• Published on Dec 7, 2019
  • fifa 20 team of the group stage messi!! and i got him in fifa 20 ultimate team
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    MAN UTD MAN UTD Month ago +323

    Skillz try mbappe

  • Mikkel pickle NJ
    Mikkel pickle NJ Month ago +1

    You talk so fast!

    AXEL RUBERG Month ago


  • Mateo Carmona
    Mateo Carmona Month ago

    Is good
    Aa9skilz- sucks

  • Fc Wilempie
    Fc Wilempie Month ago

    Buy militao rttf

  • Sourish Narain
    Sourish Narain Month ago


  • Dejvid Jestem
    Dejvid Jestem Month ago

    Nie zesraj się chłopie

  • dariennn
    dariennn Month ago

    Lmao frank ocean lens

  • Dinc Kellecioglu
    Dinc Kellecioglu Month ago

    Messi is gona get a new totw

  • Thanos Velentzas
    Thanos Velentzas Month ago

    I think the problem is that you trying to force it with messi. Just play your game and she if he shows out or no

  • Ken price
    Ken price Month ago

    I got lucky and packed tott 96 Messi from doing an sbs it was a 25k pack his price is dropping due to the Messi coming Thursday potm SBC but I decided to keep him and enjoy the goat

  • Ggg Ggg
    Ggg Ggg Month ago +1

    dislike cuz u talk too much

  • Jackie Morris
    Jackie Morris Month ago

    I packed him also yesterday went for 2.1 mil

  • lstretchh
    lstretchh Month ago

    Start is a 433 (2) formation so everyone will be on full Chem

  • Start the Game plz
    Start the Game plz Month ago

    Itz coz Messi saves his energy and only walkes unless he near the ball that y stamina low

    ADRIAN ZAP Month ago

    Skillz Pls try TOTGS mertens he looks good. Anyway love ur vids❤

  • FaZe_Trooperz1
    FaZe_Trooperz1 Month ago

    Fucking clickbaiter

  • Oliver and Charlie Wylam games

    It’s not TOTGS it’s TOTT

  • Hector chavo Chavez

    AAskillz pick up haland

  • JohAnton Juul
    JohAnton Juul Month ago

    Play 4-3-3 or 4-5-1. Everyone Will be on full chemistry

    Mc SHUURDA Month ago

    Hahaha WTF u aren’t even good at FIFA

  • Gina Salt
    Gina Salt Month ago

    Red list ?

  • Alex Roberts
    Alex Roberts Month ago

    Start with a 451, CR7 LM Kanye CM, Messi RM, Vieira Gullit CAMs, Pelé ST then you’re on full Chem

    TPG_OTTO Month ago

    How is his squad 83 rated

  • Ernesto Valadez
    Ernesto Valadez Month ago

    I think you will do more with the 4-3-3 form

  • {[Omni ]}
    {[Omni ]} Month ago

    get a thing called Yashin

  • SON S7
    SON S7 Month ago

    Im son

  • ArnabZ
    ArnabZ Month ago


  • EON B4B4
    EON B4B4 Month ago

    Skillz pls try lautaro martinez totgs

  • PES Master
    PES Master Month ago

    Fifa 20 Chelsea career mode plz?

  • William Loughlin
    William Loughlin Month ago

    The much you click bate is insane

  • Cameron 986
    Cameron 986 Month ago +1

    Why does he constantly yell, it’s a bit annoying

  • Andrej Dosen
    Andrej Dosen Month ago

    Pls try sterling

  • Mihai Marțin
    Mihai Marțin Month ago

    Make a review about kdb tott

  • 진검곤
    진검곤 Month ago

    Tmr, rage sell Messi he is too bad

  • Mickey B10
    Mickey B10 Month ago

    Why you don t use 41212 with cm?

  • Josie Green
    Josie Green Month ago +1

    you talk so fast

  • Zeyad Tamer
    Zeyad Tamer Month ago +2

    U should play a 4-4-1-1 attack play messi at CF and instructions False-9 (He is a goat when u play him as a false 9)

  • Tony Ortiz
    Tony Ortiz Month ago

    No Maldini? Well, at least there's one Italian on the squad.

  • Stephen Kiely
    Stephen Kiely Month ago

    Your are great but you make your videos as if you packed messi rather than buying him bro

  • Blaze Ramposs
    Blaze Ramposs Month ago

    Says he can’t play with left footers .
    Plays Messi in rf

  • Leemcewan123
    Leemcewan123 Month ago

    I just got clickbaited

  • Peter Hyland
    Peter Hyland Month ago

    Get rid of pele and replace him with king Kenny and play Messi wide or cam and have king Kenny and ronaldo up top and get a left mid and play viera and gullit in the Cm/cdm

  • Hicham Berchane
    Hicham Berchane Month ago

    A little montage on the gameplay like slow motion won't hurt
    And btw your gameplay is world class

  • Dan Radice
    Dan Radice Month ago

    review martinez tott

  • project Deryck
    project Deryck Month ago +2

    Yo is it just me, or he actually trying to freestyle to the beat????

  • Phantom Boltz
    Phantom Boltz Month ago

    I like how u don’t get mad after a bad move and you say it’s u not the game

  • ipalo 32
    ipalo 32 Month ago

    Ramos plz try him

  • Khaled
    Khaled Month ago

    Imagine sweating 1v1s when you have 94 CR7 🙂

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago

    Good video

  • Compilations
    Compilations Month ago

    Nice vid! I packed a totgs in a gold pack, I have a video uploaded now 🤩

  • Reilly G
    Reilly G Month ago +17

    Skillz: *starts vid*
    Also skillz: *starts Eminem impersonation*

  • Salman Mujtaba
    Salman Mujtaba Month ago

    Dude why do you rap?

  • Adri Cazon Adobo
    Adri Cazon Adobo Month ago

    100 chem: 451 (with icons in MCO positions and kante MC)

  • Jack O’Leary
    Jack O’Leary Month ago +1

    Anyone else triggered skills didnt use 433 to get everyone one on full chem

  • Gavin Davies
    Gavin Davies Month ago

    Don’t watch this guy!! Full of shit - Baiting people into buying stupid amounts of FP! Fake little man

  • Mtnbnl6
    Mtnbnl6 Month ago

    Plz try Harry Kane as CM

  • Sybrand Hoekstra
    Sybrand Hoekstra Month ago

    Skillz use 433 or 433(2) as starter lineup to get full chem on everyone

  • Jean Berti Azar
    Jean Berti Azar Month ago +1

    We want career mode back 😢

  • Oppi MadWolf
    Oppi MadWolf Month ago

    You could move Pelé down to central cm and put viera on your bench and then use totgs Martinez at striker