Avicii: The Inside Story, A Year On From His Tragic Death

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • Avicii: True Stories is Tim Bergling’s own story. Made from extensive personal and family archive and behind-the-scenes footage, the film is an unparalleled insight into his life.
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Comments • 2 523

  • Kayleigh Barney
    Kayleigh Barney Day ago


  • Tabitha Koidis
    Tabitha Koidis Day ago

    I felt this was a real behind the scene clip 🙏 you continue to teach an inspire Tim 💋 ✌🏻

  • LegendaryChelsea
    LegendaryChelsea 2 days ago

    Successful people's lives are so easily taken for granted. People think that because they live large they are happy and are enjoying life. That's not always the case. That's what caused his death, because since everyone thought nothing was wrong with him, they completely ignored his cries for help. Heartbreaking 😢

  • Totally Not Beanos
    Totally Not Beanos 2 days ago

    He died at my birthday... i cant belive it.

  • Salmon Stone
    Salmon Stone 3 days ago

    I'm sure if someone does some real police work like they should we would se the real story behind all these PEOPLE dying from so called suicide. Rip Chester; Amy; Avicii; Curt. Rip Robin Williams because I am a fan. I don't believe the suicide bull shit!

  • Luis Zambrano
    Luis Zambrano 3 days ago

    You can tell he wasn’t feeling happy at all

  • yeah NO
    yeah NO 4 days ago

    i love the comment section ........ You act as if this is apart from your daily life .... We live in world driven by money

  • Lo Ka
    Lo Ka 6 days ago

    If you are a artist and do songs do you really have to have concerts? I mean atists do music because they like the ”doing music” part (and many like the consert stuff, all people is different) so Why do they have to have conserts if they don’t like it? I mean it is clear in this video that he did not want to do it anymore. I don’t know how he feelt about the ”making music part”. I mean if you are a real fan of someone let it do what they need to do and respect them. I’m so bad at writing But hope you take it the right way

    SHOMIL VERMA 7 days ago

    I had learnt to say no ..... I've learnt it from u Tim ❤️

  • Wex
    Wex 8 days ago

    I wonder where EDM would be now, if he'd still be here with us....:(

  • Professional 24*7
    Professional 24*7 10 days ago

    World doesn't deserve angels, so he is gone

  • CuppaT
    CuppaT 11 days ago

    His Agents and management team are dicks

  • just another human
    just another human 11 days ago

    he's probably better off where he is than having pancreas problems as we go into a prolonged period of v bad weather (can't call bad weather by it's proper name because youtube will remove mention of it to ensure the rest of you remain in your zombie bubbles until it's too late)

  • Katja xxx
    Katja xxx 11 days ago

    thanks for the ''short documentary''.

  • Katja xxx
    Katja xxx 11 days ago +1

    suffer myself every 6-7 years from severe depression. I feel so frustrated that he could not cope no more. I have nothing than respect for him. Bless him.

    • Katja xxx
      Katja xxx 4 days ago

      @mw awwww, thank you for your kind words, it really means a lot to me.

    • mw
      mw 4 days ago

      Katja xxx
      Every 6-7 years an episode? Or depressed for 6-7 years?
      I wish you all the best, stay strong!

  • jessica duplito
    jessica duplito 11 days ago +23

    How was he giving us hope while feeling hopeless himself.

    • Masked Siblings
      Masked Siblings 7 days ago +1

      The wisest is always the one that dealt most damage🤧
      The happiest is always the one who is the most hurt in the inside 🙃

  • Michelle Howard
    Michelle Howard 12 days ago

    Avicii needed help and no one was willing to give it to him that's what money will do know you can rest easy Avicii.

  • Yussuf Hussein
    Yussuf Hussein 14 days ago +1

    I only wish I could've met him before he died so many things I've wanted to tell him but it's too late now he deserved better R.I.P Tim Bergling

  • OrozcoCafe
    OrozcoCafe 14 days ago

    Truly sickening what they did to him. His manager that busted him to Levels and then wouldn’t let him go. It’s like what antonio salieri did to Mozart In Amadeus.

  • Awesomspirit cat21
    Awesomspirit cat21 14 days ago

    I just started listening to the music he made and I barely knew him but I miss him so much already

  • Denise
    Denise 15 days ago

    OMG he needed rest and so many hugs from people who took him (and not his work) serious. I see such a huge difference between these hospital video's and the ones from Martin Garrix. Martijn has people around him saying; 'Just don't do it, take rest, heal'. Tim they gave quick fixes and they pushed him hundreds of kilometres over his limit.

  • Diana Diana
    Diana Diana 15 days ago

    Wow I’m surprised that his manager really care more about the money than his health. He would always be in our hearts ♥️ 2020

    CODEXgg VIP 15 days ago

    it was really tragic
    AVICII was legend

  • Dan
    Dan 15 days ago +1

    To everyone saying he was murdered for exposing the NWO...

    Yes we do know

  • betty boo
    betty boo 16 days ago

    😲😶 Oh my.. Where was I?.. Dead?.. This world we live in though, people are so cruel

  • Ana Gabriela Braga
    Ana Gabriela Braga 16 days ago

    I'm so sorry!😔😔

  • Alieu Stian Samateh
    Alieu Stian Samateh 17 days ago

    ❤ He is apreciated, taking it to heart✌🏽❤

  • David Navarro
    David Navarro 17 days ago +1

    2:10 even discussions with doctors and nurses are recorded!

  • Taliy California
    Taliy California 17 days ago

    He died because of messed up American medical system that made him an opioid addict after a casual surgery. Doctor who prescribed him Percocet that eventually killed him is responsible for it

  • Ian Green
    Ian Green 17 days ago +2

    id venture to say medical neglect actually led to his death

  • Heleve Joergon
    Heleve Joergon 18 days ago +1

    He died from suicide, slitting his wrists from a broken wine bottle.
    I'm into details, not poetry.

  • XXSNIPS Gaming
    XXSNIPS Gaming 19 days ago

    Levels was the first song I knew of Avincii back in 2011 when I was 6

  • Teeo
    Teeo 20 days ago +1

    Honestly didnt know he died until today. Shit.

  • Avicii Timberland
    Avicii Timberland 20 days ago +2

    He was Expecting support and he didn’t get as much support he wanted people Were Pushing him to make more Shows 😇😇😇 avicii was a good person he had a good heart we will miss you avicii thru out the Hole 🌎

  • Boiled Octopus
    Boiled Octopus 20 days ago +1

    Money over life. Tragic.

  • Simon Schrempf
    Simon Schrempf 21 day ago

    I dont miss him !!!!!!!!

  • SquEegee
    SquEegee 21 day ago +1

    The day after my birthday Avicii died And im swedish too

  • Alex Tripney
    Alex Tripney 21 day ago +1

    He was such an inspiration and a legend.Please let us learn from this.God Bless.

  • NeSxt Cozy
    NeSxt Cozy 22 days ago

    i think if Tim just die so some day a new guy like Tim had reborn

  • Reaper Grave
    Reaper Grave 22 days ago

    Still remember him playing Half-Life live and beat that game in 39 minutes in hard mode thats was some crazy shit he done

  • αмвeя ωeekley
    αмвeя ωeekley 22 days ago

    #longliveAvicii❤ #RIPTimBergling

  • Tomas M
    Tomas M 22 days ago

    I was using drugs and a lot alcochol for 2-3 years, and was so naive to think what I can do this party shit all my Life. Later I was same bad condition like avicii was. And I want to ask: does avicii has free will do that crazy rhings or not? Nobody force him to use alcochol or drugs. In documentary he said: my plans was to use alcochol for decades like other DJ's. But his health just say early NO! I can always say: I am using alcochol, because I am a lot of working, having problems in family, a lot of traveling, but who cares about that? I should just finish that or not. Why we always want to put all our anger on one man, like Ash was responsible for everything in avicii Life?

  • Geri Liu
    Geri Liu 22 days ago

    I don’t think the management even realised how much they hurt Tim by ignoring him...only for the money...

  • Aga Mec
    Aga Mec 23 days ago +1


  • DuckAndSwineShow
    DuckAndSwineShow 23 days ago

    i dont think he committed i think he passed out and the glass hit him really hard but odds are he commited

  • Lynne Lipovsek
    Lynne Lipovsek 24 days ago

    I was born April 20 th 1951 ,its said to be Hitlers birthday also but im truly saddened at this young man death and he wasn't given any support dealing with chronic health probs ,but pushed to do more even after him telling you that he just can't go on , these people are only looking out for their own gains and nothing else !!! Sososo sad indeed ! 🤔😑😐😯😩😔

  • Schehrazad A
    Schehrazad A 25 days ago

    This only proved his anxiety had more to do with the abusive nature of his career that he self-medicated when nobody gave him the time to get the proper help he needed

  • tsitsi- fast
    tsitsi- fast 25 days ago

    Why did he die

  • Sunny and Rein
    Sunny and Rein 25 days ago +2

    His management should be tied to a pole and shot. The sickening thing they are properly making more money now that he is dead.

  • Schlippidy Dop
    Schlippidy Dop 26 days ago

    Martial arts would've helped Tim. Kickboxing, jiu jitsu, some muay thai, a little bit of judo, and a smidge of wrestling. He'd have a different outlook on these scenarios. He would've been more assertive in his needs, rather than let these bullies control him.

  • Larraine Wong
    Larraine Wong 26 days ago +2

    Being a music artist is always the best feeling ever but then yes later on there is a lot of stress overwhelmed tired

  • Matt Pannell
    Matt Pannell 28 days ago +1

    Very sad. It’s awful how destructive addiction is and can affect anyone, regardless of who they are. I can understand alcohol use, because it helps the process. But never more than 2 days in a week. This poor chap was a 24/7 and alcohol became a daily routine. Anyone who goes down this road will only have 10 years. It’s sad, but the internal organs just die. The body needs to repair and when it doesn’t get a chance, then is dangerous ground. I could imagine the pain from damaged organs is excruciating.
    You would say this. Wake up, jump on a plane ✈️, go to a deserted island 🌴 and just stop 🛑. But the poor chap had the world 🌎 on his shoulders. He had no down time and became an workaholic. Even his holiday to Oman was a fiasco. Wasn’t a holiday, more like a meet and greet.
    Fame to early is never good, unless you have a family oriented base that’s very grounded. He lived a full life in 10 years. He condensed everything. God bless him. His light 💡 burned bright.

  • AshleyBailez
    AshleyBailez 29 days ago +1

    His management was the reason he died, he just couldn’t take it anymore

  • Asung Ben
    Asung Ben 29 days ago +1

    We have lost too many because of money minded management. I hope we can protect the rest. Tim you're gone but you will live forever in our hearts. Rest in peace.

  • The Ridesmoker
    The Ridesmoker 29 days ago

    that management team need to suffer for this, for there life time, all they need money

  • coolrunnings
    coolrunnings Month ago

    Rave in paradise Tim Bergling 😍😍😍😍😍 your my favourite DJ 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • raha1277
    raha1277 Month ago

    So what happened in the 2 year gap????

  • RJ xxx
    RJ xxx Month ago

    Pressuring him now look, greed love of money he is now gone and you will now suffer the consequences of your actions no revenue poor young man and so many like him speak out say you need help someone will listen that missing peace/piece is God xx 😔 ♥

  • The Greatmagic
    The Greatmagic Month ago

    His fame and success got him killed, like a curse. Its like a silly cliché from a movie, but its true. If he had been a "normal" person he would have never felt this pressure to perform and had this kind of drinking problem.

  • david evans
    david evans Month ago

    That manager is a very unlikeble prick, an amateur who was way out of his depth and used this poor kid to death!