Stockholm Syndrome. Warren B. Hall

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
  • Stockholm Syndrom is a serious love story according to Warren B. Hall. Watch "Mostly Kid Stuff" By Warren B. Hall only at
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  • ar feels
    ar feels 11 days ago +1

    0:53 u can't unhear that sound

  • GOAlposT
    GOAlposT 11 days ago

    and that's not even the scary part. For some weird reason women are different like that. Unlike men women don't bother with calculations and risk assessment. They operate from the gut. The world of emotion. Women will willingly get married to total strangers, and that is completely fine with them. Not only is it fine, they prefer it.
    My mother was one of these women and I see her in just about every woman I see. Deep in their cranium, in the darkest recesses of their minds is a desire to get whisked away in a forest, bound and gagged only to end up in some far away kingdom. A place where they can start a new life with a new family, a new social circle, and everything they ever dreamed about. Where people will see them as they are instead of what they expect them to be.
    Now I'm not saying you should do these things. I am however saying that you should think about them when you are trying to seduce a woman. So if you take a girl out and you see her getting tipsy, then toss her on your shoulders and tell her she's yours and you are taking her home with you. Don't do anything to her until she comes to her full senses and you will have her for life.

  • cody wilbourn
    cody wilbourn 11 days ago

    He is really funny for a black guy.... or white guy.... or Asian, Indian, Mexican, Greek, Japanese, Russian, Canadian.... minnisodian. You know, I’m starting to think it’s nothing to do with the color of his skin and a lot to do with his talent. 🤔

  • Killer Red
    Killer Red 11 days ago

    You people😹

  • Candice Dice
    Candice Dice 13 days ago

    Eish the realism of our insanity

  • Turok, not the dinosaur hunter, the adult film star

    CNN made up the beginning. If you ask, they’ll make up the end of the story too.

  • Zion Gweshe
    Zion Gweshe 21 day ago

    We talking about the song???

  • German Trainer
    German Trainer 24 days ago

    stupid white jokes

  • Leroy Hill
    Leroy Hill 27 days ago +1

    Stockholm syndrome? You mean interracial dating? 🙄😁😎☕🤯😮🤣😉

  • Morgana Madrid
    Morgana Madrid Month ago +10

    My parents met in a hospital. My dad was a patient and my mum was visiting an uncle who broke a leg and he was in the same room.

  • Windy Wind
    Windy Wind Month ago

    So funny!!!!

  • Brion Hall
    Brion Hall Month ago

    Good stuff. No relation, I think

  • Electric Hellion
    Electric Hellion Month ago +6

    This is a great set. Laughing my butt off. The first half kills. Second half isn’t over yet.

  • yael
    yael Month ago +1

    You don't take good from a pregnant lady

  • Shiahian
    Shiahian Month ago +4

    I feel so old fashioned I met my husband at a bar!

  • Shiahian
    Shiahian Month ago +4

    Eeewww😣 the hair😝!

  • Jason Miller
    Jason Miller Month ago +1

    Its always gotta be about race.

    • JulianDLe93
      JulianDLe93 Month ago

      Jason Miller Stockholm syndromes was about race?

  • H WILD
    H WILD Month ago

    Oh NO!!! STOP Playin! Humans are such SillyBillys

  • bananaxo
    bananaxo Month ago +1

    I know a lot of people actually find fictional stockholm syndrome romance books quite enjoyable or entertaining... I've read a few myself so although it's not my thing, I may be a bit more desensitized than the average person. But the reality of it is not lost on me. When he put on his "girly" voice and said "this could be the onneeeeeee" as if women are really that shallow? Not funny. Maybe next time he could try putting the man in the victim's position and see how that plays out.

  • Ron Fleig
    Ron Fleig Month ago +3

    All his jokes are in the category of race.

    • James
      James Month ago +3

      No they weren't 😭

  • Maria Frances
    Maria Frances Month ago +6

    Warren Hall deserves another special, ya'll!

  • Rory O'Connor
    Rory O'Connor Month ago

    Very funny

  • Dodo M
    Dodo M Month ago

    Re-upload. Dislike

  • Tim Buktu
    Tim Buktu Month ago +7

    pretty funny.....for a black guy

    • Tim Buktu
      Tim Buktu 21 day ago

      That would be the Jews. Keep the racist stereotypes straight.

    • Ikook Yourhope
      Ikook Yourhope 21 day ago

      I thought black guys are always funny

  • thorified
    thorified Month ago

    Always shuffling in the back door

  • Robert Schaeffer
    Robert Schaeffer Month ago +4

    Comedian judges that's funny...

  • François Dion
    François Dion Month ago

    I can't believe the last one was a true story.. o_O

  • Martin Acosta
    Martin Acosta Month ago +1

    so.... did i saw wrong or is he just wearing one sneaker?

    • Klaus B
      Klaus B Month ago +1

      yeah he is, at the beginning of the special you see him walk in with a cast on his leg (he removes it, as you can see), that's why he is seated during the whole thing

  • 1MinuteFlipDoc
    1MinuteFlipDoc Month ago +3

    " and she was hot so I know what you meant ..ok, ok, ok, ok " hahahahaha

  • 1MinuteFlipDoc
    1MinuteFlipDoc Month ago +11

    this guys is smooth as f***.
    the audience gets on his side real quick.

  • Brandon Miller
    Brandon Miller Month ago

    Re-using old content

  • WeedMIC
    WeedMIC Month ago +3

    Maybe it's his wife and she's in on it...

  • WeedMIC
    WeedMIC Month ago +12

    How could he not laugh at the dangling blond hair in his mouth :D

  • Patrick Gregorio
    Patrick Gregorio Month ago +28

    Sounds like the plot to Beauty And The Beast.

    • Tajic Blade of the Legion
      Tajic Blade of the Legion 10 days ago

      "Yeah, and she's just going to develop the most romantic case of Stockholm syndrome." -Screenwriter Guy, on Beauty and the Beast

  • Martin Weber
    Martin Weber Month ago +2

    the guy is gay

  • Xsiner
    Xsiner Month ago +149

    That pregnant woman is going to give birth right there she is laughing so hard.

    • Tajic Blade of the Legion
      Tajic Blade of the Legion 10 days ago

      @Steven Pivornik He asked the woman next to her (who was holding it), the pregnant woman is the one who said it was hers

    • Steven Pivornik
      Steven Pivornik Month ago +1

      Was she the one that got asked by the comedian for the candy?

  • Stupidcatlover
    Stupidcatlover Month ago +2

    I have Stockholm Syndrome!....i met my mom when i was born but now that im an adult and live in a different house i cant get away from her im with her every day she is my best friend i love her but i cant get away lol i made funny right?

  • Pisces Bear
    Pisces Bear Month ago

    Nice riffing

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming Month ago +2

    Omg 2:40/i died. You cant make that bit up.

  • air port
    air port Month ago +39

    This Larry asked for jumper cables. So is he Larry the cable guy?

  • Month ago +28

    “You people”

  • TheReadingRaven
    TheReadingRaven Month ago +18

    ... what if she wasn’t pregnant?

    • AirFire18
      AirFire18 Month ago +4

      Ohhhh nooooo. I honestly made that mistake once i never assume 😭😭

    • WeedMIC
      WeedMIC Month ago

      Dat was goed

  • RayDel Sol
    RayDel Sol Month ago +12

    This whole thing was hilarious 😂

  • Tina Lynn
    Tina Lynn Month ago +1

    Yahoo my ex and Facebook my hubby for 7 years

  • douche mcghee
    douche mcghee Month ago +43

    Stockholm syndrome pftt thank God I've never visited Sweden

    • Sterek Hallinski
      Sterek Hallinski 8 days ago

      @Tajic Blade of the Legion Ohh! I actually didn't know that. Learned something today. Cool

    • Tajic Blade of the Legion
      Tajic Blade of the Legion 10 days ago +2

      @TheNoFlowBro Stockholm is a city in Sweden, and I believe it's where the syndrome got the name (where the namesake event occurred)

    • TheNoFlowBro
      TheNoFlowBro 10 days ago


    • Yasmine Grant
      Yasmine Grant Month ago +3


  • David Lyimo
    David Lyimo Month ago +19

    Regurgitated clip but still very funny.

  • Saul Goode
    Saul Goode Month ago +8

    Funny as it is, why did this get re-uploaded now? I just saw it a few weeks back.

  • Rowan Sandy
    Rowan Sandy Month ago +180

    When she pulled her hair out of his mouth I felt that

    • Menzobarrenza
      Menzobarrenza Month ago +13

      It seems the maternal instinct was already kicking in.

  • Thomas Hughes
    Thomas Hughes Month ago +75

    My parents met at a traffic accident. I have 10 siblings.

    • Sterek Hallinski
      Sterek Hallinski 8 days ago +1

      Wow! That is...huh.

    • JustMe215
      JustMe215 12 days ago +1

      Aww I guess that's what Bob Ross meant when he said happy little accidents

    • Brandon Griffith
      Brandon Griffith Month ago +6

      Wear a seatbelt, because 90% of people are accidents.😳

    • Thomas Hughes
      Thomas Hughes Month ago +21

      Mom lost control on ice and went down an embankment near a creek. Dad was the cop who did the accident report and drove her on to work.

  • TRX Cummins
    TRX Cummins Month ago

    Couple on fake news said that's how they met hahaha that is funny

  • Lion of Judah
    Lion of Judah Month ago +2

    None of it funny- over exaggerated movements.

    • Blast Heart
      Blast Heart Month ago +5

      Lion of Judah I agree to an extent, but I also stand by people have different senses of humor.

  • Jessica Waddell
    Jessica Waddell Month ago +34

    I'm glad they re-uploaded it. I wouldn't have seen it otherwise.

  • Mark C
    Mark C Month ago +4

    Not "kinda funny" and not "kinda hot"

  • David Sebby
    David Sebby Month ago +119

    Fun fact my grandfather nearly killed my grandmother, he hit her with his car by mistake. They laughed about it

    • Savage Salvage
      Savage Salvage 11 days ago +1

      I can hear that coming out in the arguments

    • David Sebby
      David Sebby Month ago +2

      @SABER-JOCKY he was trying to impress his friends I think.... I don't know... It was a while ago when he told me

    • Art Karounos
      Art Karounos Month ago +1

      David Sebby 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      SABER-JOCKY Month ago +7

      Who was he trying to hit?

  • Jillian Holderfield
    Jillian Holderfield Month ago +79

    Why are y'all re-uploading stuff? I love Warren but if I wanted to pull up the video again, I could search for it.

    • Hunny Senpai
      Hunny Senpai Month ago

      Probably just did it for the intro and didn't wanna cut the other part off

    • Alexis Williams
      Alexis Williams Month ago +1

      Sorry folks - they knew I hadn’t seen this yet. I’m the center of the universe and Dry Bar knew this needed to come to the top of my feed even at your expense. Sorry, not sorry.

    • Phillip Graves
      Phillip Graves Month ago +3

      @Jillian Holderfield Nah speak up. People who don't speak up complain when things they never talk about never change.

    • Jillian Holderfield
      Jillian Holderfield Month ago +4

      Cher Poston Fair enough. I would still enjoy seeing some new comedians. DBC are great at finding the best so I'd love to see some new talent along with my favorites.

  • red drib
    red drib Month ago +12


  • Stephen Franks
    Stephen Franks Month ago +21

    Heyyy... Ill have an scotch.
    Hey buddy this is a s dry bar comedy.
    Oh my bad...
    Heyyy... Ill have a milk.... 2%

  • Phil Connors
    Phil Connors Month ago +2


  • Phil Connors
    Phil Connors Month ago +1