David Cameron admits he has Brexit regrets and says he is 'sorry'

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • DAVID Cameron has said Boris Johnson was WRONG for calling a Parliament shutdown and has urged him to give rebels back the whip or the Tories could face “disaster”.
    The former PM accused Bo-Jo of trying to “restrict the debate” on Brexit - but said he didn’t believe his old friend had done anything “illegal”.
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Comments • 350

  • The_Upsetter 1
    The_Upsetter 1 28 days ago

    Dave done us dirty...

  • tausifvids
    tausifvids 29 days ago

    I'm not a conservative fan but this really isn't his fault. Only people to blame is those who voted for Brexit (which I can see are trying to spin this on Dave).

  • Mr Observer
    Mr Observer 29 days ago

    They move ALL the MEP's along with ALL their papers and staff for FOUR days EVERY month from BRUSSELS to STRASBOURG at a cost of 300 million euro's per year and they CAN'T stop doing so BECAUSE the FRENCH won't let them

  • Gregory Alfano
    Gregory Alfano 29 days ago

    Hmmm. I see. Butting in here from N America. Initially I thought for a politician Cameron seemed pretty genuine in his reactions but the commentary here is rather harsh on him. Also alot of reference to Cameron being a tool for the EU. And the only reason he went for the election was he was sure the remainers would prevail?
    Hmmm. I see. My memory is cloudy but I thought this vote thing was borne out of his frustration with the EU totally controlling the immigration issue, common borders stuff and he was tired of being hamstrung & eventually bankrupting the country being overwhelmed with immigrants & their perks/benefits?
    Hope it works out folks. And Hail to the King.

  • Flavius Belisarius
    Flavius Belisarius 29 days ago

    I let the people vote and I'm sorry

  • M. D.
    M. D. Month ago +1

    I still refer to him as dodgy Dave.

  • S Gardner
    S Gardner Month ago

    Book out Dave? Marriage destroyer.

  • Sherbert Dip
    Sherbert Dip Month ago

    Go hide under the rock your slimey arse has just crept out from under🖕

  • Mr Observer
    Mr Observer Month ago

    It wasn't a partisan vote it was a simple leave or remain 17.4 million voted to leave (52pc) 16 million to remain (48pc) 409 constituencies voted leave 251 remain -yet in parliament we have 480 remain MPs and 159 leave so not in proportion to the referendum result. Remain MPs shouldn't have a say at all it should have been dealt with by Brexitiers only.

  • Troys R Us
    Troys R Us Month ago

    God I miss Cameron. A pragmatic, modern conservative.

  • geezerdownunder
    geezerdownunder Month ago

    David Cameron is such a Bell End 🙄

  • Sokkha Mey
    Sokkha Mey Month ago

    Thank you for interview yourself to me,i know you any way you are very good Prime Minister David Cameron a lots of rich people love you and posh people also. You come here for a reason for new actor. Anyway enjoy but you can't win the oscars the the Queen already winner😉😉😉

  • Mr Observer
    Mr Observer Month ago

    "DAVID Cameron has said Boris Johnson was WRONG for calling a Parliament shutdown and has urged him to give rebels back the whip or the Tories could face “disaster”.
    The former PM accused Bo-Jo of trying to “restrict the debate” on Brexit - but said he didn’t believe his old friend had done anything “illegal”." I wonder how you would have handled it if you'd had the balls to stay and see it through.

  • brexitboy 2 Dogs
    brexitboy 2 Dogs Month ago

    Thanks for brexit dave 👍

  • Charles Bloomer
    Charles Bloomer Month ago

    Sorry? Yeah right, he couldn’t give a toss. He’s just doing the rounds promoting his crap book.

  • Broomehall
    Broomehall Month ago

    David "I've got a book out so i better apologise" too little too late, you lifted the lid on Pandoras box, can't just put it back on old chap !

  • MVE
    MVE Month ago

    Where is the full interview?

  • light Gaming93
    light Gaming93 Month ago

    you deserve all the blame Dave 😅😅 "Leave or stay I won't resign as priminister"

  • lapisredux
    lapisredux Month ago

    he did as his eu handlers told him and the whole thing backfired in their ugly faces.

  • Ian Hawkes
    Ian Hawkes Month ago

    Most of these guys are agents for other countries/organisations. They think it's intelligent, naughty and enriching.
    Imagine coaxing them towards what to do and how - they would faint crying then wake up rolling around on the floor shrieking. What a bunch.
    Oh we do coax them, que, via voting. Give me a f break

  • nomad 101
    nomad 101 Month ago

    Dave = cuckservatives

  • Prime Minister
    Prime Minister Month ago

    Why not discussed it with Margaret Thatcher first??

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M Month ago

    Hey, Dodgy Dave, listen. It was never YOUR referendum, you cowardly EU puppet.

  • Anthony Bydon
    Anthony Bydon Month ago +1

    His only worry is the continuation of the conservative government in control in Parliament

  • lucia201189
    lucia201189 Month ago

    Your a self confessed failure specialist
    Why should we listen to & believe anything you say
    Utter Bullshite

    FDGREBEL Month ago

    How were the MPs that were kicked out the party for disloyalty “loyal” Dave?

  • Nigel 61
    Nigel 61 Month ago

    Of course Boris isn't doing anything illegal, he's trying to honour the result of the referendum, it's the Tory rebels that are not allowing him to.

    RIO BOW Month ago

    He's probably upset remain lost and there goes what the EU promised him after.
    ie a lovely cushy job for life with a massive fat salary and massive perks thrown in, including a job for his wife
    like all the other traitors who for 40 odd years have either took bribes or been blackmailed by German security services.

  • Wayne Beck
    Wayne Beck Month ago

    The only regret you have is losing the referendum.

  • Steve Shaw
    Steve Shaw Month ago

    Pigs head anyone?????

  • Ism Ism
    Ism Ism Month ago

    Complete wanker .

  • bigbifter
    bigbifter Month ago

    Little rat bag, go and rot somewhere

  • IndispensablePeaGuy

    I feel bad for him and his wife for losing their disabled child, but that's as compassionate as I'll be with Dodgy Dave.

  • bagpuss bagpuss
    bagpuss bagpuss Month ago

    He has no right to judge Boris or anyone.. Chicken

  • paddy mcginty
    paddy mcginty Month ago

    Just a wanker

  • SpeedfreakUK
    SpeedfreakUK Month ago

    In his defense, Remain thought they'd win by a landslide.

  • Steve Stephens
    Steve Stephens Month ago

    Dodgy Dave is absolutely correct the UK Constitution works via Parliament.
    So in 2017 498 MP's all voted Yes Article 50 and the EU Withdrawal act which was then enshrined into UK Law and never repealed that the UK Leaves the EU on the 29 March 2019 either with an agreed Deal or if one can not be agreed it leaves without one. This is all there in plain Black and White.
    So Dodgy Dave is still lying and continues to be a Actor [poor one] for the Deep State to protect his own self interests.

  • stephen richards
    stephen richards Month ago

    An absolute idiot. Chose the wrong strategy from the start. When the EU gave him nothing to during his 'negotiating trips around the EU ' he should have called the referendum and not chosen sides. He should have presented the details of what they gave him honestly and then not campaigned for either side. Then, after the result was declared he could have worked for the british people by leaving on WTO deal. The sequence of evets would have worked to force the EU to cave.

  • Stabby Mazendame
    Stabby Mazendame Month ago +1

    The Lord is in control, we have to wait upon The Lord.

  • Mark Heath
    Mark Heath Month ago

    Bet no one buys his silly book!

    BREAD Month ago

    Like anyone cares about David Cameron
    David Cameron = I got a result and dont accept it but buy my book . Sod off

  • Chin Soon Ong
    Chin Soon Ong Month ago

    The peasants are sick of the Notting hill and Islington ruling elites

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt Month ago


  • appynoon
    appynoon Month ago

    unbelievable. It is (apparently) a bad thing that the british public ever got the chance to have the first referendum, even as the same people now demand a second referendum.

    DOORHANGING Month ago

    David Cameron enjoys being in the company of the swamp people

  • Rob L
    Rob L Month ago

    poor Cameron. he has spent most his life as Boris Johnson's warm up act.

  • The Jim Reaper™
    The Jim Reaper™ Month ago

    He's only sorry the peasants didn't vote to REMAIN and that we saw through the lies, hate and detriment to this country our MP's & the EU has done and is still doing to the UK

  • Ged Woods
    Ged Woods Month ago

    Nah. It’s the best thing u ever did. U exposed the undemocratic for what they are.

  • aloevera74
    aloevera74 Month ago

    Blah .. yes
    Blah... uh yes
    Interviewer: the pig issue?
    DC: ...

  • andtam008
    andtam008 Month ago

    Cameron is a political gambler. He gambled for personal political gain and put his country in uncertainty with no reason.

  • lance townsend
    lance townsend Month ago

    when you vote in england if you dont get the right answer you have to vote again

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown Month ago

    He should go to the Queen and say sorry

  • Tadas Blindavicius
    Tadas Blindavicius Month ago +1

    All these "tough debates, talkings, and arguments" about Brexit should have been happening beforehand. Now obviously British people know much much more about Brexit risks and the consequences of it. Back then they weren't. The second referendum would be a fair solution for Britain.

  • milsub59
    milsub59 Month ago

    I wish he was a victim of knife crime ....

  • General Systems Theory

    Oh dear Dave, 🤦‍♀️

  • lorraine lane
    lorraine lane Month ago

    Thanks don't be sorry we're leaving

  • Christopher Poole
    Christopher Poole Month ago


  • ivan jolly
    ivan jolly Month ago

    It’s sad how a good pm at one time badly talked about the evil of eu meaning he did not like eu but went ahead to bring a referendum and showed he wanted to stay in ...it’s sad but I feel for him..but he was good

  • G G
    G G Month ago

    Typical liberal!

  • SI_ W
    SI_ W Month ago

    Er...you forgot your resignation...