The Ultimate Way to Protect Your Kicks at the Club | Group Therapy

  • Published on Sep 25, 2019
  • We’re back with another hilarious edition of Group Therapy, Complex’s new sketch comedy show brought to you by Old Spice. The weekly show will feature loads of up-and-coming talent, including viral star Nileseyy Niles and ‘Conan’ alum alongside the hilarious and talented Aida Osman, Matt Richards, Sasha Merci, Nick Ogle, Kellen Schneider, and Neko White.
    This week, Niles finds the ultimate way to protect his sneakers at the club, we check out a couple of guys who dance their way out of not being the father in your favorite viral ‘Maury’ moments, and we catch up with Jayden’s trade situation.
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Comments • 74

  • Judah
    Judah Month ago

    That mom.. that’s all I gotta say

  • Audio Dregs
    Audio Dregs Month ago

    Oh shit Niles dropped the Billy Bounce! Hell yeah.

  • Denzel Qualls
    Denzel Qualls Month ago +1

    Niles hitting the billy bounce 😂

  • yung teddy
    yung teddy Month ago +1

    these bits need alot of work

  • Glownigger Storage
    Glownigger Storage Month ago

    fucking disgusting.
    holy shit.
    you black people need to learn the difference between white people and jews

  • Jada Darling
    Jada Darling Month ago

    I really enjoyed this 😂😂

  • Morve
    Morve Month ago

    is that the professor

  • Evan Freeman
    Evan Freeman Month ago

    Chris Tucker goes sneaker shopping :o

  • TomOB 123
    TomOB 123 Month ago

    Shoe shopping with mcgregor

  • Tray Swag
    Tray Swag Month ago

    I’ll fight you if anyone ever tells me sailor moon is the best anime

  • Tray Swag
    Tray Swag Month ago

    Niles is hilarious 😂

  • Tray Swag
    Tray Swag Month ago

    Retro spectro is hilarious 😂

  • Ebony Reece
    Ebony Reece Month ago +2

    He was protecting his sneakers by not wearing them to the club 🤷🏾‍♀️lol genius

  • sterling gray
    sterling gray Month ago

    Sailor moon lmaooooo

  • The Haitian Hokage
    The Haitian Hokage Month ago


  • stanley williams
    stanley williams Month ago

    The father skit was powerful, that boy celebrate the fact that he not the Father, twist is he will never be a father. Crazy

  • x x
    x x Month ago +1

    this was quite cringe

  • Rach
    Rach Month ago +1

    Seeing Kellen in anything but vans is weird.
    This man wore vans in a nude.
    I didn't think he allowed anything else on his feet.

  • Christopher Keiley
    Christopher Keiley Month ago

    Been waiting for Complex to get into the sketch game, hope this continues.

  • Meagan Dexter
    Meagan Dexter Month ago

    shoutout to men who moisturize

  • Meagan Dexter
    Meagan Dexter Month ago

    sista duckworth reporting live

  • Leslie Castle
    Leslie Castle Month ago

    Love you Kellen!

  • Marissa Hecker
    Marissa Hecker Month ago +2


  • Ев Глебов
    Ев Глебов Month ago

    Dis is gud!

  • Rachel Shapiro
    Rachel Shapiro Month ago +3

    I wanna be a Duckworth.

  • 30m3
    30m3 Month ago

    Even Greta Thunberg pulled out a better acting performance than these guys.

  • Letter Racer
    Letter Racer Month ago

    sasha merci got some nice tits

  • Michaela Robinson
    Michaela Robinson Month ago +7

    This episode is hilarious! i can't stop laughing.... lmao.

  • Ese Memo
    Ese Memo Month ago

    The only way is to double up

  • Gaby57 Gab
    Gaby57 Gab Month ago

    I ❤ U!!!!

  • J.K. Roberts
    J.K. Roberts Month ago +2

    That anime question though lol

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee Month ago

    Where is the comedy?

  • Eric Lee
    Eric Lee Month ago

    This shit fucking sucks

  • James Cunningham Musical Artist

    I need to start dancing like I’m not the father....even if I am

  • C.I.A Braintrust Media

    Niles was the only good thing about this. More Niles less of this

    THE BAM FAM Month ago +1

    Niles is the shit

  • Jahhai Productions
    Jahhai Productions Month ago What are your opinions on my recent post? Be honest pls🙏🏾🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • PBnKickz
    PBnKickz Month ago

    I just use my beat up beluga 2.0’s lmao

  • Charles Philosopher Eley


  • BigHomie
    BigHomie Month ago

    Imma sneaker nut. I sneak nuts 😂

  • Tom Bain
    Tom Bain Month ago +4

    Stole a bit. Niles is the only thing worthwhile in this

  • Melissa Tropnas
    Melissa Tropnas Month ago

    I’m weak!!! 😂😂😂 this is hillarious!

  • ImOnlyJustSaying
    ImOnlyJustSaying Month ago


  • Up top shank
    Up top shank Month ago +4

    I not even sure what this was 😐

  • Mani Hailu
    Mani Hailu Month ago +6

    Bro life would be “straight fire” if families were like professional sports teams 😂😂

  • Romello 20
    Romello 20 Month ago

    So we just going to ignore shawty ass 0:24

  • Maxwell W
    Maxwell W Month ago +1

    Dmv on complex we lit

  • Fifa 2020
    Fifa 2020 Month ago +1

    A sneaker commercial disguised as entertainment..... Customers Collect Sneakers..... Bosses Collect Vintage .999 Silver Bars....... Stack Money, Not Fashion...... Be Bosses, Not Customers......... A Nation of Mark Ass Tricks all doing the same thing...

  • Hippy Gang!
    Hippy Gang! Month ago
    Comment like subscribe

  • VeleVlogs
    VeleVlogs Month ago +1

    what the fuck am I watching?

  • Charles Rivers
    Charles Rivers Month ago +5

    Nickelodeon 3.0 🤔😂

  • Dupree Addison
    Dupree Addison Month ago +2

    Billy Bounce

  • D.C.T The Lyricist
    D.C.T The Lyricist Month ago +2

    Ts Dopeee🔥🔥😭

  • Davi Lima
    Davi Lima Month ago

    Kkkk 👏👏

  • Mike Penn
    Mike Penn Month ago +6

    Not the Billy Bounce tho 😂

  • Mike Penn
    Mike Penn Month ago +4

    He should’ve did his peace out meme

  • Indra Taylor
    Indra Taylor Month ago


  • ItzVapor
    ItzVapor Month ago +2

    *Who Loves Complex* 💠
    👇🏽 _Im Gifting My Next 100 Subs_ 🔮

  • Potato Farmer
    Potato Farmer Month ago


  • prince maye
    prince maye Month ago