Minecraft 1.18 is EPIC! Let's Play Survival #1

  • Published on Nov 29, 2021
  • Episode 1 of GeminiTay's new single player survival world for minecraft 1.18, caves and cliffs update part 2! In this episode I explore the new update, and build a mountain starter house for our survival base! Don't forget to leave a like! At 30,000 likes I will pin a comment with the seed. Thank you!!

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    Recorded with Replaymod replaymod.com and OBS
    Minecraft version 1.18
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  • GeminiTay
    GeminiTay  Month ago +3657

    Thanks for the likes 💚 The seed for this world is "Geminitayisgood" which in number format is 809371870

    Do me a favour, scroll back up and make sure you've subscribed!

  • PythonMC
    PythonMC Month ago +3264

    So happy to see a new Let's Play from ya Gem! Missed your old one! Enjoy, this update is a hell of a good one! 😊

    • Guy Jackson
      Guy Jackson Month ago

      @GeminiTay Good morning, firstly I would just like to say that you are one of the very few Minecraft TheXvidrs that I still occasionally watch and I don’t get bored of. Please stay this way for as long as you can.

    • shark
      shark  Month ago

      nice Python you watch GeminiTay!

    • Nageshwaran Kanakasabapathy
    • Tinydancer2808
      Tinydancer2808 Month ago

      Hi pythonmc

    • Claire Fang
      Claire Fang Month ago

      I love watching these videos because I don't have Minecraft so I can keep track of the udates!

  • Jordan Mitchell
    Jordan Mitchell Month ago +575

    Gem saying "Why does it always have to be a million skeletons in a cave? Why can't it ever be a million bunnies in a cave?" Has the same energy as Ron saying "Why is it follow the spiders? Why can't it be follow the butterflies?"

    • sarah graus
      sarah graus 22 hours ago

      Ron talking in his sleep: SPIDERS!! spiders!! they want me to tap-dance!!!! I don't want to tap-dance!! Harry: you tell them Ron!!!

    • DonutGaming
      DonutGaming 3 days ago

      True tho

    • HELLO
      HELLO 10 days ago +1

      And they both have red hair :0 IS GEMINI TAY A WEASLEY

    • ★Jēlly Bïôptïç §phïñx★
      ★Jēlly Bïôptïç §phïñx★ 13 days ago

      OMG yesss

    • evil
      evil 16 days ago

      run away! run away!

  • The Art Roll
    The Art Roll Month ago +588

    Fun fact: When you breed animals, you get the achievement ‘The Parrots and the Bats’ which is ironic because parrots and bats are the only mobs in minecraft that you can’t breed.

    • Lithuli Rathnayake
      Lithuli Rathnayake 14 days ago

      @Isabella Aislabie you can't breed squids..its like the rarest mob...baby squid..you can rarely find one just to see it gone in 5 minutes

    • StrawberryBlue
      StrawberryBlue 14 days ago +1

      @Lithuli Rathnayake I couldn't go through with it, i would've felt so bad-

    • Lithuli Rathnayake
      Lithuli Rathnayake 14 days ago

      @StrawberryBlue 😂😂

    • StrawberryBlue
      StrawberryBlue 14 days ago +1

      @Lithuli Rathnayake i heard you can with cookies

      (Disclaimer: don't do this. Cookies kill them. This is a joke.)

    • Simon Van Riel
      Simon Van Riel 20 days ago

      They're not the only ones you can't breed. You also can't breed fish, squid, polar bears and probably some others

  • Brae
    Brae Month ago +118

    "Can't we just have fluffy bunnies in a cave"

    Someone hasn't learned the cautionary tale of Monty Python and the Holy Grail

    • Koko
      Koko 2 days ago


    • denmsore
      denmsore 11 days ago

      that rodent has a mean streak a mile wide

    • PhatKloudz
      PhatKloudz 17 days ago

      *killer rabbit intensifies*

    • Species 8472
      Species 8472 Month ago +2

      @Travis Hudson and lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who, being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it.

    • Travis Hudson
      Travis Hudson Month ago +6

      "Hold aloft thy Holy Hand Grenade!"

  • RescueLynn
    RescueLynn Month ago +60

    Thanks for dropping the seed. Started it up in bedrock and I'm setting up just across the grove from you in a field of blue flowers. Its lovely. :)

    • RescueLynn
      RescueLynn 25 days ago +2

      @Rudra Arya Gem is playing on Java, I'm on Bedrock. Doesn't matter what version you play, the seed still works with just minor differences.

  • fWhip
    fWhip Month ago +5759

    Gem. I can't. It's too cute

  • Regina Playys
    Regina Playys Month ago +34

    Imagine how cool it'd be if she made a whole city in the grove. it would be so pretty!

  • This Writer Games
    This Writer Games Month ago +12

    So excited for this series! It's nice to start watching a series from scratch! Love your enthusiasm for this world XD Pink sheep are so rare too... Paul Soars Jr created an entire clan based off finding a pink sheep.

    That dripstone crater was amazing! |

    My favourite line ''Why can't we ever have bunnies in a cave''

    • Audrey Proctor
      Audrey Proctor Month ago

      Definitely check out Tasty Patatoe!! He is working on making some great content!!

  • The Art Roll
    The Art Roll Month ago +14

    Hey Gem, 1.18 made villages less likely to spawn, so you cherish the ones you do find more....so it is really cool you found 2 right next to each other! Love your content btw!

    • The Art Roll
      The Art Roll 27 days ago

      @RoyellOpress Hey, it should work because of seed parity...because it did for me. Sometimes it doesn't though... What version are you on?

    • RoyellOpress
      RoyellOpress 27 days ago

      Hey you sound like you know you're stuff. I'm relatively new to minecraft and used Geminitay's seed but the Village isnt in the same spot as it is in her playthrough. Any guesses why that is?

  • Lil' Lainey 323
    Lil' Lainey 323 Month ago +5

    Hi Gem!! OMG, I can't express how happy I was when I saw you'd started another let's play!!!! I love the idea of your house looking down on the valley!

  • Rionplayz
    Rionplayz Month ago +588

    4 series at a time. Mad respect to gem.

    • pieter grobbelaar
      pieter grobbelaar Month ago

      Its hard to know that she can keep up!

    • Zach Maristela
      Zach Maristela Month ago


    • beezie 7
      beezie 7 Month ago

      shes crazy and i love it!

    • Kelsey Swanepoel
      Kelsey Swanepoel Month ago


    • Gembay777
      Gembay777 Month ago +5

      @Bruno Reis yeah I agree and if she does get burn out and she could end the series what’s doing the worse or take a break

  • CAMp3R 14
    CAMp3R 14 Month ago +3

    I love that pace, no rush Gem. I also love your home! The farm is always my highlight! Also under your porch you can dig a bit and add a bit of pillar, you can use that space for your farm too!

  • Wires Dawson
    Wires Dawson Month ago +2

    this is exactly the kind of playthrough i was hoping to find for the new update! loving this so far!

  •  ._.mini_mushie .-.
    ._.mini_mushie .-. Month ago +3

    Love it! I missed your lets play series!! I was just going to give you a tip on when you go into the nether....

    When you want to go into the lava, but you can't see a strider or anything, you can use chains and make your way across by placing them. You can see what is under you too which makes it cool.

  • Too Lazy To Do A Username

    Gemini making a starter house: cute, aesthetic builds

    Me making a starter house: dirt hut

  • mothbonez
    mothbonez Month ago +839

    I’m strangely excited for a simple survival let’s play

    • - - moni - -
      - - moni - - Month ago

      I love it so much already, I'm planning to soon make a little story off of this episode! It's given me SO much inspiration!!

    • dodsii
      dodsii Month ago

      me too

    • Keithlynd
      Keithlynd Month ago

      Me too hardcore can be anxiety inducing sometimes 😂

    • Rose 🌸
      Rose 🌸 Month ago


    • Amanda Kaune
      Amanda Kaune Month ago

      I really want to play with you guys in that game I have a minecraft too

  • Lee S.
    Lee S. Month ago +1

    gotta say, I am absolutely loving this series already! you've got such a fun, chill, laid-back vibe going, and it's so fun to watch and definitely makes me smile. can't wait for this to be a new comfort series for me lol :D

  • twerkstallion
    twerkstallion Month ago +1

    loving the subtle storytelling here, im hooked on this series already!!

  • DBLuuv
    DBLuuv Month ago +1

    I've watched so many of the other Hermits' videos --- Yours is just soooo pleasant! I think I'm going to fully enjoy watching your Let's Play of 1.18!!

  • Miss Oona
    Miss Oona Month ago

    I have been waiting for this series for so long! ❤️

    Btw, I personally like to use Copper in roofs, with darker wood with it, it's fun to see it change or just wax it in some state

  • JWhisp
    JWhisp Month ago +415

    I think I’m in love with Dandy

  • Superpixel999
    Superpixel999 Month ago

    I really enjoy the home feel of this let's play. It makes me feel so cozy

  • Zoey Chahlia
    Zoey Chahlia Month ago +2

    It’s been so long since I’ve watched you! Your voice is so relaxing and your playing style.. just how I like it!

  • ClumsyOrca
    ClumsyOrca Month ago

    So excited for this lets play!! I love your chill & cozy vibes!

    Interested to see how you'll improve transport into The Grove, be it a tunnel or some fancy staircases, or both! :)

  • Kadence Phillips
    Kadence Phillips 2 days ago

    I met you on your hardcore let’s play and I’ve been waiting for a new playlist from you that is similar to it and I’m very pleased with all of this!! Thank you for being here and doing what you do!

  • Cocoecake
    Cocoecake Month ago +488

    Dandy being brought into the house like a cat was hilarious- they can be a comfort sheep!

    Also, not having optifine yet and the biggest decision is wether to just aggressively shake your cursor or to change the FOV

  • Sapioit
    Sapioit 27 days ago +1

    I often use trapdoors for the windows, so I can open and close them as I want. Since I'm playing on Java, I also use a texture pack to make the trapdoors and doors have windows through which I can look. Looking forward to even more episodes.

  • DankArtifact206
    DankArtifact206 Month ago

    I love how relaxed gems videos are. 1.18 is such a beautiful update and I feel like it fits gem really well

  • Pah Body
    Pah Body Month ago

    That was so cute! Me and my partner watched it together and we both got nostalgic for watching letsplays way back when
    I also think this update makes the game feel as mysterious as it did when I was a child :^)

  • JELLY Art
    JELLY Art Month ago

    Cant wait to see you grown in this world, I've been rewatching your other survival series. You have a great start! ❤

  • manu rockwell
    manu rockwell Month ago +458

    a big applause for gem that's carrying the whole youtube with all of her series 👏🌻💖

    • M A R I A   H A S S A N
      M A R I A H A S S A N Month ago +1

      @The Royals true but none of them were scheduled like last life which would put a grinding halt for 2 days to any other series

    • Zarifu- san
      Zarifu- san Month ago

      @UCwBIX98ttrEysDmGRzXcj6A da fa

    • The Royals
      The Royals Month ago +13

      @M A R I A H A S S A N gem actually has 4 series because:
      Oneblock hardcore,
      Empires Smp,
      And this video is a start!

    • Zarifu- san
      Zarifu- san Month ago

      @UCwBIX98ttrEysDmGRzXcj6A someone that's for sure but I agree with him

    • Noah Riviere
      Noah Riviere Month ago +6

      Dude she's a phenomenal TheXvidr but she ain't even carrying the mc yt community, much less carrying the whole yt

  • misfitXgaming
    misfitXgaming Month ago

    I love how there are so many TheXvidrs starting a new survival series on the 1.18 update. Great start to your let’s play! Can’t wait for your future builds ❤️😁😁

  • Blap
    Blap Month ago

    Gemini, I just love your videos so much! I started watching from your One Block series but have since found them all just the cutest and most endearing minecraft content out. Thank you for your continued efforts. 💜♊

  • Eviscerator MKII
    Eviscerator MKII Month ago

    This is a stunning spot to build. Really looking forward to seeing what you can do during this series!

  • JT Entertainment
    JT Entertainment Month ago +2

    Such a great let’s play already gem! Amazing work I love your videos, They just make my day! ❤️😁

  • Samantha Hurst
    Samantha Hurst Month ago

    great video gem! im so glad you're starting another lets play! i love the smp videos ofc, but i started watching you when you started your 1.16 lets play and its just a nice feeling to see you start another :))

  • lidular
    lidular Month ago

    That grove gives me "the great valley" vibes. And I love it

  • Dub DaWolfeh
    Dub DaWolfeh Month ago

    This is so nice and relaxing, big change from all the hardcore series I watch, I love itttt

  • ash
    ash 21 hour ago

    oh i love the pink sheep and how the world looks. i’m really excited to see how everything develops! :)

  • DIAS 42
    DIAS 42 Month ago +195

    Idea: make a tunnel through the mountain with a big gate on the outside of it, like lord of the ring, the tunnel would make it much easier to get in the inside of the "mountain wall"

    • fluffy dog
      fluffy dog Month ago +2

      This is what I did for a mountain that was in my way! Was just gonna suggest this

    • guffaw
      guffaw Month ago +3

      Yeah, tunnels would be really useful. And the mountain valley could be made into a secluded kingdom protected by the mountain ring. That would be fantastic.

    • Lindsey L
      Lindsey L Month ago +8

      Oh and she could do a maze so that any enemies would get lost

  • C4rhr1n
    C4rhr1n Month ago

    i found you on accident about a year ago and i just wanna say, your videos are so nice and relaxing to watch! i'm super excited for this series :)

  • Guillermo Torres
    Guillermo Torres Month ago

    I really liked the desing of this starter base. It looks really good even though its simple. Cant wait for more adventures in this new world❤

  • Ninthgoat17
    Ninthgoat17 19 days ago

    ahh gem you never fail to impress even your starter base is stunning

  • Alice Boucher
    Alice Boucher Month ago

    I always love when u start a new serie! Can't wait for what your hoping to do with ths world

  • Liam Mahan
    Liam Mahan Month ago

    The new terrain really is refreshing. You never know what cool land your gonna see next

  • Preston Grizzard
    Preston Grizzard Month ago

    You have great energy. Looking forward to this series. Nice work!

  • Abigail Chatham
    Abigail Chatham Month ago

    Honestly, the caves are so cool! I’m super scared tho 😂 I created a new world bc of the new update and I’ve seen the Mesa biome connected to the jungle and plains. It’s so cool and I’m just starting my house. Super excited!!! 😝🤪

  • Happy Feet
    Happy Feet Month ago

    aaaah Gemini its been so long since i watched your videos since I havent had much time but now i will try and watch this series when I get time before it is too far along. i love your videos and your building- it takes skill and talent to be so creative. 💚

  • Dani Schi
    Dani Schi Month ago +270

    I find it very on brand how Gem, the Canadian, just finds the snowier snow "kinda cool", while Sausage and Fwhip were terrified and almost died to it 😂

    • unknown ??
      unknown ?? Month ago +1


    • RedArrowISH
      RedArrowISH Month ago +7

      @Elder_Cryptid oh, he did mention living in Canada, so that’s where I’m coming from. Thanks for informing me 😅

    • Elder_Cryptid
      Elder_Cryptid Month ago +6

      I think fWhip is American, he's from Seattle

    • RedArrowISH
      RedArrowISH Month ago +3

      I’m not sure about Sausage, but Fwhip is also Canadian :]

  • jemfysh
    jemfysh Month ago

    Wow! I love your starter home and everything. Maybe you could add a cute fireplace, but be careful Dandy doesn't get burnt! Such a cute pink sheep :) Sadly, this update messed up a few important worlds to me so I'm watching this series to try and make me positive about the update (your so positive!!) And I loved your 1.16 let's play! Your builds are adorable and I love your seed. I will keep up with this let's play for sure! :3

  • Erin Clancy
    Erin Clancy 2 days ago

    How did I miss your new series?! I’m so excited to see what you build and achieve!

  • figgy
    figgy Month ago

    i can already tell this'll be an amazing series

  • BooksLucyKing
    BooksLucyKing Month ago

    This video is just what I need, my anxiety hit me yesterday so listening to your soft voice is like a cozy blanket to my nerves. Great video, cannot wait for the next one 🙂 The mountain grove is amazing 🤩

  • Solidarity
    Solidarity Month ago +917

    can your next pet be called big man jim please thank you 😊

    • BubbleMaster245
      BubbleMaster245 Month ago +1

      @PRINCESS JODY RELAMPAGOS You shouldn't wish that you are anything you are not I am sure you are perfect as Filipino

    • Shreyash Deshpande
      Shreyash Deshpande Month ago

      Big man nah little cod lol🤣

    • Melanie Evans
      Melanie Evans Month ago +2

      You should make an animal sanctuary for the goats but with highgate because they can jump really high

    • sophblueberry
      sophblueberry Month ago +3

      Unrelated: you should make a fish tank and put a salmon in it. 😁

    • BubbleMaster245
      BubbleMaster245 Month ago +2


  • lynestarchild
    lynestarchild Month ago

    Gem can you please take pics of your grove now in the early episodes to keep track of your progress? For art reasons as well it would be very epic to have pictures lol

  • Mitchell Savage
    Mitchell Savage Month ago

    Love this series so far everything is soooo cute

  • Chon Warren
    Chon Warren 28 days ago

    I really love your energy and genuine love for the game you got me hooked

  • Travis Orams
    Travis Orams Month ago

    This was so nice to watch and listen to. Looking forward to more :)

  • Karin S
    Karin S Month ago +115

    Gem: *gently walks cows home*
    Enderman: IM SHY DONT LOOK
    Gem: Huh?
    Enderman: you have chosen death
    Gem: WHAT
    Cows: Moo?
    Creeper in the back: … this is my moment

  • Ficuzee
    Ficuzee Month ago

    I get building inspiration from this! Thank you for the entertainment :D

  • Darin Deyoe
    Darin Deyoe Month ago

    New to your fun play throughs. I smile each time I listen and watch your vids. So fun, energetic and sweet 😎

  • ᛕꫀꪀꪑꪖ
    ᛕꫀꪀꪑꪖ Month ago

    Really missed survival series

  • surprised pikachu
    surprised pikachu Month ago

    This video is a masterpiece i can't wait for more videos on this let's play

  • Brynna
    Brynna Month ago +116

    Gem: Silly me, it’s not safe without a door!
    Also Gem: *leaves whole two block tall window open and ready for enemies to jump into*

  • Talon
    Talon Month ago

    I’m excited to watch this series! I hope you find a lush cave

  • your Urith girl
    your Urith girl Month ago +1

    I cant believe how much I missed you’re videos gem. Love it

  • briliitos_Negros
    briliitos_Negros Month ago

    i just got your video in my recommended and i was vibing all the way through! it's hard for me too stay interested in a videos with slow/relaxing paces but this one really kept my attention without problem, i'm definitely subscribing!

  • Loyal Ravenclaw
    Loyal Ravenclaw Month ago +1

    Your videos are so comforting I really needed this today. Thank you 😊

  • Nick Ozzy
    Nick Ozzy Month ago +213

    The pink sheep has a .146% chance of spawning naturally and she’s got one

    • v lucas
      v lucas Month ago

      If you play Minecraft pocket edition they are way less rare

    • Alishba fatima
      Alishba fatima Month ago

      I got 3 one time naturally🤗

    • Nate Vaudry
      Nate Vaudry Month ago

      @That Guy’s Toasted Bread same

    • MElsa
      MElsa Month ago +1

      I got like 5 in different worlds and one time I accidentally killed one and oh man that farmer was so angry at me I had to pay him about 300 dollars.

    • Swaggy chicken
      Swaggy chicken Month ago +1

      lol this comment is on 69 likes *wink*

  • The Art Roll
    The Art Roll Month ago +1

    I just discovered your channel and I’m hooked ❤️ Keep up the amazing content!

  • RuiBo Yu
    RuiBo Yu Month ago

    I love ur let’s play I also love your first ones so this brings back memories 👌👌👌😊

  • rustyxpink
    rustyxpink Month ago

    I can sense a great series :D I love it so far

  • Pvrpliie
    Pvrpliie Month ago

    Hi Gem! I love your vids! I have been watching you from last year! Your voice is so calming and me and my sister love watching your videos! Keep up the great work Minecraft Queen! 💕

  • PurpleNinja 82802
    PurpleNinja 82802 Month ago +316

    The simple joy that Gem finds in everything she does could make even Scrooge smile ear to ear! Never change Gem!

  • Monkey Mask
    Monkey Mask Month ago

    I love how since bedrock and Java seeds are meant to be more similar now even bedrock players watching could use this seed

  • Julie Hartin
    Julie Hartin Month ago

    I love your starter home design, I took your inspiration and tweaked it just a bit

  • C2
    C2 26 days ago

    I can’t believe how amazing the new generation is!

  • Alissa
    Alissa Month ago +2

    ive been watching you since your 1.13 series uwu you bring peace to my overthinking mind

  • I.T.P
    I.T.P Month ago +412

    Gem: “Why can’t there just be bunnies in a cave? Fluffy bunnies!”
    Me: Someone’s never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Tim has some choice words for bunnies in caves

    • Colm Walsh
      Colm Walsh Month ago

      Happy Christmas everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Btw its elyot
      Btw its elyot Month ago

      Lol comment of the year happy Christmas everyone

    • Mark Michener
      Mark Michener Month ago +1

      In the frozen land of Nador, they were forced to eat Robin's minstrels. . . and there was much rejoicing

    • Lucid
      Lucid Month ago

      ? I have never... but if they are killer bunnies I would be scared...

    • BobDaGranny
      BobDaGranny Month ago +2

      Brave Sir Robin ran away! Sir Robin ran away! When evil turned its ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled, Sir Robin ran away!

  • 𝑜𝑟𝑖𝑜𝑛❞

    YEY I'M SO EXCITED! Love your "Let's play" series 🥰

  • Bill Booth
    Bill Booth 16 days ago

    How you found 2 villages so quickly amazes me, I've tried 3 new worlds since 1.18 came out and after hours of wandering I've found between 0 and sod all villages 😂 in my latest save I've come across a pillager outpost, so it looks like 1 man with a stone sword, no armour but 1 llama (hey that rhymes 🤣🤷‍♂️) is set to take on an outpost 🤔 what could possibly go wrong? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Katie Bug
    Katie Bug Month ago

    Can't wait for the next ... what a great start!!

  • Th3 Carruthers
    Th3 Carruthers Month ago +1

    Gem I agree going back to starter is so nostalgic the feeling of creating your own world... Well in hope you enjoy it...

  • Soft Fry Mildly Oversalted

    I believe there's a saying that goes: Who has despised the day of small beginnings? And I feel that most when I play minecraft, no matter how powerful you get in one world, starting over is always fun!

    • Madcraft Girl
      Madcraft Girl 3 days ago +1

      I only play until I get diamond armor, then I get bored and start over, the beginning is my favourite part!

  • Edan
    Edan Month ago +1

    I love this new series. I also really would want to see an RTX survival in 1.18 over on minecraft bedrock edition

  • Gary Sanford
    Gary Sanford Month ago +27

    1: As a fellow Canuck, I can relate to the snow removal.
    2: You most likely know this already, but the best y coordinates for diamonds in version 18 is now -59.
    3: Something I’ve noticed with everyone that plays MC; they always use swords, when axes do more damage. Stone aces will be better until you have diamonds, then get diamond axe, then netherite.

    • grifferthrydwy
      grifferthrydwy Month ago +3

      Swords have more damage per second than axes, and axes also fall off when you get to diamond and netherite, because they only do marginally more damage than swords then.

    • ToxiPlume
      ToxiPlume Month ago +5

      I get what you mean but item durability goes down twice as fast when used for things they're not meant for. So that also applies to attacking with an axe. Axes also recharge waaaaay slower than a sword.

  • LabYouQT
    LabYouQT Month ago

    I love this new let's play. Can't wait to see more! 🦌

    • Audrey Proctor
      Audrey Proctor Month ago

      Definitely check out Tasty Patatoe!! He is working on making some great content!

  • Cherie 李墨芸
    Cherie 李墨芸 Month ago +1

    wow! This is a wonderful seed! Gem is indeed good!!

  • zero Xavion
    zero Xavion Month ago

    Gem is so cute right out the gate, just the wholesomeness of these is always wonderful

  • FluffySpaceShark
    FluffySpaceShark Month ago

    You are always so wholesome, it's refreshing.

  • Mystery65
    Mystery65 Month ago

    Gem! You will love lush caves, they are stunning :)

  • Lauren Greer
    Lauren Greer Month ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a more wholesome Minecrafter. I love it!!

  • Animagician
    Animagician Month ago +852

    I had absolutely no idea you could milk goats, that's so cool

  • Georgia Simondson
    Georgia Simondson Month ago

    I love ur calming speaking and ur laugh! It always makes me so happy. And ur so peaceful

  • MEB 1997
    MEB 1997 Month ago

    I probably would dig a tunnel though one of the mountains to make trips in and out of the grove easier. You could even decorate the tunnel with fence supports, vines, glow berries and spore blossoms. It would be so pretty. You could add shroom lights too if more light was needed than the glow berries provided.

  • Harlee
    Harlee Month ago

    Hey Gemini! I have a quick question 🙋‍♀️ do you happen to know why when I would to break wood or a block the breaking looks different from yours?

  • Deanna W
    Deanna W Month ago

    Oh man I just found your channel and this is great, I love your upbeat attitude and your adorably Canadian "Sorry! Sorry, sorry" at the zombies chasing you out of a cave as you whack them :)

  • riuphane
    riuphane Month ago +297

    "why can't we have bunnies in a cave?"
    *Flashbacks to Monty Python and the Holy Grail*

  • Cindy Curtain
    Cindy Curtain Month ago

    I am so inspired by your videos I can’t wait for the next one !