-A?

  • Voc gaming
    Voc gaming 13 days ago +1


    LOGIC 14 days ago

    Is it a fast breaking phone?
    *IN THE WORLD??*

  • Arrowslinger
    Arrowslinger 14 days ago

    Hear that? iPhone owners 🏃

  • Ali Noori
    Ali Noori 14 days ago +1

    فارسی زبان ها لایک کنند

  • Yee
    Yee 14 days ago


  • Gato Minino
    Gato Minino 14 days ago

    I wish it was waterproof and best cases for my cardio exercise and card memory slot

  • Ramnath A. Krishnan
    Ramnath A. Krishnan 15 days ago

  • Your mom was right
    Your mom was right 15 days ago +5

    "The weight itself is not a deal breaker for me."

    I see. My man likes him some thicc crust.

    ZXNIC OFFICIAL 15 days ago

    What is name of game in7:00

  • sylohYT
    sylohYT 16 days ago +2

    ah yes, packman will look crispier than ever

  • AMobilePointOfView
    AMobilePointOfView 16 days ago

    Good one Aaron! I actually hope I didn't make a mistake. I currently have the Black Shark 2 pro coming and the entire set up with the Red Magic 3 but I ordered the Red variation so not the 3s. I love Red so I went with that model plus all the extras. The black shark pro 2 I ordered the gulf blue with the red down the middle. I love marvel so you can see where I'm going here. On a Red "note" lol I wonder if you could help me out if you read this and help me find a Red Note 10. I've been searching for one and finally found one on eBay but was robbed held up at gun point when I thought I was meeting someone to sell my iPhone 11 pro so I could buy the Red note 10 on eBay that is way too expensive at $990. I have a brand new S10 5G that I could trade for the Red Note 10 if you can get your hands on one for me. Hope you are doing well and happy holidays.

  • 태양
    태양 17 days ago +2

    So that's where all the missing headphone jacks went.

    • 태양
      태양 13 days ago

      @Kavan Singh Lol XD

    • Kavan Singh
      Kavan Singh 13 days ago

      underrated comment XD

  • George Pliakos
    George Pliakos 18 days ago

    8 gb ram and 128 gb rom is the official or the Chinese version? Cause in aliexpress they sell rog phone 2 with 8 gb ram and 128 gb rom and claim that it's the official asus,but in asus site I haven't see anywhere saying they're phone have those storage specs!

    • The Symbol Of Peace
      The Symbol Of Peace 15 days ago

      Yeah your right but i saw some peoples sharing picture of the global version with 8gb ram and 128gb storage

    JUDIEL 19 days ago

    I have the tencent version

  • CaptChundi Arthur
    CaptChundi Arthur 20 days ago

    Asus rog phone 2 is the one who can beat iPhone 11 pro max

  • Than Than YT
    Than Than YT 20 days ago

    Can't wait to buy this expensive ass phone to play Subway Surfers

  • Durdell The Gamer
    Durdell The Gamer 21 day ago +1

    I am using rog phone 2 for 3 months, I can easily tall that this phone is a life changer!!! I had galaxy note 10 before. Asus Rog Phone 2 absolutely demolish galaxy note 10 on every level that's the reality!!! This phone display is just the most beautiful thing I ever saw in my lifetime!!! Speakers of this phone can silence my laptop speakers. Now my old phone feels like a kids toy compares to my new phone 😀😀😀😀 Its not just a gaming phone but its perfect phone. Now its time to say Game Over to Apple+Samsung. Specially Apple They Only Sells Expensive Calculators. I quit from Apple cus of galaxy note 10 and then I quit from Galaxy cus of Asus Rog Phone 2.

  • Tricks tha Charm
    Tricks tha Charm 21 day ago +5

    Watching on my Rog 2 hehe

  • Rikswordfyr
    Rikswordfyr 21 day ago

    Just asking wheres the ROG phone now?

  • Bacon Boi
    Bacon Boi 21 day ago +3


    • Bacon Boi
      Bacon Boi 3 days ago

      Here We are no wait until rog phone 3 comes out

    • Here We are
      Here We are 3 days ago +1

      Wait till that Samsung s20 comes out.

    • MadOrange644
      MadOrange644 19 days ago

      This phone put all other smartphones to shame