Solo: A Star Wars Story | "190 Years Old" Clip


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  • John M
    John M 12 days ago


    FIXY THE HUSKY Month ago +1

    Who agree that the asteroid in this movie is harder than empire strike is back?

  • DannyEndurance
    DannyEndurance Month ago

    Alden Ehrenreich > Harrison Ford -- Fight me.

    • mngentry
      mngentry Month ago

      DannyEndurance two sides of the same coin.

  • rico300zx
    rico300zx 2 months ago

    Hell ya!

  • LEGO Builder Studios
    LEGO Builder Studios 4 months ago

    0:05 Lando actually said his name right!

  • SlenderScarf 335
    SlenderScarf 335 4 months ago

    He was born 200BBY and that explains how old is Chewbecca, finally

  • Gamer The City
    Gamer The City 5 months ago


  • wutsup
    wutsup 6 months ago +2

    Rey's mom looked reall cute ... and funny.
    "We certainly do." Looking at the controls without a clue. LOL.

  • Acting Flynn
    Acting Flynn 6 months ago +1


  • Harald hyldebrandt
    Harald hyldebrandt 7 months ago


  • James Doyle
    James Doyle 7 months ago +1

    If you don't get chills from this, you ain't a Star Wars fan

  • AsmrQueennn Xox
    AsmrQueennn Xox 7 months ago +1

    Wait....when Chewbacca gets old will he look like a yeti? XD

  • Bentertainment Productions

    This whole Kessel scene was my favorite part of the film

  • Владимир Лебедев

    The most iconic moment in the film

  • Paul H
    Paul H 7 months ago +2

    The music by John Williams made this scene not only good but GREAT

  • Jack Assoms
    Jack Assoms 7 months ago

    Seriously. Im seeing Slave 1. Unless Im delusional, or its and easter egg. I've watched it twice in 2 days. Thats Slave 1 in the first 10 seconds.

  • rrod128
    rrod128 7 months ago

    I’ve seen it

  • Jedi Master Luke Skywalker

    0:39 chills...

  • Ryan Przespolewski
    Ryan Przespolewski 7 months ago


  • Avengers Assemble
    Avengers Assemble 7 months ago

    *This is not the Flop*
    Hype Solo

  • Alexander Hikel
    Alexander Hikel 8 months ago +1

    And now I need new pants

  • ct0760
    ct0760 8 months ago

    Anyone else LOL at the way the Falcon swatted the TIE like a bug? And it made a DOINK sound effect

  • Maria Edwards
    Maria Edwards 8 months ago

    This trailer looked good, the others look HORRIFIC.

  • Gabrial Lopez
    Gabrial Lopez 8 months ago

    They did very bad on Rotten Tomatoes

    • Wojtek Tomaszewicz
      Wojtek Tomaszewicz 8 months ago

      Gabrial Lopez i dont care about some people on that website or imdb and so on.

    • Gabrial Lopez
      Gabrial Lopez 8 months ago

      lol Tommy you're in denial below 40% want to see moron, get a link and post it jackass

  • DeepSeaCuber
    DeepSeaCuber 8 months ago

    The sound the TIE makes at 0:03 though...

  • Spoonful for You
    Spoonful for You 8 months ago +1

    Say what you want about the film but you cannot deny that John Powell brings some of the best starwars music and is my go to guy if John Williams isn’t available. Wait.....John Powell, John Williams. They both are John. Is something connected here? No probably not but still. 😂

  • Marvel DCStinger
    Marvel DCStinger 8 months ago

    "190 years old? You look great." 😂

  • Kenobi's Ghost
    Kenobi's Ghost 8 months ago

    Chewie is definately going to steal the show!!

  • Mr. Snarky
    Mr. Snarky 8 months ago

    Asteroid Field reprise. *SHUT UP AND TAKE MY TICKET!*

  • Tyler Baum
    Tyler Baum 8 months ago


  • Arthur Wacker
    Arthur Wacker 8 months ago +1


  • lukas villar
    lukas villar 8 months ago

    Maybe this movie is not so feminist at all, but I remain suspicious and with a monstrous HYPE !!!!!!!!!!

  • Nathan Bauman
    Nathan Bauman 8 months ago

    I almost started crying when I heard the music...

  • Han Shot First
    Han Shot First 8 months ago

    They're playing "The Asteroid Field" from episode five, that was the score that I hoped they would bring back the most!

  • PaX MalombellA
    PaX MalombellA 8 months ago

    Wait the moment Chewie steps in to Co Pilot and they DONT have a wider two shot with both of them in frame?!!! WHY?!

  • senpaigarr
    senpaigarr 8 months ago

    I love this clip. Great feeling with the old music in there too.

  • Mr. Old School
    Mr. Old School 8 months ago

    My hopes are very high now! :)

  • Seraphil1
    Seraphil1 8 months ago

    That sound effect for the Tie getting hit by the Falcon though. Tin cans indeed!

  • Finnick Rinzler
    Finnick Rinzler 8 months ago +1

    The Mighty Chewbacca.

  • Tom Barnes
    Tom Barnes 8 months ago

    I'm a fan of the Solo idea, I always have been but I'm pretty nervous because of all the production setbacks. I am pretty skeptical but this does give you that Star Wars feel, I really hope they can deliver with this one.

  • cudak888
    cudak888 8 months ago

    All good...except for that needless "We definitely do!" dialogue...

    PARKER D. ROTH 8 months ago

    Okay... the trailers made this film look kinda not great, but these clips are starting to getting me really excited for this film.

  • prinskorven?
    prinskorven? 8 months ago

    Do we finally have a Chewbacca Theme?!?! Thank you!

  • Generation Tech
    Generation Tech 8 months ago

    He's growing on me as solo

  • Duncan Thomson
    Duncan Thomson 8 months ago

    I would have preferred that they didn't show a clip that uses a piece of classic Star Wars scoring (other than the stuff that's in every film, like the rebel fanfare). It would have been a really cool surprise to hear that bit of The Asteroid Field in the cinema, just like in TLJ when TIE Fighter Attack came on, that was really special.

  • Quincy Camo
    Quincy Camo 8 months ago

    That is NOT the Millenium Falcon.
    More like the Millenial Falcon.
    Not wasting my money on this.

  • Bob A Feet
    Bob A Feet 8 months ago +1

    astroid field theme...well that spoiled something.

  • Lets Paint
    Lets Paint 8 months ago

    0:07 The appearence of that rock was too random, quick and overall too trivial to be Slave 1, it would be featered more prominently in shots.

    • Duncan Thomson
      Duncan Thomson 8 months ago

      unless he's trying to hide and it's a subtle reference to something that happens later in the film. I guess we'll find out soon!

  • Hunter
    Hunter 8 months ago

    This ship sure took a beating in 10 years time

  • Trevor Thibodeaux
    Trevor Thibodeaux 8 months ago +1

    They should’ve saved this moment for the movie

  • 김유시
    김유시 8 months ago

    Haha yeahhhhhhhh I like this scene

  • Zedtomb
    Zedtomb 8 months ago +2

    big step for disney having a woman admit she isnt perfect

  • Lars de Koning
    Lars de Koning 8 months ago

    This looks like so much fun.

  • LyricalP
    LyricalP 8 months ago

    High hopes for the score after hearing this.

  • Something Awesome
    Something Awesome 8 months ago

    So that means he is over 200 hundred years old in the last jedi

  • JustJedi
    JustJedi 8 months ago


  • Sandouras
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  • Aaron Morris
    Aaron Morris 8 months ago

    I still see the potato.

  • Soda_84
    Soda_84 8 months ago +1

    Open your eyes morons!! this is a cash grab!!!

  • Monsieur Bleu Pen
    Monsieur Bleu Pen 8 months ago

    If Chewbacca is 190 years old in Solo, and he’s 200 in “A new Hope”, then that means Solo tales place approximately 10 BBY.

  • Chris 247
    Chris 247 8 months ago

    When the Star Wars theme starts at 0:38 I lost it

  • Christy Carew Marshall
    Christy Carew Marshall 8 months ago

    THIS LEGIT MADE ME CRY WITH HAPPINESS!! CAN'T WAIT! LOVE to hear the new Powell theme for Chewie!

  • Gabriel Sanchez
    Gabriel Sanchez 8 months ago

    I think I just teared up a bit

  • Aaron Perkins
    Aaron Perkins 8 months ago

    Cant wait to see i

  • Zorcci
    Zorcci 8 months ago

    Hmm, Ehrenreichin flys the Falcon like it was a bicycle or model T Ford. One does not make constant small adjustments when flying. Compare this how Harrison Ford flew the Falcon as he has real piloting experience.

  • TheZemag
    TheZemag 8 months ago +1

    *Not* *paying* to see this. I wonder how many *bots* are hyping this up on the comments section.

  • Matthew Foglesong
    Matthew Foglesong 8 months ago

    God. This movie is going to be garbage. Like, Episode 1-3 level of garbage.

  • Noah Fleischmann
    Noah Fleischmann 8 months ago

    I think chewbacca survives

  • Bob Harness
    Bob Harness 8 months ago

    This movie is gonna be so awesome!!!

  • I dont have enough cubes

    Chewbacca is more than 190 years old in the original and new trilogy. Wow!

  • EdgyWeeb69
    EdgyWeeb69 8 months ago +1

    This spoiled a great scene

  • Retro Jaime
    Retro Jaime 8 months ago

    He’s all over the place one moment he’s doing a Harrison Ford impression another he’s doing a pre pubescent teem

  • Studio13Drew
    Studio13Drew 8 months ago +1

    john powell nailed it

  • matthew scott
    matthew scott 8 months ago


  • SwaggerLikeUz
    SwaggerLikeUz 8 months ago +9

    Hardcore SW fans are (notification squad)!!! Notice how salty MCU fanboys are commenting days later, triggered huhhhh? Solo looks great!

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 8 months ago +1

    After that horrible movie star wars the next to last jedi I have no interest in this at all.

    • Hunter
      Hunter 8 months ago

      Frank Castle Rogue One was also terrible the characters are even worse in that.

    • Frank Castle
      Frank Castle 8 months ago

      ThomettProductions yes.

  • Carson Shallenberger
    Carson Shallenberger 8 months ago

    this movie really falls flat.

  • Kyle Bordonaro
    Kyle Bordonaro 8 months ago

    yes they still have the old soundtrack

  • jbb
    jbb 8 months ago

    man he sucks

  • Crissic Crissic
    Crissic Crissic 8 months ago

    I hate this world and everyone in it for 12 million miles there all related that’s means there’s a way off and sombodies got get father than that

  • Jack Fruth
    Jack Fruth 8 months ago


  • Alex Silverstein
    Alex Silverstein 8 months ago +17

    This trailer is like SNL parody quality.

  • scs.classics
    scs.classics 8 months ago


  • M Skonicki
    M Skonicki 8 months ago

    Disney thinks that adding retro soundtrack will perk the nerds enjoyment. Not working sorry.

  • Gray Day
    Gray Day 8 months ago

    Star Trek is way better

  • Meme Biologist
    Meme Biologist 8 months ago +3

    *H Y P E*

  • james buchanan
    james buchanan 8 months ago

    Not Gunna lie....that gave me chub

  • Blue Shirt Guy
    Blue Shirt Guy 8 months ago +2

    The music!!!

  • G M
    G M 8 months ago

    What the hell is that autistic falcon?

  • rzorNvme
    rzorNvme 8 months ago

    Halo reach

  • Christopher Edwin
    Christopher Edwin 8 months ago

    Can’t wait to see this and feel like a kid again! Also at 0:43 you can see a resemblance of Harrison Ford in Alden’s smile

  • B H
    B H 8 months ago

    Just please, don’t be like The Last Jedi

  • Stoli Pineapple
    Stoli Pineapple 8 months ago

    The guy looks nothing like Harrison Ford... sounds nothing like Harrison Ford... worst, acts nothing like Harrison Ford... FAIL

  • jojo
    jojo 8 months ago

    may 25th is my birthday.


  • yogoshun
    yogoshun 8 months ago

    Star Wars is overhyped.

    • Hunter
      Hunter 8 months ago

      yogoshun And Marvel

  • ContentOverStyle
    ContentOverStyle 8 months ago +2

    This looks shite

  • Matt Hill From College 🧢

    In earth years?

  • Ethan Evans
    Ethan Evans 8 months ago +1

    “We definitely do” the writing. The acting. It’s like Lucas is back and worse than ever

  • GhibliOmatiC
    GhibliOmatiC 8 months ago

    TIL TIE fighters sound like a cowbell when hit.

  • Marcos Chavarria
    Marcos Chavarria 8 months ago +2

    This had me in tears