"Raising Insanity"-- FULL SPECIAL-- Heath Harmison

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
  • Watch Heath Harmison's Full Special "Raising Insanity" and let us know what you your favorite bits are in the comments below! For more comedy specials check out www.drybarcomedy.com or download the Dry Bar Comedy App available on IOS and android devices.
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  • Deok ii
    Deok ii Month ago

    oh man a full special!!! thank you dry bar

  • Joan Ridgeway
    Joan Ridgeway Month ago

    He is a great comedian, but his screaming dramatic effect is to much, tone it back man. Be more realistic. Fake crap just dont go over good. The stories are funny, the acting is fake.

  • Medico
    Medico Month ago

    That Gollum impersonation was great.

  • Gary Chandler
    Gary Chandler Month ago

    Funny thing about the bear joke; that's the same thing you do with dogs that bite: gag the crap out of them with a stick, hair brush, pen...or even your hand. But first you try to get the soft spots behind their ears and squeeze the brain. Friggun' mutt ain't supposed to be YOUR master!

  • ashraf khan
    ashraf khan Month ago

    That was hilarious 😂

  • K o b a
    K o b a Month ago +1

    Ty Dry Bar 🍌.

  • Dani D
    Dani D Month ago


  • pacifistattack
    pacifistattack Month ago +1

    Does anyone know the song/artist played at the end? I can't seem to find anything going by the lyrics played.

  • Matthew Gray
    Matthew Gray Month ago +2

    Why is this guy even on here. Hes not funny. He kinda perverted and he swears. No thanks Drybar.

  • Cory Shook
    Cory Shook Month ago +1

    He did a good job but you could tell that Mormon audience wasn’t doing him any favors.They were wound a little too tight.

  • אביחי
    אביחי Month ago +4

    26:43 We can’t leave all right? There is a lot of Estrogen in here we will die 😂

  • JoanneXD D
    JoanneXD D Month ago +2

    heath: if you're smiling and can't see anything you're a big kid
    asians: am i a joke to you?

  • Judah Martinez
    Judah Martinez Month ago

    He said "Hell"

  • Shauna Gustavus
    Shauna Gustavus Month ago +3

    Oh my good lord sweet baby jesus! I laughed so hard through this entire video!!
    Good show, man.

  • Danielle Harkness
    Danielle Harkness Month ago +2

    Wow. Legit loved him, saving him to the send to friends list for sure.

  • Hadassah Yael
    Hadassah Yael Month ago +4

    I choked on my lentil soup at Gollum!

  • Phoebe Congloebe
    Phoebe Congloebe Month ago +1

    The Frozen incident reminds me of the original trailers of Despicable Me where the little fat kid jumps into an Egyptian pyramid and a newscaster announces that someone has been messing with national landmarks. I thought it was the most messed up idea for a kids movie until I started seeing the commercials with the minions and the little girls and the movie didn't seem so messed up after all

  • Sacred Waves
    Sacred Waves Month ago +4

    This guy is one of the funniest people out there. So relatable...and hilarious. Thanks for the full episode! Love this guy.

  • Penny Leuthard
    Penny Leuthard Month ago +2

    I've shown his 'wheelchair rescue' to so many people. Makes me laugh out loud every time.

  • A B
    A B Month ago +5

    Anyone know the music he was playing for the minivan part at the end?

  • Chante Andrews
    Chante Andrews Month ago

    Waste of 25 minutes.

  • jamie Yoho
    jamie Yoho Month ago +2

    Amazing! This guy is the best!

  • Tiger Dave
    Tiger Dave Month ago

    This guy FUCK"N SUCKS.

  • WondrousWisdom
    WondrousWisdom Month ago +3

    The first time I saw Heath Harmison on Dry Bar Comedy clips, I cried laughing. So, thank you Dry Bar Comedy for posting his full stand up for us to enjoy! Love Heath Harmison! ❤😂🤣👍😊😊

  • A J Rosales
    A J Rosales Month ago +1

    This guy is funny!

  • Saavycupcake
    Saavycupcake Month ago +1

    Love this dude. He’s funny!

  • Ojisan Kukki
    Ojisan Kukki Month ago +5

    If you're not in tears by the 7 minute mark, you have no soul :p

    • Madge F
      Madge F Month ago

      Tears of boredom. Gave up around 4 mins.

  • Nana Vine
    Nana Vine Month ago +2

    Yeah, I wanna guy with a dad bod🥰

  • Victoria
    Victoria Month ago +7

    Story time.
    Once when I was backpacking I went to a bar with a bunch of people from my hostel. Now, this bar was very much a speak easy hole in the wall sort of a place set up in what may once have been an abandoned house or shop. The place sprawled out across a bunch of rooms, and there was mismatched furniture throughout the place.
    So here we all are, sitting on some couches liberated from someone's grandmother's house without the legs, and I'm across from this smoking hot Australian guy. He's got all the girls hanging on his every word.
    Now, I must diverge for a moment to tell you that I has been to this bar several times before, and this was smoking hot Aussie's first time, and what all of us who had been there before had failed to mention to him was that the bartender owned two wolfhounds who had free run of the bar (because when you are as big as a wolfhound, no one is ever going to be drunk enough to mess with you).
    As we sat there chatting I watched the wolfhound wander over, conveniently from behind where Mr. SexyPants was sitting, and stop and sniff the Aussie's ear. At which point he senses that there is something to his left and is eye level and nose to nose with the biggest dog he has ever seen, in a place where he was in no way mentally prepared to find anything that large or furry. And at 39:05 is exactly what he sounded like. EXACTLY. It was glorious.

    • Dawn Michelle
      Dawn Michelle Month ago


    • Victoria
      Victoria Month ago +1

      @Ellen Campbell they are such cool dogs. If I had the space and the time I would love to have one someday. If only to look like a hobbit when I walk the dog.

    • Ellen Campbell
      Ellen Campbell Month ago +1

      Victoria my husband and I were lucky to have 2 wolfhounds. Titus and Eiran.
      We had a great time with those two in dog shows and living in Canada near the beaches and the mountains.

  • SK Live
    SK Live Month ago

    Kinda funny. Until he started copying Howie Mandels Bobby kid voice. That used to be funny when he did it. It feels awkward when this guy does it.

  • Mikey Harber
    Mikey Harber Month ago +7

    This was great. The hair really sold the whole act. I love comedians that do a music type act out. Jon Reep also had a good one.

  • Diana Boughner
    Diana Boughner Month ago +2

    😁😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank you!

  • Nathan Swisher
    Nathan Swisher Month ago +3

    Finally a full special! Thank you!

  • Heldagandrel
    Heldagandrel Month ago +41

    hmmm 63 dislikes... must be Meredith.

  • kindred spirit
    kindred spirit Month ago +8

    I laughed so hard at this guy! I bet he's fun to have around!

  • ZeroxusYT
    ZeroxusYT Month ago

    I love the dry bar Comedy App, a specially because it’s all free. I’ve literally watched all of them, and they are all awesome! Got some favourites though.

  • Alexia Zilliken
    Alexia Zilliken Month ago +15

    I was born and raised in Vegas! And he is NOT lying 😂😂😂

  • Jane Kuplevatsky
    Jane Kuplevatsky Month ago +2

    I've thought the "Dad bod" was ideal for a long time now. His hilariousness and energy don't hurt either. 😂 The people with the negative comments need to chill and go watch more "traditional" comedians' sets.

  • KevinShultz
    KevinShultz Month ago

    Yaaaaasssssssss!!!! Finally...a longer episode.

  • Femme FATALE
    Femme FATALE Month ago +2

    Lol when men get attracted to the mom bod, I'll go for the dad bod. It's unlikely

    • Jen DuBay
      Jen DuBay Month ago

      Finally Perfect uh...

    • Finally Perfect
      Finally Perfect Month ago

      I've been my whole life, even after my mom passed away.

  • L.A. Lacey
    L.A. Lacey Month ago +1

    I hate to say it, but this guy isn't very good. His timing and voices are terrible

  • kucheriya1
    kucheriya1 Month ago +7

    He is funny...
    I liked his comedy set, practical and useful to all parent.

  • hopespringseternal70
    hopespringseternal70 Month ago +2


  • JamesSarin
    JamesSarin Month ago +2

    Calm down... I'm from the 80s. Why is this all so familiar?

  • val douroux
    val douroux Month ago +2

    So funny!

  • SarahBarson Hollinger

    Replay. Where's the new content?

  • Vash Matrix
    Vash Matrix Month ago

    God bless the Peter Pann in all of us, but if you give my kid a cup cake u might get the hook. ;)

  • Shannon77785
    Shannon77785 Month ago +1

    Heath is very funny ! Good comedian. :op

  • Carolyn Myers
    Carolyn Myers Month ago +2

    I haven't laughed so hard in a long time, thought I was going wake the family 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • joseph evans
    joseph evans Month ago +2

    Does anyone know what song this is at the end of his show? I cant find it anywhere

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago

    Hate the conventional White supremacist beauty standard stuff about blonde hair and blue eyes. 🙄

    • jdsd744
      jdsd744 Month ago

      @T_Train what?

    • T_Train
      T_Train Month ago +2

      @jdsd744 it's Meredith, what do you expect?

    • jdsd744
      jdsd744 Month ago +6

      Non white people can have those features as well...It's a comedy special. Hardly a white supremacist rally. Jesus. Why watch comedy if you're looking to get offended? Just go get drunk in a bar and be sad quietly.

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +3

    No need to fat shame/Dad bod shame himself and the audience.

    • T_Train
      T_Train Month ago +3

      Calm down Meredith

  • E K Daufin
    E K Daufin Month ago +3

    He’s handsome, great routine but I’ve heard him do all these before.

    • Dave Hefty
      Dave Hefty Month ago +7

      E K Daufin I think this is just the entire special they showed clips from in the past.

  • Tina Sparks
    Tina Sparks Month ago +23

    I REALLY enjoyed this! Pretty gutsy to do that in Utah, some of them seriously looked like a drink / primer might have helped. Maybe there were some Meredith's in the crowd. Literally.
    I have 5 boys (including twins). I have SOOOO much material! Girls may be cute, but boys? They chased each other with BB guns. A couple of them still have a BB in them. To this day, no big deal (like, WTF.)
    You get more entertainment value for the money with boys. + they don't think (at least half) the stuff you do is weird, whereas girls are kind of judgey. Thank you for this. GOOD energy!

  • Daniel Quick
    Daniel Quick Month ago +7

    FULL Special! Thanks Dry Bar Comedy!

  • Nora Brandt
    Nora Brandt Month ago +1

    Hey! I drive Dodge Neon...there's NO WAY a Neon would handle Montana at all.

  • Guilherme Marquesani
    Guilherme Marquesani Month ago +3

    Their app is totally worth it!

  • noel greene
    noel greene Month ago +1

    This guys good

  • Lena Bigonia
    Lena Bigonia Month ago +1

    So so good!

  • Anglena Waller
    Anglena Waller Month ago +5

    This was HILARIOUS