Justin Beiber Calls On Trump To "Release Kids From Cages," Except Trump Already Did

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
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Comments • 2 781

  • Evil Bert
    Evil Bert 7 days ago

    Narcissism + ignorance + outrage = Twitter

  • cleanholio
    cleanholio 12 days ago

    Beiber is a tool

  • Jj 555
    Jj 555 15 days ago

    Those are basinets

  • A Sleepy Dude
    A Sleepy Dude 15 days ago

    Please God take Justin Beiber away and give us back a better singer

  • FurryFoxy
    FurryFoxy 17 days ago

    They acting like he’s keeping them in hamster cages or some shit

  • valarauka
    valarauka 17 days ago

    justina should shut up and suck dick like a good little cunt

  • Placido Penitente
    Placido Penitente 19 days ago

    Ah yes, Mr. Overhyped went out of relevancy and wants it back.

  • pranicmegan
    pranicmegan 22 days ago +2

    When you said it's not his fault ... about Beiber .... I turned you off. If he is not responsible for making sure what he says is correct WHO IS? Ridiculous. THINK about what you are saying instead of letting your mouth run off ahead of your brain.

  • angryvino
    angryvino 22 days ago

    Bieber could care less about these kids just like all the other virtue signaling progressives and liberals.

  • Kenneth Flaming
    Kenneth Flaming 22 days ago +1

    beiber next time ron burgundy wont just throw his cigarette at you so keep your mouth shut beiber

  • Razgriz6464
    Razgriz6464 22 days ago

    If we could not have a socialist for president that'd be greeaaat.

  • Adam Schilling
    Adam Schilling 22 days ago +1

    I love the reply. "Where was the outrage when Obama built those 'cages'?"

  • Dragonlordfrodo TV
    Dragonlordfrodo TV 22 days ago

    Trump likes to get rid of Obama era policies. Start with Obama era detention camps!

  • pollitical junkie
    pollitical junkie 22 days ago

    The canadian people would like to apologize to America for this complete embarrassment of a human being(justin "the queer" bieber)

  • John Monte
    John Monte 22 days ago

    You don't expect him to know what he's talking about? The ignorant piece of shit has nothing else to do all day but educate himself... yet he doesn't. Fuck you both tim

  • John Klem
    John Klem 23 days ago

    And Trump asks Bieber to take his punkass back to Canuckistan !
    Trump 2020

  • layne anderson
    layne anderson 23 days ago

    I'm sure Beiber got Epsteined.

  • Joseph James
    Joseph James 23 days ago

    It’s all about posturing and preening. Timing isn’t important.

  • Miles Tackett Music
    Miles Tackett Music 23 days ago

    Chapo trap house loves pim tool. Lol you are a gentleman Tim

  • Darren Williams
    Darren Williams 23 days ago

    Yet again another star falls for it , believing everything the media spins lies about and listening to wayward activists .

  • Billy Anderson
    Billy Anderson 24 days ago

    Entertainers are complete morons !

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett 24 days ago +1

    Tell beiber to fuck off in American politics. I don't want any foreign influence in our elections.

  • spiralout72
    spiralout72 24 days ago

    Hey Bieber, suck my big white American dick!

  • Knecker123
    Knecker123 24 days ago

    So if celebrities are uninformed you should treat them with kid gloves? Nah, stupid people need harsh reality checks.

  • fiddleDdee
    fiddleDdee 24 days ago

    It is Justins fault - he's just tweeting hearsay - most people today are ignorant - the media has made them ignorant - you're right that the leftists only listen to themselves - they are swamped with disinformation on a daily basis - so bottom line leftists are basically ignorant of the true facts

  • aviator61727
    aviator61727 25 days ago

    Well, since Trump is taking care of the kids that the squad doesn't care about. I don't see why we need the left.

  • Kelspeth
    Kelspeth 25 days ago +1

    Did Tim just make fun of Weebers name ?

  • CeriThePooh
    CeriThePooh 25 days ago

    Tim “kids aren’t in cages” Pool

  • ScreamingSturmovik
    ScreamingSturmovik 25 days ago

    Oboma built the facilities and separated children but he tried to protect children and process people, trump said it will continue as a "deterrent"

    trump takes money from disaster relief to expand physical barriers even though there is still a untouched fund for such purpose instead of trying to process people or improve conditions

    dems don't give him money for a wall or for improving conditions because trump wants a wall and only a wall, so while he sits there with a sack of money intended for disaster relief but taken for a wall and says no it's mine everything is the dems fault because potus is allowed to be childish. Whatever happened to Truman's the buck stops here?

  • Gunt Gunderson
    Gunt Gunderson 25 days ago

    I would expect Justin Bieber to know whats going on if he, as a high profile personality, wants to speak on the matter. His ignorance is no excuse. If it was me, and I was ignorant of certain facts and I spoke on the subject, and someone points out i don’t have all the facts, then I was wrong, period. The difference is that no one listens to my disinformation, people will listen to Beiber and believe him. He has even more responsibility to know the facts if he wants to speak on subjects that are divisive like this. He only makes it worse when he does

  • DrakeusMaximus
    DrakeusMaximus 25 days ago

    Don’t let trump win. Throw those kids back in the cages!!

  • Vashnik Shinra
    Vashnik Shinra 25 days ago

    You over estimate Justin Bieber's ability to use his brain for anything other than basic motor functions.

  • alon rimon
    alon rimon 25 days ago

    Justin beiber - a privileges cis straight white male who benefited from the patriarchy ....
    How much is he getting paid to say that?

  • raynebc
    raynebc 25 days ago

    If Beiber wants to spout off about politics, it is his duty to know what he's talking about. Otherwise we end up with likewise ignorant fans taking what he says as the truth and we have the blind leading the blind.

  • Agent Exeider
    Agent Exeider 25 days ago +1

    What I love is the childish tweet below Trump's, it's like even when Trump does something objectively good the reaction is "We see right through you, you're just doing this for points."

    Seriously, leftists are physically incapable of giving him credit where credit is due, and then they wonder why Trump says "fuck it" and continues to antagonize them. The answer is: Because since negative interactions is all that you are giving the president, that's what he will use and continue to exploit to get what he wants.

    They're being unreasonable, unworkable and they blame Trump for being rigid. Jeez.

  • Juan J. Guzman
    Juan J. Guzman 25 days ago

    Said it! They were Muslims. protected group or species. Do not be afraid.

  • Shane H
    Shane H 25 days ago

    Those cages are better than any home these pawns came from!

  • Herp Derp
    Herp Derp 25 days ago +1

    Reading that response on the screen about how POCs see right through trumps BS? But yet they are too stupid to see through the lefts BS that has kept them low IQ, impoverished, perpetual victim, voting slaves for the past 144 years? How fucking stupid can you get?

  • roguemjd
    roguemjd 25 days ago

    Does the beanie prevent your comprehension of snark and/or passive aggressiveness? You're an idiot.

  • Daniel Connor
    Daniel Connor 25 days ago

    If justin bieber were smart he’d get his news on Timcast 😀

  • brian h
    brian h 25 days ago

    To quote Ozzy Osbourne..WHAT THE HELL'S A BEIBER?

  • Michael Jacobs
    Michael Jacobs 25 days ago

    Justin Beiber can "go back" where he came from. Seriously though, our society has 0% thought and 1000% feels. Morons.

  • Joaquim Coutinho
    Joaquim Coutinho 25 days ago

    Why are rich artists in the USA so dumb?

  • Ryan Haynes
    Ryan Haynes 25 days ago

    The more glaring elephant in the room is this what percent of theses kids are being sold into slavery. Yes slavery. There was a huge sex ring busted in Atlanta most of them where minors. All of them where illigle young girls how they got here dunno why they where not taken care of I dunno but how many more people are we going to be allowed to be treated like this for rich white liberals to feel good about them self's when people are being bought an sold like beef in a market?

  • Michael Damasco
    Michael Damasco 25 days ago

    Didn't Bieber challenge Tom Cruise to an MMA match earlier?

  • AVS
    AVS 25 days ago

    I skip a couple days of Tim Pool, and I hear nothing about these kids and nothing about the ICE firebomber.

  • PMcCul4486
    PMcCul4486 25 days ago

    The far left are just useful idiots for the globalists. It's hilarious that they've lost control over them.

  • Lejuan Smith
    Lejuan Smith 25 days ago

    I never had a problem with Justin before,never cared for his music cause I'm not a teenage air head...but this tweet if his really turned me off to him...dude stay in your lane before Tom Cruise whups your ass (i betting on that now) stop virtue signaling dude

  • PMcCul4486
    PMcCul4486 25 days ago

    Isn't Bieber Canadian? Celebrity worship needs to end.

  • PierreWah
    PierreWah 25 days ago

    "talented" Our P.M sucks. Bearly no one likes him beside the left.

  • MrMetonicus
    MrMetonicus 25 days ago

    Bruh, he's Justin Beiber.

  • Weapons of Mass Distraction

    You said it,
    Bieber is a tool.

  • Knowledgeispower
    Knowledgeispower 25 days ago +3

    Beaver knows exactly what he's doing. It's called propaganda and psychological manipulation. They have influence over people. That's why celebrities always talk about politics. To influence peoples thinking. All they want to do is talk orange man bad and create division. Celebrities always know whats best for us right?

  • Tiger Stylez
    Tiger Stylez 25 days ago

    Call it a Cat Whistle when the left does it.

  • mo21nk
    mo21nk 25 days ago

    Trump is taking care of the kids the illigals and democrats didnt. When he should be continuing to make America more great.

  • Alehgory Regic
    Alehgory Regic 25 days ago


  • Kigiru Drewko
    Kigiru Drewko 25 days ago

    > Bieber
    > 2019

    Literaly no one remembers this disgrace of a musician, why he's even jumping out of his shithole now and pretend to be important? His time is over, he god disposed by Disney like trash and in a trashcan is his place.

  • DragonSlicer
    DragonSlicer 25 days ago

    I really don't care about Kanye west, really don't get why people like him, I think he's a total asshole and just full of himself.

  • AK 4o
    AK 4o 25 days ago

    Marketing Tool

  • Gudda
    Gudda 25 days ago

    "Very talented prime mininster of sweden" :P
    LOL lövfen is hated and didn't actually win the last election

  • Braddah Spliff
    Braddah Spliff 26 days ago

    Okay what? I had another comment, but... My notifications say this video was posted 1 hour ago, yet all the comments say 2 days ago. What the hell is wrong with TheXvid?

  • Stephen Perretti
    Stephen Perretti 26 days ago

    Has Justin Bieber recanted his statement that he was offered billions of dollars if he would "snuff" a young boy during sex? Also, that the music industry is operated by pedophiles? Also, that these pedophiles video record the sexual abuse of little boys and girls, and the murder of these kids as well? Does he still wonder what happened to the little boy he was offered on the condition that he kill him?
    He recently released a new record.

  • loadmaster61
    loadmaster61 26 days ago

    Someone needs to sharpen his crayons

  • jsmyth024
    jsmyth024 26 days ago

    He's also a TOOL fan. #bmmer

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne 26 days ago

    ICE should come out and record each parent and be like “ok, either you ALL get deported OR we separate your children until we confirm everything.” Record it. Most will say to separate their own children so they can stay in the US. That is their main goal anyway so they will do anything to be here. The detention centers are not horrible. What’s horrible is the actual American citizens who are living on the streets without being handed stuff

  • Yvonne
    Yvonne 26 days ago

    Haha Trump ended the cages that Obama put them in. Doesn’t Bieber live in a mansion with extra rooms? He should house a couple families! But yeah, Trump should help A$AP Rocky. Sweden is lost! Don’t any Americans ever vacation there! They’re open borders for all the actual shithole countries from the Middle East!

  • Gölök Z L F Buday
    Gölök Z L F Buday 26 days ago +1

    I am guessing handlers are massive leftists and they tell celebrities what's going on.

  • Gölök Z L F Buday
    Gölök Z L F Buday 26 days ago +2

    If your going to have an opinion it can't hurt to get the info accurately, he can afford every news source available, I am sure. Time to tweet, time to read. Just DuckDuckGo it.

  • ClicClikBang
    ClicClikBang 26 days ago

    Antifa guy with AR? I wasn’t informed of this. What happened?

  • XerasDezarrys
    XerasDezarrys 26 days ago

    It's funny that he's still tryin to be relevant. Hope he likes the coverage, because it's more attention than he's had in ages

  • Nick
    Nick 26 days ago +1

    Bro I see your video’s in my “Up Next” feed AND at the top of TheXvid feed when I open... Please stop with the daily plugs ins on how TheXvid is hurting you... You aren’t even

  • Nick
    Nick 26 days ago +5

    Tim: “It’s not Justin Bieber‘s job can you read the news every day.”
    H’s not the little boy singer anymore, he’s a grown ass man that can be informed like anyone else...

  • Ral Ph
    Ral Ph 26 days ago

    The heck with him, he's canadian

  • jacomee27
    jacomee27 26 days ago

    Tim u should expect him to know this i don’t care who u r or how famous u r u should read some facts bc spewing bs on social media

  • jsmyth024
    jsmyth024 26 days ago

    Think it's time to drown them out: #GoldManGood