Elon Musk’s Carbon Tech Explained

  • Published on Apr 16, 2021
  • In this video, we take a look at what Elon Musk is up to when it comes to his next venture of funding new carbon capture technology. We will explain a bit of the science behind capturing carbon and storage, the different ways it can be done from mass scale to DIY. And we will take a look at some of the companies who are already working on innovations to capture carbon on a grand scale.
    The futuristic tech that comes out of this competition could also be used on Mars. As the Martian atmosphere is 95% carbon dioxide. This can be captured to make oxygen, fuel, and water.
    And it will be essential for life on Earth, when it comes to building the city of the future.
    Other topics covered in this video include:
    • A basic explanation of how it works - using trees as an example
    • Why it is needed for environmental sustainability
    • The details of Elon Musk's Xprize carbon capture challenge - what the judges will be looking for, the requirements, and Elon Musk's goals for what kind of green technology he wants to see be created
    • How this tech will be used by astronauts going to Mars
    • The different methods of carbon removal from direct air capture, using the oceans, seaweeds, and kelp, to using rocks and enhanced weathering
    • Highlighting a few companies and projects such as Hypergiant, Project Vesta, and Cemvita Factory

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  • Tech Trends
    Tech Trends Year ago +11

    We should appreciate how much time and work this dude has spent to make such great videos 🔥 I know how hard it is since I’m doing the same

  • phoenix__prince
    phoenix__prince Year ago +6

    great content as always!

  • mmmcounts
    mmmcounts 7 months ago +2

    My personal opinion- one of the most important things to focus on is developing an efficient and scalable process of turning massive amounts of carbon dioxide into massive amounts of oxygen and graphene. Graphene is going to be the economic motivator that makes it all worth it.

  • Kaushik Dewraja
    Kaushik Dewraja Year ago +5

    Very informative video!

  • Thermophile
    Thermophile Year ago +5

    It is too late to try one thing. We are at the point where we must do everything we can, in every way we can. Hopefully several of these methods pan out.

    • Source Man
      Source Man Month ago

      It's not - "too late" - but any solution oneself is not a silver bullet.

    • Trevor Gough
      Trevor Gough Year ago

      Please relax, watch some TONY Heller videos, I was genuinely getting depressed about climate stuff but found his yt channel and now I'm free of worries..just watch a couple with an open mind..
      Best wishes from the UK 😎

  • Tanker Man 3000
    Tanker Man 3000 Year ago +1

    Wow that’s really interesting!

  • Mehmet Batur
    Mehmet Batur Year ago +1

    I am so excited about next video

  • Jose Orta
    Jose Orta 7 months ago

    You worry about so much carbon in the air but who put an oxygen in the air

  • basbekjenl
    basbekjenl Year ago +2

    How to pay for the expensive carbon capture technology tax the industry making the most carbon with a carbon tax. Yeah it's not going to be fun to add sudden taxes like that but the time for fun solutions is over, it's time for painful uncomfortable solutions like limiting production of things like meat or postponing construction for a decade or two if it's not critically important. Building highways should be delayed by a couple of decades imo.

    • basbekjenl
      basbekjenl Year ago

      @Kristóf Gilicze Yeah if I'd see it be reported in the news I'd also question which world I just woke up in but I do believe it is the right thing to do and I hope humankind can change their way. Mainly that governments stop catering toward business more then toward their own civilians. A business will naturally seek profit there is nothing wrong with it it's how they survive but a government needs to think longterm decades or centuries ahead not just the 4 years of any one sitting ruler. To focus on healthcare and the health and education of the people will come a healthy educated workforce but corporations and businesses can't project such longterm interests not including a few rich exceptions like dyson or whatever. If the economy takes a hit because a new tax was added on anything that was more then necessary and people don't just riot because they want their cake and eat it too then we actually have a chance of turning this greedy selfabsorbed mindset around that got us in this mess to start with. For the future we must make sacrifices today and it is no different from when there was a war and some had to die so that the rest of us could live free. In my eyes at least it is no different.

    • Kristóf Gilicze
      Kristóf Gilicze Year ago

      Never gonna happen, it is not how humankind operates.

  • Jose Orta
    Jose Orta 7 months ago

    The rich need build up words and plant some more trees the government around E-Town need to to make sure they plant more trees on the property

  • Trevor Gough
    Trevor Gough Year ago

    Carbon is a pollutant, carbon dioxide is plant food and is currently around 400 parts per mi!!ion.it's been around 7,000 ppm in the past, submarines and spaceships are allowed to have up to 7,000ppm..

  • Djinghis Khan
    Djinghis Khan 5 months ago

    Will Musk own the IP of the winners and/or all entries?

  • Saptak Bhoumik
    Saptak Bhoumik Year ago +4

    Is anyone participating in this competition (I am participating)

  • O n
    O n Year ago +2

    When u will come on venture city

  • Death Note
    Death Note Year ago +6

    spacex wins nasa lunar moon mission

  • Dioxide brother hood of steel

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