The Biggest Mystery in All of Music

  • Published on Jan 23, 2022

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  • pico's girlfriend
    pico's girlfriend 4 months ago +101615

    im pretty sure that we just need to ask queen Elizabeth. she knows everything from millions years ago 💀💀

  • FOXxR7
    FOXxR7 2 months ago +4802

    It's been 3 decades and we still don't know the one who let the dogs out

  • Murilo Nardes
    Murilo Nardes Month ago +191

    "Whomst among us let the dog out?" Lmao what the fu-

  • Corrine Brown🇺🇦

    "Is a complete mystery because we don't know who wrote it"
    Me: "is a complete mystery on WHO LET THE DOGS OUT 🐕

  • Aleksa Jovanovic
    Aleksa Jovanovic 21 day ago +6

    "Is a complete mystery because no one knows who wrote it" you missed an AMAZING joke

  • R∆Z€R_XD
    R∆Z€R_XD 6 days ago +16

    "who asked?" : Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendry

  • nobody's name
    nobody's name 11 days ago +3

    That song has always existed throughout the whole existence of time

  • cherie tan
    cherie tan 6 days ago +2

    I went on a walk in downtown with over 50 kids I was one of them then a guy (who was probably home less) walks past and started singing "who let the kids out" then me and my BFF where like "our parents sir"

  • Aidan Gonzalez
    Aidan Gonzalez 2 months ago +3

    My brain just discovered new brain cells I never knew existed

  • Drunk Shinx
    Drunk Shinx 3 months ago +9699

    The song is eternal, it has always existed

    • Flynn Taggart
      Flynn Taggart 3 days ago +1

      In the beginning, there were dogs. And god said, "Let the dogs out," and so they were.

    • William_l
      William_l 7 days ago +1

      The big bang was god yelling who let the dogs out when presumably jesus let the dogs out

    • 1MadJack1
      1MadJack1 9 days ago +1

      So is there's gotta be a Sumerian tablet that says "who let the dogs out?"

    • Lou Sasshole
      Lou Sasshole 21 day ago

      God actually made it

  • 《°OnyxTheBreadWing》🥀

    In 1845 there was records of a song that contained the lyrics "who let the dogs out" but yet, it was no credit meaning its a forever mystery

  • •Nᴇᴋᴏ Pᴜꜰꜰ•

    *the research this man does is inhuman*

  • 10_EECG_10
    10_EECG_10 11 days ago

    I was so shocked when it just kept going I thought it would go on forever, it reached the 1980s.

  • 𝓘'𝓶 𝓙𝓸𝓼𝓪𝓵𝔂𝓷

    I probably wouldn't even know this song with my Aunt Gg because she had a cute dog treat holder in her house for her dog Riggly (he was a bloodhound) and we would go to her house all the time and open the treat holder to get a treat and this song would play which made Riggly so happy man I loved that dog lol

  • SharkAcademy
    SharkAcademy 3 months ago +10565

    The song actually predates all the way back to Noah’s ark. Noah was actually gathering two of every kind to bring into the ark, at one point they thought they had brought a pair of dogs of every species in, but one day Noah found them outside and was heard screaming through his ark “who let the dogs out?!”. Fast forward a few months into the great flood everyone was bored inside the ark as there was no television or anything to entertain themselves so they started coming up with various songs to sing. One of the biggest hits they came up with that everyone loved was, you guessed it, who let the dogs out

  • Summer12 Girl
    Summer12 Girl 16 days ago +17

    Someone: That’s literally my song I’ll sue you!
    The person they stole the song from: Baby I’m not even here I’m a ✨hallucination✨

  • Crazy Comments
    Crazy Comments 8 days ago

    Guys, I’ve cracked it, after years of asking “Who let the dogs out?” I finally know, someone or something let the dogs out, then they/it wrote a song to annoy and make fun of the dog owner, they covered it up by making others cover it, then it became naturally covered, this my friends, is how we can find who let the dogs out, thank you.

  • Lol • 10 Years and
    Lol • 10 Years and 26 days ago +1

    The who wrote this was probably the one who let the dogs out and he probably knew what foxes sound like.

  • JRam Entertainment
    JRam Entertainment Month ago

    When this short finally ended i was relieved

  • Obsidoo
    Obsidoo 3 months ago +1197

    "Who is't alloweth the dogs out"

    • Name Goes Here
      Name Goes Here 12 days ago

      @Spell ICUP I know, I was just fucking around

    • Spell ICUP
      Spell ICUP 12 days ago

      @Name Goes Here bruh I stated my reasoning
      Edit: my blind eyes misread that, I thought he said “why is it the best one?”

    • Name Goes Here
      Name Goes Here 12 days ago

      @Spell ICUP that’s why it’s the best one

    • Spell ICUP
      Spell ICUP 12 days ago

      @Name Goes Here nah Evan Lalla takes it, Berdnardo just spammed “eth”

    • Name Goes Here
      Name Goes Here 14 days ago +4

      @Berdnardo best one

  • Gesvilla
    Gesvilla Month ago

    This song made me cry so hard when I was young because it's scary 🤣

  • Sly333
    Sly333 14 days ago

    This makes me wonder how many other songs are just recycled i heard if this being done before but i wasn't sure if it had stopped due to how tight copyright infringement got after all the years however i heard a loop hole can be done if you either get consent from th original creator or obtain the lisence for its use hence why so many artists are easily recycling old songs with new beats and slight rewording but still releasing the same things in different positions.

  • Carter Mitchell
    Carter Mitchell 10 days ago +1

    Bro even with all that the famous one is still 🔥

  • ConMan45
    ConMan45 17 days ago +31

    “Because no one knows who,” let the dogs out

  • Movies and Music in Sync
    Movies and Music in Sync 3 months ago +3540

    Back in the ancient times, Hades was walking in the purgatory when he saw Cerberus playing with human bones, Hades asked calmly, "Who let the dogs out?". Cerberus responded, "woof,woof,woof."

    • wynterwolf Rose
      wynterwolf Rose 16 days ago +2

      This one I love this one !

    • Manu Cat Lover
      Manu Cat Lover 3 months ago

      Omg thank you so much. You solved the mistery

    • Wig
      Wig 3 months ago +4

      every head of cerberus barking once

    • TehBIGrat
      TehBIGrat 3 months ago

      This is Canon.

    • Bruh Bruv
      Bruh Bruv 3 months ago

      But that happened way before, when not even time itself existed, (redacted) was bored, so he decided to create the universes and life, along with all the stars, but he placed all the universes next to eachother in the shape of the words "who let the dogs out" and after doing it he jokingly said "woof woof woof" and he thought it was hilarious, so he made it so every universe had an reference to "who let the dogs out"
      But who knows, maybe he was created by another being that was also created by another being that was also created by another being who just had the idea of making an who let the dogs out reference

  • Bingalus
    Bingalus Month ago +1

    Imagine it was a guy when Jesus was still alive and he hired a guy to house sit and he had 3 dogs. Then all of them went missing and he said "Who let the dogs out!?"

  • Definitely not a Spy
    Definitely not a Spy 16 days ago

    And back in 1254, a composer wrote the line "Whomever letteth thine pets aloft bark bark bark"

  • Toca Lea
    Toca Lea 13 days ago

    Legend says he’s still explaining

  • SaulreX
    SaulreX 2 months ago +1

    The best of all time
    "Who let the Chomps out?"

  • Liborio Villalobos
    Liborio Villalobos 3 months ago +5455

    This man missed the opportunity to say, “To this day no one knows who let the dogs out”.

    • IdaeChop
      IdaeChop 3 months ago

      It's Mario from SMG4

    • Stom
      Stom 3 months ago

      Big time

    • Ope It's Me
      Ope It's Me 3 months ago

      @ambrose sky I know 😣

    • ambrose sky
      ambrose sky 3 months ago +1

      @Ope It's Me dude u just ruined everything

    • Mike Alaniz
      Mike Alaniz 3 months ago +2

      Theyre just asking the age old question… whut tha dog doin’?

  • Lps Storm TV
    Lps Storm TV 4 days ago

    I just remember the song because my grandma had a bucket of toys and one of them would sing that song if you pushed a button 🤷‍♀️

  • RA TuRbO
    RA TuRbO 3 days ago

    “Who let the dogs out is a complete mystery”

  • Mr. K
    Mr. K 12 days ago +2

    Looks like we will never know who let the dogs out 😔

  • ChrisS
    ChrisS 2 months ago +1

    I actually thought it was gonna be an infinite loop and he would just keep saying "this song was actually inspired by..." and so on

  • Dwaekki's Insanity
    Dwaekki's Insanity 3 months ago +2593

    I honestly expected this to go on until we hit a medieval version

  • Nayil Arab
    Nayil Arab 17 days ago

    I'm 68, my granddaughter taught me how to use a phone and she gave me this profile picture. A random guy actually made it in a radio station where I was working. He was singing it randomly.

  • • ´ ´elina-! •
    • ´ ´elina-! • 22 hours ago +1

    Am I the only one who heard: “In fact the virgin we know today”

  • devil ReApEr
    devil ReApEr Month ago

    Not just we dont know who wrote it

  • Charlie Drechsel
    Charlie Drechsel Month ago

    I’ve personally met the producer of the “Who let the dogs out” everyone knows

  • Numm Nutz
    Numm Nutz 3 months ago +6507

    Whatever it is, it’s one of the hardest chants I’ve ever heard. Shit is powerful. Imagine getting a whole room going you’d feel so damn strong.

    • More Sarms More Arms
      More Sarms More Arms 3 months ago +4

      No man. And I can confirm. I'm 33. When this came out it was incredibly popular. We were skateboarding in my cousin's driveway 10 of us. I did the who let the dogs out and everybody did the yelling part. At the time it felt really cool but now that I think about it I could not be more embarrassed I wish I could just forget about it but that's not likely considering I'm 33 years old and I still vividly remember it so I'm doomed to cringe at myself for the rest of my life because of that and a few other standout moments that I don't even care to try to recall right now

    • Luke
      Luke 3 months ago +1

      I’ll have to tell my cult leader we should try it

    • Andon Brown
      Andon Brown 3 months ago +1

      It's actually the fucking weakest

    • Halaman
      Halaman 3 months ago


    • july dim
      july dim 3 months ago +11

      you feel powerful from barking ok

  • Rysavage_pet
    Rysavage_pet Month ago

    the creator of this song was someone who saw hounds being released and the dogs were barking and it was when audio wasnt a thing for cameras it became a thing when audio was invented i only know this because im 20K years old

  • Noah Harris
    Noah Harris 3 days ago +1

    To this day no one knows who let the dogs out☹️

  • Kuro -w-
    Kuro -w- Month ago

    Legends says they're still asking 'Who let the dogs out"

  • Tapasya Deepudas
    Tapasya Deepudas 2 months ago

    I love how it keeps on going on and on and on.

  • Mystic_Topaz
    Mystic_Topaz 3 months ago +2282

    This song has existed since the dawn of time.Humans were unable to truly replicate it until recently,when they were finally able to capture it in its purest form.

    • zai bucks
      zai bucks 3 months ago

      Best fucking comment😭😭

    • khalifah achmad kamal amru A.K.A no mustache man
      khalifah achmad kamal amru A.K.A no mustache man 3 months ago +2

      @Becky Bickersteth whatedog doin?

    • Vulcan Fist
      Vulcan Fist 3 months ago +5

      Queen Elizabeth probably knows it..

    • Becky Bickersteth
      Becky Bickersteth 3 months ago +14

      And to this day. We still do not know. Who let the dogs out.

    • Gergő Márton
      Gergő Márton 3 months ago +30

      People from millions of years ago sang it after the aliens, and the aliens learned it from another alien species.
      These words and melody was born with the universe.

  • VeLocity ツ
    VeLocity ツ 19 days ago +1

    This song has been inspired 7 times in total

    RED OCEAN CURRENTS Month ago +1

    *when our ancestors saw dogs for the first time*
    "Who let the dogs out?"

  • Rovicamz
    Rovicamz Month ago

    Every time it goes back in time it gets more and more remixed.

  • CradelX
    CradelX 18 days ago

    Legend says he is still going

  • Mike Davies
    Mike Davies 3 months ago +1268

    *It doesn't matter how long this goes back, I find it more interesting that no one has ever told us who actually did let the dogs out 🤯🤯🤯*

    • psilocybe
      psilocybe 3 months ago

      Fun fact: none of these songs are referring to actual dogs

    • IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎
      IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎ 3 months ago

      @kai lmao 😭✋

    • King Wasi
      King Wasi 3 months ago +1

      @IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎ Let's not go there.

    • kai
      kai 3 months ago +2

      @IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎ *was around in 2013* noo..

    • IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎
      IᴍNᴏᴛHᴜᴍᴀɴ シ︎ 3 months ago +3

      Nah, the bigger question is.. *what does the fox say?* 🤔

    MCJTM 29 days ago

    The guy who left the dog out is a legend

  • TheOnlyJoe_
    TheOnlyJoe_ 12 days ago +1

    This is the same for the riff in “come as you are” by nirvana.

  • indian boy
    indian boy Month ago +9

    I don't know why it is like stuck in my head now"who let the dog out who who"

  • MiaDoggieYT
    MiaDoggieYT 2 months ago

    Him: did you know one of the biggest songs of all time
    Me: Rick Roll?

  • The Umbrella Corporation
    The Umbrella Corporation 3 months ago +5810

    There’s something about this short that is so unsettling. There’s nothing intentionally disturbing, but damn is it creepier than Alexia Ashford’s final form.

  • Torren does stuff
    Torren does stuff 2 months ago

    I have a classmate who at lunch would just yell “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT”and everyone would just finish the song like that kid is crazy (his name is Karmelo)

  • Aluria
    Aluria 2 months ago


  • White
    White Month ago +1

    God singing who let the dogs out: Yo this rap is bomb I need to send this to my homies

  • Aarush Munot
    Aarush Munot Month ago +1

    Guess we’ll never know WHO LET THE DOGS OUT

  • MoLassessss
    MoLassessss 3 months ago +2569

    Because its not, “who wrote the song”, it’s strictly the evolution of inspiration.

    • Eye of the Pyramid
      Eye of the Pyramid Month ago

      @Amazing CatFacts but look at this way yes it may have been copied but it evolved into a great song.

    • LunarTesting23
      LunarTesting23 Month ago

      Yup, that's right.

    • Amazing CatFacts
      Amazing CatFacts Month ago

      Not inspiration, stealing.

    • AsumiLuna
      AsumiLuna Month ago

      Well someone has to start somewhere...

    • zherean
      zherean 2 months ago +3

      basically just copy and pasting them

  • Lilly Östlin
    Lilly Östlin 8 days ago +1

    Dang.. Sounds like all The mean stuff i hear from ppl in my class, but im pretty sure that my step brother came upp with those lies first.

  • Bored vibes xxx 🦋
    Bored vibes xxx 🦋 4 days ago +3

    Everyone else: *focusing on the songs*
    me: “ooh nice SpongeBob shirt”

  • Nosheen Musa
    Nosheen Musa 3 days ago

    Dude I know who did
    If you are desi and you have watched a movie called"entertanment" the same song comes and it is not copied.
    Your Welcome 💖♥️💞

  • BitGGames
    BitGGames 4 days ago

    every time the plot twist became crazier, my eyebrow raised

  • KERI
    KERI 3 months ago +2048

    "Nobody knows who wrote it!"
    Also, still nobody knows who did actually let the dogs out!

    • Shin
      Shin 2 months ago

      @Sanni Roxas
      ( \ 🐕🐩🐕‍🦺🐩🐩🐕🐕🐕🐕‍🦺🐕‍🦺🐕

    • Sanni Roxas
      Sanni Roxas 2 months ago

      @Shin ok now you can let the dogs out again for 1 day

    • Shin
      Shin 3 months ago +1

      @UCs86wGqfTMgQHYIlDgfFxNw that's alot of emojis

    • AnderIsHidden
      AnderIsHidden 3 months ago +1

      It was the caveman after taming a wolf.

  • annae
    annae 12 days ago

    I thought he was going to say it's a complete mystery because no one knows who let the dogs out- 💀

  • F2 ForRealz.
    F2 ForRealz. 2 months ago +4

    "But wait, there's more!"

  • Docta Locka'
    Docta Locka' Month ago +1

    theory: its inspired by a viking chant!

  • Snowie
    Snowie Day ago

    After all these versions we still don't know who let the dogs out

  • CR
    CR 3 months ago +607

    So there are actually two mysteries,
    Who let the dogs out?
    Who wrote this song?

    • superkid31
      superkid31 Month ago

      @jorge oseguera no, because they would be the first people asking who let them out. however they could be lying and asking because they were the ones to indeed let them out

    • Priscilla Garcia
      Priscilla Garcia Month ago

      The dogs wrote the song 😂

    • Shulmpino
      Shulmpino Month ago +3

      what the dog doin?

    • Justin Florendo
      Justin Florendo 2 months ago +4

      That was good

    • jorge oseguera
      jorge oseguera 2 months ago +20

      The person who wrote the song is the one who let the dogs out first.

  • Davidoiu'
    Davidoiu' 3 days ago

    Imagine knowing who let the dogs out 😔✊️

  • BTS_Jungkooklover
    BTS_Jungkooklover Month ago

    My five-year-old cousin EJ loves the song like every time I play music on my phone he asks Hey can you play who let the dogs out and I’m like all right and he’s not gonna be too happy when I saw this to him

  • Lin Yuxuan (Aiss)
    Lin Yuxuan (Aiss) 6 days ago

    one of the great many mysteries of the universe

  • Jred the bred
    Jred the bred Month ago

    You know that the person who let the dogs out is MUCH more of a mystery than the wrighter of this somg

  • Døn
    Døn 3 months ago +348

    It’s actually from 1066 and was made to commemorate when William I introduced the doomsday book and was originally “whomst among us has unleashed the hounds outside”

    • blueswish.
      blueswish. Month ago

      @toma agua ʚɞ haha so funny i died laughing look at my face 😐

    • psilocybe
      psilocybe 3 months ago

      No bc it's not about actual dogs 😂

    • Шавермус
      Шавермус 3 months ago +2

      Pretty sus

    • i_loveaxolotls0
      i_loveaxolotls0 3 months ago +3

      among us

    • Soopy!
      Soopy! 3 months ago +19

      English men would often chant this infront of Norman armies in order to mock their leader, though this was actually inspired by-

  • ∆Random Baka∆
    ∆Random Baka∆ 17 days ago

    I remember this song was used in a movie but now I can't remember the movie at all- the only thing I remember about that movie was a little girl sneaking inside some office trying to steal something but like a woman was on the call and she saw the girl and made a deal with her
    Can someone tell me the movies name please

  • Alpha Wolfgang
    Alpha Wolfgang 25 days ago

    Where you get the time and motivation to do this is a mystery to me

  • Brandizno
    Brandizno 2 months ago +1

    Or plot twist: everybody had the same idea! 🤣

  • ᴀᴅxʀʙsᴘᴀ4ᴀᴅɪsᴇ

    Am I the only one who got lost after he talked about the first song 😭✋🏾

  • ente
    ente 4 months ago +11018

    And back in the 1700's a pack of dogs inspired an artist to make this song
    Edit: tysm for the likes ^-^

  • M7005
    M7005 Month ago

    Sooo a few months ago my father installed his massive speakers in our main living area and when you play song on it it’s so loud that even your neighbors can hear it 👀 soooo one beautiful peaceful Sunday he’s Vibin out to shade and that’s great and all and then he give me his phone saying play your favourite song…. *WHO LET THE DOGS OUT* ahahahah if there was an expression of both pride and disgust I saw it on my fathers face that day 😂

  • The Meshricos
    The Meshricos 22 days ago

    I tried to count how many songs he was naming I failed 😪 😔

  • TheFlyingBurrito
    TheFlyingBurrito 12 days ago

    The real mystery is “WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?”

  • Emily Baggett
    Emily Baggett 16 days ago

    It was my great great grandpa.He was really rich he made tons of songs

    PRIXYA 3 months ago +4170

    Plot twist: Someone time travelled decades ago, and taught someone this song, and that someone taught someone who taught someone and so on, until the someone who time travelled learned this song, so it forms a full cycle.

  • Jack Ada
    Jack Ada 23 days ago

    And now we question ourselves;

  • Owlmcmario
    Owlmcmario 19 days ago

    Whoever wrote the song might see this video and think ‘I wrote that song’ and just start laughing

  • XScythe
    XScythe 8 days ago

    It has been 22 years since this song came out, we still don't know who let the dogs out.

  • ASusLightSaberGuy
    ASusLightSaberGuy 2 months ago

    When he said it’s a complete mystery. BUT THERES ANOTHER MYSTERY. Who actually let the dogs out?

  • Jesse Walters
    Jesse Walters 4 months ago +3183

    We need to figure this out so that person can get the credit they deserve.......
    I'm not sure what they deserve. But, they deserve SOMETHING

    • Lord Sir Hamwallet
      Lord Sir Hamwallet 3 months ago

      @Fruit Punch Samurai yo bro congrats on 5 likes here's your epic reply

    • Lord Sir Hamwallet
      Lord Sir Hamwallet 3 months ago

      @Albert hahahaha yea fr he is toxic asf, congrats on them likes tho my guy

    • Reuben Ejueyitsi
      Reuben Ejueyitsi 3 months ago

      deserve to know who let the dogs out

    • Doge Gang
      Doge Gang 3 months ago

      @Albert But you got a like 😏👌

    • AkureXBurners
      AkureXBurners 3 months ago

      They dead tho-

  • Jaxdudez
    Jaxdudez 14 days ago

    Its been 22 years and we still dont know who let the dogs out.

  • DubleStufedOreo
    DubleStufedOreo 13 days ago

    i thought you were about to say: Because no one knows who let the dogs out😂

  • Chloe
    Chloe 2 months ago

    Who let the dogs out is my wake up alarm 😂😂

  • Endermax187
    Endermax187 2 months ago +1

    Thought he was gonna say it is a mystery because no one knows who let the dogs out...

  • Auntum
    Auntum 3 months ago +4092

    This mystery makes people exited to solve it, but after they knew who wrote the song, they would touch the ground-

    • Auntum
      Auntum 3 months ago

      Who let the dogs out, well I guess the writer was letting a dog to speak-

    • Richard McDonald
      Richard McDonald 3 months ago


    • SkSDood
      SkSDood 3 months ago +1

      @I love Juicy WRLD❤️ your name fits that reply lmao

    • Stoopy Sticker
      Stoopy Sticker 3 months ago


    • blubu
      blubu 3 months ago

      @I love Juicy WRLD❤️ who let the Dogs out to write it?

  • The_m8
    The_m8 12 days ago

    No one knows where it’s originality came from…

  • Malcolm Lewis
    Malcolm Lewis 20 days ago

    I thought he was going to say this is a complete mystery because no one knows who actually let the dogs out.

  • Kynzie Atkinson
    Kynzie Atkinson 2 months ago

    Him: no one knows who wrote it…
    Me: oh you mean baha man? That’s who wrote it

  • paladin maguire of BOS

    The song is infinite. It has existed since beginning of time, yet at the same time never existed at all.

  • Beelzebubz
    Beelzebubz 3 months ago +725

    This makes me think of that whole "nothing is really original, just inspired by something else with slight changes" take. Cause it's true. That's why I laugh when artists get mad when people take inspiration from what they did to make something new, even a sample, when they themselves wouldn't have what they did WITHOUT taking inspiration from something else. It's how we got all music today. It's all from what we did 100+ years ago.