When a Frenchman calls an Indian Call Center : The iRabbit

  • Published on May 24, 2018
  • A French man calls an Indian call centre when his new iRabbit can't understand his accent.

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  • Probando Cositas

    As someone who works on a call center and understands English and French, this is beyond hilarious!

  • lina khraissi

    When you speak both English and French this is much funnier

  • Jose Galotti

    I once worked for an american call center. I got a call from an american guy with a veeeeery strong accent. I gave him all the wrong answers 'cause i couldn't understand a single word. But he was laughing so hard at my not understanding him that he thanked me for having made him laugh soooo much in long time. Good guy😊. Cheers from Argentina

  • Jiana Casa

    he still kept his smile. a professional call center agent, indeed

  • e batdorf

    This Indian man was so much easier for me to understand than anyone at a call center, ever.

  • Ryan Logan
    Ryan Logan  +622

    Omg I can relate to this. I'm half Chinese half Mauritian, living in California, and I went to the hospital once because my friend's cat scratched me. The doctor asked me, 'so where did the cat scar you?' And I said, 'in the living room'. ---> They burst out the laugh for a long time till I finally realized my answer is supposed to be 'on my arm'. 😂

  • Loik
    Loik  +9

    I'm french, indian and a rabbit so I can relate to this.

  • V
    V  +2

    I am an Indian working in IT company. My clients were from Luxembourg and French Bank. We used to have problems understanding each other's English accent 😅 this was so relatable 😊 they were really nice and sweet people. Now I am working with USA clients but I miss French clients.

  • Kobita
    Kobita  +2

    I speak both French and Hindi. From Mauritius. And I have a degree in Linguistics. So I can easily relate. It's so realistic!

  • Firdaus Zainudin

    5 English accent that needs to collab:

  • hi🦋
    hi🦋  +238

    As an indian speaking both french and english, this was a hilarious trip😂😂

  • Marion Barton

    I'm half British and half German, and have been living in France since 1972. I have a smartphone and Google can't understand me. This makes me mad. My German friend tells me that when I speak German I sound like a German Swiss. When I speak French, I apparently have either a German or English accent. When I speak English, Google doesn't like my accent either - bloody hell, so frustrating !!!

  • Happy happy

    French : But, I paid a lot of money

  • Irina Grinnell

    It was brilliant! I’m Russian linguist, speaking fluently both languages, French and English. I watched this movie 3 times, with non stop laughing… By the way, not many people know that French was the official language of England for about 300 years, until the 15th century, after that it became “Law Language” until the 18th century.

  • Mayur Chaudhary

    7 years and counting in a call center, this is a daily situation, in all fairness though, French, Spanish and Italian people are very polite and speak slowly, so that they can be understood. They try their level best to remove any obstacle in communication.

  • Jules IndigoBlue

    Watching this again! Just love this Indian comedian! He’s brilliant!

  • nikkitytom
    nikkitytom  +354

    If you speak both British and American English ... as well as French and Hindi ... this is beyond hilarious. I'm limp with laughter.

  • Jacqui Rosser

    This is the funniest video I've seen in a long time and made me howl with laughter. As someone who is struggling with French pronunciation, I empathise with Thierry's frustration.

  • Mr. Modi

    divided by nations,

  • Andrei
    Andrei  +397

    Having worked in a call center before, personally the European and the Australians are the sweetest calmest and the easiest customers to deal with. Americans are very difficult since they feel very entitled, spoken to a lot of Karens and Kevins in an hourly basis.