Money vs Currency - Hidden Secrets Of Money Episode 1 - Mike Maloney

  • More: Currency vs. Money is the 1st Episode of Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money, a series presented by Mike Maloney as he travels the world to uncover the Hidden Secrets of Money.
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  • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)

    Anyone here watching in 2020 on lockdown? Enjoy the series, let me know which parts you like best.

    • Lama Bryant
      Lama Bryant 46 minutes ago

      @Steve Will NO. Dollars will be gone. The point is to have real wealth when the reset hits.

    • Lama Bryant
      Lama Bryant 47 minutes ago

      Wonder how the coming food inflation both in US and worldwide will be dealt with?

    • nuttcrew
      nuttcrew 54 minutes ago

      Yep listening to your vids & looking @ the fact they were published 7 yrs ago. We've been heading 100mph for a brick wall & were at the point milliseconds prior to crashing where the realization of reality sets in & people are thinking oh sh@* this is actually happening. . . I am really going to crash. It was all fun & games upto that point. I'm popping popcorn now! 😁

    • tingtine
      tingtine 16 hours ago

      Thank you Mike for bringing me back to here!

    • Wes Foley
      Wes Foley 17 hours ago

      Here getting the link so I can send it to Joe Rogan.

  • Jeff Silverberg
    Jeff Silverberg 2 hours ago

    Just came across this series. Starting to watch. Already thinking I wish I would have found it sooner. Colorado,USA.

  • RT Arcand
    RT Arcand 5 hours ago

    It's good to come back and watch these videos years later, and here in 2020 have a good stack of real money in my possession thanks to guys like Mike Maloney and Peter Schiff. Sometimes the timing's not perfect, but we have the fundamentals thanks to these honest teachers.

  • S A
    S A 6 hours ago

    If it can't be increased, what are they digging up?
    Also other planets would have gold.. making the supply of gold infinite.
    Therefore Bitcoin would be a better store big value.

  • Trevor
    Trevor 8 hours ago

    Correct however it takes money to make money So the poor remain poor and thats how the banks want it to remain so

  • Jefferson
    Jefferson 12 hours ago

    Mar. 28. 6 trillion dollars printed. Most relevant as ever. I wish I knew this after highschool.

  • Sinuoso Unico
    Sinuoso Unico 19 hours ago +1

    Who else is here thanks to Bitcoin?

  • Dringking Official
    Dringking Official 23 hours ago

    JP Morgan brought me here

  • Alessio Baglioni


  • Colin Talks Crypto

    Hey Mike,
    I shared this with my subscribers and I am doing a 10 day marathon, watching one episode of the "Hidden Secrets of Money" series every day:
    Tell your production man, Dan Rubock, he did an amazing job.

  • LOLO
    LOLO Day ago

    I found your viedos since we been on lock down. I knew the monetary system was the reasoning, thanks for your knowledge. I am learning so much about money listening, Thank You!

  • Himalaya Garg
    Himalaya Garg Day ago

    This series was created to fool people to buy gold and silver in 2013, silver rate increased dramatically and then suddenly dropped to 50 % from its peak.

  • Adam Kiefel
    Adam Kiefel Day ago

    What about Diamonds? Are they as good as Silver and Gold?

  • Hamza Akbar
    Hamza Akbar Day ago

    Mike, you know, Gold and Silver are the prescribed money, as Gold Dinar and Silver Dirham, in the Holy Quran. And your being a non-muslim and still coming to the same conclusion as the Holy Quran is worthy of applause.

  • Achome Onee
    Achome Onee Day ago

    How to save money when slicksters waiting to rob you?

  • Wade
    Wade Day ago

    1.3k thumbs down. Hello central banker bots!

  • Len David Hart
    Len David Hart Day ago

    Thank you for posting, and sharing, every time, i watch this video, i pick up more and more!

  • willie guz
    willie guz Day ago

    Great amazing information mike it just like it said what goes up must come down with that been said what the printing currency bring is just global collapse

  • The Culmination of Truth

    But buying and selling Gold is terribly inconvient and expensive. There has to be a better and faster medium of exchange than paying X% of the price in fees or waiting MONTHS to obtain Gold/Silver.
    Also, why not put the money in a Gold EFT (GLD, GDX) instead of buying physical Gold ?

  • esepelisa
    esepelisa 2 days ago

    Watching this in the second half of March 2020 when dollar is stronger than ever. Might be dollar squeeze of course...

    • GmanXRP
      GmanXRP 21 hour ago

      And what happens when all of those dollars printed into existence from nothing come into play?? Hyperinflation. It will happen & it will be worse once the US loses the world reserve currency. Look at the IMF & the SDR. The IMF are the only ones with no debt....

  • undefined. geek
    undefined. geek 2 days ago

    23:11 THAT'S what is happening now in 2020.
    I am really awestruck of how fortunate I m to learn something like this due to internet.
    Psychopaths control the finance world.
    And the endgame is to enslave us in the one world government

  • undefined. geek
    undefined. geek 2 days ago


  • Tom Mason
    Tom Mason 2 days ago

    When crap hits the fan in this country (and it already is). Can you tell me how Gold or Silver is going to feed the people of this country when they have no food, water, guns etc; In other words, if I have no food and someone comes to me and says they will give me two gold coins in exchange for extra water that I have BUT will not trade me for food they have and I need, how does this help me? The bottom line is that paper money as well as Gold & Silver are also based upon belief and are of no ommediate help in an economic emergency or dire situation. If people all need an item, these monies (?) will not suffice. Sorry kids, Daddy doesn't have food but he has Gold & Silver.

    • Tom Mason
      Tom Mason 20 hours ago

      @GmanXRP Actually, I fully understand what the Federal Reserve is it's a private corporation and I in no way shape or form trust them. As the Federal Reserve lends money, they claim a stake (own) in private business. When sh-t REALLY hits the fan, Gold and Silver will NOT feed anyone, food will. No one will accept Gold or Silver if they need food and everyone else needs an actual product. If you have bullets and I need bullets, I will trade you for what you need should I have it. I can't eat (and neither can you) Gold & Silver. Neither Gold Nor Silver will keep me warm or safe. Neither Gold nor Silver can fill my empty stomach. If I am not correct, you profit when someone buys Gold & Silver, is that correct? What the real threat here is panic. More people have died from the flue then this virus, this is about government power and nothing more. Barter is the way to go because when you need your "fix" of Cigarettes or Coffee, I will have it but Gold or Silver won't buy it. a can of beans might. I get the Dollar is not supported by anything but it has been for many years, the belief. IF sh-t hits the fan belief will give way to real need and vices, be ready with those things.

    • GmanXRP
      GmanXRP 21 hour ago

      I used to think like that as well so didn't buy any G & S but now that I understand it, I am glad I did. When you do have to go buy food, it will have gone up in price & then when you sell, your G & S will have kept up with inflation & you will be able to buy more.... There will be some people who will trade & you forget that silver was the main currency in the US for decades. Heard of a silver dollar?? It is just that we are not taught about money at school, how it is created etc. From what you are saying, it seems that you trust the Federal Reserve, a private company, which creates money from nothing with no backing, is a better bet?? It's just toilet paper & people have been brainwashed into thinking it has value. A 'dollar' is a unit of weight, usually silver, not fake Fed 'notes'. And if they will not trade for food, don't give them your water. Simple really.

  • Waqas Arif
    Waqas Arif 2 days ago +2

    That is why God ordered the use of gold and silver as currency and prohibited interest.
    God is Great!

  • Flicky T
    Flicky T 2 days ago

    Bullish on bitcoin, gold and silver

  • Wilf Higginson
    Wilf Higginson 2 days ago

    After a long time, Starting my second run through watched back in the day when they were new. You're a good man Mike👍🏼

  • Teacher Robin
    Teacher Robin 2 days ago

    Elon will probably find a moon sized space asteroid made of solid gold. Then dam ... Gold money is now gold currency.

  • Teacher Robin
    Teacher Robin 2 days ago

    So Mike ...before the immoral, murdering thieves behind currency are deposed of, there is a period of time where you have to hide it from the so called government ... Inherently. That is the trick. .. to hide it well.

  • Teacher Robin
    Teacher Robin 2 days ago

    Hey Mike,. Tesla needs to protect their billions by buying pm and then leverage their real assets value to dominate the world farming and food manufacturing arena during the coming world depression ... Please talk with Elon. Although Elon seems to know everything already lol .... Seriously, get in contact with him ... Tell him teacher Robin sent you. I admire Elon. Unless he sold us out to AI detrimentally.

  • Abhinav Sridharan
    Abhinav Sridharan 2 days ago

    "“Tomorrow, sell our camel and buy a horse. Camels are traitorous: they walk thousands of paces and never seem to tire. Then suddenly, they kneel and die. But horses tire bit by bit. You always know how much you know you can ask of them, and when it is that they are about to die.”

    ― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist
    What would you rather own, a camel or a horse?

  • Martin Velez
    Martin Velez 2 days ago

    But let's say new gold reserves are found, wouldn't that be like "printing" gold, thus changing its value???

    • Martin Velez
      Martin Velez 3 hours ago

      @GmanXRP so if the demand is way higher than the supply of gold, that's why its value is the same?

    • GmanXRP
      GmanXRP 21 hour ago

      yes but it is a limited supply & only comes out of the ground at certain rates & there will be more people wanting than being produced. Supply vs demand.

  • Emeralds
    Emeralds 2 days ago

    Great series! Amazing information. Just to add.
    In most of Arabia post Islam and other countries that adopted this religion. This continued.
    1 Gold Dinar = 4.25grams.
    1 Silver Dirham = 2.98 Grams
    These were used as a medium of exchange for higher value goods and everyday items alongside non-perishable items as currency such as rice, wheat, barley, salt etc in all Islamic governed countries for around 1400 years. Purchasing power was maintained.

  • Silvia Arrambide
    Silvia Arrambide 3 days ago

    7 years later... here I am

  • Abdullah Khaled
    Abdullah Khaled 3 days ago

    anyone watching from home (2020 )

  • Edmundo Salazar Quintero


    STOP IT SKIIIUUUP 3 days ago

    Mike and myself have been trying to warn people for years now! I’ve been warning my followers on Facebook and instagram for years and no one would listen that this pandemic was coming! Americans are so stubborn, hardheaded, cocky and arrogant and won’t listen until...BOOM...It happens then it’s too late! 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • avinash pudi
    avinash pudi 3 days ago

  • Ayub Ali
    Ayub Ali 3 days ago

    After watching a couple of episodes. Thank to this started buying silver. Thanks.

  • BlockBasher
    BlockBasher 3 days ago

    I cant get over how much you look like Willem Dafoe! Great video enjoy it very much

  • normalpsychology
    normalpsychology 3 days ago

    The irony in showing a silly graph that states gold keeps magically going up in value -- when that value is literally compared to and with the U.S. dollar. Let me explain why people are fools to think any one trading method is eternal: Imagine in 2030, a religious cult (an extremely successful one that spreads to 90% of the world) decides that gold (or insert literally any currency medium here) is "evil." Its value then drops to $0.00. Gold is then literally worthless and even holding it or having it gets you a death sentence. This is a wild, exaggerated example, but you need to understand that the people promoting gold are literally GOLD SALESMEN. They're using fear to sell their product. Imagine you buy your net worth's amount in gold, based on all this information -- then the economy bottoms out. Okay, now you have your net worth's amount in gold. What do you do with it? You trade it to literally eat food, have a place to stay, et cetera. You will lose your net worth's amount within six to twelve months most likely. It won't magically save you or make you rich. I'm not saying not to invest in gold, but people need to stop seeing it as a magic saviour of the world's trading systems, because it's definitely not. Gold, paper money, they all just purchase what people collectively believe they can purchase.

    • RiverSLV
      RiverSLV 3 days ago

      normalpsychology if the economy bottoms out, that means we either went through a massive deflation or inflation. Gold goes UP in that scenario 100% of the time

  • Roman Berezutskiy
    Roman Berezutskiy 3 days ago

    Who is here because the coronavirus is making you question modern monetary system? Federal Reserve announcement of pumping more money into the system made you go “what the heck does that mean”? Like If that is you :)
    watch all
    Educate yourself
    And prepare for economic hard times

  • gear schwinn
    gear schwinn 3 days ago

    So.... What is the solution? Buy gold/silver? If so, why? One can't take either to the bank in exchange for a home. What is the transfer of wealth? To whom?

  • Olivier Piveteau
    Olivier Piveteau 4 days ago

    Gold & Bitcoin guys, Gold & Bitcoin. Limited supply, guaranteed scarcity, that you can trust.

  • Irving Montes
    Irving Montes 4 days ago

    It really shows the reality of what money is, but it does not show the reality of the gold, that market is also controlled, the supply and demand, all this market is controlled by a private sector.

  • Avae
    Avae 4 days ago

    Still watching this in 2025.

  • Doc Savage
    Doc Savage 4 days ago

    Anyone here during the CORONAVIRUS chaos? I think we're here....endgame

  • Larry Grim
    Larry Grim 4 days ago +1

    Gold was $400.00 in 2002 Now it is $1,700.00 18 years later. The Dollar is worth about 1/4 of 2002 Value

  • dactylntrochee
    dactylntrochee 5 days ago

    I saw Mike on Ivan today, and decided to take a look. So far, so good.

  • Nirvana One
    Nirvana One 5 days ago

    Apparently gold is actually rarer than diamonds
    During the earths formation gold materials were produced less than diamonds
    Both expensive materials obviously

  • Melchir Pomarva
    Melchir Pomarva 5 days ago

    If we return to gold there will no enough gold to circulate in the world for people to use as money

    • RiverSLV
      RiverSLV 3 days ago

      Melchir Pomarva the fed has you brainwashed good. I’m glad you won’t be competing with me in the metals market

  • john panos
    john panos 5 days ago

    watch " money as debt " on youtube. read " .................and forgive them their debts " , " killing the host " and " j as in junk economics " like the man said educate yourself's my friends. we're all in this together.

  • Patrick McCluskey
    Patrick McCluskey 5 days ago

    The 1300 dislikes must be bots bought by the Federal Reserve with some more dollars they just printed out of nothing! 😉

  • Patrick McCluskey
    Patrick McCluskey 5 days ago +3

    Very intriguing and fascinating to watch. Great episode! Will watch the others over the next few days. I am hooked in and getting more clued up by the minute thanks to you and others who want to liberate us from the debt based currency system. Thank you Mike!

  • Dave Fidelman
    Dave Fidelman 5 days ago

    Will do.

  • thomas walsh
    thomas walsh 5 days ago


  • Does Matter, Matter?
    Does Matter, Matter? 5 days ago +4

    Which one is different from the other, Monopoly money, USD, or Gold Coin?
    Me: Oh of course its the monopoly money, it has no value as a currency! *thinks I'm smart*
    5 year old: Gold coin
    Professor: Its the USD
    Me: ..... 😐

  • Duke Dirtfarmer
    Duke Dirtfarmer 5 days ago +2

    Hello all my peeps watching this during the Jinping Plague.

  • Erion P
    Erion P 5 days ago +35

    Watching during coronavirus quarantine 😂

    • Teacher Robin
      Teacher Robin 2 days ago

      @WePersonally Experience keep doing it ... Mike has given some of his books away for free

    • WePersonally Experience
      WePersonally Experience 2 days ago +1

      Same. Trying to get understanding

  • billytheweasel
    billytheweasel 5 days ago +38

    Peak Prosperity's coverage on the pandemic brought me here.

  • Mince Verlot
    Mince Verlot 6 days ago

    Hello Mike Maloney,
    Where is that video of the animation on a white background about how the fed buys the bonds and inflation, with the red and blue stick figure people- its referenced in some of your HSofMoney videos and I remember watching it a few years ago- can't find it on your channel. Please help- thank you.

    • Mince Verlot
      Mince Verlot 5 days ago

      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) Thank you!
      Do you think they'll change the student debt bankruptcy law? I'm 27 and an uber-slave, bankruptcy would save my life. Advice would be amazing.

    • GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)
      GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney)  5 days ago

      Episode 4

  • QueenxXx
    QueenxXx 6 days ago +1

    thanks for letting us know mate!

  • Angeliqua Luna
    Angeliqua Luna 6 days ago

    Coronavirus has me - nosy af

  • Medhead101
    Medhead101 6 days ago

    Just 2 Qs if anyone can answer: 1) Would it be a good idea to go back to a gold backed currency? The thing is that even though the currency is backed by gold, central banks can still inflate the currency via fractional reserve banking so I don't know how this will solve the problem and 2) Why is it that US dollars will come flooding in back into USA when other countries don't want it? Wouldn't the US need to agree to accept them for this high inflation to kick in?

  • Yassine51
    Yassine51 6 days ago +3

    What if everyone tells and agrees that gold and silver are worth nothing

    • Brian Crowe_BlackbirdREI
      Brian Crowe_BlackbirdREI 3 days ago

      Then they would both be worth nothing...that has happened ZERO times in 5000 yrs. How many times has everyone agreed that a currency is worth nothing?...I'd actually like to look into a number. Bet it's in the 1000s. So, place your bets.

  • Martha Riquer
    Martha Riquer 7 days ago

    Thank you very much Mike Maloney for such as a valuable and important information you are sharing.

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley 7 days ago +2

    Oh Mike I wish I watched this a year ago. This couldnt be more closer to the truth of what is currently unfolding in the world. The virus is just a smoke screen - dont get me wrong I understand the seriousness of it, but the great depression that is lurking because of our corrupt financial system is going be beyond our comprehension.

  • Cat Cat
    Cat Cat 7 days ago +2

    There will be much more people in the future, the gold reserves are limited, so you won't be able to make everyone have the same aamout of gold as today. But in the long term, there will be less gold to buy much more goods, thats makes sence. Gold doesn't provide you with any dividends whatsowever, its just great tool as money, but Today you'll gonn'a pay for holding the gold and silver a comission like you're paying for insurance. Its not an investment, it's insurance!

  • The Cryptonaut
    The Cryptonaut 7 days ago +5

    Who else is re-watching the whole series in 2020?

    • GmanXRP
      GmanXRP 21 hour ago

      @thomas walsh It will be soon... Here in NZ, it is very hard now. Only silver 1kg bars. All else nearly sold out. 12 week delay for both....

    • thomas walsh
      thomas walsh 5 days ago +1

      Scott Bradley start stacking its not too late

    • Scott Bradley
      Scott Bradley 7 days ago +1

      Was just sent this, wish I watched it years ago!

  • Mc Bane
    Mc Bane 7 days ago +1

    Don't try to explain that to your friends and family. Just send them the link of this series. If they don't watch it, they're not ready to hear about it. Trust me, it will save you a lot of time and energy !

  • Lina Maria Del Rosario Betancourt Garcia

    Es muy importante que los adolescentes conozcan sobre los secretos del dinero para que no terminen endeudados.

  • fire lioness
    fire lioness 8 days ago +1

    Glass Stiegle Act... Get back on the Gold Standard... Stop hoarding the metal!!...what's going to happen if gold and silver become like fiat cash?

    • burdickd2
      burdickd2 7 days ago

      That's not possible. Rewatch this video and look at the key difference between currency (worthless) and money (intrinsically valueable.)

  • Hundred
    Hundred 9 days ago

    i ve learned so much in only 25min, this series is awesome, please work more and make more content

  • TruePartyKing of the NeoN RevolutioN

    This video is more valuable now than ever, let’s make this series go VIRAL haha

  • Jana Esp
    Jana Esp 9 days ago

    There is no such thing as "real money." Even gold and silver are "fiat" currency in that their only" value" (as exchangeable for goods/services) is backed by government. All money is fiat rooted in man's law. There is no intrinsic value in gold and silver aside from what it can function as metals, i.e. jewelry, art. Sure, you cannot create these metals but assigning them numerical values is still fiction and not "real" in any objective sense. All monetary systems are "subjective" which is why they fail and create a power differential... whether its gold, paper, or electronic. They are all control systems of hierarchical control... where does any money come from?? The dark rulers of this planet.
    Where did gold come from? The gold mines in Eygpt that were mined with slave labor... and still many mines operate that today. So the business monopoly on gold mines should rule the world? It's all bogus. You create a system of money you create a system of rulers and slaves.

    • RiverSLV
      RiverSLV 3 days ago

      You can say that gold and silver doesn’t have value, but you are not the market. The market will tell you if you’re right or wrong and the market is telling you that you’ve been wrong since recorded history

    • Roshan Sundar
      Roshan Sundar 7 days ago

      Jana Esp
      Money should be chosen by the market. But, gold and silver have been chosen by the market over 6000 years. If it happens to go different now, like maybe bitcoin becomes the new money, then that’s that.

  • Konstantin K
    Konstantin K 10 days ago

    can still relate to it in 2020

  • Tai Wong
    Tai Wong 11 days ago

    it's close

  • Keturunan Rothschild
    Keturunan Rothschild 11 days ago

    as poeple start realizing the system, the mountain of gold has been empty moved to the _rich_ vault

  • IForgot My name
    IForgot My name 11 days ago

    What song is being played at? 20:41

  • Rodney Lubega
    Rodney Lubega 11 days ago


  • Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Moore 12 days ago

    Thanks 😊