Joe Rogan - Everything We Know About The Sphinx Is Wrong?


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  • Jamie Wilson
    Jamie Wilson 3 hours ago

    No politics. Zahi Hawas was stealing and selling

  • Michel Benchaya
    Michel Benchaya 5 hours ago

    Sphinx is more than 12000 years old possibly before the flood.

  • ca bo
    ca bo 19 hours ago

    Why does the Sphynx have a tail on the right-hand side. That resembles a dog's tail?

  • Eric Turner
    Eric Turner Day ago

    A second sphynx was discovered last month:

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable Day ago

    People who hinder scientific progress need to be neutralized.

  • Linda Kloss
    Linda Kloss Day ago


  • MylesEFlynn
    MylesEFlynn Day ago

    They are doing everything underground. They are just acting obstinate, they know everything you do and more. They are just jagging you all around, too much technology to glean, and they are not sharing.

  • deano2000nz
    deano2000nz Day ago

    I like cheese

  • calimf701
    calimf701 2 days ago

    Everything that this guy says is wrong. The sphinx isn't even a sphinx, it's a cherub. Greeks and Romans gave it the name "sphinx" because they didn't know what the fuck it was to begin with. It's a cherub. CHERUB--Google's your friend bruh.

  • Dave Hawes
    Dave Hawes 2 days ago

    I strongly believe that the pyramids were already there, the Egyptians simply moved in, built the sphinx or lioness as to represent their beliefs and protect there finding. Humans did NOT build the pyramids, I've done the math literally, it turns out it would have been an impossible feat of engineering at the time. If humans DID build the pyramids....where is all the waist?.........

  • Mr_Nice_Nigga
    Mr_Nice_Nigga 2 days ago

    Man we the sphinx

  • Alkaline Edivaldo
    Alkaline Edivaldo 2 days ago

    This guy is talking nonsense.

  • Here Now JAL
    Here Now JAL 3 days ago

    Very good interview ...

  • Uncle Acid and the Electric Wizard

    5:04 “Symbolic axe” made me think of the line “symbolic acts” from the song symbolic

  • multigodofallful
    multigodofallful 4 days ago


  • ian ball
    ian ball 4 days ago

    i knew about the head in 1977. i found a lot more besides. way more.

  • Anthony Collelo
    Anthony Collelo 4 days ago

    I wish joe would have on less tin-foil-hat guests

  • joey hershel
    joey hershel 6 days ago

    smells like bullshit

  • Heather Slut
    Heather Slut 6 days ago

    There are 1,000 question mankind has about our past that we can't answer.( won't is more like it )
    Why not?
    If you insert the word "aliens" as the answer to all of the questions, it works perfectly, every time.
    All of these questions we ask over & over & oove we already know the damn answer to.
    We were most likely their slaves like the legends say.
    The aliens left after the massive flood destroyed their playground paradise 9,600 years ago, & we have been on our own since?
    Or have we?

  • westsan
    westsan 6 days ago

    This dudes a quack.
    He is intentionally trying to mislead.

  • Depression Beard
    Depression Beard 6 days ago

    Someone needs to break into that fucking chamber. Where’s Indiana Jones or Lara Croft when you need them?

  • The Quiet One
    The Quiet One 7 days ago

    Too much self interest is involved in the debunking of written history. Ego, unfortunately, is rife among the scientific community and academia, in general. Fuck em, they don't all have the answers...they just think they do. Open your minds, question everything. Including this comment ✌😋

  • Angelia Patterson
    Angelia Patterson 7 days ago

    What if there was a helmet on top of the sphinx?

  • Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly 7 days ago +1

    Water fountain. pyramid is a bicycle pump. Concentrates sonic pulse of ram pump and the pyramid breathes.

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 7 days ago

    All of his work is NONSENSE

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 7 days ago +1


    SUPERTROOPER 7 days ago

    the jews don't want us, their controlled cattle to acknowledge our past, we must break free from liberalism, the main jew control mechanism, get the jews out of controlling all our universities, and our entire planet, and wake the fuck up..

  • Armando Garcia
    Armando Garcia 7 days ago

    eddie veder

  • Chris Ruth
    Chris Ruth 7 days ago

    Bro have Brian Forester on your show

  • Reck Oning
    Reck Oning 7 days ago

    Imagine that the gods create the sphinx, and the pyramids, as a mystery that could never be solved. ;)

  • Zalzion
    Zalzion 7 days ago

    I could see a face of a lion. They just added more sand to mould it better then recarved

  • E B
    E B 8 days ago

    Every thing is a given to the Prince of lies. No one knows the real truth of anything back that far

  • Casper G
    Casper G 8 days ago

    the way he talks makes me want to kill myself

  • Ronoc Nosduh
    Ronoc Nosduh 8 days ago

    He’s sooooo cute, his voice is adorable and his research is amazing.

  • Josh Dude
    Josh Dude 8 days ago

    58 seconds in and its a load of b.s. the sphynx head is smaller because for a long ass time it was all that was exposed to the sandblasting winds of the desert. it was only cleared away starting in 1858. im gonna watch the rest of the video but... simple google search lends that info... its not even hidden and to most of us who have read a book or watched pbs growing up its common knowledge....

    • Josh Dude
      Josh Dude 8 days ago

      the closing song is fitting, the grand imposter lmao... you had me going good and then zing right at the end!

    • Josh Dude
      Josh Dude 8 days ago

      14:23 in and i have to stop again. everything this guy says is his hypothesis... there isnt any substance or fact here, just a crackpot talking about symbols on objects that have nothing to do with the thing he is focused on. its no wonder nobody in the egyptian community takes him seriously. this screams fake nonscience the entire time. who here has been around limestone? i remember my school had a ton of it they made walls out of. i know its different in makeup, but thats no my point. my point is withing the relatively small walls some would erode faster than others, in just my time in school i watched blocks of solid likestone crumble. now think about how huge the object in question is and how long 500 years is.... yes they probably had to make a few repairs... c'mon joe... you look a little off just nodding away to thay junk logic....

  • Daren Gauthier
    Daren Gauthier 8 days ago

    It's a fake just like Stonehenge

  • Daren Gauthier
    Daren Gauthier 8 days ago

    Most people know the Sphinx was built by the Freemasons not much more than 500 years ago, and they're still technically slowly secretly "restoring it" to this day

  • Treasure Forever
    Treasure Forever 8 days ago

    I like this guy Robert Schoch

  • Alexander Stewart
    Alexander Stewart 8 days ago


  • Gil Salcido
    Gil Salcido 8 days ago

    when i think of sphinx i think of that Egyptian cat. so maybe a cat face?

  • Be Born
    Be Born 8 days ago

    Stop it. Stop trying to steal our shit!

  • stacy franz
    stacy franz 9 days ago

    Of all the things to build...odd to begin with. I believe him because they raided n stoled all the tombs before we got there. And i dont believe the drawings. Because its a bullshit weird tourist trap n these people think it collects them to jesus shit. Tourist trap.

  • U down wit O.P.P
    U down wit O.P.P 10 days ago

    This guy dont know shit about the sphinx 😂😂

  • Grayfoxhound 97
    Grayfoxhound 97 10 days ago

    You guys fry my brain joe, i do love you Joe rogan, my idiol he is haha skinning a doobie up now ma man

  • Uncle Kong
    Uncle Kong 10 days ago

    I can smell his tuna melt breath from here.

  • Raptorman 43
    Raptorman 43 10 days ago

    The sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce said there was a hidden chamber between the paws of of the Sphinx that contained the lost records of Atlantis but the question is why wont they open it and let people know wtf is in there?? Makes no sense!

  • Donald Crosley
    Donald Crosley 10 days ago

    Leo is in that CatGory
    Taurus is in that CatGory

  • HayastAnFedayi
    HayastAnFedayi 10 days ago

    The missing link to the ancient world and language/alphabets in general lies in the Armenian Highlands and the ancient Armenians

  • Nato Genocide
    Nato Genocide 10 days ago

    Dr.Robert Schoch!

    KEVIN BAUGHMAN 11 days ago

    Parts of a broken up comet hit us just over 12.000 years ago most of which hit Australia also look at all the new satellite imagery! That should say it all!

      KEVIN BAUGHMAN 11 days ago

      All life was almost swiped out ! All the civilizations and creatures of that time was litteraly reset !

  • Keith Watkins
    Keith Watkins 11 days ago

    Pyramids were present during the great flood, according to cuniform txts.

  • Vincent Anderson
    Vincent Anderson 12 days ago

    In the first 2 mins something says bullshit about this man, his eyes tell me everything.

  • binudajajah
    binudajajah 12 days ago

    A sphinx says what?

  • laserus3333
    laserus3333 12 days ago

    In the Emerald tablets of Thoth he said he had buried a "Craft" a ship under the sphinxes paw.That could out manuever enemy ships.He left this to protect humanity from any attack in the future.

  • Trip333s
    Trip333s 12 days ago

    Robert "I'm gunna keep casually mentioning my books until you read them" Schoch

  • bigbluntt
    bigbluntt 12 days ago +7

    Just like gobekli tepe..the great pyramide and the sphinx and other places are all at least 12.000 years old. It will all be excepted one day i hope..

    DJ SAVAGE 12 days ago

    There is a button behind the ear the access the hall of records or hall of amenti

  • Joe Shapona
    Joe Shapona 12 days ago

    Bob is correct about the knowledge of constellation being much more dated than what most people think. The Sphinx does have a different head than the original but another speculation is that is dealt with the start /stop of the zodiac itself which involves the constellations of Leo/Virgo....the original Sphinx had the body of a lion and the head of a woman.

  • Just Colours
    Just Colours 13 days ago

    Guardians of the meth-head. im done. thanks.

    • liquidminds
      liquidminds 11 days ago

      there's archeology and there's egyptology. The first is based on facts. the second is based on the idea that egypt has a long history and is the basis of civilisations with the most amazing miracles ever created.
      It's the sad truth, that the government of egypt tries all it can to support any finding that supports their view of history, while they prevent anything that would put that in question.
      It's been like that for decades and most likely that won't change any time soon. But it's a sad fact of our world. They keep their hand over everything, trying to be the only ones allowed to say anything about egypts history. It's not very scientific and historically speaking quite sad...

    • br1an lars0n
      br1an lars0n 12 days ago

      Wow, you're shallow.

  • Just Colours
    Just Colours 13 days ago

    Arguments on a moving star chart yet fails to recognise a moving star chart...

  • redjakOfficial
    redjakOfficial 13 days ago +2

    The idea that the Sphinx's head is not the original has been here for quite a while. HP Lovecraft was convinced of it and mentions it in a few of his short stories, but his theories on what was there before are more gruesome.

    • Nadia Shaar
      Nadia Shaar 9 days ago +1

      redjakOfficial what were those theories?

  • Terrell Wilson
    Terrell Wilson 13 days ago

    Lol these ppl talking about any place in Africa is questionable. Just like they tought us in school how the Europeans came over and was friends with the natives an got along together living in peace. Do you ppl have to take everything from the world?

  • snee
    snee 13 days ago

    the reason Egyptology is in denial ( no pun intended) is that the truth will prove that todays people of Egypt are of no relation to those who built the original monuments.
    that is why the politics because they know.

  • j jay
    j jay 14 days ago

    Fucking hilarious reading everyone's comments straight from history Channel and trying to pass them off as their own.

  • Kosmic Power
    Kosmic Power 14 days ago

    Another clown pushing his views. They should all start with how they were living for the past 1000 years, what they had, what they know and how they lived. But, Noooooooooooooo. Barbarism in every which way.

  • Dankrupt
    Dankrupt 15 days ago

    theyre definitely hiding something. if its actually a history archive, there must be some crazy stuff in there that would change the world as we know it. i cant think of any other reason why theyd try to hide it so much

  • Aaliyah Drake
    Aaliyah Drake 15 days ago

    I'm a Leo haha

  • 35oz 19g
    35oz 19g 15 days ago +1

    the sphinx is actually named HERU ET AKTI wich means champion of the people. it is a symbolic representation of mastering your animal domain and raising your conscious mind to that of the high priest and becoming champion of the people who guards the four cardinal points on the planet from sun up to sun down.
    this guy is a historical MORON who has a wild imagination.
    and his "key" and "axe" are litterally a rudder on a boat.
    he has zero concept of what he is speaking about. 👎👎

  • jasonromines
    jasonromines 15 days ago

    I personal believe the theory that, the pyramids provided free electricity to the world. Hint hint time will show

  • Kosmogonik
    Kosmogonik 16 days ago

    but what is the evidence that sfinks was build 10000 years ago. maybe it was facing other constellation when was build.

  • PathisNarrow
    PathisNarrow 16 days ago

    funny. this guy looks like the shynx. hugh cheek bones, large nose, the hair at the back

  • Wiser Bud
    Wiser Bud 16 days ago

    A lion guarding the chamber? Isn't that Aladdin? Disney Illuminati confirmed.

    • liquidminds
      liquidminds 11 days ago

      Disney hasn't written an original story ever... If you know it from a disney movie, you know they copied or stole it from somewhere.
      they even rewrite their own stuff to make new movies... frozen is lion king. avatar is pocahontas... disney isn't very original... sorry.

  • Cliff
    Cliff 16 days ago


  • Snake_XIX
    Snake_XIX 17 days ago +3

    The old guy seems a bit strange mannered

  • I'm wrong you're very write

    it says white people are the ones who built the pyramids 😂😂😂 Lord.
    Even the modern Egyptians never existed at the time coz they're a mix of Arabs.

  • Cherry3000
    Cherry3000 17 days ago

    Its simply a giant that was birthed by fallen angels and human women. Pre flood Yahuah had all these giants fight each other then they were hit with super heat then washed over with the flood. They are all over the flat earth. Half buried in mud after the water subsided. The giants and giant beast were alive. Both of these guys are known shills. Yahuah told you through Enoch and all through His word about the giants and giant trees and the shape of the earth.

  • saxonsoldier67
    saxonsoldier67 17 days ago

    True fact. The original head of the Sphinx has a head that strongly resembles Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump depending on whether the viewer is to the right or left of it.

  • Plucky Pluckster
    Plucky Pluckster 18 days ago

    Mark Lehner shouldn't be trusted

  • Esco KickS
    Esco KickS 18 days ago

    Rogan doesn’t matter icons don’t matter , why the hell are people actually listening to this bull

  • PitFiend2001
    PitFiend2001 18 days ago

    Whatever the truth really is it's been destroyed or purposely being hidden.

  • crazeeavery XVII
    crazeeavery XVII 18 days ago

    The water erosion shows it's much much older. There wasn't water there in that time period.

  • Chaz G
    Chaz G 18 days ago

    TheXvid'ologist checking this man's work lol.

  • Joel
    Joel 18 days ago

    World wide flood. Flat earth, joe Rogan is s shill lol

  • Mom F
    Mom F 19 days ago

    i saw the inside of the chamber during an acid trip

  • MaQuGo119
    MaQuGo119 19 days ago

    HAWAS BTFO (will never recover)

  • cvt cvt
    cvt cvt 19 days ago

    But what are the Kardashians up to lately?

  • Awesome Product Reviews

    Body was buried for a ton of years = preservation

  • Mike Holloway
    Mike Holloway 20 days ago

    Dodgy guy.

  • Spooky T
    Spooky T 20 days ago

    kar- douche

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 22 days ago

    I was taught napoleon shot the sphinx nose off with cannon fire

  • VoxVirtus
    VoxVirtus 22 days ago

    Robert Schoch is truly ancient.

  • Alex420DT
    Alex420DT 22 days ago

    This show is a real mind fuck if you watch it high

  • Clemis Lilly
    Clemis Lilly 23 days ago

    Joe these sphinx were the lion and were dedicated to where the heavenly watchers came from in heavens these were also known as the fallen ones these were built as a guide to a world change event these were built around 15,000 17,000 yrs ago !!!!!!!

  • Alex Kirrmann
    Alex Kirrmann 23 days ago

    You should be 100% sceptical of anything this guy says. There is no counter arguement.

  • AlienGuy16
    AlienGuy16 23 days ago

    The long, low shape of a lions torso laying on the ground would be hit by, and deflect the wind in a very different way than the human head standing upright in it. Naturally, the erosion would be notably different from body to head, so given the difference of the two parts, it seems obvious to expect different effects of erosion on each part. Everyone likes to think Egyptians were or had more than was the case at the time just because we don't do the same super difficult stuff anymore. People like to say aliens helped build this shit, or they had divine influence. But the evidence usually shows that they just did this stuff in the exact hard, straight forward way that we just dismiss today. Like wetting the sand they drug the blocks on to reduce friction, etc.

  • Ya boi JJ
    Ya boi JJ 24 days ago

    This guys voice is so fucking soothing lmao

  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi 25 days ago

    They Had AlChamy ... The Power To Mold That's How Everything is Cut So well ...
    The Sphinx has a Wonder just as much as the Pyramid also is the Wonder of the world.
    One is just a SOlid Block and the Other Is a Solid Story.
    There Might have had this Power also some sort of Miracle - Manipulative Secret.
    Coz it might had other Miracles behind it.
    The Nile Could have been Made especially for a Pharaoh. I mean for a Pharaoh to know all this stuff...
    He might have had the power just to slip the land in the right places.
    Man and his destiny... or journey...
    Hence the Split of the Sea.

  • UrMomGay NoU
    UrMomGay NoU 25 days ago

    What happened at 8:55?

  • Michael Demarco
    Michael Demarco 26 days ago

    The original head of the Sphinx was AUNT JEMIMA

  • Thomas Scott News
    Thomas Scott News 27 days ago

    It's been on TheXvid for a few years now that the head was most likely a lion.