Bane, Kenobi, & Moralo Hide In The Morgue [1080p]

  • Published on Mar 19, 2017
  • Season 4 Episode 15 "Deception"

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  • The Porky Ones
    The Porky Ones 29 days ago

    Every time a clone dies a little part of me dies too

  • The Meme King101
    The Meme King101 Month ago +1

    1:08 turn on subtitles

    • Nick Lena
      Nick Lena 28 days ago

      The Meme King101 lol “A little monster Jam”

  • Litteraly all I do is write comments

    Obi Wan in this scene: I won't kill the clones
    Obi Wan during Order 66: I MUST KILL THEM ALL

  • Litteraly all I do is write comments

    Poor clone. All he wanted to do was eat his space sandwich.

  • Litteraly all I do is write comments

    That clone was looking forward to eating his toast.

  • Jope Nauarabota
    Jope Nauarabota 4 months ago

    Poor officers

  • Broann Roblox
    Broann Roblox 6 months ago

    0:13 Wow is it just me or is he sticking is tongue out? lol

  • Skivi Hd
    Skivi Hd Year ago

    HOPEFULLY the clone who threw his sandwich survived

  • Cheng Zhou
    Cheng Zhou Year ago

    Poor clone officers

  • Sergeant Cyro
    Sergeant Cyro Year ago

    Good old days, when the Troopers in the SW-Animated series still got shot instead of knocked out like an idiot... -.- Fuck you Filoni and your Rebels Series!

  • Javier Hernandez
    Javier Hernandez Year ago

    How does a blaster jam

  • Calebfoust3443
    Calebfoust3443 Year ago +20

    Is it just me, or does anyone else look at clones as individuals, and not just expendable meat?

    • Rexamini
      Rexamini 9 months ago

      OtherVids nah it‘s not.. do you lack empathy?

    • OtherVids
      OtherVids Year ago +1

      Calebfoust3443 I think I get what you mean but it's hard to look at them as individuals when they all have the same face 😂

  • Skyler Lots of fun things

    No bane you bich

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago

    This rly makes the clones look bad.

  • sfleader alastair

    This is what happens when the gov makes budget cuts to prisons

  • Reynald Madrelijos

    More Clones Just Got Killed

  • Reynald Madrelijos
    Reynald Madrelijos Year ago +6

    Why Did Bane Kill Them All Just Stune Them

    • Freakin' DekaMatcha
      Freakin' DekaMatcha Year ago

      Reynald Madrelijos because duhh..
      If you're prisoner you'll always be itching to kill the guards whenever you get the chance

  • Jonathan Chan
    Jonathan Chan Year ago +7

    1:11 dam he slapped dat boi good

  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler Year ago +7

    Why does Cad Bane need those tubes on his cheeks? I thought it helped him breath but he looks fine without it.

    • 《Spaz 》
      《Spaz 》 Year ago +2

      Vlad the Impaler To prevent from being force choked.

  • Lord Floyd
    Lord Floyd Year ago +3

    Clones shouldn't be bred to be put in menial positions like these. Its a total waste of money, erm credits.

    • Potomac Studios
      Potomac Studios Year ago

      Lord Floyd it's cheaper for animators to re-use clone models and people like clones which is the irl reason

    • Lord Floyd
      Lord Floyd Year ago

      Clone Commander Ghost It's clear that you are continuously misreading or disregarding my points. It's a prison. Anyone can end up there, whether you're a thief, a murderer, or a crime lord. That was my general argument. Do you know why I brought that up? Because you continued to insist that "This is no "civilian" prison you proclaim it is.". "Do you really think a real life example is a strong justification for the way things are in a fictional universe?" Seeing how you used Guantanamo Bay as a real life parallel I question why you would dare to ask this. "Moralo Eval is like El Chapo just strengthens my earlier argument of the place being a dangerous prison so you see why the personnel happen to be mostly military trained clone troopers" No, no it doesn't. It actually makes it worse seeing how you tried to debunk my statements with El Chapo by stating that the Mexican prisons were susceptible to bribery and easy escapes. And I never questioned the security being clones, I questioned menial labor jobs being given to Clones. I am growing tired of this. "Do you really think the Republic would be wasting away military vehicles at a prison no where near the front line of battle where they are needed?" Where did I imply that they weren't needed there? It's also ironic that you say this when the argument at hand was why clones are wasting away in a prison morgue when they can be placed in more strategic positions.

    • Clone Commander Ghost
      Clone Commander Ghost Year ago

      Lord Floyd And whats wrong about my hard evidence regarding failed clone trooper training? I clearly referenced the Star Wars wikipedia which clearly states what happens. So I dont know why youre belittling that even though I proved you wrong. The moment you said "failed clones get killed" is when I realized youre just making stuff up.

    • Clone Commander Ghost
      Clone Commander Ghost Year ago

      Lord Floyd Ok El Chapo in real life is in that US Metropolitan Correctional Facility because he is under trial, wait till he actually gets convicted and placed in a prison which will most likely be max security. But where does that strengthen your point of you saying the prison on Coruscant is a parallel to the one in real life? Yeah okay hes not surrounded by tanks and ships but in Coruscant the tanks and ships surround the prison for good reason so you cant offset that fact. Do you really think a real life example is a strong justification for the way things are in a fictional universe? I think not, because how can you be so sure that the Coruscant prison is a replica of the El Chapo situation. If anything we stay in the context of the Star Wars universe because that's what the argument is truly about. You see why your el chapo statement is a slippery slope because I can pick apart your argument and go about it different ways. So what if I brought up the pass history of El Chapo? Who are you to say its irrelevant to the El Chapo today even though you brought him up in the first place? Moralo Eval is like El Chapo just strengthens my earlier argument of the place being a dangerous prison so you see why the personnel happen to be mostly military trained clone troopers.. Do you really think the Republic would be wasting away military vehicles at a prison no where near the front line of battle where they are needed? And back to your remark regarding my authoritative, unwarranted stance. I already answered your question. You saying clones that fail training is not canon. And belittling my statements even though I answered your canon question already? LOL good one.

    • Lord Floyd
      Lord Floyd Year ago

      Clone Commander Ghost It's remarkable how you were able to over analyze (and still be wrong) and completely miss the point at the same time. First off, El Chapo is currently being held in the U.S in the Metropolitan Correctional Center, tying in to my point that El Chapo, an infamous super-criminal is being held in a normal prison where any criminal can end up in. Is he held in a military bunker surrounded by Tanks and machine guns? No. Why you even brought up Mexico is beyond me. Secondly factors that you listed with your "hard evidence" are still wrong. "no bribing of prison personnel" Are you serious? Moralo Eval literally states that he has great influence over the prison, making the guards bring Kenobi to his cell. If anything Moralo Eval is comparable to El Chapo, seeing how he has influence in the prison system and casually escapes jail as if it's a routine maneuver. Also: " I dont know why you keep bringing up the failed clone trooper training when I clearly put it to rest with hard evidence." Because I'm responding to your statements obviously, and seeing how you still didn't answer my question afterwards makes your humorous little authoritative stance unwarranted and unearned.

  • styloTTV
    styloTTV Year ago +1

    cant stop lauthing at 1:10 when Moralo bitch slaps the clone XDXD

  • Theoddballguy
    Theoddballguy Year ago +5

    I think cad bane sounds funny.

  • Jacob Schnabl
    Jacob Schnabl 2 years ago +18


    • Bat Spam101
      Bat Spam101 Year ago +1

      Alex PJP but still tho, very highly likely

    • Alex PJP
      Alex PJP Year ago

      Well yeh XD its very likely, but not certain!

    • Bat Spam101
      Bat Spam101 Year ago +1

      Alex PJP well if there are millions one of planets there is a strong likelihood that at least one of them has invented a sand which at some point in its years. Lmao

    • Alex PJP
      Alex PJP Year ago

      That's not the point XD. They might have never thought of doing it. There are plenty of different types of food we could eat together but don't.

    • Bat Spam101
      Bat Spam101 Year ago +1

      Alex PJP well their galaxy is more advanced and has been around far longer than 200,000 years

  • Dennis Niu
    Dennis Niu 2 years ago +7

    1:06 my blaster jammed??? DC-15 shoots laser beams. The only way that makes sense is the trigger got stuck

    • Tom Bombadil
      Tom Bombadil Year ago

      Blasters shoot plasma beams not laser beams.

    • Lucas Sanchez
      Lucas Sanchez Year ago +3

      Dennis Niu I'm pretty sure that in Star Wars, they just use that term to mean that it didn't fire

  • Reynald Madrelijos
    Reynald Madrelijos 2 years ago +2

    yeah dont you no that clones die

  • bric k
    bric k 2 years ago +150

    All that clone officer wanted to do is eat his toast.

  • SooJung Lee
    SooJung Lee 2 years ago +6

    GO BREAD I CHOOSE YOU!! No Damage But 1.5 damage.

  • Kross
    Kross 2 years ago +13

    1:08 how he just beats the shit out of that clone then smacks him across the face...cracked me up

    • Kross
      Kross 2 years ago +1

      Voca Productions they're expendable...I quantify all clone deaths with the 66th order

    • Voca Productions
      Voca Productions  2 years ago +7

      I feel so bad for those clones. Firstly, they were probably let down having to be working in a morgue, not fighting. And then this happens.

  • Beauty lama
    Beauty lama 2 years ago +2


  • kubulinho
    kubulinho 2 years ago +105

    Poor Clones...:-( 1like=1prayer

  • Pancake Person
    Pancake Person 2 years ago +8

    Cad Bane: What's the matter with you?
    Hardeen: I peed my pants
    Cad Bane: oh

  • Hans
    Hans 2 years ago +3

    Yes through a sandwich at Bane like that'll work

  • Delta Green
    Delta Green 2 years ago

    nice aa bane

  • Emily Savrin
    Emily Savrin 2 years ago +39

    anyone notice that they stole a police car

    ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ 2 years ago +8

    1:00 stun him?

  • CommanderCodyHD
    CommanderCodyHD 2 years ago +103

    Don't worry, all these clones didn't die, their armour protect them from 1 shot from point range, the 2 officers also, they have some light armour under their clothes

    • Rexamini
      Rexamini 9 months ago

      Malte P. Møller-Christensen It wasn‘t armor.. why the fuck would a maintenance clone worker get armor if he‘s not on the battlefield? There is no light armor in Star Wars.. or for the maintenance workers for that matter.. they‘re not supposed to be on the field fighting.. the only clones who have armor were military guards on coruscant, military troopers, pilots and commandos which is obvious why.. but no maintenance workers.. They‘re dead.. you can‘t deny that.. you just can‘t depict yourself from what you‘re feeling.. you can‘t change facts with feelings.. thats how a modern feminist thinks.. how old are you in the first place? With that simple mindset you‘re probably not older than the age of 9

    • sherman lo
      sherman lo Year ago

      Sergeant Cyro don’t blame filoni, he brought us the clone wars. He’s doing clone wars a service by making rebels look like trash so we can all appreciate the clone wars a little more

    • sherman lo
      sherman lo Year ago

      They are dead. Lol cut the rebel bullshit from this.

    • The Predator
      The Predator Year ago

      CommanderCodyHD wait so why do they even need clothes?

    • Trey Gamez
      Trey Gamez Year ago

      thank god

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 years ago +113


    • Topshotta42
      Topshotta42 2 years ago +4

      Joe the Right Triangle it's a garlic bread sandwich

    • Topshotta42
      Topshotta42 2 years ago +4

      Joe the Right Triangle it was garlic bread

  • Hayden Fowle
    Hayden Fowle 2 years ago +93

    1:02 i think Obi Wan hesitated because he couldnt bring himself to kill that Clone

    • Rexamini
      Rexamini 9 months ago

      Really? Who would‘ve guessed?????

    • Majin Buu
      Majin Buu Year ago

      Hayden Fowle I would’ve set my blaster to stun

    • Chris Plays 020509
      Chris Plays 020509 Year ago +1

      Hayden Fowle OBVIOUS

    • Theoddballguy
      Theoddballguy Year ago +4

      Felix Carrera that’s because clones turned from allies to enemies, and u kill enemies, u don’t kill allies. Clones weren’t always jedi killers.

    • Theoddballguy
      Theoddballguy Year ago +1

      Hayden Fowle oh you THINK ?! 😂

  • Cinnamon Bun
    Cinnamon Bun 2 years ago +218

    I like the clone who threw his Garlic bread to stop them.

    • No Wallet
      No Wallet Year ago

      Gloom Guy I would eat the garlic bread.

    • Enforcer Hank
      Enforcer Hank 2 years ago +1

      Hi Hi Well the way you phrased it made it seem like I was an idiot and did not make it seem like I was saying the obvious.

    • Freedom
      Freedom 2 years ago

      The Auditor what i mean is like "no shit sherlock"

    • Enforcer Hank
      Enforcer Hank 2 years ago

      Hi Hi He had enough time to shoot the clone and didn't shoot, he lied to keep his cover. Rewatch that seen and he could have easily killed the clone but he didn't. -.-

    • Freedom
      Freedom 2 years ago

      The Auditor dude you're so dumb xd

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang 2 years ago +56

    0:40 "'Ey, wait. Looks like a couple of them are showing vital signs." All three.
    0:47 The clone throws his sandwich at Bane. lel
    1:15 You'd think Bane would have better shooting.
    1:27 Nice job. Entire facility was on alert, but you guys are just chilling your asses off.

    • Chroma
      Chroma Year ago

      Bane wouldn't miss a shot he's only used like once?

    • Sean KingKomodo
      Sean KingKomodo 2 years ago +4

      Jeffrey Zhang 1:15 Yeah, Bane is the real trooper. Storm trooper

  • SolidWorkMan
    SolidWorkMan 2 years ago +26

    1:15 Prison Guard: "He's dead. What should we do?" * Gets killed*

  • Shockwave Productions
    Shockwave Productions 2 years ago +8

    Hide and seek

  • SolidWorkMan
    SolidWorkMan 2 years ago +11

    1:01 What's the 'shoot' button again?

  • Sean Jau
    Sean Jau 2 years ago +25

    1:16 Are you stupid? Take cover, man!

    • Andrew Butler
      Andrew Butler 2 years ago +1

      CommanderCodyHD no all these clones are dead 30000 died when the malevolance attacked.

    • Enforcer Hank
      Enforcer Hank 2 years ago +1

      CommanderCodyHD He has a chance of living from the blaster bolt, the storm trooper armor saved you from blaster not Gen 2 armor (I cant remember if it is the second or third gen armor).

    • CommanderCodyHD
      CommanderCodyHD 2 years ago +1

      Sean 7567 At least he didnt die, just injured.

    • Dondre Campbell
      Dondre Campbell 2 years ago +2

      Sean 7567 ikr, when it comes to taking cover clones are down right stupid

  • SolidWorkMan
    SolidWorkMan 2 years ago +34

    2:31 Thief!!! You won't get away with this!

    • The Predator
      The Predator Year ago

      SolidWorkMan but at that moment they *just* got away

    • Captain23rd Gaming
      Captain23rd Gaming 2 years ago +17

      "Stop right there Criminal Scum! You Violated the law!"

    HAN STARKILLER 2 years ago +4


  • Sylvester P. Smythe
    Sylvester P. Smythe 2 years ago

    Busted big time YEAHHH!

  • Aurα вírdч
    Aurα вírdч 2 years ago +30