World's Funniest Flight Attendant Leaves Passengers In Hysterics

  • Published on Nov 2, 2018
  • ID: 1557326
    A man has been dubbed the ‘world’s funniest’ flight attendant after a viral video shows him leaving 150 passengers in stitches with his snarky safety announcement.
    Cindy Kuhn, 55, captured the hilarious moment a flight attendant took to the plane's tannoy to read out his hilarious, unique take on a safety announcement.
    Rows of passengers are heard in the video laughing hysterically as the flight attendant put his witty spin on what are normally passenger safety instructions before take-off.
    Frontier Airlines flight attendant, Daniel Sandberg, started his announcement by introducing the flight attendant at the front of the plane as his wife and the one in the back as his mistress - before taking off on his three-minute comedy routine.
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