The Smashing Pumpkins - Solara


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  • Planet Earth
    Planet Earth 2 minutes ago

    Real in it, i love this sound!

  • Absinthe Fandubs
    Absinthe Fandubs 2 hours ago

    So, Bolly recorded an average day at his house and released it as a video, do I understand this correctly?
    If so, I'm disappointed at the severe lack of reptile changelings.

  • So My Name's Robbie Parker

    how the fuck did he write those classic albums is what i'm wondering now

  • Donato Iannuzzi
    Donato Iannuzzi 3 hours ago

    Sono tornati alla grandeeeee

  • Jeremy Zamora
    Jeremy Zamora 4 hours ago

    Billy looks ready to dance the mamuska

  • Vix Shagrath
    Vix Shagrath 4 hours ago

    I cant find the lyrics in the comments!

  • Shawn Langford
    Shawn Langford 4 hours ago

    The Gathering of the Juggalo's looks really depressing this year. They could use some more Faygo to lift their spirits.

  • Luna Belle
    Luna Belle 4 hours ago

    Poetry in pure motion. Estatic to experience more art! ♡♡♡ Keep it coming Billy! =D

  • Victor Aguila
    Victor Aguila 6 hours ago

    definitivamente el regreso de James Iha le vino a dar el toque pumpkin que habían perdido desde que se salió, lastimosamente sin D'arcy :(

  • AJMannTech
    AJMannTech 7 hours ago

    Still haven't lost it!

  • Dimitris Papoutsis
    Dimitris Papoutsis 10 hours ago old job

  • Host of Яed Яoom
    Host of Яed Яoom 10 hours ago

    It was hard to Decode

  • Gmoney 6422
    Gmoney 6422 14 hours ago

    At least its better than Run2Me

  • Darrin J
    Darrin J 17 hours ago


  • mark yabut
    mark yabut 17 hours ago

    Smashing concert at OKC... Billy put on a great show, must see live performances for the smashing pumpkins tour 2018... Loving the SP for 30years now

  • Szymon Madej
    Szymon Madej 18 hours ago

    I like, very nice. My brother crazy Billo also like! Bald man make a nice muzik

  • Lubian Leonardo Fernandez

    These guys do not lose their style. This is great.

  • arv4572
    arv4572 20 hours ago

    eeemm Billy should be thinking about Florida

  • JoBananas
    JoBananas 21 hour ago

    cool song but this video is lame

  • edenseye
    edenseye 21 hour ago

    I liked this one! It had a story to it.

    STEVE KASSIOTIS 22 hours ago

    Man, there sure is a lot of juggalos in his neighborhood.

  • Larizze Brishell Bones
    Larizze Brishell Bones 22 hours ago

    Ya sientese señora Corgan!

    xXANTHONYXx 23 hours ago

    His voice has changed a lot

  • jakeenan
    jakeenan Day ago

    I love this video. Love it even better baked. It's like the sequel to Ava Adore: What Happened After. It's got so much Pumpkin World imagery that the fans are gonna be coming up with some strange-ass assumptions. I sure as hell am. Welcome to the Hotel Ava Adore you can check-out anytime you like but you can never leave. Haha

  • Inventor
    Inventor Day ago

    ¿es esto su pedal signature o ha usado el original?

  • Surftons official
    Surftons official Day ago +1

    So 90's! Love this!

  • Surftons official
    Surftons official Day ago +1

    Hi guys! We are Surftons, a post-punk band that inspired by the surf culture. Please have a visit to our channel and listen to our new song, another new songs will be coming soon, Thank you very much. Have a good times !

  • Josh Paulus
    Josh Paulus Day ago

    Welcome back James Iha!

  • Brocephus
    Brocephus Day ago

    I like this

  • hipersayan 123
    hipersayan 123 Day ago +1

    Spectacular...!!!!... You Friends AUDIOSTEROID TheXvid..!!!!


    billy needs a gym

  • Yoga Pranata
    Yoga Pranata Day ago

    Lord Varys?

  • Fava The Rabbit
    Fava The Rabbit Day ago

    Great Pumpkins Forever , ciao by favatherabbit

  • Jordan Daubney
    Jordan Daubney Day ago

    Nice most recent song by the pumpkins this is. Billy corgan has always reminded me of the Zordon from power rangers. 🤣

  • carmonkey
    carmonkey Day ago

    why do i feel like he already has a song named this

  • Oilda Beatriz Fleitas Gauto

    Idk that Pitbull make rock songs

  • NodiWolf
    NodiWolf Day ago

    This is better than I expected. Pretty great.

  • Felipe Gonçalves

    This tune is fucking powerful

  • Sandra Olsen
    Sandra Olsen Day ago

    Love it 🤘

  • Fancy Food Fight
    Fancy Food Fight 2 days ago

    This is fucking terrible

  • Karin Ishida
    Karin Ishida 2 days ago

    Voldemort, you're alive????? 😲

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    I'd be lying if I said I thought this was the Pumpkins' best song, but I still quite like it though. It's got a nagging melody to it - almost a neo-punk feel to it. I've listened to it a number of times, and probably will listen a number more.
    The video is kinda low ebb, but eerie and strange too - in a compelling way. Not a bad effort overall.

  • Bill Hill
    Bill Hill 2 days ago

    Well...I liked the guitar solo best.

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 2 days ago

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  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 2 days ago

    Mine is

  • tionik06
    tionik06 2 days ago

    I saw them in AZ on Thursday. It was incredibly good and they sounded perfect. Their visual effects and video tripped me out so much. I was not expecting that. The video art showed all stages of Life from a very human perspective making me feel emotions I haven't felt for years. This was so worth it and exceeded expectations.

  • Amber Roberson
    Amber Roberson 2 days ago

    Glad to see Uncle Fester doing good and finding his artistic side..sad about the cancer

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      herp derp. you are hilarious. some GREAT 12 year old level jokes.

  • chris hermans
    chris hermans 2 days ago

    how is D'arcy???

  • chris hermans
    chris hermans 2 days ago

    Billy his look at 2:16 great!!!!!!


    Hell fucking yeah!!!

  • Ivan Bosch
    Ivan Bosch 3 days ago

    Me re gustó. Siempre bueno lo de Billi, tanto musical como visual

  • Mikael Iso-Oja
    Mikael Iso-Oja 3 days ago


  • gandolin66
    gandolin66 3 days ago

    Billy's face color suggests he already died some years ago and has lived as a singing vampire.

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      yeah , he should use instagram filters instead! idiot

  • Vitor D. Francisco
    Vitor D. Francisco 3 days ago

    Excelent! Video & Sound.

  • Stefano Pillan
    Stefano Pillan 3 days ago

    I'm waiting for a "literal video version"

  • To To
    To To 3 days ago

    2:15 My exact reaction after watching this video.
    Good stuff!

  • Chris Cabral
    Chris Cabral 3 days ago fine wine :o*********

  • daharder
    daharder 3 days ago

    The pumpkins returns by the big door!

  • F Bishel
    F Bishel 3 days ago

    Death from bill and ted's bogus journey

  • Andrew McKay
    Andrew McKay 3 days ago

    2.55 dethklok minion

  • Balbino Lopez
    Balbino Lopez 3 days ago

    Wtf billy? This is wack

  • MikeAbsurd
    MikeAbsurd 3 days ago

    i like it but its like it i

  • Anthony Strunk
    Anthony Strunk 3 days ago

    I like it, reminds me of the good ol 90’s

  • Mickey Run
    Mickey Run 3 days ago boots tho...

  • FatBoy Paul
    FatBoy Paul 3 days ago

    They sound the same good for them 👍

  • only4now only4now
    only4now only4now 3 days ago

    This Song Rocks!!!!!! And I Love it!!!!!

  • notreallybandfromottawa

    He should cheer up. Maybe go to Disneyland.

  • Clutch-Trick Gaming
    Clutch-Trick Gaming 3 days ago

    Like the song but the video makes me wanna shove tater tots into dirty places.

  • ish
    ish 3 days ago

    Watch "MAGPULLTRIGGER: TAKE ME" on TheXvid

  • Joe Northstar
    Joe Northstar 3 days ago

    It looks like Pinhead from Hellraiser remove his pin nails and Jason 0:37 also made a make over and all the people are waiting and preparing for the Purge night.

  • Ikaro Bagano
    Ikaro Bagano 4 days ago +1

    So good to see you back, love SP!!

  • Matt Elrod
    Matt Elrod 4 days ago

    Welcome back James!!!

  • Mr. Smith
    Mr. Smith 4 days ago

    Great song. Billy is a true artist.

  • Matthew Botha
    Matthew Botha 4 days ago +1

    Nice return from the Pumpkins

  • thomas S.
    thomas S. 4 days ago +1

    so glad this band is still makin music :D

  • s z
    s z 4 days ago

    I simply don't understand. When Corgan puts out creative and innovative stuff, many fans and critics complain that it's no good, that the "good SP days are over". Here he's going back to his (arguably) grunge roots with almost all original band members and many complain that the new song is shit because it's the "same old stuff" and/or (once again) that "Pumpkins’ glory days currently belong to the past". I guess there's just no way pleasing some people...

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      you are so right. i hate people that say "he hasn''t released anything good in 20 years".
      my response "did you listen to any of the last 5 albums?"

  • Jumbo Joel
    Jumbo Joel 4 days ago +1

    Finally they didnt make some shitty pop song and they went back to their roots

  • dtadeo2006
    dtadeo2006 4 days ago

    Hellraiser turned into Uncle Fester.

  • DeeHall 47's Australian Rugby League Stats

    As mighty as their 90s glory days

  • I_Stink
    I_Stink 4 days ago


  • Mickey Run
    Mickey Run 4 days ago

    They used to do way better videos with mellon collie....23 something years ago...i like the idea of this one but this is just lazy cheap af...2018...come on wtf

  • CJ Mittele
    CJ Mittele 4 days ago

    The smashing pumpkins are insane! I love them soooooo much!

  • XxStonedImmaculatexX

    Weak. They peaked with MCIS. Lightning will not strike again in the same place lol
    Kurt Cobain has been dead since 1994 and continues to be more relevant than corgan lol

    • XxStonedImmaculatexX
      XxStonedImmaculatexX 2 days ago

      Noda Hanshin like I said I stopped after MCIS. Everything before MCIS was gold. The last SP song I really liked was Stand Inside Your Love but Corgan as a solo artist sucks balls xD.

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      oh stop it. you don't understand human nature. if Kurt was alive people would HATE him. don't you see the fact that people always attack aging rock stars "kurt sold out" "kurt lost it" "kurt has no more imagination". same thing if corgan killed himself after MCIS.
      the fact that "you don't remember what it was" also makes me not believe you.

    • XxStonedImmaculatexX
      XxStonedImmaculatexX 2 days ago

      Noda Hanshin I bought one, not even sure which one it was but it was awful. The ironic thing is that he controller most of the music with SP but cant be as successful by himself so he need the band together again.
      It doesn’t matter though because he will never be a living legend like Kurt was xD

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      so you bought and listened to his last 5 albums? gtf out of here

  • The Fandom Stranger
    The Fandom Stranger 4 days ago

    That awkward look he makes when he sees the mime give birth has been my look ths whold video

  • Sam Smith
    Sam Smith 4 days ago

    I didn't expect the new material to compete with Melancholy or anything like that. I'm just glad they are back together so I can see them live.

  • Марат Сулейманов

    только д.арси не хватает!!!!!

  • The Nord
    The Nord 4 days ago +1

    I'll smash pumpkins In ur face haters

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas 4 days ago +1

    i have been replenished, no but seriously havent really been invested sine Machina 18 years ago but i feel strongly about this time round

  • Nyarla Thotep
    Nyarla Thotep 4 days ago

    Valar Morghulis Lord Varys !

  • Dood_Sanshiro
    Dood_Sanshiro 4 days ago

    Billy Corgan has now become Voldemort.

  • Ruben Ventura
    Ruben Ventura 4 days ago +2

    hey! Sounds fucking great! wow Surprise

  • Diego Ballón
    Diego Ballón 5 days ago +1

    The drummer is a genius

  • Andrew Snarls
    Andrew Snarls 5 days ago

    The Smashing Pumpkins haven't been able to retain any of what they once were during the period of time when I listened to them in the 90's on a regular basis... this song and video are awful, there's nothing fresh or even good about this song. It's the route that Billy Corgan was taking with his music way back when which I didn't care for at all that he's only continued on with and seemingly repeating himself to the point of me just feeling that the Smashing Pumpkins should have ended two decades ago... it's almost sad and pathetic to watch them in this video and listen to how bad the lyrics have gotten with their songs.....

    • Andrew Snarls
      Andrew Snarls 2 days ago

      Noda Hanshin - I think the closest Billy Corgan has come to being good again was when he headed Zwan and made the song 'Honestly'... but that song almost seems like a fluke, and that band didn't go anywhere. Although 'Honestly' isn't a song I'd want to hear over and over again like I once did Smashing Pumpkins songs. Since you brought up his past five albums, what is one song from each album that stands out as remarkable to you? So I'm looking for five songs worth listening to repeatedly, one from each of his last five albums... and I'll bet you all five of them sound exactly the same, flat, and seem to have been put out to keep name recognition alive and to get a paycheck.

    • Andrew Snarls
      Andrew Snarls 2 days ago

      Noda Hanshin - I have, and my opinion stays the same. But it doesn't really matter, this is my taste and Billy Corgan has gone a route that hasn't appealed to me in well over a decade... his style since being good has nothing new or fresh in it, nothing that made me a fan of The Smashing Pumpkins when they were good. Which is a reason you don't hear any of their new music on the radio because it's really not worth sharing with the public, it would bore them to death, cause them to change the radio station, and to me that's unfortunate. You don't even hear it on college radio which can play anything.

    • Noda Hanshin
      Noda Hanshin 2 days ago

      have you listened to any of his past 5 albums? each one had a different and fresh sound.

  • Aluizio
    Aluizio 5 days ago


  • Federica Trillini
    Federica Trillini 5 days ago

    che gran gassss sto pezzo..... !!!!

  • Michael Duran
    Michael Duran 5 days ago +2

    The Pumpkins are back!

  • Clint K
    Clint K 5 days ago

    Is it just me, or does Billy Corgan now look like Norm Macdonald?

  • Ben Cantrell
    Ben Cantrell 5 days ago +2

    I'm so glad their back this band is LEGENDARY