The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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  • Theson
    Theson Minute ago

    Why don’t u have a penis

  • Eline Ferauge
    Eline Ferauge 24 minutes ago

    “I did a cute little wing”

  • Philine Wreck
    Philine Wreck 42 minutes ago

    Oh I love Lady Gaga's perfume

  • Luca Hartig
    Luca Hartig Hour ago


  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR 2 hours ago

    I like everything what he is doing, because he don't care what other people say and he is how he like to be.. And live his own life in his style!! Many people are afraid to be how they like to be as they are afraid what others will say!! THIS IS THE LIFE.. TO DO WHAT YOU LIKE... NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT FOR YOU.. SO BE YOU!!

  • Busy Bee ASMR
    Busy Bee ASMR 2 hours ago

    Wow! Jeffrey is a make-up artist.. He is better that many, many girls in make-up!! He is very passionate of makeup!!

  • Sophia Staudt
    Sophia Staudt 2 hours ago

    shane made me a fan of yours. i’m ordering your merch soon and DEFINITELY some make up!!

  • nat campbell
    nat campbell 2 hours ago

    @jeffreestar have you tried winky lux?

  • Satan
    Satan 3 hours ago

    Jeffree, you have marvelously hypnotic eyes 👁 👁

  • lyka salazar
    lyka salazar 3 hours ago

    Jeffree can you please try the Vice Cosmetics

  • Neko Lemon
    Neko Lemon 3 hours ago

    I never seen anyone look good without eyebrows. And then there’s Jeffree. He’s honestly so stunning-

  • Abdulisa beasT
    Abdulisa beasT 3 hours ago

    I hope u die

  • Baphom
    Baphom 4 hours ago


  • paige stites
    paige stites 4 hours ago

    Dog screaming lol

  • Toudi
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  • Ryan Drevokocur
    Ryan Drevokocur 4 hours ago +1

    So sorry,, Do you know how people eats from one birkin? I love you how you are, but money arent all. And now in czech. Fandím ti a přeju hlavně lásku a klid, ale jsem gay a moc penez nemam, ale dám co mam i těm na ulici. Všichni rikam, e sem naivní, ale raději budu dal věřit v lidi a atd.. Jen tak dál a přeju ti s nathan vše super. Teď K nam prijde tvá kolekce do česka. K tobě se to nedostane, ale si super a šetří hehe. Byte radek

  • Miss.Thálita Pires
    Miss.Thálita Pires 5 hours ago

    Ele parece a Ana Hickman

  • Tiffany Fudala
    Tiffany Fudala 6 hours ago

    A question for everyone and anyone out there in cyberspace familiar with 🌟Jeffree Star's🌟 eyeshadow palettes...I want to purchase a palette as a gift to myself prior to the upcoming holiday season. Which palette do you recommend??? I was thinking either Androgyny or Beauty Killer. I want something versatile that could be both conservatively applied for a work look and dramatically applied for a night out! Thank you 💜😉❤😉❤😉💜

  • Holly Felton
    Holly Felton 6 hours ago

    Jeffree star is the alien under my bed ☕️

  • Jisoo Lin
    Jisoo Lin 6 hours ago

    jeffrees I love your voice male☺💓💓💓💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • Z¡a Qu33n
    Z¡a Qu33n 6 hours ago

    Who else watches Jeffree star while they get ready using the Jeffree star × morphe palette!!!!!

  • lynn thomas
    lynn thomas 6 hours ago

    I don't use makeup at all. So for me to watch your 30+ minutes of using makeup is refreshing and interesting to see. You sure know how to pull my attention fully to your videos.

  • Kezia Emanuela
    Kezia Emanuela 6 hours ago

    i think it would be better if you take a really close up for eyes :)

  • 1Suburbanchic
    1Suburbanchic 6 hours ago

    Jeffrey Star makes me want to shave my eyebrows off.

  • Jana Divinska
    Jana Divinska 6 hours ago

    that gloss really do not like on you, looks cheap

  • Salem Wolf4506
    Salem Wolf4506 6 hours ago

    I love how he says “cute little” wing 😂

  • Jm Capague
    Jm Capague 7 hours ago

    Jeffree :) thanks for this nice review - i dont mind about my load used to play this video but them youre one of the best i mean THE BEST and honest makeup review queen ...

  • Olivia Sutcliffe
    Olivia Sutcliffe 9 hours ago

    You should review bt21 makeup!

  • Aisil Cena
    Aisil Cena 9 hours ago


  • Cody
    Cody 9 hours ago

    Please please please review KIM CHI’s pallet

  • Caitlin EM
    Caitlin EM 10 hours ago

    Like if Jeffree should do a video on skincare/the best foundations and primers for different skin types! Having a lot of trouble finding what works best for my super dry skin!

  • L. A. V.
    L. A. V. 11 hours ago

    как же Петров косит под этого чувака

  • Violet Eyes
    Violet Eyes 11 hours ago

    Watching for the third time with no new content ... rest in peace Daddy and Diamond ☮☮☮☮☮☮ grief is so horrible, take you're time we all love you guys.

  • Arionna Krawczyk
    Arionna Krawczyk 11 hours ago

    Omg I am new to his channel and he said he lived in Michigan and I’m going to Michigan November 1st and 2nd!!!

    • ho's tinkywinky
      ho's tinkywinky 8 hours ago

      His bf, nate is from MI but both are living in CA now. They only go to MI for vacation + visit Nate's fam.

  • mel langham
    mel langham 11 hours ago

    Jeffree, can you please review smok sessions by Melt Cosmetics?

  • Liv Pritchard
    Liv Pritchard 12 hours ago +1

    No one :
    Jeffree : wearing my rent on his nails

  • Mila Ayuhara
    Mila Ayuhara 12 hours ago

    dark eyeshadow is living for you GIIIIRRRLLL. Love ya! Greetings from Germany ;*

  • JulieMarie
    JulieMarie 12 hours ago

    follow me for a giveaway ! or like this and ill subscribe to you support!!!

  • Jurin Piad
    Jurin Piad 15 hours ago

    go and try vt cosmetics x bt21 makeup its korean tho

  • cupcake explosion
    cupcake explosion 15 hours ago

    So there is a guy who recreates dolls and his name is hextien and he recreated you as a doll so I was wondering if you could watch it please do it for a fan😊😊

  • B.Loved TaLi
    B.Loved TaLi 16 hours ago

    16.3 million subs 🙌🏼🙌🏼 congrats on surpassing the drama lama tuber 🙏🏼 you DESERVE it !!!! 💝 you so maaaaaaccccchhh MR.DIVA

  • hoseokzip
    hoseokzip 17 hours ago

    lmfao his *:]* face

  • Snekky Snek
    Snekky Snek 17 hours ago

    Jeffree, I know chances are you may never see this. However I have a potential idea for a makeup line, and I have no clue what to do. You are by far the most relatable and approachable person, and I wouldn’t want my idea to go anywhere but with you. Much love.

  • Sandy Payano
    Sandy Payano 17 hours ago

    You should do a video on “internet most searched questions of yourself” 😩

  • Brandon Rogers
    Brandon Rogers 17 hours ago

    @jefree star
    This is so important to me jeffree of you see this I desperately need you help I don't need money or materialistic items I need genuine help....I'll explain in detail please reply🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • Lory 1
    Lory 1 17 hours ago

    You are always so beautiful u look so beautiful with the face lace love it!!! Hugs n love

  • Hannah kroll
    Hannah kroll 17 hours ago

    Zack: I actually like it
    His response to everything😂

  • Roronoa Zoro
    Roronoa Zoro 18 hours ago

    From Giang ơii with love

  • Gioiello Acula
    Gioiello Acula 18 hours ago +1

    Anyone else notice that Jeffree Star’s logo looks like a hard dick pointing up and the J’s curl into balls? 🤔 I wonder if it that was intentional…

  • Amanda Alarcon
    Amanda Alarcon 18 hours ago

    honey, im sick. it's been three weeks. I know you're busy but baby, come back!

  • Brenda Arriola
    Brenda Arriola 18 hours ago +1

    Jeffree would you review Tati's make up ?

  • Kristen Gewecke
    Kristen Gewecke 19 hours ago

    Jeffree is the only beauty guru I even watch on TheXvid. He is the only one I genuinely believe and trust when it comes to makeup reviews.

  • Grace Cameron
    Grace Cameron 19 hours ago +1

    Imagine Jeffree came out with a SKINCARE LINE

  • T #2
    T #2 19 hours ago

    Jeffree We Miss U!!!!! Hope all is Well with u. Ready for a Video Bitch. 😄💋

  • Jacari Worthy
    Jacari Worthy 19 hours ago

    Stop your sooo gay

  • Emily Kathleen
    Emily Kathleen 19 hours ago

    Lady Gaga and Jeffree collab please

  • kyle james
    kyle james 20 hours ago

    i am a man looking to transition to a women any tips ???

  • reaction crew gamer squad

    Can you try to review Kylie x belmain callab set

  • Francesca Botta
    Francesca Botta 20 hours ago

    Omg you should make makeup wipes

  • Elizabeth Ann
    Elizabeth Ann 21 hour ago

    Watch @kristenleo video about you!