Razer thought this was a good idea??

  • Published on Dec 29, 2018
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    Technically all speaker drivers vibrate but these are different. The Razer Nari Ultimate headphones use technology from Lofelt (the company that brought you Basslet) to TRY and take haptic gaming tech to the next level…
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Comments • 6 998

  • Xmans___
    Xmans___ 2 days ago

    Can we turn off the led light without software razer?

  • peter pH
    peter pH 3 days ago

    Now I have an idea, get the vibrating mouse (JamesDonkey 007?), and this.

  • Cameron Rollins
    Cameron Rollins 4 days ago

    Don’t waste your money and more importantly your time. I ordered them and the sound was absolutely HORRIBLE. It sounded like the audio was coming through a filter next to my ears, making everything muffled. My Man O War head set sounded WAY better. So I returned them to Razer and this is the “don’t waste your time” part. It’s been over a month and I’m STILL waiting for my refund to hit my account. They claim that after they receive the product that you’ll have your refund in 18 days. Right........hasn’t happened yet even with multiple upset emails.

  • Eunhan Choi
    Eunhan Choi 4 days ago +1

    6:36 what happened to his hair

  • King Solrac
    King Solrac 5 days ago

    8:57 xd

  • Michael De La Cruz
    Michael De La Cruz 5 days ago

    Y'all going to end up deaf.

  • Angel gallardo
    Angel gallardo 5 days ago

    Lmao as soon he said you wont make this far into the video, I was already exiting, had to come back 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

  • Shrikant Singam
    Shrikant Singam 5 days ago

    what are the Games shown in this video?

  • Brian Heo
    Brian Heo 6 days ago

    This is late, but it feels weird when Linus says clout as 0:16
    I know he means in a business way, but it feels odd

  • ziggysfix
    ziggysfix 6 days ago

    theres no microphone?

  • mart !
    mart ! 7 days ago

    This headset is amazing in hunt showdown!! I dont regret it!

  • Lord Aleksander
    Lord Aleksander 7 days ago

    0:56 such a stupid idea... Someone could lie and just keep the product :D

  • Kashful Haqq
    Kashful Haqq 8 days ago

    Fair shake...hah i get it

  • HighEndSquads
    HighEndSquads 8 days ago

    Guys that headset bad it is for just movie and music
    I have one is so bad in game

  • Varun Somwanshi
    Varun Somwanshi 9 days ago +1

    A fair shake

  • StibniteWolf
    StibniteWolf 11 days ago

    Genius GX Gila did this first, they had vibrating headphones lmfao

  • Gdggs Hhsgs
    Gdggs Hhsgs 11 days ago

    Should I buy those or the steelseries arctis 7 2019 edition??

      SPECTREZS YT 8 days ago


    • Some Person
      Some Person 8 days ago

      sennheiser and massdrop hd 58x jubilee with a modmic or seperate usb microphone

  • Scumbratan
    Scumbratan 13 days ago

    So, what is better? Nari ultimate or kraken 7.1 v2?

  • Hana Song
    Hana Song 13 days ago

    4:38 Mick Gordon - Welcome to Hell, Shoting with the ChainGun, your welcome

  • Jason Murphy
    Jason Murphy 13 days ago

    Whenever you watch a linus tech tip video its a critic video

  • Sixs Carlo
    Sixs Carlo 14 days ago +2

    I just saw warframe and I immediately flicked my head to the screen

  • Remone Carter
    Remone Carter 15 days ago

    Come on linus why you got to do this

  • MemeDaddy V69
    MemeDaddy V69 16 days ago +2

    LMAO they be looking like a operators headgear from rainbow six siege

  • Mr.NiggerMan 200
    Mr.NiggerMan 200 16 days ago

    If you'r buying a 200$ headset you probably aren't gonna use them only for music

  • Blue Gomez
    Blue Gomez 16 days ago +1

    Skullcandy Crusher Wireless were the originals!!!!

  • Alex Fischer
    Alex Fischer 17 days ago

    I've thought of putting haptic vibrations in headphones before, and its cool to see someone actually did it!

  • Leon
    Leon 18 days ago

    Sony Pulse Elite is the Original and way better than that!

  • Art of Krzysztof Orczyk

    I bought these headphones and i must say that they're better than i thought. Microphone is shit (reallly) and price is high but everything else is great and i will buy them second time for sure. There is button on headphones that turns on and off haptics so it's ok. Personally i never turn off haptics, they're great, there was some exeptions when haptics was distracting but mostly when sound quality in material is shit so it's really not a problem. I recommend these. Build quality is great imo, i have them 1-2 months and there is not a single scratch ( im not that cautious and i dropped it 2 times). It's razer but turns out, headphones are not shit. Also i personally love vibrations so they're great for me, it's also gold in games, but if this effect doesn't mean much to you, dont buy it.

    • Art of Krzysztof Orczyk
      Art of Krzysztof Orczyk 18 days ago

      Also keep in mind that i take them off only sometimes to sleep. So it's not exhausting listening to music with vibrations all day. And they're comfortable.

  • OrangeSmiley PlayZ
    OrangeSmiley PlayZ 18 days ago

    Not all headphones vibrate (don't say Yes)

  • Rekt Games
    Rekt Games 19 days ago +1

    8:02 when you're getting called by online scammers with sh*tty mics

  • Flizz
    Flizz 19 days ago

    T-series huh more like L-series

  • BiO4President
    BiO4President 20 days ago

    0:25 DUDE My Razer Nari Ultimate literally vibrated at this point...

  • angrygingerboss
    angrygingerboss 20 days ago

    Skull candy crushers wireless?

  • Jeemar suaybaguio
    Jeemar suaybaguio 21 day ago

    6:41 Okay who fucking cut his hair like that? That's fucking messed up

  • Jonathan Phillips
    Jonathan Phillips 21 day ago

    The headset is awesome!

  • Reagan Sims
    Reagan Sims 22 days ago

    James is really bad at doom.

  • vExodiac
    vExodiac 23 days ago


  • ShortbusGangster
    ShortbusGangster 23 days ago

    Keep your favorite headphones/headset and get a Woojer strap instead. Yeah it costs a little more but it's haptic on your body and you can take it with you, use earbuds even. It's not locked to one set of headphones.

  • Milos Terzic
    Milos Terzic 23 days ago +3

    They look like those headphones which pilots use

  • Krispz
    Krispz 23 days ago +1

    Imagine plugging this into a vive headset. Ultimate immersion lol

  • Mateus Anacleto
    Mateus Anacleto 23 days ago

    skullcandy crusher wireless made it better....

  • infinite 8
    infinite 8 23 days ago

    This is more like a advert

  • Gooby
    Gooby 23 days ago

    Why mic is so different. I've seen other review from this headset and they were very good mic sound

    Edit: ... Oh it's Razer Nari Ultimate ... They looked like Tresher on first sight

  • Ass Blaster 9000
    Ass Blaster 9000 23 days ago

    and they will probably have at least ONE problem with them. just like every fucking razer product

  • Vero Pag
    Vero Pag 24 days ago

    :O no comments on this video?! well i guess i get to say first! unless youtube has gone and derped and just didn't display comments for me and now i look like a doofus.. we shall see

  • The Lone Wanderer
    The Lone Wanderer 24 days ago +8

    None of you have even tried it, it works well. I’m not even a razer fanboy

    • Funkie Chicken
      Funkie Chicken 21 day ago

      +Fazal Clips it will help

    • Fazal Clips
      Fazal Clips 23 days ago +1

      Does it Has Surround Sound ? Will it help in Battle Royale Games ?

  • Spongeboi
    Spongeboi 24 days ago

    razer are the beats of the gaming world

  • Matthew Ryan
    Matthew Ryan 24 days ago

    Skullcandy already did this with the crusher.

  • Skeeter Harris
    Skeeter Harris 24 days ago

    Thanks -I'll wait for version 2

  • Have Aniceday
    Have Aniceday 25 days ago

    am i the only one who notice that the graph tilt backwards at 3:00 ? really razer

  • Omg Rhi
    Omg Rhi 25 days ago

    Am I the only one who loves my pair? The haptics give me frisson up the wazoo when listening to music. Gaming can be a bit headachey for long periods of time, so I usually have it around 30-40%. Punchy af in Anthem though, but I obviously have terrible taste, so...

  • Abdullaev Iskandar
    Abdullaev Iskandar 26 days ago

    Thanks to mic you sounded like a 10 years old kid, I don't think you can call it "not fantastic", it's more reasonable to say TRASH!

  • Abdullaev Iskandar
    Abdullaev Iskandar 26 days ago

    0:35 Alien invasion! 🤖

  • Lego Play Time
    Lego Play Time 26 days ago

    It’s a vibrator??

  • lexalot
    lexalot 27 days ago

    Hypersense sounds cool, but those headphones are uuuugly

  • Mathias Ankersen
    Mathias Ankersen 27 days ago

    How much does that "thing" weigh 25 pounds? Looks like you are about to fly a f-16

  • Mikkel Frederiksen
    Mikkel Frederiksen 27 days ago

    This is the dumbest thing i have ever seen.. Really

  • J4R3L
    J4R3L 28 days ago

    That mic is garbo

  • Avirex
    Avirex 28 days ago

    Razer headsets are trash

  • LeonS Grubb
    LeonS Grubb 28 days ago

    1:28 , bpm of avicii, ur lying disliked. you dont know blindness my friend >:)

  • Marco Gil
    Marco Gil 28 days ago

    At least, Razer is trying and innovating on many aspects, that's always good, isn't it?

  • XD
    XD 28 days ago

    imagine getting headshot it would massage your haed

  • Nube Noober
    Nube Noober 28 days ago

    why are u sponsored by underwear

  • Sh4dow sight
    Sh4dow sight 28 days ago +1

    This could be intruduced to vr such as the oculus to make it more immersive

  • Myles Melloch
    Myles Melloch 29 days ago

    nice cinnamon rolls on your head Linus.

  • Dark3nipeZ
    Dark3nipeZ 29 days ago

    The mic is disgusting

  • Xx Moral Nerd98 xX
    Xx Moral Nerd98 xX 29 days ago

    Listen up here you idiot. This is a step into the future. If you can’t handle it, don’t use it. I personally think this is amazing. We are getting closer and closer to feeling touch in VR, and this would only help. You just can’t handle it, pussy

  • Nathan Wilson
    Nathan Wilson Month ago

    seriously disappointed with my Razer Tiamat 7.1 v2 set

  • Nawaz Waseem
    Nawaz Waseem Month ago

    Razer operpriced dog shit and made in China..

    I have bought Razer mice in the past that cost around £50 and felt cheap..

    I have now bought a Gigabyte G203 Prodigy for £16 and the quality compared to my previous Razer mice is barely noticeable!! G203 has FAR BETTER lighting too!!


  • The Adventurous Gamer - TAG

    I wonder what it would be like touse it in VR?

  • Liam H
    Liam H Month ago

    Every pair of headphones vibrates your head. Das da point

  • Atomic Xenon
    Atomic Xenon Month ago

    i slept mid way xD

  • Alan Yang
    Alan Yang Month ago

    Bouta return this thing, the mic is horrible, hypersense is totally unnecessary, at least for me. I tried to optimize the headphone but the sound is just meh and the vibration gets really annoying in long gaming sessions (especially when you have glasses). I thinking I’m just gonna get a Sennheiser instead.

  • Afflux Waffles
    Afflux Waffles Month ago

    Is it true that the headphones include DEHP?

  • JamesStoneGames
    JamesStoneGames Month ago

    Skullcandy has headphones that have haptic feedback

  • NPC# 1776
    NPC# 1776 Month ago

    It's not possible to play csgo without sound

  • Aviate
    Aviate Month ago

    Fine okay TheXvid, i'll watch it.

  • Johan Sofus Dahl Jensen

    Can I turn off the vibrating?

  • Some Random Guy
    Some Random Guy Month ago +2


    • Pacific
      Pacific 23 days ago

      Some Random Guy don't forget rob toothpaste wait nevermind

  • Jeah GamesAreFun
    Jeah GamesAreFun Month ago

    Simply buy Sony WH 1000mx3 bluetooth headphones, the Noise Canceling are so good i coudn`t believe that. I rather thought i had a problem with my hearing abilities but noooooo the headphones blocked the most of noise and without even turning on the music. The Headphones work really well in Windows and every device i tried had no issues even with a cable connection.

  • Kieran Fleenor
    Kieran Fleenor Month ago

    Did they delete the CES video of them using the vibrating chair, keyboard and mouse? I can't find it

  • Dinamy [Kw4]
    Dinamy [Kw4] Month ago

    6:40 I see brawlhalla, I like

  • ExAstris- 3130
    ExAstris- 3130 Month ago

    The hand gesture omg

  • SOHighSOSavage
    SOHighSOSavage Month ago

    HyperX Cloud Alpha are the best gamig headphones considering their huge price performance-quality ratio !!

  • Sam P.
    Sam P. Month ago

    Why the constant bitching about micro usb? Never had any issues with it and now I've had my first usb-c phone for less than a year and the charging cable is loose already.

  • DefineOni
    DefineOni Month ago

    Ever try'd the skullcandy crusher wireless xD

  • sp33dbump33 33
    sp33dbump33 33 Month ago

    $200 headset and u get micro usb. Good deal!

  • Zewerr
    Zewerr Month ago

    I bought these when they first came out and were nothing but problems. The goods on them were that they were big and comfy and the haptic feedback was kinda cool. But that was it. The sound was too bassy. You can adjust the equalizers to get it to sound good in one game, but it seemed impossible to get a good overall sound for all games. The THX surround sound didn't sound very precise. The battery life was abysmal. And the worst part of all, they constantly lost sound. Either I couldn't communicate in Discord or the sound kept cutting out or disappearing completely in games. I returned them within Razor's 14 day return policy.

  • XGiveMeLibertyX
    XGiveMeLibertyX Month ago

    I’m not a streamer so I don’t give a shit about the mic as long as other players can clearly understand me that’s all that matters.

  • hard gore
    hard gore Month ago

    brain damage expected

  • Brady
    Brady Month ago

    Anyone considering this get the Skullcandy Crushers. The haptic effect is just as strong, profile is much slimmer and build quality better, and the basic ones are cheaper, and onboard haptic adjusting. Also bluetooth

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner Month ago

    Good for a gamer BUT trash for a person that likes music

  • k3ntizZ
    k3ntizZ Month ago

    6:35 what is that haircut? LOL

  • How How wang
    How How wang Month ago

    i know i tried it before very bad

  • Sodical
    Sodical Month ago

    big ass headphones jheeez

  • BenzQoa
    BenzQoa Month ago

    I was watching this video with the Razer Nari Ultimate

  • Ivan Lam
    Ivan Lam Month ago

    is anyone having unstable connection problem with the Nari Ultimate?

  • John Tam
    John Tam Month ago

    oh my god that mic quality

  • Supreme Duck
    Supreme Duck Month ago

    Razer really likes thing that vibrate huh?

  • Jonas Porro
    Jonas Porro Month ago

    Now that Apex Legends is out these are somehow useful