Joe Rogan - Everything We Know About The Sphinx Is Wrong?


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  • Orthodox Brotherhood

    Hey, Idiots. the sphinx is a jackal, jackals are the symbol of Anubis. the God of the Underworld, Priests used to wear his masks, its obviously a jackal, or anubis. not some fucking lion constellation, is there something weird about the sphinx? yes but its not a lion XD

  • Donaven Pierce
    Donaven Pierce 2 hours ago

    This guy talks like a mormon.
    "Woula been sora of a symbolic axe" 5:03.
    Dude I work with talks like that... drives me insane.

  • Jamal Vines
    Jamal Vines 16 hours ago


  • R J
    R J 18 hours ago

    Kemetic "indigenous" people > Mayo monkeys and their lies

  • Justin Ked
    Justin Ked 22 hours ago

    Anyone that is a character on Ancient Aliens automatically loses a couple points in my book..

  • Lamar Tinsley
    Lamar Tinsley 23 hours ago

    Whites love rewriting history, they’ll make statements that aliens helped Blacks build Egypt and other lies

  • tony torres
    tony torres 2 days ago

    Edward Casey was right..documents under paw of phynx..

  • blesshawn
    blesshawn 2 days ago

    The Ark of the covenant is under the Sphinx

  • Inward Answers
    Inward Answers 3 days ago

    Thoth, “from a lion unto a man”. “Saw down my secrets, look in the tunnel that ends in a wall”. Use the lord of 7 and the answers will be revealed.

  • Kore Johnson
    Kore Johnson 3 days ago

    The Sphinx had a wide nose similar to an African that's why it was blown off to cover up African history. This is one of the many examples of true African history being covered up

  • dbdeluxe
    dbdeluxe 4 days ago

    I would love to have an insiders perspective of real history that is hidden in The Vatican archives and relearn history top to bottom... I also want to know about the truths and real hidden agendas of WW1 and WW2

  • Ben Adelaide
    Ben Adelaide 4 days ago

    Wow - we’re heading down the Alex Jones kinda shit alley. In any other context, just listening to him. this guy would be considered a nut job.

  • Drew Got Jokes
    Drew Got Jokes 4 days ago +1

    Yada yada show us proof DUDE

  • Dale Sparrow
    Dale Sparrow 4 days ago

    What about the outer stones that still remain at the top of the great pyramid? Why are they still there? I'll tell you why. Because the flood waters never got that high, that's why. Anunnaki built the pyramids and the Sphinx before they created us.

  • cyrothepyro86
    cyrothepyro86 4 days ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 get the fuck out here with that dogma

  • lennard schulte
    lennard schulte 5 days ago

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  • elvis316
    elvis316 5 days ago

    Leon Spinks definitely had some dental work .

  • Colin Zito
    Colin Zito 5 days ago

    Read the emerald tablets of Thoth the Atlantean for info on the sphinx. A mindblowing book.

  • minkrobeII
    minkrobeII 5 days ago

    God is black. No ooga booga ova here

  • Eli Gildener
    Eli Gildener 5 days ago

    Dude needs a de-esser and a cup of water

  • Eli Gildener
    Eli Gildener 5 days ago

    Dude needs a de-esser and a cup of water

  • CarpoolWithMe
    CarpoolWithMe 6 days ago

    Joes podcast being so popular makes me deeply disappointed in humans

  • dead.deanders
    dead.deanders 7 days ago

    put them down. they deserve it. government dogs that sell themselves for money, refute scientific evidence and try to sell shit bias theories as evidence, to save their own career and face.

  • Michael Atcheson
    Michael Atcheson 9 days ago

    "Fuck cats!"

  • Mr. Nieves
    Mr. Nieves 11 days ago

    Edgar Casey predicted that this chamber would be found.

  • Adan M
    Adan M 11 days ago

    Holy cow avoid this one unless you wanna fall asleep

  • omy785
    omy785 12 days ago

    Robert Schoch...reknown for being denied by the whole scientific community...yeah, maybe I wouldn't give him too much credit...

  • Kenny Dennison
    Kenny Dennison 12 days ago

    Edgar Cayce said there was a room in the left paw that held some amazing things I wish I cpupd remember. I believe b4 recarving the face it was some type of lizard

  • T MO
    T MO 12 days ago

    It's funny how we are so sure about what happened 10k years ago, but can't tell you who shot JFK.

  • Alexandros Kantzelis
    Alexandros Kantzelis 13 days ago

    I love how in Assassins Creed Origins you can explore the inside of the sphinx. I think its cool to be able to explore all the pyramids and ruins in that game.

  • Drek De
    Drek De 13 days ago

    Let me tell you,The restriction on excavation is imposed by the Islamic council of Egypt cuz it's haram.

  • Hippy Squad
    Hippy Squad 14 days ago

    I am man, face me.

  • Jaqen H'ghar
    Jaqen H'ghar 15 days ago

    Fuck Facebook and it's non stop ads!

  • Lord Escanor
    Lord Escanor 15 days ago

    No shit. The conquerors destroyed the original head of the sphinx and the nose to get rid of its African nose.


    Confident delusional people are funny.

  • Brian Rutter
    Brian Rutter 15 days ago RadioCarbon Dating the pyramids confirms conventional information on old middle and new egypt kingdom chronology

  • dafullclip
    dafullclip 15 days ago

    LOL, Bald headed assed (No Rogain) still trying to contemplate the keys to life, eh? OK! Joe's conflict is the inability to abandon the constraints of social submission. He knows there's something behind the curtain. He's just too afraid to say it. In other words, "I'm not one of you freaks..Psst, we'll meet later at the clubhouse."

  • &one
    &one 16 days ago

    Wtf is jake tapper smoking these days

  • Dillinger Rockwell
    Dillinger Rockwell 16 days ago

    Hey Joe if you ever find yourself near Mesa AZ I'd totally love to talk with you about philosophy and spirituality. I realize it's a major long shot but hey, I love your material and you seem like a celebrity of the people. And by that I mean you don't have a celebrity ego and actually respect us regular folk. If I never get to meet you that's cool but you're definitely someone I want to talk with.

  • Anonymous Wifey
    Anonymous Wifey 17 days ago


  • Seth Wheeler
    Seth Wheeler 17 days ago

    Rogan should get someone like me a “regular” person on his show to speak my opinions and spitball what the average person thinks about these ideas

  • Dewy Wannamaker
    Dewy Wannamaker 18 days ago

    Way to go Joe! Keep providing an avenue for nutcases to reach the public.

  • ole88bluegmc
    ole88bluegmc 18 days ago

    It is funny, I knew it wasn't the original head even when I first saw it as a kid. It always just looked off.

  • Joe Whitfield
    Joe Whitfield 18 days ago

    Another bullshit video from the worlds biggest sellout pos Joe Rogan. Do a video on Sandy Hook you scumbag. Or the smith-mundt modernization of 2012 which makes all domestic peace time propaganda completely legal. No of coarse you won't piece of shit. Have Olivia Smallstorm or Wolfgang Halbig on instead of your fellow shill government mouthpiece Alex Jones. Fuck Alex Jones, fuck Joe Rogan. Or how about you spend another twenty hours with your boyfriend Eddie Bravo talking about how the world is flat. Or your fellow shill Cullen talking about how Pizza gate is not real. Keep skirting around real points and actual evidence. Here's something you will never hear this piece of shit say on the air , John Podesta and his brother were positively identified down to the birthmarks on his face as leaving Madeline McCann's hotel with a child resembling Madeline the night of her kidnapping. The Podestas were in Playa de luz less than half a mile away from the McCanns at the home of their friend Clement Frued , a convicted pedophile . Podesta collects weird Russian pedophilia art as well as reconstructions of Jeffrey Dalmers naked victims. Rogan will never even come near any of these issues. He's a lowlife piece of shit shill.
    Rot in hell shill Joe Rogan.

  • travis cupp
    travis cupp 18 days ago +1

    Zahi hawass got caught stealing antiquities & graham hancock put him on blast! Total crook & idiot!

  • Dr White
    Dr White 19 days ago

    This guy looks like Mark Ruffollo.
    Don't make him angry ffs.

  • Nick Joslin
    Nick Joslin 19 days ago

    The sphinx does have a disproportionately small head. Everytime I look at it, I can't unsee it.

  • Mike Ulizio
    Mike Ulizio 19 days ago +1

    Its aliens 👽

  • rima cidih
    rima cidih 19 days ago

    Why doesn't Joe actually ask this guy tough questions ... So there people in 10,000 bc couldn't do any writing but had the capability of building the Sphinx... Also the built the Sphinx then built nothing for 6000 years ? Lmao where did these people go? All the sudden they decided to build more stuff ? Joe never asks any meaningful questions when he sitting across from someone who's smarter them him.

  • Michael Gentilella
    Michael Gentilella 19 days ago

    He knows category has a t in it right ?

  • Vladimir Janjanin
    Vladimir Janjanin 20 days ago

    Lioness Methhead?

  • Rodgerinho -
    Rodgerinho - 20 days ago

    Just waiting for him to get comfortable and start telling us about aliens or new world order or ancient superpowered civilisations......he's the know he is.....come on you crazy the looney box

  • pathnativejam
    pathnativejam 20 days ago

    these fake ass ,so called learned men study the occult and fraternal ,homosexual rituals, in the dark, FACT! all you young and dumb kids research the fraternity and sorority history by Dayz of Noah..... this man will teach you in 30 mins. You'll never see the world the same again. I promise.

  • pathnativejam
    pathnativejam 20 days ago

    This guy used to argue the validity of the Japanese underwater pyramids as well as the age of the sphinx, and later in his career changed his whole argument. this guy is a joke, like the paleontologist , and Neil degrasse, and the guy from skeptic magazine and stichin! all esoteric and against what is written...

  • Cant_Find_My_C4
    Cant_Find_My_C4 20 days ago

    6:40 See I love ancient history but things like this is when I get a little frustrated cause its like you have the answers to your questions in front of you, its right there, your looking at it, taking pictures of it to frame on your wall and put in books movies and tv and put on postcards and the people just accept not knowing all because there too afraid to dig under the giant fucking sand sculpture

  • Ali Baba Heru
    Ali Baba Heru 21 day ago

    Nupuqi Om-Re Khonectics
    Chamber 72 plus degree
    The mystery of the Sphinx ( s ph in x ) is Ubaste ( Bastet ) ! A lioness warrior goddess of the Sun throughout most of ancient Nile valley history, but later she was changed into the cat goddess . Even later, Greeks occupying ancient Egypt toward the end of its civilization changed her into a goddess of the moon. Bastet was also depicted as the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits. A cation (+) (/ˈkæt.aɪ.ən/ kat-eye-ən), from the Greek word κατά (katá), meaning "down",[11] is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge. In Alkhemical terms, if a neutral atom loses one or more electrons, it has a net positive charge and is known as a cation. This is Blood alkhemy and part of the mystery !

  • Jalle Ko
    Jalle Ko 21 day ago

    Sure you may have found the constellation of Leo on cave walls but that doesn't really mean anything cause the constellation doesn't even look like a lion, so how do you know it was even called Leo back then?

  • Jerome Owen
    Jerome Owen 22 days ago

    "Could be" so there speculating...

  • .x.
    .x. 22 days ago

    Even more amazing news about the Sphinx!
    I heard that after years of research it was finally confirmed
    that they have found the matching buttplug...

  • Dan Fitzgerald
    Dan Fitzgerald 22 days ago

    Want a real answer? The Sphinx has the head of a woman and the body of a lion. Virgo is the first major constellation, Leo the last. Joseph taught about Genesis 3:15, the seed of the woman, who will crush the head of the serpent. Virgo depicts that woman. The seed turned out to be Jesus Christ, who was of the tribe of Judah, which is represented by a lion. As in Leo the constellation. The 12 parts of the Zodiac represent the 12 Tribes of Israel. Because of Joseph's influence, this monument was built. Remember, he came to be second only to Pharaoh. This is also how Egypt became so rich and powerful, since Joseph listened to God, and Pharaoh trusted Joseph. Now it's a mystery no longer.

  • bri marie
    bri marie 22 days ago

    I know this guy and his wacky voice from somewhere I can’t put my finger on it but he looks like the dude but sounds exactly like some guy I got it ! He talks like that dude that has a bunch of blogs he has reddish long hair and always wears a bandanna he’s always making fun of vegetarian’s and other people this guy talks and sounds just like him

  • bri marie
    bri marie 22 days ago


  • Lazy Kid
    Lazy Kid 22 days ago

    I know who built the pyramids and exactly how they were built but I'm forbidden to tell.. Sorry!

  • Dat NOT Me
    Dat NOT Me 22 days ago

    They are being told that you're not allowed to look into that. It's to be discovered later and into its proper time

    FREEDOM MONGER 22 days ago

    I thought he was Eddie Vedder.

  • nickyiil
    nickyiil 22 days ago

    It can't be that Herodotus was telling the truth, when he wrote that there was an artificial lake surrounding the pyramids and people took boat rides around them. Nah TF did he know, he only visited the place when it was still Egyptian and spoke with actual Egyptian priests.People who knew what they were about.

  • Edgetak
    Edgetak 23 days ago

    a lynx

  • Jack Mehan
    Jack Mehan 23 days ago

    another podcast of Joe Rogan who is usually high when he does these things. And all the little Rogan sycophants praise him for all his brilliant comments (eye roll) what a world we live in....

  • MechanicalAnimal
    MechanicalAnimal 23 days ago

    It's already been plundered.

  • Monkey LaLa
    Monkey LaLa 23 days ago

    I didn't expect to know anything right about the Sphinx

  • Christopher Fortineux
    Christopher Fortineux 23 days ago

    "The head is smaller than the rest of the body... This doesn't make sense for the erosion" Did he forget the Sphinx was buried up to it's head for a long time. Most of the site was buried.

    • rupertldn
      rupertldn 22 days ago

      The face was recarved though, the rain erosion is not as evident on the head

  • Flawed Entity
    Flawed Entity 24 days ago

    My Dad didn't talk to me much, too busy with work. Imagine this guy being your Dad and talking to you like this. Your brain would be expanding twice as fast.

  • Marchoupi
    Marchoupi 24 days ago

    Hamanahamana !

  • Josh Benitez
    Josh Benitez 24 days ago

    Or it needed to be replaced because it failed the first time.

  • Fat Pete
    Fat Pete 24 days ago

    Bill Burr all day

  • Scott Holliday
    Scott Holliday 25 days ago

    Wow - mind blown at the thought the Sphinx and the pyramids could be way older than previously thought. Amazing

  • TunnelingVision
    TunnelingVision 25 days ago

    What if the Sphinx was just covered with something, ornate tile and gold.

  • spanky mcnuggets
    spanky mcnuggets 25 days ago

    Damn JR you have some interesting guests

  • Chris Hawtin
    Chris Hawtin 26 days ago

    The Sphinx built the pyramids and on the 7th day he turned to stone.

  • Kahuu Carr
    Kahuu Carr 26 days ago

    1.25 speed perfect!

  • Tbonyandsteak
    Tbonyandsteak 26 days ago

    It's body reminds .more of anubis

  • Noah Rosenheck
    Noah Rosenheck 26 days ago

    this dude is full of shit. everything is answered by some 'man who saves the day'

  • cabebet
    cabebet 26 days ago

    All of these guys just love the sound of their own voices.

  • Cano Garcia
    Cano Garcia 27 days ago +1

    I fell asleep 2 min in.

  • Dann1cus
    Dann1cus 27 days ago

    I love how you are monetizing someone else's work.

  • bobwatters
    bobwatters 27 days ago

    Wait, politics in science? The climate change people keep saying that is impossible! lol

  • KyKy
    KyKy 29 days ago

    Robert “let’s not get into that” schoch

  • jeffrey jefferton
    jeffrey jefferton 29 days ago

    yes total validation , before I ever saw this video I was posting my theory about the same lioness diety !! at first I thought was aker , but then I changed it to the one he states in the paper : ) all the pieces fit and I wholly concur!

  • Jahi Smith
    Jahi Smith 29 days ago

    In short, the people of ancient Kemet aka Egypt looked at the Sphinx in the same way we look at the Pyramids. As something ancient and not understood.

  • zachf
    zachf 29 days ago

    Man I wish politics didn't infect and ruin everything so throughly



  • Ant Bro
    Ant Bro 29 days ago

    He's a methheadt Smh!!!

  • Michael Ledford
    Michael Ledford Month ago

    My family is from Libya and we have pictures of my father and uncle's standing on the Sphinx paws back in 1945/6 during their time with the British in N Africa .

  • Daniel Sheppard
    Daniel Sheppard Month ago

    king tut... more like king TIT

  • King of 1974
    King of 1974 Month ago

    I just had a theory that the nose was originally a nose of the typical African structure and one of the many powers that conquered/inhabited Egypt may have been threatened by it

  • the business handler

    It was the jews

  • the business handler

    listening to these idiots talk about the sphinx is so annoying

  • muzzdabaker
    muzzdabaker Month ago

    Get mother fucking Indiana Jones on this shit ......

  • Daniel Malloy
    Daniel Malloy Month ago

    Somehow this Schoch guy is arrogant while spouting pseudo science. Amazong, the Sphinx was built around the time of the Pyramids, it only makes sense. We all know they were built by UFOs

  • jose juarez
    jose juarez Month ago

    Mexicans built the Sphinx and the pyramids then they had to leave to find the promise land