Spider-man (2018) - AngryJoe Interview E3 2018


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  • AngryJoeShow
    AngryJoeShow  8 months ago +283

    I interrupt my subjects on purpose. It has to do with handlers giving them less than 10 minutes to talk to you and how they tend to spend 10 minutes on one question. Im trying to get all your questions answered and move things along, ive been doing this 10 years, I've learned a few things. You guys are expect my interviews to sound like the thousands of other interviews, go watch those instead.

  • Internet culture is Cancer

    94 percent done...Insomniac knocked this way out of the park. Given their great sense of humor and relentless attention to setting amazing mood and tone...Spider-Man is a perfect fit for this great developer. Thank you Insomniac...you earned even more respect from me...which you already had a lot of. Thank you for putting everything you had into making this during the "Shit-show" era of gaming. Great game.

  • deathfrenzymagee
    deathfrenzymagee 5 months ago

    ANGRY JOE! GET A PRO and A 4

  • hesh mobster
    hesh mobster 5 months ago

    Angry Joe!!!!! I wanna see u do Review on Spiderman PS4 ... I think it's the greatest super hero game ive Ever played .. would love to see you review on the game

  • Iron eagle
    Iron eagle 5 months ago

    Why won’t you do a review

  • Hydra Hamad
    Hydra Hamad 5 months ago

    After getting a 100% completion on this game and coming back to watch a 3-month video, I can say that the developers have not lied about all that is great about the game!

  • KickAboutLosLobos
    KickAboutLosLobos 5 months ago

    PLEASE REVIEW NEW PS4 SPIDER MAN GAME JOE!!!!!! I don't know if I should buy

  • apaandmomo
    apaandmomo 5 months ago +1

    Hello from the future! the game launched yesterday and its insane! we need an angry review

  • Alphaboy eyes
    Alphaboy eyes 5 months ago

    why xbox doesnt have this

  • Jason36 M
    Jason36 M 5 months ago +1

    Just got the game tonight and wow it does live up to the hype.

  • Sean J
    Sean J 5 months ago

    I think the last villan is harry... aka the green goblin. Just going by what i see IMHO venom doesn't give off light... and none of the other villans from spiderman i can think of do either... except for green goblins ( glider ). And judging by the new costumes the villans are wearing... it has to be him ( IMHO ) .... maybe : )

  • Wilton King
    Wilton King 5 months ago

    Here we are, on September 6. One day before launch, and I can definitely say that it’s going to be better than any Spiderman game that I have ever played just buy everything that has been talked about and shown. I could be wrong, and I have not even played it yet. But, I’m definitely sold up to this point. Angry Joe, I look forward to your review on this game.

  • oliver james
    oliver james 5 months ago

    See, having no day and night cycle really sucks... I have to pick to decide what time of day I want? Like The Amazing Spider-Man games? That really sucks and is really unrealistic I have to say. I don't want to sit in the same time of day constantly and then choosing what time of day I want next. Does anyone else agree here?

  • chris Kramer
    chris Kramer 5 months ago

    2:04 headbanging civilians....i'm sold cant wait till this game comes out

  • Jonathan Appleseed
    Jonathan Appleseed 5 months ago

    Holy crap the rag doll's can practically fly. That's awesome

  • Alex Torres
    Alex Torres 5 months ago

    About the man behind the mask 💪 hes genius

  • bazlbooi
    bazlbooi 5 months ago

    we can all agree joe's interrupting a little bit but it clearly nerding out a little

  • Hi
    Hi 5 months ago

    2:49 did that lady dab

  • J M
    J M 5 months ago

    The game will be legend

  • Jake. The. Snake.
    Jake. The. Snake. 5 months ago

    the sync though

  • Plasma
    Plasma 6 months ago

    Let the man talk joe

  • Erick Donaldson
    Erick Donaldson 6 months ago

    I can't wait for you to make a video alone so that you can really talk about what you didn't like

  • kill3rbyysight
    kill3rbyysight 6 months ago

    ok now da end of da video absolutely confirms dat we r goin to hv iron man in dis game.... 100% confirmed shit

  • SavageGamerCA
    SavageGamerCA 6 months ago

    I'm worried that this would end up like Spider-Man 2 (average). Since their innovation seems to be just on the human side of Peter and reading lore about his 8 years. Square is the only attack button? What's the longest it took someone to beat the main missions. Any replay value like choices that can make a new play through different?

  • Shawn Landry
    Shawn Landry 6 months ago

    I love hearing Bryan Intihar talk. You can really tell he cares about this game and wants it to be enjoyable for everyone who plays it.

  • Nathaniel Anaya
    Nathaniel Anaya 6 months ago

    I REALLY hope that this “play as Peter” parts aren’t boring and eh like the animus stuff from ac where it forces you to be out of fun. :(

  • Mclloydeeee
    Mclloydeeee 6 months ago

    That lip sink is insane😂😂 This game gonna be mint!!!

  • Omega Orange!
    Omega Orange! 7 months ago

    The maker of the Spider-man game will become Angry Joe in a min. cos Angry Joe keeps interrupting him.

  • Chicken Man
    Chicken Man 7 months ago

    Angry joe doesn’t look so angry

  • Holy_ShushCabin
    Holy_ShushCabin 7 months ago +1

    Impressive melee mechanics.
    But the Batman: Arkham series will always have the best melee.

    • Holy_ShushCabin
      Holy_ShushCabin 6 months ago

      The melee had me questioning Assassin's Creed

    • Holy_ShushCabin
      Holy_ShushCabin 6 months ago

      So good, in fact, Batman v Superman took some moves from the game

    • Kostanovi 007
      Kostanovi 007 6 months ago

      pArAgone nope...play this game and then come back to tell me which one has the best combat

    • videogamedunkey official
      videogamedunkey official 7 months ago

      Nah, it's too simple for me. But it is satisfying

  • TheBlueGoldenHawk
    TheBlueGoldenHawk 7 months ago

    I like how the director was modest and highlighted saying that the devs did really good work rather than putting himself in a high position.

  • No bot gaming
    No bot gaming 7 months ago

    I think joe missed a part of that guys ass hole with his lips

  • dustin smith
    dustin smith 8 months ago

    I hope their are unlimited crimes in this game like in Spiderman 2

  • simon barter
    simon barter 8 months ago

    I think Joe has had a Drink,Stop Interrupting Joe.

  • Medusa
    Medusa 8 months ago


  • Magemo
    Magemo 8 months ago

    angryJoe is a really good interviewer

  • Mamudapao
    Mamudapao 8 months ago

    I'm still not 100% convinced. Because all those "side missions" sound like activities you will be doing over and over and over again.

  • Jesse O
    Jesse O 8 months ago

    I think it's great how you interrupt and try to say what you want to say. What's the point of an interview if they don't answer your questions?

  • Eldir
    Eldir 8 months ago

    Out of sync!! :C

  • Drew Biggah
    Drew Biggah 8 months ago

    Meh looks like any other spiderman game that suit is trash just leave spideys suits alone...also I sold my ps4 because their games r boring and single player trash but I think someone needs to make a TMNT open world 4 player online co op game for xbox and sony but mainly xbox...we need a real open world coop online TMNT game...or some type of massive open world game like this but like a superhero or turtle game or something

    • Toxin
      Toxin 7 months ago

      Drew Biggah how are ps4 games bad?

  • Serj Star
    Serj Star 8 months ago

    i want spider man rpg

  • henkman00
    henkman00 8 months ago

    Spider-man, Spider-man does whatever Arkham did. hey there! here comes the Spider-Arkham gaaaaaame!!

  • ArticLight
    ArticLight 8 months ago

    I'm definitely picking this up for the physics alone.

  • Rhey Marc Albalos
    Rhey Marc Albalos 8 months ago

    Holy sh*t, you can actually see the excitement in AJ's eyes after playing the demo! Time to turn the hype to maximum overdrive! (Not that I'm not extremely hyped for the game already.)

  • Mason Lester
    Mason Lester 8 months ago

    Jo do you think they should make an immersive mode or customizable HUD like they did for GOW. Even without the highlights around the enemies in combat. Tryna get the idea out there before release

  • Mio Tenacious
    Mio Tenacious 8 months ago

    the way joe sits makes me feel uncomfortable

  • Daniel Flores
    Daniel Flores 8 months ago +1

    Plays better on xbox one x

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 8 months ago

      you're right the black screen is entertaining to play

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 8 months ago

      BboyZoinks PS4.

    • BboyZoinks
      BboyZoinks 8 months ago

      +SicParvisMagna123 arr you speaking in behalf of xbox or ps4, because i have an xbox and we dont have shit sadly :(

    • SicParvisMagna123
      SicParvisMagna123 8 months ago

      Daniel Flores At least we have the best games, that's what it comes down to.

  • totoplopp
    totoplopp 8 months ago


    • BboyZoinks
      BboyZoinks 8 months ago

      joe was trying to get as many questions in there as he could in 10 minutes you ass! he did that for us

  • GrufBen
    GrufBen 8 months ago

    I'm so hard for this game

    IGRETRO 8 months ago

    This guy is not answering questions at all
    Makes you feel like he doesnt give a fuck
    I guess he is already got payd

    • Toxin
      Toxin 7 months ago

      IGRETRO he can't just reveal everything

  • ImmortalMachine
    ImmortalMachine 8 months ago

    Is it me or are all these e3 videos way out of sync?

  • EaZy DuzZlT
    EaZy DuzZlT 8 months ago

    The AI is probably stupid as hell

  • EaZy DuzZlT
    EaZy DuzZlT 8 months ago

    Spider man should crawl up on the buildings not run up em imo

  • TechNix
    TechNix 8 months ago

    is voice out of sync for anybody?

  • Javasboi
    Javasboi 8 months ago

    All I want to know is if Spidey is using the artificial web or real web like in the first live action movie xD

  • Kevin
    Kevin 8 months ago

    All I want is a Spider Man game to have a story about the sinister 12.

  • Her Slave
    Her Slave 8 months ago

    Informative interview joe thanks.

  • Dcarpman77
    Dcarpman77 8 months ago

    I don't understand what people are talking about by interrupting, I don't really see it. I mean he interrupted once to rephrase a question so it was less specific and he got at least some answer.

  • KotorFan3231
    KotorFan3231 8 months ago

    Length is pointless unless its quality not quantity. People need to stop emphasizing length so damn much cause it takes away from other aspects

  • Azamat Bagatov
    Azamat Bagatov 8 months ago

    Joe let them finish talking! It’s rude as hell man. No matter how much time theyve been given to talk, let them finish their sentences dude.

  • My_Time_Skip_Is Unbeatable

    Reminds me of spiderman 3 for ps3 and Xbox 360

  • Ember D-L
    Ember D-L 8 months ago

    I hate bloody exclusives. I'm not gunna buy a PS4 just to play 3 or 4 games.

    • Toxin
      Toxin 7 months ago +1

      Light Burn xbone fan girl is jealous

    • Ember D-L
      Ember D-L 8 months ago


  • xavosix
    xavosix 8 months ago

    Looks like a great game.

  • Noc Tis
    Noc Tis 8 months ago

    Joe needs JK Simmons character from whiplash to teach him about tempo

  • tam705618
    tam705618 8 months ago

    Good job Joe for not letting him go on his talking points.

  • HC DaVe
    HC DaVe 8 months ago

    great interviews Joe
    FUCK these clowns in the comments they dont know shit all they know how to bitch and cry !!!
    THERE'S A TIME LIMIT THAT THE DIRECTOR IS AVAILABLE WICH IS 10 FUCKING MINUTES U FUCKING DUMBASSES !!! U NEVER MADE AN INTERVIEW IN YO LIFE !!! BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN U THE SMARTEST IN THE WORLD EXPERTS IN COMMUNICATION 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅 fucking noobs bro they are everywhere on youtube they have be somewhat relevant in the comments or else they commit suicide fucking christ!!!

  • Paulie
    Paulie 8 months ago

    Be patient bro... I know you only have a certain amount of time with them but interrupting doesn't help. Once you felt they made their point or answered your question THEN move on. Basics....

  • Matthew Weston
    Matthew Weston 8 months ago

    Can you deliver some pizza and press X to say "Pizza time."

    SPECTROFPS-YT 8 months ago

    bro, this people are scare hahaha angryjoe you are danger for this industry hahahah i love you

  • blacsheep19
    blacsheep19 8 months ago

    Why he won't let the man talk? Always interrupting

  • RedFlameKnight
    RedFlameKnight 8 months ago

    Cant wait for this game!! Huge marvel fan & spidey is one of my favorite heroes in the MCU!!

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 8 months ago

    You can tell Joe is genuinely excited by the way he keeps cutting off him like that. Good interviews though.

  • u235u235u235
    u235u235u235 8 months ago

    is Joe high or ADHD? he can't let the guy talk.

  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith 8 months ago

    Joe, you keep talking over experienced masters of their craft ^^ if one keeps quiet, one could learn a thing or two from the master.
    But if one keeps yapping his mouth like a gittery mad scientist....

  • 1 2
    1 2 8 months ago

    Joe, you're really making me cringe with the interrupting, like, this is something that can go in a major cringe compilation video.

  • Austin C
    Austin C 8 months ago

    I need this game now. Hah!

  • Who Dat Ninja
    Who Dat Ninja 8 months ago


  • DometriousTheTitan
    DometriousTheTitan 8 months ago

    Can you play as venom would have been my first question

  • Heisen Berg
    Heisen Berg 8 months ago

    its good to see joe's interview aptitude is still dog-shit after all these years.

  • pleasefeedtheanimal
    pleasefeedtheanimal 8 months ago


  • oceanking18
    oceanking18 8 months ago

    Thanks for going back joe I miss these types of interviews

  • Mark D
    Mark D 8 months ago

    Me thinks its time for PS4

  • Linkman247
    Linkman247 8 months ago

    I appreciate the interview but it seemed like Joe interrupted the director quite a bit. I have to say I think the director really seems like he knows what he is talking about when it comes to Spider-Man. I believe he said in other interviews, what makes Spider-Man work is him trying to balance his normal life with that of being Spider-Man. So I am interested to see what they do with the Peter Parker missions.
    I can understand Joe's excitement though! Spidey is my favorite Superhero. Of course I love Superman, Batman, and Captain America as well.

  • Trichinas
    Trichinas 8 months ago

    Is Venom in the game?!

  • Senpai Shaun
    Senpai Shaun 8 months ago +1

    I hope the symbiote suit is in the game 🤔

  • Martin Uzunov
    Martin Uzunov 8 months ago

    This is the type of content you don't get enough credit for, you're waaay more than just some reviews! lol Love you Joe!

  • D P
    D P 8 months ago +1

    He's wearing a superman shirt talking about spiderman

  • George
    George 8 months ago

    Why is this game only for PS4 ? Its Marvel Spiderman, not Sonys.

  • Johno Daz
    Johno Daz 8 months ago

    Top notch interview video AJ. Spider-Man let's go my fave Super Hero day one for me.

  • Damsel Entertainment
    Damsel Entertainment 8 months ago

    Geez, let the man talk.

  • Jtjelani
    Jtjelani 8 months ago

    Joe isn't interrupting this guy as much as he interrupts everyone else. Watch other interviews, he's either too excited or something but he tries to talk over everyone

  • Nanofractal
    Nanofractal 8 months ago

    wow, so many sick looking games coming out i finally feel like alot of devs now understand that we aren't falling for their bullshit anymore.

  • DLP_6IX6
    DLP_6IX6 8 months ago

    Probably scripted and that’s why joe is interrupting. Fucking stoned btw and really don’t give a fuck! Still buying this game tho. Lol

  • Andrew Owen
    Andrew Owen 8 months ago

    Game looks great, the team look like they have done a good job bringing spidey back. Its a pitty only people who bought a playstation get to experience it

  • Roberto Rodriguez
    Roberto Rodriguez 8 months ago

    Joe you need to shut up and let the guy talk, you interrupt him too many times in the interview

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 8 months ago

    Joe interrupting him made me cringe

  • Oliver Butler
    Oliver Butler 8 months ago

    Post rat status create liberal feel reality primary we.

  • KMAC
    KMAC 8 months ago

    Is the web slinging ACTUALLY better than Spider Man 2 on the original Xbox?

  • Jesse
    Jesse 8 months ago

    Did you talk to TG and Samara? You have a cameo in Samara's Fortnite video lol.

  • Aaron Osborne
    Aaron Osborne 8 months ago

    Be smart Joe you know he’s lying. It’s going to be QTE paradise.

    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 8 months ago


    • Cooking Sauce
      Cooking Sauce 8 months ago

      xbox fans trying so hard to find something on this game go complain about