Recreating Terra Preta: Good Soil for Centuries! (Complete Film)

  • Published on Mar 9, 2021
  • Centuries ago, natives of the Amazon managed to turn terrible yellow clay into soil so rich that it's still fertile five centuries later. It's now called "terra preta," the dark earth of the Amazon. How was made? What is the secret behind terra preta? Today we begin an experiment to see if we can recreate terra preta in the home garden by using what we know already.
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    Manure, pottery shards, burned brush, seaweed, bones, kitchen waste, layers of charged biochar, plus micronutrients like greensand and Azomite for an extra kick. Will it work? I have high hopes!
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  • David Bechtel
    David Bechtel Year ago +131

    I can’t believe you convinced me to watch you throw random things in a trench for 38 minutes.

  • Brian Torsell
    Brian Torsell Year ago +701

    Looking forward to the 1,000-year update!

  • Patricio pincheira
    Patricio pincheira Year ago +27

    Sorry for my English as I am using the translator

  • free_at_last
    free_at_last Year ago +88

    When you're gone, I imagine someone's going to raise an eyebrow at the grave-shaped spot where things grow well.

  • J E
    J E Year ago +37

    This is so fascinating! It makes me feel grateful for my hard clay soil. I can’t wait to see how this plot compares to your others.

  • captdrastic
    captdrastic Year ago +61

    I can't wait to see what this looks like in two or three years. So cool.

  • Doland
    Doland Year ago +59

    Love the topic. I'm interested to see the long term results.

  • Dave Paland
    Dave Paland Year ago +10

    Great video! I thought i was the only one doing this.

  • gtmunch
    gtmunch Year ago +71

    Well, if anything, the plants that grow there will never get bored. They will be thinking “what strange present from David awaits my roots today?”

  • Marshall Ashworth
    Marshall Ashworth Year ago +19

    I'm so happy to see the kids want to get involved with what dads doing. Gives me hope at least there will be some hope for the future if they learn and retain this information.

  • Garden Jedi
    Garden Jedi Year ago +64

    This is one of my favorite videos brother! Terra preta is like a bio char hugulculture hybrid! Amazing!

  • John Smith
    John Smith Year ago +133

    Those chicken seeds should sprout in about 3 weeks, it takes awhile when they are planted so deep but the tap roots enjoys the room.

  • Delila Jahn-Thue
    Delila Jahn-Thue Year ago +14

    Thank you for this! I have a sandy garden and one that is heavy clay. I'm going to do a trench test and a jms (Jadam microbial solution) plot and compare the two. Been making biochar and charging it and swamp water from last year thawed out in the greenhouse so it's ready for use too. Exciting times! I think Terra Pretta had lots to do with growing micro fungi.

  • Ryan
    Ryan Year ago +21

    It's like intense form of lasagna gardening & hugelkultur principles combined and buried deeply, I love it!

  • Jungle
    Jungle Year ago +31


  • MrBrznak
    MrBrznak Year ago +120

    imagine a "bring your own organic junk day" where a village meets once every month and just burns a fire in a trench , everyone dumps their kitchen and garden scraps in the trench and fruittrees are planted on that strip every month

  • Shady Man
    Shady Man Year ago +4

    This is my favorite David, the Good video, yet! I’ve watched many of your others. Great job again...I’m convinced that you’re a genius.

  • SunnyDaysSandyToes
    SunnyDaysSandyToes Year ago +6

    That was awesome David. Thank you for the knowledge. Ive never heard of the Amazon doing this until I heard you mention it on one of your other videos or posts a bit back. I thought you and someone else on the thread were just bantering back n forth and thought you were joking. It a real thing! So cool. Thanks again for making filling my brain with good news.

    VICK. TORIA Year ago +3

    I come from a long lineage of farmers in Mexico. That migrated from the Amazon once upon a time according to the stories my aunts and uncles tell me. My grandfather passed, didnt have much time with him. One of my fondest memories of him was doing this same thing you’re doing on his farm. I would watch him while me made me clean the horse stables . I always wondered what he was doing. I thought he was trying to figure out ways to get rid of his trash lol. Seeing this video, now I know what he was up to. RIP Grandpa, the man who taught me all the answers I need in life, can be found in nature ♥️