• Published on Jul 18, 2019
  • The big day is here! How would a British bloke fair against 18 of the world's greatest competitive eaters, in front of a 40,000 strong crowd, as well as millions at home on ESPN?
    10 minutes to eat as many hot dogs as possible...Let's get it!
    Special thanks to Notorious Bob Shout:
    And to Ben Verrette for additional footage.
    Facebook/Twitter/Insta: @BeardMeatsFood
    How I Avoid Getting Fat:
    How I Make Dieting Easy:
    How To Defeat Eating Challenges:
    Thoughts On Fake Videos & Demonstrating Some Eating Capacity UNEDITED:
    Music credits to my man FLORIAN HAACK for the epic video game metal covers!
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  • BeardMeatsFood
    BeardMeatsFood  Month ago +268

    Evening folks! Welcome to another video, I really hope you enjoy it. My main focus with this episode was to really show what it’s like being part of the biggest eating contest on earth, so there’s a lot more behind the scenes/vlog style footage than usual.
    Sadly ESPN enforced a ‘no cameras on stage’ policy this year, meaning none of the eaters could get any footage up close at the table. Still, thanks to my mate Bob Shoudt and in part Mrs Beard, we managed to cobble together some footage of the contest. It might be a little hectic, but I’m sure you’ll still get the idea!
    Finally, thanks to everyone for all the messages of support. I found the conditions and whole scope of the event really quite formidable, but I gave it my all, and you can be sure I’ll be back next year after plenty of practice!

    • Rman Nayr
      Rman Nayr Month ago +1

      Hope You do it Again Next Year!

    • LifeOfNayNay
      LifeOfNayNay Month ago

      @BeardMeatsFood we have a competition coming up in my home town in august you should come along it is at annies burger shack it has been running for the past 3 years now they came over from the states I think I can send you the details if your interested not a problem

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  Month ago +1

      @Jeff H thanks jeff :)

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  Month ago

      @Stuart Burton thank stu, appreciate the support :)

    • BeardMeatsFood
      BeardMeatsFood  Month ago

      @Casparix 1.0 thank you :)

  • max Singh
    max Singh 4 days ago

    Where the fuck is Molly?!?!?!?

  • Taunja Brockway
    Taunja Brockway 4 days ago

    Who is sponsoring this challenge🤔

  • Crystal Kerstal
    Crystal Kerstal 5 days ago +1

    The MegaToad🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼

  • Anthony Battaglia
    Anthony Battaglia 5 days ago

    You two were my fav ones there

  • Jec Tan
    Jec Tan 6 days ago

    Matt Stoney is a loser now.

  • Suzanne Bellamy
    Suzanne Bellamy 11 days ago

    well done beard 10th IN THE WORLD ! :) :)

  • shannon Schell
    shannon Schell 14 days ago

    Your awesome

  • Artha Negara
    Artha Negara 15 days ago

    Can you hiding foods in your beard?

  • chris cobain
    chris cobain 15 days ago

    Good job for your first time! 💪🏾

  • Md nozrul Jake choudhury

    Finally with matt stonie

  • Michael J Kelly
    Michael J Kelly 16 days ago

    You did great beard!!!!

  • Olster_1
    Olster_1 17 days ago

    Well done Adds!! Some tough competition there mate.. really enjoyed the three parts mini series! Keep em coming eeeeeshtaaaaa! Is that how ya spell it?

  • Andrew Bochicchio
    Andrew Bochicchio 17 days ago

    No worries.. You did Great dude

  • Keith Johns
    Keith Johns 17 days ago

    Can anybody tell me who came 1st;2nd;3rd etc

  • SportsFan JW
    SportsFan JW 17 days ago

    So do u ever eat in this video or do u just talk?

  • 3nonnar
    3nonnar 19 days ago

    who is nathan?

  • Seeker
    Seeker 20 days ago +1

    Avengers is the most anticipated crossover of the year.
    Beardmeetsfood: Hold my beard

  • Saia Toli
    Saia Toli 20 days ago

    Great maiden attempt mate, if your track record is anything to by, you'll be in the top spot soon enough 👍
    And shout out to Mrs Beard, an Absolute Champion of a Woman.

  • Rouge Rogan
    Rouge Rogan 21 day ago

    Badlands on stage what a legend!

  • Crazy Mike
    Crazy Mike 21 day ago

    Small head, large beard. Makes sense.

  • Vaughan
    Vaughan 21 day ago

    gotta fucking love matt stonie. such a cutie

  • Touché
    Touché 21 day ago

    I’m a simple man
    I see Matt Stonie I click

    • Rouge Rogan
      Rouge Rogan 21 day ago

      Touché a simple man with a simple meme 😢

  • Joey Cantrell
    Joey Cantrell 21 day ago

    This was honestly one of my favorite videos I’ve watched from you great job and I’m sure you will be coming back crushing next year. Train hard eat harder

    HELL BAT 21 day ago +5

    How to increase your views...."add matt stonnie in the video"!!!

  • kranthi ranadev Vundru

    Why randy santel does not seen in such competitions?is'nt he not qualified to be here or what

  • Anthony Hurts
    Anthony Hurts 22 days ago

    I want a hot dog 🌭 now lol

  • david turton
    david turton 23 days ago

    My records 1899999988766688997 hot dogs in two mins

  • david turton
    david turton 23 days ago

    Fuck the 172 that put there thumbs down like any of you bitches could even hot 13 let alone 32 plus

  • Lucas Browne
    Lucas Browne 25 days ago

    Well done legend

  • Winterz Shadow
    Winterz Shadow 25 days ago

    lol, fools...fools everywhere

  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey 25 days ago

    Matt stonie is on a different planet 😳

  • Søren Jeppesen
    Søren Jeppesen 26 days ago

    Loved it, i'am seriously concidering buying you and mrs beard some tickets, so we FINALLY can see a colab with the one and only MEGATOAD !!!

  • Josue Brown
    Josue Brown 27 days ago

    Having watched you in a long time but I remember when you only had 20 k subs damn

  • 28 Mouse
    28 Mouse 27 days ago

    Crazy how much they rate you even in USA fair play lad

  • Horse Herbert
    Horse Herbert 28 days ago

    Moooolly, Molly, Mawwwwly 💋

  • xanadu 1
    xanadu 1 28 days ago


  • xanadu 1
    xanadu 1 28 days ago


  • Stephanie Davis
    Stephanie Davis 29 days ago

    You did good though!

  • Michael Boucher
    Michael Boucher 29 days ago

    Right on man, you did awesome out there. You'll come back stronger next year!

  • Jason  Rideout
    Jason Rideout 29 days ago

    Only see u cause ur beard lol ur the best my boy thumbs up

  • Mettin Kaytaz
    Mettin Kaytaz 29 days ago

    Go Get Em Stonie Lad!!!!

  • Jay
    Jay 29 days ago

    71 is insane. You should do some hot dog practise videos. Get 40+ next year 😁

  • Dohas Raik
    Dohas Raik 29 days ago +1

    Where's that cry baby Randy Santel now?

    • Penchord
      Penchord 27 days ago

      @Dohas Raik i do want answers thats why i asked u spasticated fuck

    • Dohas Raik
      Dohas Raik 28 days ago

      @Penchord don't ask questions you don't want the answers to

    • Penchord
      Penchord 28 days ago

      whys he a cry baby

    • Justin Ryan
      Justin Ryan 28 days ago

      Dohas Raik Haven’t watched that guy in years, what happened? lol

  • RTM_Plays _
    RTM_Plays _ Month ago +1

    3:04 Badlands chugs

  • Rasta Man
    Rasta Man Month ago

    Joey chestnut payed Matt stonie to let him win in Coney Island 🌴 this is his pride.. stonie was young and stupid and needed cash injection for social set up thanks guys Matt stonie eaten this comment section and all the challenge

  • toxman99
    toxman99 Month ago

    If the people in that bus turned into zombies.. we're all doomed!

  • DeathEgg666
    DeathEgg666 Month ago

    What the hell happened to Stonie? You was closer to him than he was closer to Joey?

  • trouble sweetheart
    trouble sweetheart Month ago

    Good job cunt.

  • Astafurillauh Habibi

    Didn’t even record badland chugs

  • Crow Migration
    Crow Migration Month ago

    What the, stonie has lost it. He won a couple years ago. This wasn't even close.

  • robthenorm
    robthenorm Month ago


  • robthenorm
    robthenorm Month ago

    1:42 phyco

  • DeanoP
    DeanoP Month ago

    Well done Mr B, really enjoyed watching this 👍👍👍

  • Evan Caffey
    Evan Caffey Month ago

    Hate Joey. You did great man

  • FR TZ
    FR TZ Month ago

    I dont care about the placing because it didn´t count in a beard-factor. Amateurs...

  • Aziz Scott
    Aziz Scott Month ago

    Well done bro representing

  • Jay Dee
    Jay Dee Month ago

    no way matt stonie lost yall cheated

  • Yugi Kim
    Yugi Kim Month ago

    Wooootttttt!!!!! Come to Queens beard!

  • PeiJin Jiang
    PeiJin Jiang Month ago


  • Jake Hammaker
    Jake Hammaker Month ago

    "20 year eating veteran"
    Well shit I'm a 25 year eating veteran, started on milk

  • keshone britt
    keshone britt Month ago

    Omg I been waiting for this

  • Rapheal Francis
    Rapheal Francis Month ago

    BAJA. ID

  • Tasil Last
    Tasil Last Month ago

    important eaters...confounding

  • Kiri Loves You !
    Kiri Loves You ! Month ago

    Go Beard ! Go Matt !

  • kingjappyjoe420
    kingjappyjoe420 Month ago +6

    I'm from the US and you are easily in my top 3 favorite eaters with Matt and badland. It's not only quantity its quality content. Proud of you brother!

  • kingjappyjoe420
    kingjappyjoe420 Month ago +149

    Anything featuring Matt Stonie is an instant click

  • Rishab Rawat
    Rishab Rawat Month ago

    3.29 ohhh he takes really seriously 😂😂😂

  • David Payton
    David Payton Month ago

    I’m surprised Badlands is still alive. He really needs to take care of his health.

  • No videos 1,000 subs
    No videos 1,000 subs Month ago +1

    Lol “And other equally important eaters”

    Look at my name and if your feeling nice feel free to sub ⬆️

  • slb159
    slb159 Month ago

    Surviving a quirky American event is a victory in of itself. There's a little jingle that you here from time to time here that includes the words, "baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet". These staples are what we are most proud of. LOL
    I think you did fine for a first go-round. On that note, I check every few weeks when the haggis event takes place and, now that you know from last year what they constitute as "done" and "not done", I'm looking forward to your second go at that one, come time for it.

  • Holy Guac
    Holy Guac Month ago

    YES IT IS HERE (remember I just asked you to collab with Matt?(

  • a S
    a S Month ago +51

    Pretty ballsy for a brit to show up on Independence Day and try to beat some Americans at what they do best. Gotta respect that.

    • Chopstorm
      Chopstorm 6 days ago

      @Steve Smith It was a joke. And it made perfect sense. Independence Day is related to breaking free from Britains rule. We had no such thing happen with Japan.
      Quit being a contrarian.

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith 17 days ago

      @LeMoNaDe smh..the US hasn't had animosity to the UK in hundreds of years.
      On the flip side Japan was our enemy less than 100 years ago.
      So genius, it's not ballsy at all for a Brit to show up. No one cares about that anymore.

    • LeMoNaDe
      LeMoNaDe 17 days ago +2

      @Steve Smith Oh did the US get independence from Japan? I never heard about that.

    • a S
      a S 19 days ago +2

      @Steve Smith only if it was an eating competition on pearl harbor day.

    • Steve Smith
      Steve Smith 19 days ago

      @a S and Japan was one of our main enemies in ww2 and bombed pearl harbor
      So showing up on America's birthday isn't any better....using your logic.

  • Guns 97
    Guns 97 Month ago

    Who's here for Matt Stone?

  • Semper Fi
    Semper Fi Month ago +13

    Chestnut just trains to this compitetion. He's got a system. Obviuoly it works. He gets beaten in other comps. Don't like his arrogance