Global Climate Strike: Millions protest around the world - BBC Newsnight

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • Millions of people - overwhelmingly children and teenagers - have taken to the streets around the globe, calling on their governments to take serious action to tackle climate change.
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    The climate strike rallies have been led by schoolchildren and was sparked by campaigner Greta Thunberg - the Swedish teenager who inspired a global climate movement with her solitary protests last year.
    Protesters across continents waved placards and chanted slogans in what could be the biggest ever demonstration over global warming caused by humans. Gabriel Gatehouse reports.
    In the studio Katie Razzall is joined by former UN climate chief Christiana Figueres and the UK Student Climate Network's Lola Fayokun.
    #ClimateStrike #GlobalClimateStrike
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  • Tore Foncello
    Tore Foncello Day ago

    E viva la nuova generazione il futuro appartiene a loro che debono vivere in pace santa e devono essere loro a decidere la loro vita del futuro e noi siamo obbligati a darli una mano di bene

  • Mike Rathbone-Jones
    Mike Rathbone-Jones 15 days ago

    There is no climate change emergency. Get a fucking grip. You moronic sheep

  • old man vollox
    old man vollox 15 days ago

    i guess 10,000 is the new million compleat B.S.

  • Z G
    Z G 21 day ago

    learn from china. government should take actions for low polution per capita, good for humans to develop.

  • Kary Da Queen
    Kary Da Queen 23 days ago

    We'll be less activist is you'll be less SHIT!

  • Hewhoislikegod0
    Hewhoislikegod0 23 days ago

    These children cant even wipe their asses properly. Foh.

  • n2cat
    n2cat 27 days ago +1

    wonder who sponsors/ controls these actions world wide. GLOBAL BANKERS GOTTA FIND A WAY TO IMPLEMENT CARBON TAXES.

  • John Brown
    John Brown Month ago


  • Darlene Mitchell
    Darlene Mitchell Month ago

    Too little too late? God says yes. “The future is upon you. The world will be unrecognizable in twenty years (2029). You have nowhere to hide and no reason to be blind. It is an emergency for humanity, for only an emergency and a great need could propel God to send a New Revelation into the world.”

  • Libertarian
    Libertarian Month ago

    Vegan children must walk to school for
    Agenda 21 lessons.

  • Shaun Clark
    Shaun Clark Month ago


    AND GET THE REAL AGENDA….The Extinction Rebellion website says it has been
    raising money from crowdfunding, major donors, NGOs, trusts and foundations. WHO WOULD BET THAT SOROS IS ONE OF THEM??..I

  • Shaun Clark
    Shaun Clark Month ago


    IVAN ALLEN Month ago

    Bloody hippies! What does the U.S.Military have to say on the subject?

  • That Thing
    That Thing Month ago +1

    Brainwashed kids, lol.

  • Meg Kampen
    Meg Kampen Month ago +1

    They are all probably all using toxic scented laundry detergent in their clothes and talking about the environment while they pollute the air and water. They are just happy to not have to go to school. I heard you can't buy anything that is fragranced free in the UK.

  • Boogie man
    Boogie man Month ago +1

    Funny Children who use Carbon on average Triple any previous generation are protesting everyone else Carbon usage. Hypocrisy is live and well and expanding exponentially in are youth

  • Former Annexian
    Former Annexian Month ago +1

    They want to skip school!

  • Fly Oz
    Fly Oz Month ago

    The big mouth women here should stop using so much makeup which is manufactured with huge amounts of resources, power and chemicals.

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      Fly Oz do you realise the vast majority of co2 emissions come from companies not consumers. Or is this the limit of what you have to say.

  • Fly Oz
    Fly Oz Month ago +2

    Thank god inexperienced, ill informed, brainwashed , Kids are saving the world hahahahahaha

  • Suman Rao
    Suman Rao Month ago

    Just botcott all fossil fuelled vehicles

    • Suman Rao
      Suman Rao Month ago

      @Testimony Oluwatobi Do you some good ideas? Please share with everyone.

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      Suman Rao that’s a horrible idea

  • Suman Rao
    Suman Rao Month ago

    Just botcott all fossil fuelled vehicles

  • Suman Rao
    Suman Rao Month ago

    Just botcott all fossil fuelled vehicles

  • Dean Beck
    Dean Beck Month ago +2

    The best thing each of us can do practically is for every one should plant some trees if everyone done this it would make a difference fact

  • Dean Beck
    Dean Beck Month ago

    If the BBC are reporting on it positively then you just no somethings wrong , agenda 21

  • stapme
    stapme Month ago +1

    Reminds me of the seals at Sea World... this has not been thought through. GW lemmings.

  • kat undmaus
    kat undmaus Month ago

    There can be no hope unless the goddess of climate, Klimateria, has been appeased. Mere marching across busy streets and blockades to effect in the hope of reversing climate change simply will not do. Only through the sacrifice of a dark-haired virgin on the first full moon during summer solstice will the climate goddess be appeased. There should be much fire during the ritual sacrifice; this can be achieved though the widespread use of petrol bombs and incendiary devices.There must also be present large numbers of the faithful, which is not an issue, since many have turned out in trial marches. However there needs to be many more. Through relentless indoctrination of the feeble-minded, this can be achieved. Finally, when the time is ripe, nuclear bombs must be detonated in all major metropolitan cities all over the world. This will ensure a huge reduction in the number of meddlesome human beings, the ultimate agents of climate change.

  • diman75
    diman75 Month ago

    What are we protesting exactly????

  • Pamela Homeyer
    Pamela Homeyer Month ago

    It's a responsible for the people whose wages are paid by taxes did not listen to the people

  • Mary Mungle and midge
    Mary Mungle and midge Month ago +1

    Quiet a high number of these kids go to school in cars, buses etc, eat junk food that has loads of packaging, I wonder how many would of turned up to protest on a Saturday or Sunday.

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      Mary Mungle and midge the vast majority of co2 emissions come from corporations not the masses. This is a weak attempt to devalue what these people are saying to avoid radical change. Grow some values buddy

  • anmol54
    anmol54 Month ago

    3:22 USSR flag

  • robert pineau
    robert pineau Month ago +2

    Mental ilness.

  • first name last name

    I’m protesting in Toronto on September 27.

  • jordan byrne
    jordan byrne Month ago

    calling this a strike is ludicrous they don't get paid and they do not make or really contribute to any thing and they are losing little lol this should basically be called students have day off and party in the streets..THIS WILL CHANGE NOTHING most of us know things are fucked do you actually believe adults have any idea what they are really doing we are just some weird kind of apes with money and guns trust kids your turns coming right up come up with some decent plans because we aint got shit ..really i mean come on we only really worked out what the fucking sun is a little while ago (as in fusion etc) damn people used to worship it.......the moral of this story is never rely on you ancestors

  • Tyras Get
    Tyras Get Month ago +1

    While this is a worthwhile endeavor, there’s no need to wait for a special date to commit to saving the planet. If you truly want to combat climate change, you can start today by removing meat, eggs, and dairy from your shopping list.
    Each year, humans kill 60 billion land animals for food - that’s almost seven million every hour. All these animals produce massive amounts of waste, which releases powerful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Animal agriculture is the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide; greenhouses gases that are 25 and 300 times more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide, respectively.
    A person who follows a vegan lifestyle produces the equivalent of 50 percent less carbon dioxide than a meat-eater and uses 1/11th of the oil, 1/13th of the water, and 1/18th of the land. That’s why the UN has stated that a global shift towards a vegan diet is essential to combat the worst effects of climate change, and research from the University of Oxford has found that going vegan is “the single biggest way” to reduce our environmental impact.
    So by all means, take part in the strike for the climate - but remember that change starts on your plate and choose planet and animal-friendly vegan meals.

    • jordan byrne
      jordan byrne Month ago +1

      also destroy your car and never have them again only get a new phone every 10 years any appliance can be added to that to be honest also oh never fly on vacations either ot use loads of "products on your skin and hair also well the list goes on and on doesn't it

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +1

    The problem is that SJW nonsense is being Trojan Horsed into the discussion around Climate Change. Keep the conversation focused on the goal: reducing greenhouse gases. But talk of so-called "Climate Justice" or "Climate Racism" or whatever else they invent tomorrow needs to stop. And if it doesn't, everyone will dig into a trench and we'll all just fucking die.

  • Gene Shull
    Gene Shull Month ago

    The Earth has a 26,000 year Calandar, with about 10,000 years are an Ice Age Winter, which should begin again at around 3500AD. Notice that Thunberg is a ZIONIST JEW with a NWO carbon tax for AGENDA 21.
    Where is Epstein + Ghislain Maxwell?

  • likklej8
    likklej8 Month ago

    What about earth magnetism? Mr Tesla should be looked at again. What was the great pyramid cladding made of? Green world through science.

  • Libertatus in Perpetuum

    You mean this isn't the new Stephen King movie, "Children Of The Climate?"

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      Libertatus in Perpetuum wow good joke you didn’t come up with, maybe you could make a “joke” about how vaccines cause autism?

  • peterodz67 ruiz
    peterodz67 ruiz Month ago +1

    you all want to see something jaw dropping!!! read revelations 11:18 after you see this video. your going to say hmmm very interesting. what do you think?

  • Craig Calabrese
    Craig Calabrese Month ago +2

    MAYBE the SUPERVOLCANO will spew chipped ice for GLOBALIST

  • Craig Calabrese
    Craig Calabrese Month ago

    MAYBE the SUPERVOLCANO will spew chipped ice for GLOBALIST

  • Craig Calabrese
    Craig Calabrese Month ago

    You got two THREATS far greater than CLIMATE both have REAL stickers
    like the MILK JUG does SUPERVOLCANO EVENT and your sitting on a

  • Craig Calabrese
    Craig Calabrese Month ago

    You got two THREATS far greater than CLIMATE both have REAL stickers
    like the MILK JUG does SUPERVOLCANO EVENT and your sitting on a

  • Dany Sokiyaki
    Dany Sokiyaki Month ago +5

    Another dooms day cult. WIll pass like Robert Malthus, End of World 2012, Chicken Little, etc. Earth's climate has always been changing. The Sahara was once a sea, the Bering Strait was once a land bridge between Asia and North America, and Toronto was below miles of ice. We need to enjoy our natural resources and adapt to changes and develop ways to mitigate the effects of the changes as humans have always done. eg. Noah built an ark, and the Dutch have empoldered a major part of the Netherlands and some low lying parts of their former colonies.

    • Dany Sokiyaki
      Dany Sokiyaki 22 days ago

      @Harry Walker

    • Hercule Holmes
      Hercule Holmes 23 days ago

      No it isn't.

    • Harry Walker
      Harry Walker Month ago

      The 2012 shit was based on the end of a old aztek callinder which people used as a misleading click bate title. However global warming is a scientific climate fact, under laws of basic analysing of how the planet and the cosmos works. I see a lot of people mocking this as a joke and not fact, honestly baffling. Please Inform yourself on global warming and what it exactly is before you make a joke. Its a serious matter

  • incorrigible delinquent

    From the point of view of the people. The elites got rich from pollution, so the elites should pay for it. That is to say if climate change is real and not government propaganda, which isn't very likely.

    • Meg Kampen
      Meg Kampen Month ago

      So did the fragrance industry.

  • incorrigible delinquent

    Ah, Corbynated chicken. Says it all, #fraud #democracy is a lie.

  • incorrigible delinquent

    Shameful, Adolf Hitler also used indoctrinated children for political gain. Being on strike may eleviate some of that propaganda.

  • Ace 2000
    Ace 2000 Month ago +1

    Climate change is real. We have to start saving the earth now. For our children and those who come after.

    • Ace 2000
      Ace 2000 Month ago +1

      @mYbRaINhuRTs- You know who holds more wealth? Those who are destroying the environment with their large corporations. The republican party as well. Yes, the world is always changing but when it starts to change at a rapid pace. This is evidence that people are doing this. The Amazon forest is burning because of us. Oceans are rising because of us. Ignorant people who deny this should be blamed when natural disasters start to kill people all over the world. You relax in your secluded house and keep denying it because you have not seen it first hand or you are just inhumane

  • iamqotl
    iamqotl Month ago

    Say what you may about whether these kids really meant or cared abut this protest. Effective action on climate change will have a seismic economic impact similar to the abolishment of slavery had in the US. Not believing it or considering it an economic waste, is the same as supporting the commercial benefits of slavery. Its an abomination to humanity to dismiss it as a lefty protest.

  • Average Boi
    Average Boi Month ago

    I don’t care if they protest but they never think about their plastic use or all the food with anti biotics in there etc

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      Average Boi most factors that negatively affect the environment ESPECIALLY climate change is caused by business. How about not avoiding blaming those who need blaming in an attempt to devalue the reality of climate change by calling its supporters hypocrites.

  • John Gordon
    John Gordon Month ago

    Just heard the young girl's speech about climate change, totally beautiful. I say out with the old and in with the young, yes that girl should be in school, instead of the OLD and GREEDY feeding their pockets. As she said SHAME ON YOU! The children are more civilized than the leaders. As she is speaking from the heart, I personally thank you from my heart and our world. Again out with the old and in with the new. I had a great childhood, our children NEED the same. Love you girl!

    • Fiona
      Fiona Month ago

      @John Gordon She has mental health issues - her parents are to blame.

    • John Gordon
      John Gordon Month ago

      @Fiona usually people that say that about other people, are either a internet troll or has personal issues mental issues. Look up internet troll.

    • Fiona
      Fiona Month ago

      That weird Swedish girl is mentally unwell

    • darlin one
      darlin one Month ago +2

      You must be 8 years old because you're as naive as the children who have been indoctrinated by their parents

  • Mary Budesheim aka

    USEFUL IDIOTS! THE SUN ALONE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WARMING OUR PLANET -- nothing else - and I'VE HEARD THE SAME CRAP OVER 40 YEARS. It's about $$$$$$$$$$ and nothing else. #WakeUpAmerica #Trump2020 #ThankfulUSAFinallyENERGYIndependent!

  • tbirdpunk
    tbirdpunk Month ago

    How cute... NPC children.

    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      meerkat1954 I don’t think tibirdpunk will reply that question is too off script for him.

    • meerkat1954
      meerkat1954 Month ago

      Better than NPCs of the oil industry who sit at computers defending the status quo on youtube.

  • Ed Jenkins
    Ed Jenkins Month ago


    • Testimony Oluwatobi
      Testimony Oluwatobi Month ago

      And with that an Entire political movement so large it has forced a response from governments globally for decades was defeated by this one edgy boy. Congratulations

  • Have faith in Britain
    Have faith in Britain Month ago +8

    BBC and CNN, nobody listens to them anymore...When are they going to privatise so we no longer have to pay for their poor journalism!

    • Jack
      Jack 21 day ago

      Aren't you listening/watching this lol?

    • Jade Snood
      Jade Snood Month ago

      Well, need to get rid of the royal charter... every petition has failed, but we had the same heads in government - Over brexit and climate change news, there may be a good case finally to show they have failed in their duty under the charter.

      Proving the BBC is bias is a hard on to do... need something more concrete.

      So here the nubbins of it (covering the simple issues only); The charter

      6 . The Public Purposes
      (1) ‘’…It should offer a range and depth of analysis and content not widely available from other United Kingdom news providers, using the highest calibre presenters and journalists, and championing freedom of expression, so that all audiences can engage fully with major local, regional, national, United Kingdom and global issues and participate in the democratic process, at all levels, as active and informed citizens…”

      --->On this point, the BBC failed to inform the public of information relating to project ‘yellow hammer’.

      That the industries listed in the document had put in preparation and where ready, ready, relating to worries on medical shortages (Flu, Insulin and nuclear). They allowed the propagation of stories calming such industries would be at risk without informing the public (to the same standard and some times, not at all) that the industries had stated preparedness for a no deal brexit.

      They will have been aware of this preparedness , when ‘fishing’ for stories or visiting the website of these industries (investigation needed to see if they contacted such industries and then failed to pass on information)

      * Next
      8. Introduction The BBC, in exercising its functions in relation to the UK Public Services, the World Service, non-service activities and trading activities, must comply with the general duties in articles 9 to 17.
      (1) The BBC must act in the public interest. (very debatable so not worth covering that here

      (2) In complying with this article, the BBC must-
      (a) ensure that the benefits (whether direct or indirect) of decisions relating to the fulfilment of its Mission and the promotion of the Public Purposes outweigh the costs (whether direct or indirect); and (b) in doing so, have regard to economic, social and cultural benefits and costs.)

      --->We get back to the coverage of project yellow hammer, and failure to inform the public of medical preparedness. Whether poorly research, Information withheld or political, it had no ‘have regard to economic, social and cultural benefits and costs.)’ and only served to promote panic.

      It doesn’t mater if the PM published the document, he not under this charter.

      ** I’m sure there are many other recent issues that could fall under the few sections I have brought up as I only used project yellow hammer as an example.

      But what about climate change… that’s a good one. Whether the BBC is being wilfully ignorant or, are failing in their duty to cover the other side of the climate debate, with accredited scientist, peer reviewed papers and in good standing representatives (not just low importance speakers), who do not follow the IPCC claim.

      They have failed to follow recent important developments relating to climate science (yet they can give you a video on the new iphone) that throws doubt (with Good reason and evidence - no faults found with the papers yet) on current concerns.. Current concerns that are used to set polices in the UK, which directly affect the public.

      /\ That news alone should have been noted by the BBC , that *new and credible evidence has come to light that the current climate models maybe/are in error* . Dont even need to cover it that much, just enough that people can question the current narrative, that people on the on the other side (not the IPCC UN) now have a bit more credibility when they wish to talk.

      There is a point coming, and I’m sure the BBC know it, as the work is being done in the US mainly, but has members in the UK and irland (EU) of the progress being made, and papers to be sent to the IPCC.

      If, the BBC then fails to inform the public of these finding, once the papers are submitted and accepted. The BBC will officially have put the UN’s interest before the UK’s at that point. Wonder if they will go that far?

  • Have faith in Britain

    Climate change trivialised because nobody trusts the BBCs poor biased blinkered journalism on everything

  • Irving Kurlinski
    Irving Kurlinski Month ago

    The U.S. is operating under a mercantile mentality. For the U.S. it's about the unfettered survival of business. People come second or third.

  • Yousif A Tobiya
    Yousif A Tobiya Month ago

    The occurrence of stoms,rains,ice, and floods at times and in unexpected places,confirms my theory the end of the (dynamic horizontal movement )which needs to balance and it sill under control or balance...
    But about earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, sinkholes, tsunami, dry lakes and rivers, flow of water from the mountains and hills,explodeand of eyes water from the ground, formation of new mountains or islands, collaps of mountains ,and cracks on ground,& ,& ,&,they are out of control or balance...
    Yousif A Tobiya
    Forcibly displaced

    • darlin one
      darlin one Month ago

      hahaha... the truly indoctrinated naive diatribe you should go on stage

  • Roast Potato
    Roast Potato Month ago +2

    All these kids reek of middle class watermelonism.

  • Roast Potato
    Roast Potato Month ago

    Several times during the day, the bbc referred to the fact of this mass truancy event as the children missing 'only one day' at school. No it isn't. If a million kids took part, that is a million school days lost, one for each child.
    The law in the UK states that children should attend school when they are able. Going on a rally is not a valid excuse for absence, whether the head teacher gave 'permission' or not. I hope the truancy officers are kept very busy for the next few months.
    Shame on you, bbc.

    • meerkat1954
      meerkat1954 Month ago

      Fuck your silly old laws. They don't matter if these children don't have a future. Our planet is burning and we are facing a mass extinction of animals because older people have done NOTHING to stop the desecration. Laws are useful because they maintain the order of civilization. But when civilization itself is threatened with imminent extinction, the laws are of secondary importance to keeping civilization itself alive.