GENIUS LAZY CLEANING HACKS || Easy Cleaning Tips To Clean You Room Fast by 123 GO!

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • So, it’s cleaning day. If you want to know the way around your most annoying cleaning chores, get a load of these genius, lazy cleaning hacks!
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    Happy cleaning, friends!
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  • faith leslie
    faith leslie 7 minutes ago

    do not put slime like that in you computer it will get stuck were you press the key down

  • Girl Gamer
    Girl Gamer Hour ago

    There is no way the shoe cleaning one is real it can’t be so clean though!

  • Axel Yuman
    Axel Yuman 3 hours ago

    If you see the slime like me it’s the blue button

  • Telique Naidoo
    Telique Naidoo 3 hours ago

    Who baths with their hair open like that damn😂😂😂😂😂

  • lovebird
    lovebird 3 hours ago +1

    did she just cut up the fries? i-

  • Cathy Bounekhla
    Cathy Bounekhla 4 hours ago

    Who noticed slime in the little corners
    Time: 5:11 it's going to be dry ew
    But your the best I love you :3

  • djali djali
    djali djali 5 hours ago

    Sophia why u ruind Bellas slime h mean or what?!?

  • djali djali
    djali djali 5 hours ago

    sorry um

  • djali djali
    djali djali 5 hours ago

    Bella why h ruind Sophia

  • Lori Hollis
    Lori Hollis 6 hours ago

    $*-=-&-8&%isO sooiooLkkwdeowle

  • Samantha Thach
    Samantha Thach 6 hours ago +1

    How about we WASTE STUFF

  • Hq2door X
    Hq2door X 12 hours ago +1

    She's so dumb who would try to rub the rust stains with your finger 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤗🙏 pray to god that it doesn't smudge 🙏🙍

  • Hq2door X
    Hq2door X 12 hours ago

    Wow so not much time left 5 - 20 = 15 minutes wow?? 😅😅😌😲😳

  • lonly girl
    lonly girl 14 hours ago


  • Subcribe To Pewdiepie
    Subcribe To Pewdiepie 14 hours ago

    Imagine cinderella will do 😂 2:02

  • Gaia Gattner
    Gaia Gattner 17 hours ago


  • Danni meclean
    Danni meclean 17 hours ago

    I love stranger things do you and I love your channel every day I wach your videos

  • Jazmyn Barnhart
    Jazmyn Barnhart 23 hours ago

    Nice hacks

  • alexandgeoff
    alexandgeoff Day ago

    Won’t the rust stain still be there I mean Bella did not do anything about it



  • Alan Chong
    Alan Chong Day ago

    Bella is a good time waster for me I love you so I could go for a while to get my

  • haven carter
    haven carter Day ago

    5:28 I'd rather brush off crumbs than ruin my slime. just sayin'. still luv 123go

  • Alexis Poulin
    Alexis Poulin Day ago

    Yo I’m f u didn’t know this 👌 means ass hole 😂😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣

  • Balu Balu
    Balu Balu Day ago

    Hii wanna sister I am also you're fan my name is muthupriya I am from Nellore district

  • Annia Rahman
    Annia Rahman Day ago


  • Aivanah Rayne Lopez

    haha but she will smell like vinegar😂

  • Golam Mostofa Rocky


  • cicy Almazan
    cicy Almazan Day ago


  • Aasiya Shaikh
    Aasiya Shaikh Day ago

    Wow I like pink shoes.,👠

  • nuri abu
    nuri abu Day ago


  • Xoliswa Mkhize
    Xoliswa Mkhize Day ago

    What does 1k mean I am only 8

  • Rio Gueco
    Rio Gueco Day ago

    Other girl :you’re such a slob🤪 sophia:gets crumbs in slime revenge

  • Adyson Covey
    Adyson Covey 2 days ago +1

    It's kinda sad just to use new toothpaste and toothbrushes to clean our shoe. So I just use old ones that are about to go in the trash. Then afterward, they go in the trash. (The toothbrush, not the shoes.)

  • Gamer Caleb
    Gamer Caleb 2 days ago

    who else is here to make fun of 123 go

  • Dewand Coffee
    Dewand Coffee 2 days ago

    Putting socks dirty socks on bananas is gross because they can make your teeth smell stink and baby touching socks with her hands. You don’t know what germs could be on those socks

  • Dewand Coffee
    Dewand Coffee 2 days ago

    Putting slime on your face is bad if you get your nose

  • Dewand Coffee
    Dewand Coffee 2 days ago

    I love your videos Vicky Bella Sophia Amy your videos are cool what do you three go is cool it sounds cool because when you guys make videos 🥰😍🤩🤗❤️💙

  • Dewand Coffee
    Dewand Coffee 2 days ago

    I love your video Olivia Vicky Bella Sophia Amy I wish I could meet you one day your video is cool

  • Dewand Coffee
    Dewand Coffee 2 days ago

    I like your video Sophia and Amy and Olivia

  • Surabhi Apurve
    Surabhi Apurve 2 days ago

    Advik Singh is my full name

  • Maribel Sandoval
    Maribel Sandoval 2 days ago

    ,?+#}#%{ e the tfcnhunjjkpl

    You have to

    ALVARO GOMEZ 2 days ago +1

    Love your show!

  • Aaronelle Kaneakua
    Aaronelle Kaneakua 2 days ago

    It is so cool 😎💖😘😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • nihaya widdi
    nihaya widdi 2 days ago

    they need to stop saying damn

  • Aina Ahmed
    Aina Ahmed 2 days ago

    You are so good 😍😍😍

  • Ligita Kirsiene
    Ligita Kirsiene 2 days ago

    You are like my zoomba teecher

  • Aradhya Singh
    Aradhya Singh 2 days ago


  • My Stuff
    My Stuff 2 days ago

    Iam trying these hacks🤤😪😴😺

  • Yeh King Yeung
    Yeh King Yeung 2 days ago +1

    Will the shoes fall? If you want the shoes they will fall.

    • Logan Keen
      Logan Keen 8 hours ago

      The best way to get a new one is going on with a lot more fun

  • Kipruto Menego
    Kipruto Menego 2 days ago

    Sophia must be a last born
    Man she is lazy

  • Mimi Clifford
    Mimi Clifford 2 days ago +2

    What she means by most beautiful shoes she means ugly shoes

  • XxsunflowerxX:3
    XxsunflowerxX:3 2 days ago


  • Kate Nanami
    Kate Nanami 2 days ago +2

    Who's 2019? And who's miss all of characters in 123 go?

  • ohmygosh-it's Ryleigh!! Callahan

    Are there's fake & edits or there real

  • Azaria's Life
    Azaria's Life 2 days ago +9

    They stole the sponge hack from 5-minute craft😂🤣😂

    • Hq2door X
      Hq2door X 12 hours ago

      Yeah so true every one steals hacks🤦🤦🌈 good to know 🌈

  • Kara Taylor
    Kara Taylor 2 days ago +2

    I just 5 minutes you come out of the shower smelling like vinegar

    • Hq2door X
      Hq2door X 12 hours ago

      Hey kinda like what I commented 😂 it was about the same one😂😂😂😂😂😱👐👐

  • Pauline DuLacy
    Pauline DuLacy 2 days ago

    4:31 to 4:39 was agony

  • Raised on Farm Daisy


  • Gianna lucas
    Gianna lucas 3 days ago +6

    Who knew Sophia had
    sooo many shoes O-O

    This is how many shoes Sophia has
    👇🏻Yes I did like my own comment 😕

  • Boom Alabanza
    Boom Alabanza 3 days ago