The ALL-METAL Keyboard

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    It's heavy, it's GOLD(en), and it types! We build a custom ALL-METAL keyboard from SCRATCH! From the aluminum base all the way to the brass keycaps, this build is a keyboard nerd’s dream!
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Comments • 80

  • Windyy
    Windyy 2 hours ago +1

    You are the best youtuber keep it up

  • ze
    ze 7 hours ago

    Dude. It's not that bad. I have a very expensive keyboard to. Who cares? /s

  • Luke Wilmer
    Luke Wilmer 13 hours ago

    Give me an all copper one please!

  • Rais Taimoor
    Rais Taimoor Day ago

    Can you make a keyboard with clicking buttons?

  • Rais Taimoor
    Rais Taimoor Day ago

    Can you make a keyboard with clicking buttons?

  • Haroldas Kerpe
    Haroldas Kerpe Day ago

    Apple: our new keyboard! Costs only 2500.
    Apple customers: seems reasonable.

  • shamawhama
    shamawhama Day ago

    Linus sometimes gives me Michael Scott vibes 😂😂

  • Cake from State Farm

    "Those are for Boomers" 😆

  • Der Fliegende Mocca
    Der Fliegende Mocca 2 days ago +1

    To everyone who ever bought this:
    Hit „ „ to pay respect

  • Bryan
    Bryan 2 days ago

    ooh i want a ltt key caps

    CRIMSONSKULL 3 days ago

    bruh the switches arent 100% metal

  • Thomas Palmen
    Thomas Palmen 4 days ago +1

    I was really hoping that they would pull out some all metal keyswitches lmao

  • Alexander
    Alexander 5 days ago

    Fullmetal Keyboard

  • alifeisenough
    alifeisenough 5 days ago

    The windows key is my best friend in class

  • NikoNiko Nee
    NikoNiko Nee 7 days ago +1

    Still ugly

  • Schirca Denis
    Schirca Denis 7 days ago

    Hes wearing a Donut shirt.

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 8 days ago

    So... You want your overkill keyboard to have keys mushier and quieter than membrane keys... Say what now? What's the point of mechanical switches then?

  • Tony Kroeker
    Tony Kroeker 8 days ago

  • David Gomes
    David Gomes 8 days ago

    "Keyboard lubricants" get the F#ck out..

  • Sany One
    Sany One 8 days ago

    you don't decide my worst enemy , hence you are my enemy now . Flawles logic XD

  • Kaleb Anderson
    Kaleb Anderson 8 days ago

    Damn what a coincidence. I have never seen you have a sponsor from modmic and I just bought one yesterday and then I found this video

  • ;-;
    ;-; 8 days ago

    why linus sounds like a spoiled teenager?

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 9 days ago

    Taeha Types made a $3,500 keyboard.

  • jenslyn42
    jenslyn42 9 days ago

    How can you send the keys back? They've already been machined and at that price it does not seem likely they could sell them elsewhere after you guys!

  • ZN_Gh0st_
    ZN_Gh0st_ 10 days ago +1

    Me:On my scooter*
    My parents:Get in the car we're going to the park.
    Me talking about the car: 1:34

  • zinzor
    zinzor 10 days ago

    my guy is wearing a donut media shirt. respect

  • Keonyn
    Keonyn 11 days ago

    No windows key and no number pad? No thanks.

  • colegmr
    colegmr 11 days ago

    There's no numpad.

  • Ionized Odds
    Ionized Odds 12 days ago

    As a CNC machinist... One of those caps can be made in about minute and half, two min tops.... and are defiantly not worth $50 each. The material alone is about 30 cents.

  • Nathan Kurt
    Nathan Kurt 12 days ago

    Why not Zealios V2 78g switches? Might hold the weight better

  • Prostoration
    Prostoration 12 days ago

    He's forgetting the fact that certain handmade keycap designers sell like, 70-150$ PER KEYCAP. Not to mention, some premium keyboard designs can go up above 500$
    Not to mention everything about Taeha Types.

  • Matthew Israil
    Matthew Israil 14 days ago

    Nice donut media shirt

  • Scorpion Xens
    Scorpion Xens 14 days ago


  • TaranTatsuuchi
    TaranTatsuuchi 15 days ago

    Was gonna say, you didn't get _gold_ keys...

  • JayS44
    JayS44 15 days ago

    if you smash your keyboard a lot when you play games, then look at this link. i have one and while it feels kinda weird, it works and you can punch tf out of it.

  • Sizifus
    Sizifus 15 days ago

    The only keyboard worthy enough for true DOOM ETERNAL experience. FULL METAL!

  • ryan raymond
    ryan raymond 16 days ago

    "You could kill a man with this."

  • Alex Iliades
    Alex Iliades 17 days ago

    1:35 ok boomer

  • Gums
    Gums 17 days ago +1

    u are on sum crack if u buy a $2500 metal keyboard

  • Benson Lin
    Benson Lin 17 days ago +1

    What’s with the Donut Media shirt

  • Starli Tam
    Starli Tam 17 days ago

    Now imagine it diamond

  • V1tu5
    V1tu5 18 days ago

    Linus: This keyboard is not worthy to anyone.
    Taeha: Builds 3500 dollar keyboard for Tfue

  • Kurikat
    Kurikat 18 days ago

    mod mics are not good.

  • Rafi Wijdan
    Rafi Wijdan 18 days ago

    Donut media is there

  • Phunny
    Phunny 18 days ago

    Now THATS a Linus Tech Tip

  • Ilya Nikitin
    Ilya Nikitin 18 days ago

    I have the same soldering station! :))) hakko is the best

  • Doku FREENET
    Doku FREENET 18 days ago

    Next video: Keyboard copletly out of Gold^^

  • Switch_ Neon
    Switch_ Neon 19 days ago

    Isn’t that Tasha Types Keyboard

    • Yoda8778
      Yoda8778 18 days ago

      dude got sent said kb, the original build was courtesy of ltt

  • AetheralMeowstic
    AetheralMeowstic 19 days ago

    I can't believe it! It's the Full Metal Technologist!

  • Mark Penver
    Mark Penver 19 days ago

    If you were to choose the right manufacturing method i.e. high pressure diecasting you could probably get that under $300 if the order quantity was high enough

  • Gurneel Makore
    Gurneel Makore 19 days ago


  • Willie_The_SpermWhale
    Willie_The_SpermWhale 19 days ago

    Well I'm getting this keyboard but instead of brass I am going with Titanium as keys, I'm not allowed to use the CNC mills but I can probably do it on a regular mill. I already have to take my A500 cooler fan plate and face off about .025" just to give it enough clearance to fit in my case.

  • Duncan Haiden
    Duncan Haiden 19 days ago

    linus went out of his way to make his voice "sound deeper" BRAVO!!!!

  • David Logan
    David Logan 19 days ago

    There is an option to lube a key, without opening it :-)

  • Tuti Tuti
    Tuti Tuti 19 days ago

    9:03 that product placement

  • CanadaMMA
    CanadaMMA 19 days ago

    An all metal keyboard is massive overkill. However, I can see some serious gamer dropping 500$ or so on a WASD gaming setup.

  • Atrash M
    Atrash M 20 days ago

    Please review the Logitech G915!

  • fatcat s
    fatcat s 20 days ago

    99.9999999% of people who have never accidentally hit the windows key while gaming because they have brains and can disable it during playtime rather than removing a very useful feature
    Shitty machined aluminum

  • tokkyuuressha
    tokkyuuressha 20 days ago +4

    "Windows key is our worst enemy" - how to lose 50% of your potential customers in one second.

    • Yoda8778
      Yoda8778 18 days ago

      wdym a lot of people hate windows keys

  • Akia朝倉あきあ
    Akia朝倉あきあ 20 days ago

    Key cult no.2 case is much heavier

  • bigmonu
    bigmonu 20 days ago

    So much for sending distress emails during a lightening storm.

  • Willy Chilly
    Willy Chilly 20 days ago

    The Editing tho 😂

  • Game and Code
    Game and Code 21 day ago

    Dude without the windows key it's ok if you use linux but if you use Windows forget WIN + R and windows game bar. Everyone who owns windows needs windows key lol

  • reeepeee
    reeepeee 21 day ago

    So uh

    No metal switches???

  • dondon k
    dondon k 21 day ago +1

    somebody farted??

  • Mango
    Mango 21 day ago

    At least you didn't choose cherry mx's again

  • Dreyster
    Dreyster 22 days ago

    Linus: "All metal keyboard"

    Also Linus: "Plastic switches"

  • Justin Jahn
    Justin Jahn 23 days ago

    the presidential keyboard

  • FlamingGold
    FlamingGold 23 days ago

    Is that Donut Media merch I see 👀👀👀

  • Odd Bot Izz Hot
    Odd Bot Izz Hot 23 days ago

    4:24 Donut media shirt!

  • BenAesthetic
    BenAesthetic 25 days ago

    Y'all need some real machinists.

  • Beansoup231
    Beansoup231 25 days ago

    Is the guy helping make the keyboard, actually from donut media?

  • Kaden Sorensen
    Kaden Sorensen 25 days ago

    In my part of the world we'd say this keyboard is as sturdy as a brick shit house.

  • AdvancePlays
    AdvancePlays 25 days ago

    Chassis is awful, looks like it was just sanded and not finished.

  • Bob Nolan
    Bob Nolan 25 days ago

    We have been building "all metal Keyboards for 27 years!

  • andrew hopson
    andrew hopson 26 days ago

    This sounds so fun

  • CollinG16
    CollinG16 26 days ago


  • YungCantAim
    YungCantAim 27 days ago

    is that a donut media shit? mad respect

  • Super Sophisticated
    Super Sophisticated 27 days ago +1

    1:28 sextastic

  • Jerem0y
    Jerem0y 27 days ago

    Ever legit hurt your finger from a keyboard? It is actually horrible.