The Spiders and the Bees

  • Published on Mar 8, 2019
  • Everyone was so afraid of spiders when what we should have been fearing is bees.
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  • lego stop motion
    lego stop motion 19 hours ago

    Not three times, not four times, but two times

  • Lupe walters
    Lupe walters 19 hours ago +1

    Fun fact the most poisene spider is the Sydney funnel web that lives is Australian, I know because I’ve been bitten by one.

  • Gäłøxy
    Gäłøxy 19 hours ago +1



  • Oliva ButtHead
    Oliva ButtHead 20 hours ago

    Me: Okay.. the chance of then being venomous is low-
    TheOdd1sOut: Unless your in Australia.... blahblahblah
    Me: 😅😳😱 Ohh No.

  • Justin Games187
    Justin Games187 20 hours ago

    Coincidentally I stepped on a bee outside when I was bare foot

    What are the odds?

  • Hobbes Atticus
    Hobbes Atticus 20 hours ago

    I think I live at Australia

  • ArtInMotion
    ArtInMotion 20 hours ago


  • Gacha xLilyx
    Gacha xLilyx 20 hours ago

    I been stinv by bee 1 time but it wasn't hurt or scary

  • •- Wello-•
    •- Wello-• 20 hours ago

    Oml when you were saying just YEET the spiders a spider was ON MY DESK AHHH

  • Luiz Nuñez
    Luiz Nuñez 20 hours ago

    I was Stung

  • Kim Ono
    Kim Ono 20 hours ago

    I was watching an add about cyber hunter
    And was showing some arse

  • Sophie Cho
    Sophie Cho 20 hours ago

    me when I look at my test results

  • Niyah_ Playz
    Niyah_ Playz 20 hours ago

    Died watching this 😂🤟🏽💫

  • Snowice Candy
    Snowice Candy 20 hours ago

    Ooohhhhhh.... I've been bitten by a spider.. It hurt like HELL!

  • Michael Tello
    Michael Tello 20 hours ago

    The spider man póster was THERE but NOW its not there

  • Bella Blackmon
    Bella Blackmon 21 hour ago

    Spiders? perverts
    Wasps? terrifying
    Hotel? trivago

  • Kittyfurme Gaming
    Kittyfurme Gaming 21 hour ago

    Idk why i love trantulas i love to hold them and when i see a spider i scream its weird

  • philsfringe
    philsfringe 21 hour ago

    I’m Australian so like oop no spooders for me

  • Text Stories
    Text Stories 21 hour ago

    *i live in Australia you frickin-*

  • Nirmalie Fernando
    Nirmalie Fernando 21 hour ago


  • Tp101 YT
    Tp101 YT 21 hour ago

    James Ruined my life by making spider-man to a actual half-spider and half-human

  • Omar CL
    Omar CL 21 hour ago

    No sé krnal no se ingles

  • Ayman's channel
    Ayman's channel 21 hour ago

    Okay. In my country there No veneomous spiders. If I get bit I would live.

  • sage horton
    sage horton 21 hour ago

    What did i learn today...
    Wasp can bee buttfaces

  • S Masmuel
    S Masmuel 21 hour ago

    I kill a 2 inch spider with a DVD am scared cat

  • Happy Wølf07
    Happy Wølf07 21 hour ago

    James: so what did we learn?

    Me: to stay away from wasps becuz they’re pure bitches.

  • Ashlyn LPS TV
    Ashlyn LPS TV 21 hour ago

    Spiders: okay
    Bees: not too bad
    Wasps: HORRIBLE

  • Victoria Stew
    Victoria Stew 21 hour ago +1

    FUN FACT:bees can recognize you If you dont kill it the next time it sees you

  • Cookie Kitty
    Cookie Kitty 21 hour ago

    DONT JUDGE ME! I like all bugs and think everything’s cute all my classmates ask why do you thing everything cute?!

  • Camila Sanchez Marquez

    Ok, he’s officially the funniest human in earth!

  • ColeBMS
    ColeBMS 21 hour ago

    0:45 3:43 yep that makes sense

  • Jonathan Hernandez
    Jonathan Hernandez 21 hour ago

    QUESTION JAMES how do we wear our seat belts on the BUS

  • Sakura Huntress
    Sakura Huntress 21 hour ago

    March idea: shirts with #teamspider on them.

  • Karleigh Vogel
    Karleigh Vogel 21 hour ago

    "Sure if a your taking a shower and the spider crawls up your leg like a fricking pervert, thats an appropriate time to freak out."

    Normal people: AAAAAH! SPIDER! GET OUT! **Five minutes later**
    *continues to shower*

  • i Live Off Of Reed900
    i Live Off Of Reed900 22 hours ago


  • riolu dewott
    riolu dewott 22 hours ago +1

    spiders wont stop biting me at night

  • Queen Vixia
    Queen Vixia 22 hours ago

    "Oh, they're dying at an alarming rate?"

  • Angelene Lum
    Angelene Lum 22 hours ago +1

    7:34 I spat out my scrambled eggs

  • mad man gaming
    mad man gaming 22 hours ago

    Thats the thing i do live in australia so im a dead man

  • Ejc Man Mann
    Ejc Man Mann 22 hours ago

    It’s not true

  • Ejc Man Mann
    Ejc Man Mann 22 hours ago

    Spider bites do not give you superpowers

  • Prue Read
    Prue Read 22 hours ago

    I’m an Australian 😭

  • Awesomely Gamers
    Awesomely Gamers 22 hours ago

    I actually live in the “The Beehive State”

    So their is a lot of scaaaary bees
    It kinda sucks

  • Grant Sircy
    Grant Sircy 22 hours ago

    Roses are red violets are blue you just got necked 3:54

  • Conqueror of Worlds
    Conqueror of Worlds 22 hours ago

    1000 spiders land on your arm...HOLY SH- the same thing happens.

  • Conqueror of Worlds
    Conqueror of Worlds 22 hours ago

    1000 bees land on your arm...HOLY SH- frick

  • Scott Wilber
    Scott Wilber 22 hours ago

    7:35 *holy frick*

  • George Marsha
    George Marsha 22 hours ago

    Grab dat spider and yeet it out of your damn window. Spider : THE HE.. U JUST DID TO MY HARMLES A.. AND U BETTER PUT ME BACK WITH MY FO..... CHILD HUMAN

  • bob sanderson
    bob sanderson 22 hours ago

    this video actually made me uncomfortable

  • The Master Gamer
    The Master Gamer 22 hours ago

    I ship you and jaiden

  • FluffelDude 13
    FluffelDude 13 22 hours ago

    :( I’ve being stung by bees 5 times and bitten by a spider 1 time it was horrible

  • outbreak break
    outbreak break 22 hours ago

    Rip harry the moth

  • Abigail Ortiz
    Abigail Ortiz 22 hours ago

    Wach matpat

  • Roasted_ Pickl3z
    Roasted_ Pickl3z 22 hours ago

    So what did me learn: that wasps suck

  • Aswad Anam
    Aswad Anam 22 hours ago

    Spider are perverts in the shower

  • Killer Sans
    Killer Sans 22 hours ago

    spiders actually have great eyesight, and those that don't have little hairs on their body and legs [like a tarantula] and see the world though vibrations. its science boi. pwq
    spiders can and if noticed will eat there children the moment that child leaves the safety of ma, and then there's dad who is eater dead, or waiting to eat or possibly even impregnate his own kids[spider incest? or maybe, spincest?]. pwq
    spiders straight up, don't have school. or a job. or enough free thinking to remember there own child. pwq

  • AIDS Monkey lol
    AIDS Monkey lol 22 hours ago +1

    Not the pervert spiders lol

  • Droid Tales
    Droid Tales 23 hours ago

    0:53 damn, I live in Australia

  • Christiano Niculs
    Christiano Niculs 23 hours ago

    i love the odd 1sout

  • Mr.Wander-man Da1
    Mr.Wander-man Da1 23 hours ago +1

    Oh yeah, honey bees are causing millions of species of other pollinators to go extinct, ever since they were brought to the US from Europe and the other pollinators are still doing more than them despite the honey bee Population being much higher than the others, so yeah, screw honey bees

  • Rylee Playz
    Rylee Playz 23 hours ago

    Unless you live in Australia you have a low percent chance of getting bitten.
    I live in Australia.

  • Elzineia DHANI
    Elzineia DHANI 23 hours ago +1

    And *YeEt* it back intro the wild

  • Meggidus Smith
    Meggidus Smith 23 hours ago

    Spiders? Scary
    WaSps? The scariest of em' all
    Mosquitoes:OH HECK NAH.

  • Kaima o.o
    Kaima o.o 23 hours ago

    I've been stung like 7 times and I'm allergic

  • 1,000 Subscribers with no videos?

    I'm sorry but I have Arachnophobia so If I see a spider I will die

  • Gary Davault
    Gary Davault 23 hours ago

    I learned that wasps are crap 🤣

  • sailsomewhere08
    sailsomewhere08 23 hours ago

    I have arachnophobia only because when I was 8 I found a wolf spider, which was about 3in large, killed it, and the idiot who decided this would happen needs to be stung by a bee cause about 7 bajillion baby spiders sprayed across the room and my grandma had to get the Raid or something. I was scarred after that. Ugh.

  • William Edmonds (Student)

    Fun fact:
    Honey bees are actually bad for they environment. They kill off the natural bees that are supposed to live them. If you live in America, they are an invasive species

  • Ethan Gamer aka ethan vloger 2

    How did the baby spiders see then?

  • Zeb Zero
    Zeb Zero Day ago

    Once I had a spider on my hand

  • Lona Odelia
    Lona Odelia Day ago

    Spiders are daen

  • Priscilla Moore
    Priscilla Moore Day ago

    I got bit by a brown recluse

  • Jennifer Gellibert

    The Hitman Spider

    in theathers 2020
    presenting HITMAN

  • Kamali Aliah
    Kamali Aliah Day ago

    I saw a bee before

  • Kendra Morales.
    Kendra Morales. Day ago

    I just vacuum spiders

  • sammy godinez
    sammy godinez Day ago

    Once I was playing softball and I was in the out field and all of a sudden a wasp lands on me in my mind I was oh frick I started crying but stayed still and I survived.... also I have never gotten Stung by a bee and never want to

    SABERSTRIKE1921 Day ago +1

    Theodd1sout: Unless you live in Australia...
    Me, an aussie: CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP

  • Ship Queen
    Ship Queen Day ago


  • snowbmx
    snowbmx Day ago

    I'm allergic to bees rip in the chat :(

  • gacha_girl1000
    gacha_girl1000 Day ago

    Ok! I found a spider in my shower while iwasintheshower and i was screaming my head off...

  • Tina MinecraftGirl

    YOU THINK IM NOT SMART I LEARNED MATH AT SCHOOL and don’t quit school kids cuz I’m in grade 4 and I’m the 2nd tallest in class

  • Kaylee Searcy
    Kaylee Searcy Day ago

    Actually, the spider would win, the shark will drown.

  • OctoGaming
    OctoGaming Day ago

    When I saw the part where the spider crawls up someone in the shower it jostled a memory when i was in another house where there was a spider in the shower which i was in

  • Ellie Romo
    Ellie Romo Day ago

    I've been bit by a spider before like I did not know how I got it like I woke up one morning and and I saw this BIG BITE right beside my ankle it had two little bits on it and I don't know what kind of spider it was but yeah.

  • BenProductions
    BenProductions Day ago

    am i the only one that feel bad for kid james at 6:49?

  • Emma Deziel
    Emma Deziel Day ago

    a bee stung my tongue before while i was taking a bite of an apple.
    had to drink salt water that day...

  • Muffin Chan
    Muffin Chan Day ago +1

    Is it weird that I had a bee in my kitchen?

  • Mr Depresso
    Mr Depresso Day ago


    I think his mom is a kangaroo

  • fifovelazquez
    fifovelazquez Day ago

    you are rite :)

  • Maya Stanton
    Maya Stanton Day ago

    But I live in Australia tho so rip me I guess

  • fifovelazquez
    fifovelazquez Day ago


  • Noob Gamer
    Noob Gamer Day ago

    7:35 me when i see wasps

  • Yolie Garcia-Farmer

    Spiders 76% percent I’m afraid of 🕷
    Bees 94% percent I’m afraid of 🐝

  • bloodstream _death

    Ive never g9t bitten bye a spider

  • Holy Doggo 29
    Holy Doggo 29 Day ago

    “That’s the way the cookie crumbles”
    Cookie crumble you say
    **TonyVtoons has entered the cat**

  • Santiago hernandez

    I wish that the spiders in real life looked like the spiders in the video

  • * Mushii_Potato *

    A spider just climbed up my leg...I screamed like I never have before.

  • Dafuq 670
    Dafuq 670 Day ago

    There's been a spider living in my room for the past 3 days and I named him adrian.

  • Emily Donahue
    Emily Donahue Day ago

    You said "s-s-p shark"

  • Tanner Lee
    Tanner Lee Day ago

    did you know that America is better off without honeybees