JOSHUA KING MOMENTS CARD! - #FIFA20 Road to Glory! #76 Ultimate Team

  • Published on Dec 3, 2019
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Comments • 296

  • RoutineHitz
    RoutineHitz Month ago +85

    Wow Nep I just started playing Fifa 20 because of your videos and trading is crazy this year. I'm already on 150k coins just by sniping Lo Celso, Sergio Roberto and Ozil in 2 days. Love the series keep it up

  • Harry Oxley
    Harry Oxley Month ago +2

    2:18 he thinks someone’s going to buy that for 3k 😂

  • Eddie Jones
    Eddie Jones Month ago +1

    Why do you use morales at cdm?

  • Hi Norra the gamer asd

    Why don’t you play to elite you could probably get it

  • Jordi boy
    Jordi boy Month ago

    I got the King loan and he was quite decent for me tbh

  • lynchyt lynchy
    lynchyt lynchy Month ago

    Far out I'm not sure if I can watch you any more.

  • JordanGaming
    JordanGaming Month ago

    rashford or josh king

  • Below Par Gamer
    Below Par Gamer Month ago

    Does anyone know what camera settings hes using?

  • julien fraser
    julien fraser Month ago

    I'm 58k (almost lvl 20) exp away from storyline Gelson martins, is it still possible for me to get him

  • G-Dragon Uchiha
    G-Dragon Uchiha Month ago

    I did 3 and got Pjanic, inform De vrij and a 81.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan Month ago

    I did a couple of 81-87 pack and a few 82+ packs all from untradeables. Packed Aymeric Laporte and Alisson.

  • Only 1 Yassin
    Only 1 Yassin Month ago +1

    Loving your content, been watching you since day 1
    Greetings from Egypt

  • Kelsey Ewen
    Kelsey Ewen Month ago

    Try the 4-5-1 attack it will fit the players you have in your team so you don't need to play Morales CDM' I got it in draft and ever since have used it in champs and division rivals and I'm finding it really strong at the moment. Love the vids Nep

  • Mackenzie Gray
    Mackenzie Gray Month ago

    Just me who genuinely has a passion for their hate of rivals it’s the worst game mode to grace fifa

  • noob play
    noob play Month ago

    ON WEEK 3 GOLD do Lw that you put on Lm COUNT ON THE LOW CROSS

  • Ser Bronn
    Ser Bronn Month ago

    Morales at CDM alright thats it im gonna leave

  • Ser Bronn
    Ser Bronn Month ago

    Havertz IF with Bailey Moments on 10 chem or Reus with Bailey Moments on 8 chem?

  • Matthew Logan
    Matthew Logan Month ago +1

    Hi Nep,
    Do you think EA will raise the minimum on CF>>>CAM modifiers like they did with hunters and shadows?
    If so do you think it may be a good idea to try to snipe a few around 5k?
    Thank you for all the great videos, and I hope your family had a nice time at Disney!

  • Lucas Van Baar
    Lucas Van Baar Month ago +1

    Does anyone know when futmas starts?

  • Jack Evans
    Jack Evans Month ago +1

    I did a few 81-87 upgrades and got some decent players so did a totw upgrade and got inform mertens 🤗 he only cost 10k

  • Connor Axon
    Connor Axon Month ago

    You said rushing forward with varane, I wish I had a personal sniper so If my CB go past the half way line they get put down no defender of mine shall pass that line !!

  • JCRLad
    JCRLad Month ago

    Hey Nep, i remember u saying play with players you enjoy rather than the op/meta players. I cant agree with you more, i did the csl sbc and picked jonathan and i must say hes fantastic. Love the videos as always

  • Heckles United
    Heckles United Month ago

    Hey nep i really love your videos you help me make so much coins and i would like you to help me with something because i done 8 icon swaps i dont know what to do with them

  • Knaussenheimer
    Knaussenheimer Month ago

    first 81-87 i did, i got immobile. every one since then has been an 81 or 82, with more than one of them being weghorst

  • snaak25
    snaak25 Month ago

    king is trash, just buy rashford

  • Daniel Hanna
    Daniel Hanna Month ago

    I got 89 Pablo dybala out my tradable inform pack

  • Jarred Milner
    Jarred Milner Month ago

    Hey Nep, looking at League SBCs I currently have a lot of EPL and La Liga players for when those come out, but at the moment I am tempted to do some of these League Upgrade and TOTW packs. Maybe just a two or three of each. Is it worth doing, or should I rather hold onto the cards so that when those League SBCs come out I can get through them real quick? Thanks as always for the awesome content, fully part of my daily ritual now!

  • Wasntthere 7
    Wasntthere 7 Month ago

    I just packed kante in a pl upgrade
    Those golds would have been worth 2k all up !!!

  • momoxeltawil
    momoxeltawil Month ago

    You should try to jockey to cut angles while defending rather than sprinting at or with the ball carrier

  • Marquis Elder
    Marquis Elder Month ago

    King is good but you need to up his agility

  • Vatos Locos
    Vatos Locos Month ago +1

    Never seen someone being so happy about Silver 3 in Squad Battles 😂

  • y u hyaf 2 b mad
    y u hyaf 2 b mad Month ago

    It pisses me off when he is sad he doesnt get a walkout. I have had 3 this year and that is it. Thiago silva, handanovic, IF gerard moreno. Like fam. I have opened so many packs and i get shit all return. Its dumb

  • Georgio Minas
    Georgio Minas Month ago

    i tried that King loan card, not expecting him to be any good but was actually Insane for me. burnt away from defenders and was hard to get off the ball

  • Beast Man
    Beast Man Month ago

    What was the point of this vid being half an hour long

  • Somebody's Gaming
    Somebody's Gaming Month ago

    Nep what camera angle do you use

  • TheMJMScene
    TheMJMScene Month ago

    When is ruin a randomer coming back? Only ogs know about this

  • paul
    paul Month ago

    I’ve done king he’s a complete beast so strong shooting is top notch. But will be probably useless next week that’s how Fifa goes. Good stuff bro keep it up son.

  • Tom Farnan
    Tom Farnan Month ago

    Hey nep do you think the base icons are worth it
    I did one and got Patrick viera

  • Scott Stevenson
    Scott Stevenson Month ago

    I did 3 Ligue 1 81+ Upgrades and didn't get a single board, my last pack was 2 untradeable duplicates so I decided to recycle them players and do 1 more. I got inform Mbappé

  • Abhishek Jain
    Abhishek Jain Month ago

    How does he know if it's a board or a walkout before the door even opens?

  • Frankie Coku
    Frankie Coku Month ago +1

    More Live Games!!!! This was amusing!!

  • Substansional
    Substansional Month ago

    Drinking game:
    Take a shot every time Nep says "EA Please"

  • Abdullah Albijawi
    Abdullah Albijawi Month ago +1

    Hey nep, would it be smart to buy players from league SBC's that are yet to be released such as premier league or la liga, or players from the scottish premiership who's prices would go through roof when their league sbcs do get placed in the game

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy Month ago


  • g Skii
    g Skii Month ago

    I want a Smalling sbc

  • Theo Yates
    Theo Yates Month ago

    I’ve done 30 81-87 upgrades and not seen an 87 yet only 1 86 and 85

  • Luke Venco
    Luke Venco Month ago +1

    You have to try out a few more 81-87 and 82+. Ik people get lucky, but they have been really effective for me.
    5x 82+ Wijnal/Kouli/Pique
    10x 81-87 Marquinos/Coman/Digne/De Ligt/Blind
    Loving the content keep it up❤

  • Anton_ 17
    Anton_ 17 Month ago

    I dont get the people playing walk fotball and parking the bus whats the point ?

  • paul Stewart
    paul Stewart Month ago

    He said that rare gold packs are the worst in the game but I packed
    A Kante and 2 icons out of them
    I know I'm pretty lucky

  • 88 88
    88 88 Month ago

    Joshua king is amazing for me honestly 18 games 28 goals

  • ginger silva
    ginger silva Month ago

    What do you press to drag back

  • Caldogg88
    Caldogg88 Month ago

    I don't think you have king a chance. I've been using him over vardy and been scoring loads

  • JackGrealish69
    JackGrealish69 Month ago

    Opened 25 81-87 packs and the best I got was Depay

  • Kuba Iwaszek
    Kuba Iwaszek Month ago

    Nep, when do the best of sbcs come in FIFA 20? Thanx. :)

  • Yah Y
    Yah Y Month ago

    I love tonali I spent like 250k 1. First owner rtg is what I’m doing 2. He is AMAZING 3. Loads of packs back

  • BenCoys Tottenham
    BenCoys Tottenham Month ago

    Who is better Courtious or Oblak.

  • nenodre
    nenodre Month ago

    Wow, can you sync video and voice and video in your videos? We are in 21 st... lol

  • Zlimeman Ftw
    Zlimeman Ftw Month ago

    Lol i got marhez inform 87 in a 81-87 pack

  • Anmol Dhingra
    Anmol Dhingra Month ago

    Why does iker sometimes comes with big flares and sometimes with small?

  • Samir El-Chami
    Samir El-Chami Month ago

    hey new why do u use Morales at cdm???