Angry Joe Plays DC Universe Online - Part 1!

  • Published on Mar 15, 2014
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    Angry Joe & Other Joe will revisit the now Free to play DCUO, choose which character they create! In support of DC Universe Online's March Awareness campaign!
    In between my Angry Reviews OtherJoe & I (along w/ many more friends) plan to do Let's Plays on various upcoming & current games!
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  • potlick18
    potlick18 Year ago

    Fucking Wop

  • Sophia Pimenova
    Sophia Pimenova 2 years ago +1

    Would love to see more of this. This is my favorite game of all time. 3 videos just isnt enough.

    • Sophia Pimenova
      Sophia Pimenova 2 years ago

      if your using a keyboard and mouse yes, controller, eeeeh. Its not horrible, just takes some getting used to.

    • Ali Bazz
      Ali Bazz 2 years ago

      is this game fast with its interface? to chat wit others

  • Wander
    Wander 3 years ago

    Is that a dark souls 2 copy alongside the angry Joe doll on that chair?

  • ISitOn MyArm
    ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

    I doubt Joe checks this anymore but I'd love to hear his input. he's usually pretty smart with this stuff.

  • ISitOn MyArm
    ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

    all they really have to do in theory to fix the combat is remove the slow effects you get against your travel powers when you enter combat. it's not like anybody has much of an advantage. anybody can keep up with anybody if they know how to use their powers. superspeed maybe but they'd have to come back in at least shooting range to fight and you can ground them temporarily turning off their travel powers letting you get some hits in.

  • ISitOn MyArm
    ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

    DCUO was like the skeleton of an amazing game but they just don't seem to give a fuck about it.

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

      +USF SHIHY I didn't realize I was making such a long message I'm sorry.

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

      +USF SHIHY very sadly. all they need to do is fix their gawd awful pvp. and make more options with powers and weapons. but they just wont. and something as simple as putting chat bubbles above players heads when they talk in /say could make it more immersive but even that is apparently too much to ask. and Idk if you've pvpd but there is zero movement involved thanks to the retarded block vs range vs mellee crap two players just lock horns and spam weapon attacks until someone dies. it could be so much better. two speedsters could throw fire balls and shoot arrows at each other as they chase one another through the city at rediculous speeds. acrobatics could duck and dodge each other's attacks and zip line to safety where they can get in some quick rifle shots from a distance. two hero's could fight while flying in the sky only to be nocked out and try desperately to regain control before they hit the ground taking extra damage. but nope instead I'm gonna take this bow and fight you mellee range with it and try to be fast enough to counter your weapon attacks and if I dare try to get creative and get some distance for some heavy damage range attacks my creativity will be punished with nockdown after nockdown ultimately losing because I was dumb enough to stop spamming mouse clicks for a moment. it's horrible. that whole counter system needs to be scrapped. and so few powers is dumb. you can't even choose popular things that you would assume would be the first thought in a super hero game like oh idk super strength? yeah you can pick up a car but the super strength isn't your power something stupid like quantum is.

    • Wham-A-Wham
      Wham-A-Wham 3 years ago

      +Apoc goodman I could've been incredible but sadly...

    DUTT REACTS 3 years ago +1

    Is angry joe chinese

  • Merula Uchiha
    Merula Uchiha 3 years ago +1

    is the camera angles were like this in game

  • rbubbaray
    rbubbaray 4 years ago

    Is this a p2w ?

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

      It's not p2w at all. it's gear to win. in pvp I'd say it's 10% skill until you reach closer to max gear then it becomes more like 60% skill wich isn't too bad. but the "skill" is mostly countering weapon attacks wich is just not fun.

    • MandaGirl
      MandaGirl 3 years ago

      +Mannor Sania *cough* reply badges and *cough* that they ban you on the forums if you dissuade others from buying their crap.

    • Ben Ransley
      Ben Ransley 3 years ago

      +Sean F. No, it isn't. It really isn't.

    • yaty
      yaty 3 years ago

      Yes it is

    • gilad honig
      gilad honig 3 years ago

      +rbubbaray no

  • The Horse Rider
    The Horse Rider 4 years ago

    This game is bullshit its all about grinding skill points fuck it be better with out sp.

  • Heba Kamal
    Heba Kamal 4 years ago


  • Austin Kiefer
    Austin Kiefer 4 years ago +6

    In old Angry Joe DCUO videos there was little to no trolls and haters of DCUO in the videos. In this video there is nothing but trolls and haters of DCUO ...... what happened?

    • ShrekDaddy445 V2
      ShrekDaddy445 V2 3 years ago

      That was the game's descent into shit, it's pretty much unplayable to most people now. And I know how late this comment is, Sue me!

    • Pulsar07
      Pulsar07 4 years ago +4

      2000 kids with bad parents

  • jeannovinho
    jeannovinho 4 years ago

    This game is NOT an MMO, it has nearly NO SOCIAL FEATURES and its too easy

  • The crazy Weaponcrafter

    I cant understand how people can play DCUO
    I was already bored in the tutorial mission on that ship.
    But well the most bad is that you have to click 1000 a second in every single fight.
    Your Hand starts to hurt so bad that you just cant go on

  • Yacoob Joestar
    Yacoob Joestar 4 years ago

    So proud I just ordered your shirt :-)

  • CarsAndProfits
    CarsAndProfits 4 years ago

    The game play is super easy, but still pretty fun, and the customization in the beginning is BY FAR THE BEST ive had to play with, it took me like 30 mins to choose colors and customise my character

  • Katuulu
    Katuulu 4 years ago

    it seems so fun but for me it isnt.first, the character creation for ME is lame.there are like 5 hairstyles with 100 different beards and so on.i can never get my char to look like i want.and if i actually get it how i wan, i put on some armor which i find in the game and bam! you look 10x different than you created your character

    • Brian Lloyd
      Brian Lloyd 3 years ago


    • Damashi The Kaotic
      Damashi The Kaotic 4 years ago +5

      I firmly believe dcuo has the greatest costume creation system ever. You can lock your appearance and wear any style you have collected at any point in your style menu.

  • Kris Krisic
    Kris Krisic 4 years ago


  • Dylan  Dumais
    Dylan Dumais 4 years ago

    Joe you should play as batman if that's

  • Fredrik Veiga
    Fredrik Veiga 5 years ago

    a couple of years ago you said you would make a review of this game... where is it?

    ULTRA GAMER 5 years ago


  • Lotond Legovachy
    Lotond Legovachy 5 years ago

    let it be known! FEAR PINKWOLFY!!!!!!

  • magma2680
    magma2680 5 years ago

    can anyone tell me which server the AJSA armies events take place on? wtf am I writing,of course the cool stuff happens on the US servers

  • Danny C
    Danny C 5 years ago

    You look and speak just like that guy Armando Ferreira that reviews Android products. You could be his brother,

  • ZooWee
    ZooWee 5 years ago

    DC Universe isn't a bad game. Its pretty good actually. I've played it for a while in 2012 but quit b/c I was T1 and didn't know what to do. But I came back in 2013 and easily my favorite MMO I've played.
    Playing with friends is fun if you know what to do. T1 T2 T3 T4 T5 and soon to come T6 its like a constant grind for Gear And to get your Skill points high. To me the Raids are intense if you aren't above the Tier that the raid is on. And its one of the most social games if ever played (If your read the Trade chat you'll know what I mean lol.). And uses The DPS Tank Healer & Controller roles effectively to complete your missions so everyone is on their toes.
    But... Some things are so annoying on this game. For one The Voice chat. I don't know if this happens to other people but if I switch voice channels my mic will glitch out and I have to turn it off and on or sometimes even relog.
    Another is the cash limits. Free is 1500 and Premium is 2000. Me being a premium member most of the time, I should have more than 500 more then free guys Especially when Ive spent a good amount of money on the game.
    Another thing is when your just a Free player, The highest thing you can be is T3. Then You actually have to pay to play but just to $10-$20 dollar value. Then you can keep going. Forcing people to pay to continue to progress.
    And another thing is with PvP. This is opinionated so this is my own thought. I think they should make Skill based matchmaking (If there is correct me). In PvP Arena I remember getting creamed by guys higher geared. Im often stuck doing Legends until I pile up on marks.
    Some things I left out but overall to me DC is a good game. Give it some Time and Dedication and you'll feel rewarded.

  • Killua
    Killua 5 years ago +5

    I seriously dont know how anyone can still support this game. I played DCUO for almost 2 years yet still got left in the dust by support and GM´s at the first sign of trouble. The additude and Work processes over there at SOE are baffeling to the point of hilarious. This is by all means a complete betrayl. And altough the game has good aspects those are destroyed by a chashgrabbing system and incredible bugs that allow your items to be stolen by other players..and the only thing that is done about it is :"yeah that issue exist..we cant tell you how it works but just..dont trade with anyone ..have fun" that my friends is how SOE works. Fuck this game and FUCK SOE

    • Killua
      Killua 4 years ago

      +ASHL0TTE actually i know that and its been a while since i wrote that comment. To this day, google chrome is not in fact underlining all the words. And i think i have improved my english a lot since then..Would be nice if you wouldnt immediately assume that i'm an idiot. (i have corrected this post with google chrome..if their are any more errors blame it on that.)

    • ASHL0TTE
      ASHL0TTE 4 years ago

      +Killua You do realize there's such a thing as Spell Check, right? The little red underlines mean that you have misspelled a word or used a word that is nonexistent or extremely uncommon.

    • Killua
      Killua 5 years ago +2

      +Cameron Minney
      Aaand i just realized i wrote some words wrong..Typos sry.

    • Killua
      Killua 5 years ago +2

      +Cameron Minney English is not my first language so i´m naturally trying to improve..I think it get most of the words right..yet grammar is still difficult :) so sry :O

    • john faucher
      john faucher 5 years ago

      Auto correct doesn't let me post messages like that lol. How do you do it ?

  • Da Fuq
    Da Fuq 5 years ago

    DC Universe Online is a fucking fantastic game. I'm not even into comics or even watch the movies.. but damn DCUO is a fantastic game. It's challenging, fun, immersive and funny. And the combat is hands down the best action MMO out there. i havent been this addicted to a MMO since EQ in 1999 haha.

  • Ahmet Wipe
    Ahmet Wipe 5 years ago

    man its a weekend am drinking beer and eat some meat and watch AngryJoeShow!! man thats an perfect day =)

  • Christopher Raudes
    Christopher Raudes 5 years ago +7

    If you want a challenging MMO stay away from this game.

    • Christopher Raudes
      Christopher Raudes 5 years ago

      +Enlightned Perry lol once again I don't care. Btw I still play the game so good job.

    • Enlightened Perry
      Enlightened Perry 5 years ago +1

      +Skav anger
      I don't care your just one of those crazy people who like to down a game because other people like it as shown in your initial response to me. so :NOTICE READERS: He's a troll

    • Christopher Raudes
      Christopher Raudes 5 years ago +1

      +Enlightned Perry once again not challenging.

    • Enlightened Perry
      Enlightened Perry 5 years ago +4

      +Skav anger
      I don't do things like that because I understand its a video game, I play because I enjoy talking with people and joking around... why are you one of those freaks who gets caught up in their own hype?
      This game is challenging because of its pvp system, its fun, and I enjoy fun things... if its not challenging to you try running nexus or PW or AnB with a group of people who you didn't hand pick because of their stats, but because of their personalities, because of who they are, and how over time you just became friends. It'll be both challenging and a fun social experience, something you apparently along with 10 percent of the VERY Vocal Video game community ( as a whole not just this game) has forgot about.

    • Christopher Raudes
      Christopher Raudes 5 years ago +5

      +Enlightned Perry LOL I bet you were crying for a nerf when DLC 7 came out.

  • spartan3924
    spartan3924 5 years ago +3

    So Joe turns into evil version of Brock from pokemon as a red lantern?

  • geminight1992
    geminight1992 5 years ago

    Has anyone tried dust 514 it's free to play is it old and do a lot of people still play it ?

  • SpectralKnight
    SpectralKnight 5 years ago +1

    It seems much more fun than it is. The idea is excellent, but they are screwing over the free-2-play gamers. If you do not want to pay a lot of real money on this don't bother getting too much into this.
    - Lv. 20 level cap | Well okay a little low, but okay.
    - 1500 money limit is ridiculous, I have played a couple characters to level 12 and 14 and I have already reached that limit, then gotten rid of all my money then reached it again 3 times per char. And at preferred status you just get 5000 more. And that is pretty much what you get for 5$. So unless you want to subscribe expect to be annoyed as hell.
    - Items: You have all these cool items and armor sets, but everything needs faction points. I had a hard time finding anything worthwhile to buy in the hall of justice/hall of doom not demanding an enormous amount of. I have never been stonewalled by so many restrictions on buying gear.
    Vanity Items:. You spend maybe 45 min. creating your perfect looking character. Then you play the game and equip something. And suddenly your appearance is suddenly changed forever. And you cannot get it back to what it was before. Unless you go to a specific vendor at your factions headquarters and buy that particular piece of equipment again. I suppose they needed something for you to use in-game currency on.
    The Fucking "Bank": Install a real-life fee for getting ACCESS to the money you already EARNED in-game. Is NOT okay. Yeah but you can just become a subscriber. I do not get the upper limit to currency idea at all. Yeah maybe if it was closer to 200.000 or something like that,. but 1500-2000 is an insult.
    Is has the potential to become one of the worlds best games. But money-grubbing idiots is standing in it's way. Even as a subscribed player paying each and every month, you would with 70% accuracy at some point need to invest additional money on this game, just to not get annoyed at playing it.
    That is not how it works guys. You either have an in-game shop, a subscription fee for certain privileges or you make it a do a one time purchase to get access to everything.
    What you do not do is: Annoying your player-base until they throw money at the screen to be rid of your annoying ass illogical restrictions. Fine if you want to limit the experience a LITTLE bit for free-2-play gamers. Somewhat like Star Wars the Old Republic has done. Why fuck people over to this degree, when you already have a somewhat similar game running with somewhat fair rules.
    -Lv 50 Completely fine, if you are going to go further you would have invested enough time in it that paying a little for it would be completely okay.
    - Race restrictions and speeder restrictions: Okay, not game breaking, but still something that would be nice to have, understandable that they made that choice.
    - Limiting the amount of xp income is a bit meh, but seen in a paying=boost kind of light it is fine.
    Money: I don't think there is a upper limit, I have not met any yet. (lv. 20).

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

      they've changed it since then. the escrow is still a fuckin retarded thing and the combat countering system is still gay as ever exept now you can't be nocked away so you're stuck just spamming mouse clicks at point blank range you can't break away from mellee range whatsoever in pvp for god knows why

    • ISitOn MyArm
      ISitOn MyArm 3 years ago

      they've changed it since then. the escrow is still a fuckin retarded thing and the combat countering system is still gay as ever exept now you can't be nocked away so you're stuck just spamming mouse clicks at point blank range you can't break away from mellee range whatsoever in pvp for god knows why

    • Rogia
      Rogia 5 years ago

      about character creation, yes u can make your character look how ever u like and it can stay like that, all u need to do is to equip and item of some style and that style u can pick to stay on your character even if u get some new armor or weapon, styles are one thing and what u are actualy using is another and tbh u dont even have a good base of styles when u start a game :) u get shitloads of them as u play the game but one thing stands in your way anyway, greedy bastards who made this game. i dont see any problem in leveling from 1-30 wich is actualy a simple introduction into the game and it can be done in 3 days if u know what u are doing. after that the real game starts and u are being tossed into t1, t2, t3, t4, t5 and now t6 raids, 4 man misions, duos, solos, repetitive feat grinding, crazy crafting, farming and whatever not. the things u can do for free are limited up to t3 content and a single t4 pointless mission and as for upgrades u can obtain only simplest boosts for your armor but those boosts are about 10x weaker in stats then the ones u can get with best enchanting that game offers to ppl who pay subscription or purchase DLCs (they must reach t5 content for best upgrades). and that is the problem. u cant progress if u dont start paying so ppl will stomp u at some point in pve. and even in pvp, the paying ones have some sort of advantage. and one more thing, they are introducing "balance" in last 5-6 monts by contstant nerfs of everything that required skilled play. combat mechanics are getting shitier with every update, many of the ppl that i played with quit this game, me too, just not worth it anymore. it was a good game once, apart from pay to win aspect but now u see crap everywhere...

    BAD AT PARTIES 5 years ago

    The game is ok. I had a good time playing it for free.
    The bad part is when you hit lvl 30. When i was leveling i saw dozens of bored lvl 30 ppl killing lowbies because "it was fun". I guess that is the time when you quit and go play something else.

  • chaos lord
    chaos lord 5 years ago

    when i open the page it says *this content failed to load* wut?

  • Mass Debate™
    Mass Debate™ 5 years ago

    Joe, where is your Batman: Arkham Origins review ? You never uploaded it D:

  • johntheo95
    johntheo95 5 years ago

    dat angry joe plush in backround :3

  • ForFunSeries
    ForFunSeries 5 years ago +2

    I have lv30 on DCUO but then again it's so restrictive. Still have the money restriction cap to 2,000 for premium and 1,500 for free members, along with backpack slots, mail, auctions, bank slots, chat among others. Rift doesn't cause that much of a deal with that so I stick with it. If the content of the game is good, I could support them by buying a subscription. SOE sadly, is destroying the game to convert it to a money scheme machine. If they use the same system as rift and stop being so demanding on money, they would earn a lot more revenue than doing their "pay to win" scheme. BTW PS4 version is a little bit better than the PS3.

  • mark Theninja
    mark Theninja 5 years ago

    dcuo is great game, but its makes u waste lots and lots of money, for example the bundle boxes, but still dcuo is good game

  • gonkraider
    gonkraider 5 years ago

    I just want to know how much payola has gone out to youtuber lately ot make all these people play it.

  • generalevilchicken
    generalevilchicken 5 years ago

    This game is way more fun when you are a legendary member

  • Ryan Cudd
    Ryan Cudd 5 years ago

    I love dcuo but swtor is where my heart is. if u try it come to jedi covenant. red lanterns are sick in dps

  • xPhoenixRosex
    xPhoenixRosex 5 years ago

    So much hate for this game.

  • Zach Smoyer
    Zach Smoyer 5 years ago

    Joe you're not fooling anyone with your lies Jesse cox got the same deal and it was required to let us vote just tell the truth

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star 5 years ago

    Red lantern

    NYTE BLAYDE 5 years ago

    use your red lantern powers, that preview was badass

  • Danny Lara
    Danny Lara 5 years ago


  • Dragodylon
    Dragodylon 5 years ago

    Joe now officialy scares me

  • alucardian101
    alucardian101 5 years ago

    Four hours? Four minutes Haha :) nah any vid by you is entertainment :D

  • Angel Velez
    Angel Velez 5 years ago

    oh wow, THIS is part one? really disappointed... more like a prolouge if you ask me. :(

  • Isaiah pittman
    Isaiah pittman 5 years ago

    youtube youtube youtube

  • Dr.Poo
    Dr.Poo 5 years ago

    red lantern

  • Sniper Tube
    Sniper Tube 5 years ago +1

    I like this game a lot because depend on the team you get you win or lose i am lvl 17 i use flash to distract them is so fun run around with the other team bihin is like the song CAN'T TOUCH ME LOL and my other camp the is a lot more fast the flash is Zataana

  • Cupcakepuppy 29
    Cupcakepuppy 29 5 years ago

    I like the red lantern suit but yellow looks cool but I suggest the red lantern

  • ShinMaruku
    ShinMaruku 5 years ago

    I love the red lanter effects.

  • Chris McWilliams
    Chris McWilliams 5 years ago

    I've been playing for the past few months, first free to play then later subscription and I've always had a good time. Just wish I had more time to play it, as it is it's very sporadic at best.

  • Joshua Oliveira
    Joshua Oliveira 5 years ago

    play the mighty quest for epic loot :D!

  • SuperDingler
    SuperDingler 5 years ago +3

    Why don't you play a mmo that isnt complete garbage? Oh because you're not being paid to promote better games unlike this with dcuo paying you and others.

    • baal blade
      baal blade 5 years ago +1

      1) it's FREE, stop eat your own word, stop being stupid, people play it for free anyway. It's not like freaking Elder Scroll online people trap in paying to find out it suck. Free game people only pay if they like, only idiot like you pay for Wildstar or WOW. I play DCUO for free, never paid a dime, again it's FREE, stop being moron.
      2) they COST money idiot, so what's your point? epic fail comparison still a fail. Are you gonna compare Bad pay game > bad free game? what are you retard?
      3) it also doesn't mean you want to watch Joe play better game so he have to go out pay for bad game to entertain you, he's not your dad and sure not your son either, if you not his fan then gtfo simple is that.
      4) No you not, you just went full rage mode retard whinny QQ like a little baby who doesn't his cartoon show and cry, are you 5 years old or 3, cause it sure sound like you're 2? are you paying Joe? NO! stop whining.

    • enCODed3
      enCODed3 5 years ago

      you know its free to play ass hat

    • Ashton J
      Ashton J 5 years ago

      +disasterpiece8868 We aren't being blind fanboys. We just don't appreciate you coming without proof and saying he takes cash to promote a game. Fucking troll

    • Sklenar Savryk
      Sklenar Savryk 5 years ago +2

      +disasterpiece8868 I personally don't like dcuo or even play it. I just think it's funny that you're bitching.

    • baal blade
      baal blade 5 years ago +5

      Your rant fail on so many level.
      1) DCUO is FREE to play, so Joe doesn't get paid to promote it.
      2) What do you expect him to play, most mmo this year suck, Wildstar, Elder Scroll, even worse, most cost money, Titanfall suck, and WOW? no just no.
      3) Joe is a big DC Superhero fan, does his shirt bring any hint?
      4) This is Joe Channel, so like or gtfo.

  • Kevin Bustamante
    Kevin Bustamante 5 years ago

    you should really check out "Tera"

  • YungStarship
    YungStarship 5 years ago

    PS4 in the backgroung

  • a guy
    a guy 5 years ago

    play dc universe!!!

  • TekTheNinja
    TekTheNinja 5 years ago

    I just stated playing DCUO again. It's really fun.

  • oreo wang
    oreo wang 5 years ago

    add me my cr is 64 rage ''RAGINGKID''

  • EATherridan
    EATherridan 5 years ago

    I think Red Lantern Joe is the way to go.

  • Derp Krug
    Derp Krug 5 years ago

    Justin beiber

  • Nathann Latimore
    Nathann Latimore 5 years ago

    Um, Joe? I was wondering if you could review Infamous: second son. I have been watching many other reviews of the game and I'm VERY confused. Almost all of these critics have said that its either average or a waste of time. I have the game and I believe they are HIGHLY mistaken! It is a SUPERB game! Can you help me out Joe?

  • Colleen Wagner
    Colleen Wagner 5 years ago

    Super man

  • Colleen Wagner
    Colleen Wagner 5 years ago

    Be a red lantern

  • KolPlays
    KolPlays 5 years ago

    but, ya dcuo is free to play but after lvl 30 to do anything its best to just get legendary, i mean i guess u could just buy the dlc but i donno, i have mix feelings on dcuo these days

  • AlphaSeries181
    AlphaSeries181 5 years ago +2

    Be wonderwoman

    • Drake Coonce
      Drake Coonce 5 years ago

      Oh yeh like he's not gonna be superman haha

  • Carlos Gonçalves
    Carlos Gonçalves 5 years ago

    Can someone play with you?

  • Jsy Joop
    Jsy Joop 5 years ago

    the thing about this game is if you find a power/character you like u will get addicted. like really really addicted fun as hell. not the free to play part members is way better

  • frankcastle498
    frankcastle498 5 years ago

    Please try World of Tanks!

  • jclemus913
    jclemus913 5 years ago

    its great for a free game more contain for a free game. but people love paying for a demo 30 bucks on mg5 omg i hope other companies dont pick up on this

  • vegeta vegi
    vegeta vegi 5 years ago

    You should be a red and blue lantern I am a grenn lantern called ultimatelantern 55

  • JediMasterOW
    JediMasterOW 5 years ago +1

    You shuold play Infinite Crisis the MOBA game instead

  • Aaron clay
    Aaron clay 5 years ago


  • G Kast
    G Kast 5 years ago +1

    play warframe

  • Yellow13
    Yellow13 5 years ago

    I went free to play with SWTOR and I have most of the unlocks from cartel system....they only thing that I am limited on is warzones..but 89k and im good for the week. Still it seems like I can only play SWTOR for about 4 days before i get bored...they have a lot of FLUFF!...I really want to like it...WHY WON'T you let me like your game BIOWARE!!!!!!!!

  • Brandon Jasso
    Brandon Jasso 5 years ago +1

    This game is alright. I use to play it all the time but I can't seem to get back in to it. Also swtor is pretty decent as well, pvp is fun and the stories are great and they have been adding a lot of cool stuff like space pvp, arenas, and now I think you can customize your own home or something and the game is F2p. Like dcuo I use to play swtor a lot but I cant seem to get back in to it, same with GW2. I always seem to go back to WoW.

  • joe smoe
    joe smoe 5 years ago


  • russian trooper
    russian trooper 5 years ago

    check out project spark its free make your own game

  • Stuart Pid
    Stuart Pid 5 years ago +1

    I've actually just revisited DCUO on the PS3. Still pretty crap.

  • Attila Toth
    Attila Toth 5 years ago

    Star Villans and space heroes

  • TheAirJordan1994
    TheAirJordan1994 5 years ago

    Vote here for the best game on Straw Poll!

  • Henry
    Henry 5 years ago

    red lantern

  • Grinder PSN
    Grinder PSN 5 years ago

    Hey u should be legendary, all micri stuff is free. As a commander trust me it's useful

  • Grinder PSN
    Grinder PSN 5 years ago

    Hey peoples, I'm a dcuo player. Fun stuff if have a group aka angry army

  • xXEnlighted 1Xx
    xXEnlighted 1Xx 5 years ago

    Its awesome tank or controller also let me kno your character name and moral side

  • Eddie P
    Eddie P 5 years ago

    This game sucks ass played it on ps3 hated it.....downloaded it again on ps4 finished the entire story with legendary membership after tht its very frustrating you cnt really do pvps because people with higher tiers troll the lower missions and what really pisses me off is you cnt really beat missions in your tier next to impossible and with the stupid marks of triumph system it fucks the game. Its all about money with this piece of shit game. Want to change your movement type? Pay....change power? Pay....want to carry more than 2000 cash when everything worth having is more? Pay. This game is robbery at best. Heard when u download this game they ship you lube for how much they fuck the consumer. Even at 60fps this abomination needs to return to hell where it belongs

  • Old-Dorwulf
    Old-Dorwulf 5 years ago +5

    Check out WARFRAME. It started as F2P but it's been in beta for over a year now. Hahaha

    • Old-Dorwulf
      Old-Dorwulf 5 years ago

      its not. only thing you cant get while playing is the syandanas (capes). everything else you can get ingame

    • lionelep1
      lionelep1 5 years ago

      more like P2W (pay to win) its the truth

    • Brandon Jasso
      Brandon Jasso 5 years ago +5

      +Dorwulf Nigga, no.

    • Old-Dorwulf
      Old-Dorwulf 5 years ago

      Ok? I like it. that's a problem for you?

    • Brandon Jasso
      Brandon Jasso 5 years ago +5

      I hate that game it's so boring and the levels are generic as hell.

  • The Dragon Between Podcast

    DCUO micro-transactions the shit out of their game! Want to open up a Promethium box? Better hand over that cash!

    • Acidrayne
      Acidrayne 5 years ago +2

      +BaconPizzaWaffles then you're not a free player and thus dont understand my point of view. sure the expansions may be worth it, my friends advised me to buy at least one (they recommend on but cant remember). trouble is i literally cannot make online payments, throwing my money at the screen doesnt work. and if you say "well, that's your problem" i fully agree which is why I quit before I became attached to my char and advide my friends who cant pay to not play this game. plenty of good options out there for people like me.

    • Asdf
      Asdf 5 years ago

      I beg to differ. I'm half way to the level cap on multiple characters and the only purchases I've made are a few expansions (which are legitimately worth the cost), like Fight for the Light. I've played through about 40 levels worth of content, in total, and haven't felt required to make any micro-transactions. Also, I'm not sure what bilwit's talking about with the combat. The combat is fun and almost completely skill-based, to where I've often been able to beat players several levels higher than me simply because I was more skilled.

    • Acidrayne
      Acidrayne 5 years ago +2

      i can live without the boxes. problem is, they limit the amount of money a free player can carry (absurdly low, like 2.5k or smth). I made a few friends ingame that told me at higher level the repair bill alone is more that that, plus the high tier gear cost far far more. they advised me to put money in or just quit, you cant play dcuo as a free player. inb4 cheap, i dont have means of payment online.

    • bilwit
      bilwit 5 years ago +2

      It was honestly a really good game before it went F2P (despite all the bugs). They completely nerfed combat and made it 100% gear/raid-centric whereas before everyone was more or less equal at end game and skill prevailed over all. Now you HAVE to raid for all the modules and bullshit or else you will get rolled.

  • chopa 132
    chopa 132 5 years ago

    U should be a villain with rage power

  • Munchk1n
    Munchk1n 5 years ago

    Brilliant outro!

  • BattlerTheBaster
    BattlerTheBaster 5 years ago +1

    you like THIS game, but not eso and wildstar?

    • gonkraider
      gonkraider 5 years ago +1

      they paid him to try it. Hence why all these twitchers and youtubers just happen to be playing this game at the same time.

    • JustinSeizure
      JustinSeizure 5 years ago +6

      Wildstar looks incredibly boring.

    • Lion Keon
      Lion Keon 5 years ago +11

      What kind of ridiculous comment is this?
      Joe never said he disliked wildstar, he simply *correctly* criticized their painfully boring initial level, which is a fair thing to say and something the devs should take note of.
      The same critique was made of ESO starter zones, and guess what? The dev's tightened up their game and improved those starting zone. Constructive criticism only makes games better, when it's heeded of course.
      But what really makes this a silly comment is the fact that Joe was one of the *first* to be highly complimentary of certain aspects of ESO and put forth the idea of giving ESO a chance while much of the gaming media was bashing it for being mediocre. He's been more then fair, all told.

  • JS
    JS 5 years ago

    Red lantern

  • james collins
    james collins 5 years ago

    angry red lantern joe

  • Adam S
    Adam S 5 years ago

    DCUO is pretty fun for awhile. Kept me entertained for about two months without me buying a single thing for it

  • Sonic Speed
    Sonic Speed 5 years ago

    I got back on and fell in love again

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R 5 years ago

    Daaam joe. Your ps4 looks like its about to fall off! D: haha, thats scary

  • Reawer
    Reawer 5 years ago

    DC Universe is old?