The Smashing Pumpkins - Solara


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  • David Mendenhall
    David Mendenhall 3 hours ago

    i think is my favorite SP song...

  • Parthena Baltouvani
    Parthena Baltouvani 12 hours ago

    The Best

  • tunawayFEMwash
    tunawayFEMwash 12 hours ago

    Bill looks like Norm MacDonald had a kid with the baby held by Satan in "The Passion of the Christ."

  • CodedToast
    CodedToast 15 hours ago

    Looks like the Eunuch in Game of Thrones.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 16 hours ago

    Video>>>>Gotham City!

  • David Reid
    David Reid Day ago

    I came here expecting to be disappointed but was instead pleasantly surprised. This is the best new music from the Smashing Pumpkins in 20+ years.

  • 八木あえ実
    八木あえ実 2 days ago

    I love you Smashing Pumpkins, no matter what, you show us that good music still exists in this world.

  • PenacHo 13
    PenacHo 13 5 days ago +2

    Finally i found it, after 4 long months

  • Azevedo Torres
    Azevedo Torres 6 days ago +1

    i didnt like courtney love controllin the drone

  • Dolce Frastuono
    Dolce Frastuono 6 days ago

    The meaning? .....
    Diseas in progress fighter in fall

  • etha s
    etha s 7 days ago +1

    saw them yesterday, was maybe 10 rows of humans back from billie, it was ethereal, and HEAVY....really melodic and strong, just feeling good today about revisting old ideas and memories from 1990s and having new epiphanies as well. amazing

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 7 days ago

    You're right. We should meet. I'd tell you to wipe that fucking smile off your face and you'd do it.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 7 days ago

    I had kids because I love kids. Not because I love life. Of course you're against the death penalty, you're guilty as sin. Go ahead and smile, thinking how you'll turn the tables in a jingle.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 7 days ago

    Do you understand that you insult and belittle because you want to look like you're better ? You don't put things around your neck, kid.

  • mickael b.
    mickael b. 7 days ago

    Si c'est pas du clip glauque, ça... on est clairement chez les barges... après, le reste de l'album reste moyen...

  • Forrest Gump
    Forrest Gump 10 days ago

    Man, this guy is the shit! I seen him perform in St Louis on Dec 1 2018. He did this song. I never realized how much talent this guy had. And maybe I should give the entire band some credit. Some badass drumming here. The lyrics? Man,,,,,, I just wish I could write one line.

  • Heidi Moya
    Heidi Moya 11 days ago

    Went to their concert in July in Phx and they are coming back this Fri to Mesa, Phx suburb. Going again and super excited!

  • Siren Bianca
    Siren Bianca 12 days ago

    He said he didn't want to get people off like pop music but I am pretty sure I just did *hides*

  • JD Ben
    JD Ben 12 days ago

    My god this is SO cool!!!!! real music again!!

  • Mortauxcons hey
    Mortauxcons hey 12 days ago

    sacré Billy ! Toujours un putain de son de gratte qui déchire sa mère ! On t'aime mec ....

  • Ruben Meijerink
    Ruben Meijerink 12 days ago +1

    3:03 looks like Billy just dropped in a Fortnite map?

  • anthony thomas
    anthony thomas 13 days ago

    This is what Charlie Brown would have looked like as an adult..

  • AshleenWoods
    AshleenWoods 14 days ago

    I feel like David Lynch and John Waters had coffee/tea/cocaine one more morning and collaborated on this video...

  • Buck Ovens
    Buck Ovens 14 days ago +1

    Now i understand why Billies vocals there buried in previous albums. Its not very good then emphasized.

  • psychesoulinthehole
    psychesoulinthehole 15 days ago

    Vocals sound horrible

  • Rebecca Fair
    Rebecca Fair 15 days ago

    YEAH!!!! SO HYPE!!!!

  • davidvonslingshot
    davidvonslingshot 16 days ago

    a song without autotune........ REJOICE!

  • Glen Baker
    Glen Baker 16 days ago

    Is the blonde with the drone and big lips supposed to be D'Arcy?

  • anthony thomas
    anthony thomas 17 days ago

    Wow, crazy video. In the end he walks into the "dream" house that was in a picture hanging on the wall in the place where he was "trapped". In the end, the dream house ended up being the same place he escaped from. The people on the outside world were weirder than the people where he escaped from...

    NANOHORIZON 17 days ago

    2:16 when you look closer. And realize the Migrants are pretending to flee the border.

  • Roger Benoit
    Roger Benoit 18 days ago

    Pop Billy sux.... rock Billy is awesome.... This new album seems like he wants to capture the MCIS crowd.. doubt that will ever happen. MCIS was never all that great to begin with, IMHO. Gish, Siamese Dream, and Oceania are easily more pleasurable to the ears.

  • James Christie
    James Christie 20 days ago

    The drum fill at 1:19 was sloppy. It caught my attention and I'm not a drummer

  • MrJetsparker
    MrJetsparker 20 days ago

    Huge Nirvana vibes

  • doseofreality100
    doseofreality100 21 day ago

    Corgan is looking more and more like Uncle Fester and Pinhead's love child to me, haha.

  • Roger Marques
    Roger Marques 21 day ago


  • Luciano Andra
    Luciano Andra 21 day ago

    Thanks Lord, they're back.

  • Sarys
    Sarys 22 days ago

    I swear everything after Mellon Collie sucks. I had big hopes for this release as every album since Mellon I thought were complete shit. Looks like that turd isn't breaking off any time soon.

  • R D
    R D 22 days ago

    Billy corgan has alter egos he is a wrestling fan, cubs fan, and I believe this is his deepest persona I believe smashing pumpkins is his alter ego but where he feels comfortable.

  • R D
    R D 22 days ago

    It is billy going back to elk grove village and pirates cove and deciding he rather go back to his new home north side.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 22 days ago

    I don't blame the kid from Pizza Hut for getting the wrong idea. I blame you. For everything.

  • Quality Jokes
    Quality Jokes 23 days ago

    I'm getting that strange Black Hole Sun vibe..... but I might be mistaken....

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 23 days ago

    I think VIDEO RAPISTS should be in a hospital for the criminally insane for the rest of their lives. I'll lobby for that.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 23 days ago

    Things To Do List - Insult survivors of suicide. Pretend their exploits reached my ears.

    FRGAST 24 days ago

    One of the best songs of 2018

  • Evgeny Petrov
    Evgeny Petrov 24 days ago

    Well done :) Mind-blowing and fascinating

  • Mimi Lavitchia
    Mimi Lavitchia 25 days ago

    This reminds me of the black hole sun music video especially when it was outside

  • Joseph Von Meisthal
    Joseph Von Meisthal 25 days ago

    Why is Varys from GOT in the clip ?

  • Michal Kaczmarek
    Michal Kaczmarek 26 days ago +1

    Long time fan and in my honest opinion this is by far the weakest song on the album.
    Absolutley generic writing... Forced. Completely misses the mark and does not at all demonstrate what they are capable of as a band. This one has been on the radio quite a few times and never could get into it. Tried again today as I was hearing the whole album for the first time and I dont feel any different.. Doesn't fit in with the rest of the songs either.. Seek And You Shall Destroy kinda has the same vibe yet that one rocks! Sound fresh and imaginative.
    Rest of the album is awesome! I'm very, very impressed! By far the best music Billy has released in years.
    Probably had a lot to do with the lineup. These guys obviously sound awesome together and that's what made them a good band in the first place.
    They arranged a perfectly balanced guitar trio and just clicks. Jeff fits right in a adds to the chemistry. (I wonder if they're taking pointers from Radiohead) Wouldn't be a bad idea. How do you think they've stayed so successful for so long? They always put the band first and kept going and going allowing them to continually grow as musicians together. That's what makes any great band stand out. You get just the right people together and you can expect great genuine music. Sometimes even magic.
    Should've listened to the fans earlier and settled their differences. Either way glad I'm finally hearing GOOD NEW Smashing Pumpkins material! Awesome.

  • Jordan Moretti
    Jordan Moretti 26 days ago

    This is dope. No two ways about it...

  • Micah Buzan
    Micah Buzan 26 days ago

    The Joker is really good at making music videos.

  • Trent Boots
    Trent Boots 26 days ago

    The crew Billy Corgan had making Oceania was his best since 2000. Chamberlin and Iha just sounds bored on this new album.

  • Rock Album Review
    Rock Album Review 26 days ago

    I'm a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan, but don't love the new record, you can check out my Rock Album Review here,

  • Rock Album Review
    Rock Album Review 26 days ago

    I'm a huge Smashing Pumpkins fan, but don't love the new record, you can check out my Rock Album Review here,

  • Michael Perkovich
    Michael Perkovich 27 days ago

    Billy's wife and son were in the video

  • Bill Bbp
    Bill Bbp 27 days ago

    I stopped listening to the radio about 15 yrs ago. It felt like there was too much control over the industry. Singers and songwriters seemed to be forced to go in the direction of what would make the record companies money. The 90’s in my opinion were some of the absolute best talents and soul. Some 90’s bands conformed and failed. Hearing these new songs are a beautiful reminder of the best days of the 90’s, made me feel like a kid again and brought back memories that I had forgotten. Thank you. I still won’t turn the radio on. Id much rather buy the album. Thanks for staying true.

  • Mr. Crumples
    Mr. Crumples 28 days ago

    The director's (Nick Koenig) girlfriend makes a cameo appearance at 3:35...

  • tusskmusic
    tusskmusic 28 days ago

    No D'arcy = No Pumpkins.

  • rdmauzy
    rdmauzy Month ago

    Loving this one... anyone who says it's their best since the 90's, try Zeitgeist!

  • Mike Emerick
    Mike Emerick Month ago

    The three prison ladies look like Darcy

  • Thomas Poehnelt
    Thomas Poehnelt Month ago

    This video transports is all back to 1995. Does it get anymore 90's music video than this???

  • cilith
    cilith Month ago

    Billy looks like pinhead with out the pins.

  • leonardo santos
    leonardo santos Month ago

    wats ...............uauauauauauauauau perfect

  • Ashley Belle
    Ashley Belle Month ago

    Man that voice takes me back i have always loved smashing pumpkins

  • Stephen Neeley
    Stephen Neeley Month ago +1

    Bummer you had to hire Nick Koennig, known repugnant rapist and predator particularly of underage girls, to create this video for you. Really sucks any amount of pleasure that could be derived right outta there...

  • droid327
    droid327 Month ago

    The video is straight out of the 90s with all the random abstract and vaguely disturbing images in a suburban setting...reminds me of the video for Black Hole Sun especially

  • Boy Vega
    Boy Vega Month ago

    Billy is a occultist ...........sure he made this clip about me,,,,,,,i was trippping ballls when i first saw it

  • Joseph Callahan
    Joseph Callahan Month ago +1

    Let's hope this is a sign of more great songs to come. Peace.

  • Comical Ali
    Comical Ali Month ago

    Billy needs to forget David Bowie, forget the Matrix costumes, forget Marilyn Manson (whom he advised to be more like Bowie), all that is hopelessly cheesy and obsolete.

  • Old GeeG
    Old GeeG Month ago

    he turned into norm macdonald

  • dani cali
    dani cali Month ago

    he's always been so weird lol but hey, some good tunes

  • The Wrong Bad Man
    The Wrong Bad Man Month ago


  • Nicolas Bizord
    Nicolas Bizord Month ago


  • Vinnie Esteves
    Vinnie Esteves Month ago

    Nunca ouvi uma música ruim dos Pumpkins! Mais uma música sensacional!

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    Courtney Love looks gay.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    I just couldn't let you have your Monopoly, sweet cheeks.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    I used to know a hot guy that wore a long skirt who had a suicide attempt, and he is PRETENDING like the whole world told him about it when it didn't like he always does. He's not even handsome enough to be such a poser.

  • millie bays
    millie bays Month ago

    Just doesnt have the enduring creativity of maynard

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    Goodbye Dickless. Oh I can tell.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    " I never was there. Was there when it counts. I get my way. You're so like me. You seemed Ashamed. Ashamed that I was a good friend of American soldiers." This song sucks. You should give it up.

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl Month ago

    I see you hanging around Charlie Brown. All eyes on you. Spies are people too. Oh yes.

  • 199X
    199X Month ago +1

    Billy Corgan is officially a cenobite.

  • Banacon Aghop
    Banacon Aghop Month ago


  • Metallurgist Music TV

    This is an amazing song! Smashing Pumpkins are always top notch! James Iha and Billy Organ are always a smashing success! Their drummer Jimmy Chamberlain is awesome. Just no D’arcy!

  • Wesley Trowell
    Wesley Trowell Month ago

    Fuck ya! Real music, real concept, and real feeling. Everything a kick as rock song is supposed to be! THANK YOU PUMPKINS 🎃

  • Fathoms2004
    Fathoms2004 Month ago

    Hans Moleman ftw!!

  • samtw1979
    samtw1979 Month ago

    what are these sounds? it's like a mechanical drum kit from the long, long ago. and some sort of guitar without buttons. what is this witchery?

  • kcimos
    kcimos Month ago

    Jimmy Chamberlain RULES!!! the other guys aren't too bad either.

  • G Z
    G Z Month ago +4

    This is the style of the Smashing Pumpkins!! , incredible that Billy has resurrected his sound and his band, now in the. 2018, with James iha, few bands surprise Today, this is great jimmy is the drummer!! long life to Sp

  • Issy cole
    Issy cole Month ago

    This has Ava adore vibes

  • sketchy ghoul
    sketchy ghoul Month ago

    So good!!

  • CallMe_Sen_ X
    CallMe_Sen_ X Month ago


  • Euphoric Disaster
    Euphoric Disaster Month ago


  • Paulette
    Paulette Month ago

    my mom has a creepy bunny that hops just like the one in the video. We just threw it in the trash though.
    see you soon.

    * Please pray for my daughters, C. and G., and their safe return back home.
    Thank you.
    -Paulette La Donna

  • Keandra Fitzgerald
    Keandra Fitzgerald Month ago

    I love billy how can you not omg

  • dantesinfernal
    dantesinfernal Month ago

    Typical day in LA.

  • Cyrus Van Beethoven

    Cool imagery!

  • sky Maracle
    sky Maracle Month ago

    sad billy needs sunscreen.......

  • psy spy
    psy spy Month ago

    Much better video than song

  • username7395
    username7395 Month ago

    Welcome back Smashing Pumpkins!!!