AXL Official Trailer (2018)

  • Published on May 17, 2018
  • AXL Official Trailer Sci-Fi Movie HD in theatre 10 August 201.
    © 2018 - Production Co: Lakeshore Entertainment
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  • fapmaster62 xxx
    fapmaster62 xxx Day ago

    the title should have been "robot dog helps hot douche get laid"

  • Karim Benzema
    Karim Benzema 9 days ago

    Becky tabla

  • Matthew Dufour Home
    Matthew Dufour Home 18 days ago

    It's on Netflix

  • Patrick McHale
    Patrick McHale 22 days ago

    This is a very good story& film. Alot of action & drama. Cool effects to.

  • Spike Rose
    Spike Rose 23 days ago

    What the hell, movie. I feel like I've watched 80% of this just by watching the trailer. What's with that nowadays?

  • Joseph Tinkler
    Joseph Tinkler 24 days ago

    Honestly the movie itself was well made, however for this being a dog designed for military forces the dog itself is unable to.

    • Joseph Tinkler
      Joseph Tinkler 24 days ago

      Sorry accidentally submitted the comment. Anyways unable to handle many of the things that the military would need in a robotic device of any kind

  • Max Ali
    Max Ali 24 days ago

    Omg I thought this was gonna be good but totally sucks,the story makes no sense one hour and nothing happens,how on earth something with such technology designed to kill in war can act like a real dog and defeated by a stupid jackass ,no story bad script,bad ,not well constructed characters,what a waste of time of a movie.

  • kosmo seedo
    kosmo seedo Month ago

    Cool sci-fi movie

  • Adham Tamer
    Adham Tamer 2 months ago

    Animatronics alert !

  • Brevard Smith
    Brevard Smith 2 months ago


  • Lotibur Rahman
    Lotibur Rahman 3 months ago

    ha Boss move name

  • Tsumefan2
    Tsumefan2 3 months ago

    why do i get the feeling that the dog is going to die

  • Pinda Kaas
    Pinda Kaas 3 months ago


    OOF BLOX 3 months ago

    I seen it its a little boring

  • Szymon Kowalski
    Szymon Kowalski 3 months ago

    co za gówno xD

  • LoveFood
    LoveFood 3 months ago

    Looks like chappie

  • fana406
    fana406 3 months ago

    He self destructs at the end and saves his data through the cloud

  • Yuri Mitakashime
    Yuri Mitakashime 3 months ago

    End of movie robot dog is dead and happy ending the robot is alive

  • милана тян
    милана тян 3 months ago

    Классный фильм.
    Название Аксель

  • spymaine89
    spymaine89 3 months ago

    dog dies . will not buy

  • spymaine89
    spymaine89 4 months ago

    dirt bike good

  • De Unasino es
    De Unasino es 4 months ago

    soy yo la flaka parece becky g

  • Francesco Ramicani
    Francesco Ramicani 4 months ago +1

    This is the best sci-fi thriller in recent years. Now with boxxy software I can watch everything I want, for free with good quality.

  • Christopher Bello
    Christopher Bello 4 months ago

    Khe berga, kuando ez?

  • Kauan Guilherme
    Kauan Guilherme 5 months ago

    Isso se chama transforme

  • CameraTimeCrew
    CameraTimeCrew 5 months ago +1

    had watched the movie. It wasn'r great at all.

    • lana peacock
      lana peacock Month ago

      I,personally, LOVED the movie. But I’m a sucker for dogs, Robots, and movies along this line.

  • Oni Hican
    Oni Hican 5 months ago +1

    Why you dont call man running with robot dog.

  • manCopz Channel
    manCopz Channel 5 months ago


  • Vo Van Tri
    Vo Van Tri 5 months ago

    More like nasus, get me? Xd

  • Donovan
    Donovan 5 months ago

    For 12 and under

  • juan manuel sepulveda
    juan manuel sepulveda 5 months ago


  • Branson Jones
    Branson Jones 5 months ago

    movie trailer looks terrible but the movie is really good

  • Gokhan Kansoy
    Gokhan Kansoy 5 months ago

    fena film değil

  • ChiCho R.G.
    ChiCho R.G. 5 months ago

    Scooby doo pa pa!

  • Robert Frias
    Robert Frias 5 months ago

    I watch it all

  • Manuel Nardin
    Manuel Nardin 5 months ago

    All new released movies in my audio language I find using boxxy software and for free!

  • dmactexas007
    dmactexas007 5 months ago


  • Bojan Simonovic
    Bojan Simonovic 5 months ago

    Transformer type movie rip off. Why they create child movies with teenager main character I still dont understand...

  • daghrb6
    daghrb6 5 months ago +1

    The actors made me Cringe more than the CGI dogbot!

  • Rizky Zulkurniawan
    Rizky Zulkurniawan 6 months ago

    Axl rose

    MAD GENTAL'Z 6 months ago

    plz give me the movie link

  • Abhijit Abhijit
    Abhijit Abhijit 6 months ago

    You have made that the dogs are best in every time

  • engkos moreno
    engkos moreno 6 months ago

    fuck sam

  • Shakil Khan
    Shakil Khan 6 months ago

    I wetting this movie

  • Edwin Montana
    Edwin Montana 6 months ago


  • Agung Wibowo
    Agung Wibowo 6 months ago

    I give rate 5/10 for this movie.
    The story that telling it is not good enough

  • Vasil Vasilev
    Vasil Vasilev 6 months ago

    Yellow ranger

  • sanju sebastian
    sanju sebastian 6 months ago

    okay...the whole movie plot is in the trailer some suspence pple!!

  • Z. Allen
    Z. Allen 6 months ago

    A really shitty looking How to train your dragon/Iron Giant/Transformers-wannabe rip off

  • Rob Alfie Inostroza-Lindley

    Why can't I find the movie on Netflix?

  • Andre Hermsdorff
    Andre Hermsdorff 6 months ago

    A vida é vida não importa se e vegetal animal ou metal

  • Dani Rosarlo
    Dani Rosarlo 6 months ago

    Ir cuando la van a dar la película

  • Mr. Mac Goo
    Mr. Mac Goo 6 months ago

    This movie doesnt make sense

  • Wenedy Calixto
    Wenedy Calixto 6 months ago +1

    Uau legal cachorro robo eu gosto muito

  • Around The World
    Around The World 6 months ago

    AI in movies and our lives

  • Terrell Dickson
    Terrell Dickson 6 months ago
    same director and story, i thought this was a dead project, im happy its actually becoming a thing nao

  • Terrell Dickson
    Terrell Dickson 6 months ago

    oh now i know why because it is

  • Terrell Dickson
    Terrell Dickson 6 months ago

    why does this remind me of miles

  • cemil guven
    cemil guven 6 months ago

    godzilla geri döndü on üzerinden 12 yapanların emeğine saglik

  • michael brogden
    michael brogden 6 months ago


  • lepsuz
    lepsuz 6 months ago +1

    more like transformers

  • vns an
    vns an 6 months ago

    Link fim

  • Daniel Brassesco
    Daniel Brassesco 6 months ago

    It's like cyberpunk for 6 year old kids.

  • Eduardo Silva
    Eduardo Silva 6 months ago

    What the fuck is going on

  • GamingSky SKY
    GamingSky SKY 6 months ago

    I want To watch that

  • ShadowNinja Gaming
    ShadowNinja Gaming 6 months ago

    Wack ass off brand Transformers

  • Iohanan Tudsque
    Iohanan Tudsque 6 months ago

    Muito filme de robô ultimamente.

  • Roni _82
    Roni _82 6 months ago

    i already watched that movie, using boxxy software. good quality, and in my language.

  • ThatblackGS 1000
    ThatblackGS 1000 6 months ago


  • Fan Zebo
    Fan Zebo 7 months ago

    this is parody movie bumblebee is fucking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glennaui126 10289060
    glennaui126 10289060 7 months ago

    If the dog dies in this mpvie, im gonna be fvcking pissed

  • Ken Truong Nguyen
    Ken Truong Nguyen 7 months ago


  • DJ Wawrzuś
    DJ Wawrzuś 7 months ago

    Why this man on the cross looks like Avicci (*)

    MALAPPURAM LIVE 7 months ago

  • soldier: Oh yeah yeah 99999999

    Transformers hahah😂

  • puaka
    puaka 7 months ago

    Wow. Becky G

  • one Hott
    one Hott 7 months ago

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  • abboude iraq
    abboude iraq 7 months ago

    like game horizon zero down

  • Aditya Sai
    Aditya Sai 7 months ago

    Lost dog from Cybertron

  • Саша Кобко
    Саша Кобко 7 months ago

    Фильм гавняшка

  • Thịnh Lương
    Thịnh Lương 7 months ago

    rubbish flim

  • Star Atlas
    Star Atlas 7 months ago

    Good. Keep it away from China or Vietnam. Those people may eat it.

  • Gamer 98
    Gamer 98 7 months ago

    Se ve hermosa becky g en el trailer

  • Yousef Mohamed
    Yousef Mohamed 7 months ago

    اسم الفيلم

  • Joe Cleydson
    Joe Cleydson 7 months ago


  • J&K OFFICIAL Traillers
    J&K OFFICIAL Traillers 7 months ago

    Nice post I liked it .
    Can you subscribe mine.

  • MV
    MV 7 months ago

    AXL is so cool

  • PlazMan_ CZ
    PlazMan_ CZ 7 months ago


  • A chan
    A chan 7 months ago

    why do i have a feeling that the robot will die or will leave the man? okay, it's just my guts

  • Jace Coletta
    Jace Coletta 7 months ago

    I need an AXL

  • Angus
    Angus 7 months ago

    Its a freekin robot, it has no feelings, also how did they leave a trillion dollar project out in the middle of nowhere, he would probably be rewarded for handing it in, this looks like a crappier version of monster trucks.

    • Angus
      Angus 7 months ago

      Like humanoid robots can work, but a dog thats built to fight wars. NO

  • frostshadow 45678
    frostshadow 45678 7 months ago


  • Jorge Israel Perez Gutierrez

    Beta-X animei?

  • Fredi
    Fredi 7 months ago +1

    Oh shit i think this gona be the best film of 2018 or 2019

  • z/3 Z/3
    z/3 Z/3 7 months ago

    Animal Xtra Large AXL

  • ayush kumar
    ayush kumar 7 months ago

    Movie release date ?

  • Aloyce Peter
    Aloyce Peter 7 months ago

    A`ight I See They gOT Some To Make Us Sad At The End After Dawn Of Dat Ktm AkA AXL DoG

  • Renee Joyce
    Renee Joyce 7 months ago

    Please release it now

  • Ya Boi
    Ya Boi 7 months ago

    Iiiiiiii nnnnnneeeeeeeedddddddddd iiiiiiiiitttttt