Binging with Babish: Beignets from Chef (and Princess and the Frog)

  • Published on Aug 7, 2018
  • This isn't the first time we've taken a look at the foods featured in Jon Favreau's food-film masterclass, Chef. In fact, it isn't the second or third time. And it won't be the last. Follow along this week as we recreate these crunchy, squeezy, soft Crescent City donuts that finally brought a father and son together.
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  • Just Ianah2シ
    Just Ianah2シ Day ago

    I tried these with my mom and they were delicious!!

  • janzenandrew
    janzenandrew Day ago

    Am I the only one to get the Billy Mumphrey reference?

  • XYHC
    XYHC 2 days ago

    4:08 I wish I was his neighbor who gets to eat all the leftovers from the show.

  • Shadow Renegade
    Shadow Renegade 2 days ago


    *_E X T R A T H I C C_*

  • jacob silva
    jacob silva 3 days ago

    Dame did not see that shade at Cortez haha

  • Shogunnez
    Shogunnez 4 days ago

    These would be amazing with a cinnamon infused sugar

  • Hans 7
    Hans 7 4 days ago +1

    1:58 So don't dust them very liberally? Because AOC calls herself a socialist.

  • YND -JAG
    YND -JAG 4 days ago

    Do fried milk

  • SPRT
    SPRT 6 days ago

    What about gumbo from princess and the frog

  • Lucas Parsons
    Lucas Parsons 7 days ago

    Unbridled Enthusiasm for all the Seinfeld fans 🤣

  • ҼʍⱭ
    ҼʍⱭ 7 days ago

    I was watching the princess and the frog I was like this 🤤 watching the cartoons eat

  • Nicholas Bucci
    Nicholas Bucci 9 days ago

    you really had to bring up aoc?

  • Evan Darksky
    Evan Darksky 9 days ago +1

    Binging Beignets with Babish

  • Adam Nelson
    Adam Nelson 9 days ago

    Beingnet is french for "ruined with confectioners sugar" 🙄

  • Maiden Lexx
    Maiden Lexx 10 days ago

    Omg 😪🤙

  • Aze Tenth
    Aze Tenth 11 days ago

    These just look like puffier, square sopaipillas... With powdered sugar... And a little different dough...

  • Roua L Houjeiri
    Roua L Houjeiri 11 days ago

    01:57 the manly way to sift powdered sugar😜

  • Sarah Claasen
    Sarah Claasen 11 days ago

    There is the movie that is called "Fried Green Tomatoes" that centers around two women and this eatery in the Southeastern United States. Have you tried to make Fried Green Tomatoes before?

  • B Copy
    B Copy 11 days ago +1

    Anyone ever watch chef on DVD?

  • S.M. 2011
    S.M. 2011 13 days ago

    I Actually try using the Box and what I did was I put more of the mix in with the dough after i did the steps so It can be more puffier and it did. Burned my finger at the process, but it was worth it!

  • Dale Michael
    Dale Michael 13 days ago

    AOC for the loss

  • TheMilitantHorse
    TheMilitantHorse 14 days ago

    Chef is such an awesome movie.

  • Vanshita Gupta
    Vanshita Gupta 15 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me of the tiny whisk coz i like to whip that cutie out whenever i get a chance.😂

  • MoliminousTheater
    MoliminousTheater 15 days ago

    Have you seen shark tale

  • Cookie 410012
    Cookie 410012 16 days ago

    The topping is supposed to be honey and powdered sugar

  • Seleste Amaya
    Seleste Amaya 16 days ago

    There such thing as beignet mix? Huh, didn’t know that

  • Huni Bear
    Huni Bear 16 days ago

    1:29 Nice

  • MrScottikiss
    MrScottikiss 17 days ago

    No. HONEY?! Whaaaaaa?

  • acid 101
    acid 101 17 days ago

    you can also try fillings, like Nutella and strawberry fillings.

  • Reversetunasub _
    Reversetunasub _ 18 days ago

    I live like an hour away from the actual cafe they're gud

  • OctoberBlues89
    OctoberBlues89 18 days ago

    Well the princess one puts a bit of drizzled honey then sugar

  • Jasmin Lopez
    Jasmin Lopez 19 days ago

    Princess and the frog

  • sarah cisco
    sarah cisco 19 days ago

    I should probably know by now not to watch Binging with Babish or any food videos at 4am, but here I am

  • Lost Percussionist
    Lost Percussionist 20 days ago

    Whenever my family goes to Louisiana, we always stop at a place called Coffee Call to get beignets

  • zeveroare R
    zeveroare R 20 days ago

    Begneits contain fruit.

  • e m a g e r y
    e m a g e r y 20 days ago

    I made these and they were sooo good

  • insert name
    insert name 20 days ago


  • Mrs. Doctor
    Mrs. Doctor 21 day ago

    Aren't those the little biscuit things Tiana made in the Princess and the Frog

  • Caymen Price
    Caymen Price 21 day ago

    Please do eclairs

  • Nss Css
    Nss Css 22 days ago

    Wanna be you neighbour

  • TheElder_Lord gaming
    TheElder_Lord gaming 22 days ago

    Cafe du monde is an amazing place

  • Daija Robertson
    Daija Robertson 22 days ago

    They’re asssss I’m sorry like the dough itself not very tasty!!!!

  • Rodean Alfante Forcadela

    Your version of Beignets is thicc

  • edelricandkidmikk
    edelricandkidmikk 23 days ago

    I want to make these sooooo bad, but the one and only time I had beignets (at cafe du monde, actually!) I got severely ill from them for like 2 days. It wasn’t food poisoning, just something either in them or maybe the abundance of oil used for cooking just really didn’t sit with me. The same thing happens with funnel cakes which are a bit similar, so clearly the universe just decided to deny me the pleasures of fried dough doused in powdered sugar. 😭😭😭
    Maybe I’ll make them for my sister for her birthday or something as she has no such problems and would appreciate them more than I can. 😄👍🏻

  • HaleTheBerzerker
    HaleTheBerzerker 23 days ago

    Is it just me or is his voice incredibly sexy?

  • Oak Boone
    Oak Boone 23 days ago

    Ok I don’t have money for that I’ll just get toaster strudels

  • share bear
    share bear 23 days ago

    Can you do the cheese biscuits from red lobster?

  • Why Not Gordon?
    Why Not Gordon? 24 days ago

    So.... aoc liberal... so... thats either a lot of sugar or i should scream while doing this until i scare my neighbors with my mental issues?

  • Alyssa Pearsall
    Alyssa Pearsall 24 days ago


  • Mairoby Vargas
    Mairoby Vargas 25 days ago

    “I’m talking AOC liberal” ya got me dying

  • Birb
    Birb 26 days ago +1

    Have you seen Chef?

  • kookie krunch
    kookie krunch 26 days ago

    That is not the recipe I'm used too, but I am from a southern family

    • guccifaith
      guccifaith 23 days ago

      kookie krunch what’s ur recipe?

  • soonsims
    soonsims 26 days ago

    Can somebody explain to me what's the deal with kosher salt? Why he only uses this?

  • Blazerous Fire
    Blazerous Fire 27 days ago

    " * now if you excuse me I'm gonna go hit the stair master * ".
    Me: oh you tough soul, that machine kills me, but I keep going cause I don't want to fall.

  • Chris Dabtastic
    Chris Dabtastic 27 days ago

    Your neighbor wants dick they said hehe twice in like 5 minutes

  • PhoenixSkyy
    PhoenixSkyy 27 days ago

    The box ones were flat because you’re supposed to let the dough rise for about 10-15 minutes. They used to have that step on the box.

  • vanessa
    vanessa 27 days ago

    really uncomfortable with the AOC joke :/ loved your videos but that comment ruined it for me.

    • vanessa
      vanessa 27 days ago

      @Tristen MacArthur i see, i hope you're right. ive just had too many experiences with people targetting her/other POC liberal women in the government as "harmless" jokes and then turn out to not be friendly at all

    • Tristen MacArthur
      Tristen MacArthur 27 days ago

      I see where you're coming from, but if you think about it, it's pretty innocent. He's just saying that AOC is very liberal, and she is. For all we know, it could be a compliment from his perspective, just like the one about Scrooge was. This, coming from someone who's pretty damn left-wing. :)

  • Iza Bielle
    Iza Bielle 28 days ago

    halfway through the video, i put the speed setting to 0.5x and was scrolling through comments so i was too lazy to change it. so all i heard was drunk or high babish narrating his cooking

  • Reina Arana
    Reina Arana 28 days ago


  • Leer Gut
    Leer Gut 28 days ago

    Instrouction's unclear: Used a ball scratcher for the Dough, now my family got Herpes.

  • lovethedancingflames
    lovethedancingflames 29 days ago

    Cafe Du Monde’s beignets are so good! Definitely worth the (short) wait despite the length of the line. If you’re ever in New Orleans definitely check them out. Pretty sure they’re open 24 hours

  • Shane Baeuerlen
    Shane Baeuerlen 29 days ago

    love the videos but stay out of politics(jokes or anything), as a word of advice. Many TheXvidrs have lost their platform due to sharing their politics on their channels. Plus it takes away from your shinning point, the cooking.

  • Smurfy B
    Smurfy B 29 days ago


  • Smurfy B
    Smurfy B 29 days ago

    😂😂 I love your channel

  • C11ck
    C11ck 29 days ago

    How is aoc a liberal?

  • Bill Arent
    Bill Arent Month ago

    *alexandra ocasio-cortez liberal*

    • C11ck
      C11ck 29 days ago

      So... Not a liberal

  • Headless Genie
    Headless Genie Month ago

    I do love some powdered surgar covered dough balls

    • Headless Genie
      Headless Genie Month ago

      Especially the really fluffy and crispy ones

  • Benya Coleman
    Benya Coleman Month ago

    My name is benya which is spelled differently but sounds like and is beignets

    • pe4chb0y
      pe4chb0y Month ago

      Benya Coleman zenbenya coleman

  • dlberker
    dlberker Month ago

    AOC liberal! That's a lot of liberal. LOL!

  • idek tbh
    idek tbh Month ago

    beignets with babish

  • Queli Kingz
    Queli Kingz Month ago +1

    Maybe the first batch didn't turn out right because you used a liquid measuring cup for the flour instead of the dry cups.

  • Dorian Johnson
    Dorian Johnson Month ago

    Aren't these also from princess and the frog

  • ryan kubicko
    ryan kubicko Month ago +3

    god these drizzled with nutella would be holy

  • Stefan Jordan
    Stefan Jordan Month ago

    Double bonus. Use maple syrup to drizzle.. you're welcome

  • Joseph Skies
    Joseph Skies Month ago