The Spiders and the Bees

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Gameobatts
    Gameobatts Day ago

    0:34 Yeah, that's an "appropriate" time to freak out. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Tajus Tajus Tajus Tajus

    #team man

  • Dodger The Dog
    Dodger The Dog Day ago

    that one yiff folder

  • Chloe Flowers
    Chloe Flowers Day ago

    once a bee landed on my bff and i named him mr.bee R.I.P mr.bee

  • Momo TV :3
    Momo TV :3 Day ago

    I want a tarantula

  • TheSavagegamergirl

    And that bees sting and die

  • Christina Mijangos


  • Pumpkyn Spyce Studios

    ok, spiders are not bad, but they do not belong indoors and I will freak the heck out if one is inside. spiders do not belong inside.

  • Demon Souls
    Demon Souls Day ago

    Spider bite 5/10
    Brown spider 7/10
    Black widow 10/10
    Math 9000/10

  • DarkenedChildhood

    Well they tickle me and I go bonkers when I get tickled

  • the shadow wolf
    the shadow wolf Day ago

    I was scared of spiders but when I herd your speech I thought the same thing you did SPIDERS ARE HARMLESS


    And if the webs are weak they wouldn't save you in a gun fight


    You said their webs are to weak

  • Cecelia Aguinaldo (2024)

    I have like 1000 wasps in my house and I never got stung cause I just run

  • Clare Blayney
    Clare Blayney Day ago

    One time in kindergarten a bee landed on a classmates eye and stayed there for 2 minutes

  • Jenny the human
    Jenny the human Day ago +1

    When i was a child
    Hornet landed on my throat
    I dont need to say anything.

  • your boy
    your boy Day ago

    6:36 yiff folder lmao

  • Finlay Jarvis
    Finlay Jarvis Day ago

    5:19 is that on purpose

    What the world would BEE like without them

  • Amy Clearwater
    Amy Clearwater Day ago

    I helped a spider

  • Husky Shark1747
    Husky Shark1747 Day ago

    I haven’t seen one bee all summer the last bee i saw was... dead

  • Da Bozz
    Da Bozz Day ago

    7:33 *annoying orange be like*

    JAH GAMING Day ago

    Wow 36M that’s crazy

  • Laura Stanton
    Laura Stanton Day ago

    No sorry 3:34

  • Laura Stanton
    Laura Stanton Day ago

    3:36 pause and you will die of laughter

  • Echo Science
    Echo Science Day ago

    There is a file called yiff, second row 3rd from the bottom

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr Day ago +1

    6:37 There's a file named "yiff" 。◕‿‿◕。

  • TitanicMegalodon
    TitanicMegalodon Day ago +1

    I think everybody is just gonna watch this vid because of the thumbnail XD

  • the head crab zombie

    Super powers nope

  • PaulDoTekken
    PaulDoTekken Day ago


  • asarod
    asarod Day ago

    6:37 yiff folder

  • Reyna smith
    Reyna smith Day ago

    Him : I don't give a CRAP about wasps
    *trows a rock at wasp hive*
    *gets stung by ALL wasps*
    Him:so.. What did we learn today
    Me:spiders are PERVERTS
    Bees are SCARY
    Wasps are TERRIFYING
    Oh and never throw a frickng rock at a hive you guys ok

  • Patrick Ehlers
    Patrick Ehlers Day ago

    Don't yeet spiders out the window

  • starburst
    starburst Day ago +2

    6:37 nice folder ya got there

  • IDon’tEvenKnowEntertainment

    What if the coins you find in between the couch cushions and like in cupboards, are actually just spiders trying to Pay rent.

  • HolyAdrian Mance

    2:26 top ten most saddest animie deaths

  • dominik kukulski

    Bee's didn't exist in america (all of it) untill some european ppl sent bee's to that place

  • SHADOW WOLF deLobel

    I have arachnophobia :(

  • Fishy Tacos
    Fishy Tacos Day ago

    Hey James shout me out if you don't go to my channel and watch my newest video I'm hurt by glass

  • Sabri Art
    Sabri Art Day ago

    well also dont agatat da bees because BUBLE bees have 1 LIFE

  • xXDaimondDeerXx
    xXDaimondDeerXx Day ago

    I remember 1 time in 2nd grade a wasp landed on my head during my summer camp

  • ŵãtęrmêłøñ Płâŷš

    6:51 100:Would cry
    Me: Poor bee...

  • Jayden Anderson vlogs

    6:30 Pokemon leak

  • Mary Ledford
    Mary Ledford Day ago

    Me when see a small spider: BURN THE HOUSE DOWN!!!
    Me when I see a big spider: the house is burning down already.
    Me when I see a tarantula: moves to another country

  • Hazren Tengah
    Hazren Tengah Day ago

    Wait a minute MAT PAT FROM GAME TEARY?!?!

  • Rosalyn Martin
    Rosalyn Martin Day ago

    7:35 when I try to take a cute selfie

  • Adam Williamson
    Adam Williamson Day ago

    A bee landed on my nose and I got stung

  • E E
    E E Day ago

    All jokes on you I live in Australia and up and bitten by tuncer spiders and I'm dead

  • adam the youtuber
    adam the youtuber Day ago +1

    Me:I had a bee on my nose looking at my eye and i never got stung by a bee
    James:HOLY FRECK X_X

  • dead lucky
    dead lucky Day ago +1

    Im watching Australia 00:53

  • Aimee Elgar
    Aimee Elgar Day ago

    I once had one nearly go in my eye.

    And it was terrifying

  • CookiePotato
    CookiePotato Day ago

    Once i was just minding my buisness just at school waiting for me mum and then a bee or a wasp was like "Hey mother trucker" AND LANDED ON MY GOD DAYUM SHOULDER But my mom flung it off T^T and once there wasa grasshoper in my shirt cause there was a big hole at the bottom

  • potato chips
    potato chips Day ago

    7:33 we just not gonna talk about that

  • Its JustMe
    Its JustMe Day ago

    Fk I think James is low key racist

  • The AsianPersuasian

    Me: eh bees are fine
    *wasps fly by*
    Me: goes ultra instinct mode and naruto runs half way across the world

  • DBiaC
    DBiaC Day ago

    you make me lol mr james

  • Jason and Friends Outdoor Activities

    You should feel lucky man I've been stung 6 times by bees, and 3 times by wasp so 9 times

  • shadowpie 207
    shadowpie 207 Day ago

    Your spiders are so cute

  • shadowpie 207
    shadowpie 207 Day ago

    I love spiders

  • xCOOL_Matthew Playz123x

    But when a bee lands on your arm HOLY FRICK!!!

  • Roblox Brontë Roblox

    I live in Austraila! Help!

  • An Alpaca You Know

    Dragonflies are the main predators of mosquitoes. Like, at every single stage of life. Dragonfly larvae eat mosquito larvae. Epic gamer moment.

  • Faith Luna
    Faith Luna Day ago

    Lives in Australia: help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Gia Bia
    Gia Bia Day ago

    And then YEET it back outside 😂

  • Aaron Dale
    Aaron Dale Day ago

    7:32 holy freak! Lol

  • Paiton Yansks
    Paiton Yansks Day ago +1

    He's right we need bee,s

  • GPizzle :v
    GPizzle :v Day ago +1

    my toe is itchy

  • Sam Diel
    Sam Diel Day ago

    Loved this I have a pet tarantula, am a beekeeper, and do bee research. Great job, very funny!

  • Elizzy555 lue
    Elizzy555 lue Day ago

    Idc about bees like it can fly past me and I wouldn't care
    Wasps-what about me
    Me- *heak off*

  • Jackie Randolph
    Jackie Randolph Day ago +1

    I step on a bee ones


    I saw your profile on twiiter

  • TacoTheGr8
    TacoTheGr8 Day ago

    4:53 is that a mannequin or is that actually a person

  • IIPixel
    IIPixel Day ago +1

    Lucas is the only spider I'll ever trust.

  • Bobby Villasenor

    I hate the black widow

  • heyitzchoke
    heyitzchoke Day ago

    7:33 😂

  • Jazmyne Louviere

    My mom hates spiders I keep telling my mom get a cup and a paper yah what you said and bees are important they make honey

  • Jacob Joel Estrada

    7:34 holy frick give me the bleach so I can bleach my eyes out

  • Karla osygus
    Karla osygus Day ago


  • Gacha Evan with Milan Psycho1374

    Hey James dose your sister have a channel? You know a TheXvid channel

  • Cyber plays
    Cyber plays Day ago

    I know why bees die
    Cuz they die because there needle on there but
    God why did you put needles on bees buts if they die using it!!!!!!

  • Kari Keen - David Leeder MS (1544)

    Mommy why is brother scream
    Mommy why do human hate us
    Hwheheh o0o

  • Joseph Vivar
    Joseph Vivar Day ago

    When I was little I got bite by a spider in the leg. I was sleeping in my bed and a spider was crawling in my leg and just bite and I didn't feel it.🕷️🛌‼️😭

  • Kira V
    Kira V Day ago

    once i was picking my sister up with my mum and i was wearing a flower dress and a bee thought it was real and i didn't even notice it until we got home

  • Cj Galloway
    Cj Galloway Day ago

    I have arachnophobia and am deadly scared of the 8leged demons from hell

  • Kitty_kat 208
    Kitty_kat 208 Day ago +1

    6:26 SAME but it was in my knee

  • Ana Marie
    Ana Marie Day ago +1

    He said “spiders are not harmful”
    Me: im an arachnophobia

  • Gayle The Heart Eating Proxy

    *-Fuzzy bois*
    *-They buzz*
    *-p o l l i n a t e*
    *-Cute lil bumble bois*
    *-Must be destroyed*
    *-Stings you for no reason*
    *-They can call die for all I care*

  • Opie The Fluffball


  • Amalthea Watts
    Amalthea Watts Day ago

    I'm team 🐝 s

  • Good Day! Pinas!

    Great video! 👍👍
    Good Day! Share ko lang tong video pampa-good vibes. Cartoon Pinoy Jokes 😁 😁 Thanks. God bless!

  • Ashley Hunt
    Ashley Hunt Day ago

    I use to hate spiders

  • Carlos Fox
    Carlos Fox Day ago

    My mom got stung by a bee near the eye

  • Ashley Hunt
    Ashley Hunt Day ago

    I love spiders

  • Zion The Great !!!

    2:59 one eyes

  • Andrew Doddington

    Did you cry because the bee stung you or because you stepped on it

  • Mango Time
    Mango Time Day ago

    7:33 dat mouf doe

  • Rabbit Stack
    Rabbit Stack Day ago

    7:34 you're welcome for the replay

  • Kate RBLX
    Kate RBLX Day ago

    Don’t worry James,I stepped on a nail

  • Phalisa Reed 2.0

    0:38 Lenny Face( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Haker1368 1368
    Haker1368 1368 Day ago

    I was correct 🥖🥖🥖🥖🥨🥨🎂 I study👨🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻

  • Haker1368 1368
    Haker1368 1368 Day ago

    Bees give us food they sprinkle polin on the flowers and food