Can you spot a map trap?

  • Published on May 13, 2019
  • Why do map makers publish mistakes on purpose? Map Men Jay Foreman and Mark Cooper-Jones use a car and a magnifying glass to investigate!
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    By the way, Geography Now didn’t knowingly steal our map of India. Here’s a video of Barbs and me sat on a park bench having a good laugh about it…
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    Written and presented by
    JAY FOREMAN @jayforeman
    MARK COOPER-JONES @markcooperjones
    Edited by
    JAY FOREMAN @jayforeman
    INDIA RAKUSEN @indiarakusen
    Additional camera (the nerds in the car boot sale)
    JADE NAGI @jade_nagi
    Studio and green screen provided by
    Thanks to BEX TRISTA @tristabytes
    Thanks for letting us film an advert in your kitchen
    Isn't This A Night For Love by Allan Small Orchestra
    Raw Hide by Duane Eddy
    Smile If You Love Lemmings by Tim Wright
    Space Quest 6 by Dan Kehler and Neal Grandstaff
    Geography Now! India
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  • Jay Foreman
    Jay Foreman  2 months ago +1810

    If you want to support Map Men without paying a penny, please click on the free link in the description for 30 days of Dashlane Premium. Thanks so much! :)

  • tigerpulse
    tigerpulse Hour ago

    "my girlfriend doesn't exist. it never has and never will"


  • James Hainsworth
    James Hainsworth 10 hours ago

    Paper roads

  • Guilherme Ferreira
    Guilherme Ferreira 16 hours ago

    I found a huge one. An whole island in the atlantic in a 1641 map. Maybe its a phantom island.

  • Alex Byron
    Alex Byron Day ago

    Well that was stunning 1:25. The car boot being open does it for me 😅

  • Nickelodeon81
    Nickelodeon81 Day ago


  • Pegen4K ohne 4K
    Pegen4K ohne 4K 5 days ago

    Dashlane is the best centralized Datacenter for hackers to have access to the whole Internetlive of an person.

  • Marachime
    Marachime 6 days ago


    • Jay Foreman
      Jay Foreman  6 days ago

      Glad you liked it. It’s a reference to the end credits music from Geography Now.

  • Marachime
    Marachime 6 days ago

    i frickin love you guys. every joke is just perfect XD

  • Marachime
    Marachime 6 days ago +1

    oh wow that intro must have taken a lot of concentration :D I love doing that sort of thing in choir

  • radudeATL
    radudeATL 7 days ago

    Sending lots of love from Aurora, Colorado! We are a real city (as far as I know)!

  • Himali Mendis
    Himali Mendis 7 days ago

    This reminds me of Paper Towns

    • Soitisisit
      Soitisisit 7 days ago +1

      @Himali Mendis Oh alright! Thumbs up for you then, I forgot that book existed and only knew about it in the first place because of this topic.

    • Himali Mendis
      Himali Mendis 7 days ago +1

      Soitisisit I meant the book, the town of Algoe features heavily in it

    • Soitisisit
      Soitisisit 7 days ago

      I think it's the same thing, just a different name for it.

  • Plolsteg 770
    Plolsteg 770 8 days ago

    3:27 another 36

  • Jimmy Sanders
    Jimmy Sanders 9 days ago


  • Кирилл Егоров

    Russian subtitles doesn't match with video. Annoying .-.

  • Thoroughly Wet
    Thoroughly Wet 13 days ago +1

    Nothing better than mount dick

  • Fexon HD
    Fexon HD 14 days ago +1


  • Person Person
    Person Person 15 days ago +1

    Exscuse me, does your map show the village "My Girlfriend?" Jay: Ah yes, right here on page 5! Random person: You stole my map! My girlfriend doesn't exsist, and it never will! That part cracked me up.

  • Atlantic Music
    Atlantic Music 15 days ago

    I know this first after reading "Out the Map" by Alastair Bonnet
    My girlfriend never existed...

  • Atlantic Music
    Atlantic Music 15 days ago

    0:33 Chill you guys are friends 😂

  • Hanson Nguyen
    Hanson Nguyen 16 days ago +2

    I'm gonna make my own trap streets.

    - Astolfo Avenue
    - Felix Boulevard
    - Hideri Highway

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 17 days ago

    The real question I have is

    Are map traps gay

  • Logan Cressler
    Logan Cressler 17 days ago

    If you find a trapstreet on Google, you now have the evidence to know where they plagiarized their map information from, because they steal it all and have got caught several times.

  • Charlie Waechter
    Charlie Waechter 18 days ago

    someone making a map probably messed up and then called it a trap

  • Meyim Agalot
    Meyim Agalot 18 days ago

    This explains Bielefeld ...

  • Epic man 99
    Epic man 99 18 days ago


  • Daweasaurus
    Daweasaurus 18 days ago

    For ages there was a trap street added on the end of my road called glass street, always wondered why it was there

  • Shawn Crook
    Shawn Crook 19 days ago +1

    If you were going to like my comment: 3:59

  • Fexon HD
    Fexon HD 19 days ago +1

    I love you guys

  • Cokenfold
    Cokenfold 19 days ago

    Bros t-shirt is a nice touch

    • Mark Cooper-Jones
      Mark Cooper-Jones 14 days ago

      I think you may be the first to spot this. Congratulations

  • Rie Ta
    Rie Ta 19 days ago +1

    I live on a reverse trap street.
    As the street where our house stands was build 30 years ago, on some maps *it doesn’t exist* , including gps maps.

  • Tedge Ward
    Tedge Ward 19 days ago

    “So does my cereal box” 😂😂

  • johnseyefish
    johnseyefish 20 days ago


  • Verbale Mondo
    Verbale Mondo 20 days ago

    *Explain where the midlands are in England!*

  • Braeden Hamilton
    Braeden Hamilton 20 days ago +2

    I commented on Geography Now’s video on India where they used your map, and pointed out that it was made by Map Men. That’ll sure show Barb, who will never see my comment but at least I feel good about myself. Huzzah!

  • Moviemac Reviews
    Moviemac Reviews 20 days ago

    So "trap streets" and the like are why people's GPS tells them to turn in to a random ass field or lake? ... rude

  • ndcrd
    ndcrd 20 days ago

    W O K I N G
    Is A
    M A P T R A P

  • Ross Holt
    Ross Holt 20 days ago

    But... Are trap streets gay?

  • The Canadian Askew
    The Canadian Askew 20 days ago

    5:37pm: I'm guessing the finland password ended in a 36.

    • Jay Foreman
      Jay Foreman  20 days ago

      The numbers at the end of the country passwords are their populations /1 million.

  • lcdodgers
    lcdodgers 21 day ago


  • Ashutosh Rajguru
    Ashutosh Rajguru 22 days ago

    मला पण याचा अनुभव आला आहे

  • Scruff Deluxx
    Scruff Deluxx 22 days ago

    Did you just call me Snookums?

  • Ruiz Railroad
    Ruiz Railroad 22 days ago +1

    Anyone else notice the outro is geography nows outro song

  • Null Jäger
    Null Jäger 22 days ago

    Lying here looking at the map at 3:47
    "Heh, that's just by Ashworth mental hospital and Ormskirk."

    My old neck of the woods that I visit to go to a specific shop whenever I go back to Liverpool.

  • What are you doing here
    What are you doing here 22 days ago +1

    i actually liked the video but the dislikes where at 699... i'm sorry

  • Tjerk Dijkstra
    Tjerk Dijkstra 22 days ago

    "Wait if you can teleport why are we in a car?" - that my friends, is the right question.

  • Bryn Barker
    Bryn Barker 22 days ago

    This is exactly the sort of nonsense wizards want muggles to believe.

  • Carlos Torres
    Carlos Torres 23 days ago

    There was a doctor who episode about this

  • Ms Zee Zed
    Ms Zee Zed 23 days ago

    So is this why New Zealand seems to be missing from half the world’s maps?

  • Richard W
    Richard W 23 days ago

    the bants is so dead

  • Ooshgaar
    Ooshgaar 23 days ago

    Why has no one mentioned that since Geography Now! accidentally on purpose stole his lovely crafted map of Bangladesh's and India's boarder gore, he went and stole Geography Now's outro song? Kinda...

  • Xhoc
    Xhoc 23 days ago


  • Phil Verhey
    Phil Verhey 23 days ago

    RELATED: Saw a train of Apple maps cars driving up the highway … I guess they are actually NOT copying Google maps.
    now if only they'd label maps correctly, instead of how the Chinese communist party demands them to... and move all manufacturing out of Communist China.

  • Dan non
    Dan non 23 days ago +1

    I think map MEN is sexist... you should be renamed, map People i think.
    Fight the patriarch.

    • Katt1N
      Katt1N 19 days ago

      How dare you make fun of feminism? Without feminism women wouldnt have rights. Fight the patriarch.

  • Gaming Champ
    Gaming Champ 23 days ago

    Every map in China is a map trap and every street in chinese maps are trap streets

  • Darth Kaybub
    Darth Kaybub 24 days ago

    123 fake st

  • Voice Muted
    Voice Muted 24 days ago


  • steamtacular
    steamtacular 24 days ago

    Theres a long ongoing map trap that has existed on all maps of the UK for hundreds of years. In fact it has even been observed on maps from the Roman occupation.
    It's called London.
    You see London doesn't actually exist, it's all a giant scam to trick the world into thinking we have a capitol city and that its located in this one part of the country that nobody actually cares about.
    Nowadays its an internment camp for foreigners and lunatics.

  • Toadally
    Toadally 24 days ago

    I got a Rand McNally ad on this video, for headphones

  • Warhammered
    Warhammered 24 days ago


    NOODLE DOODLE 24 days ago

    I have no clue how I got here but I'm happy I found it.

  • Trav the Lord
    Trav the Lord 24 days ago

    You can’t own or copyright facts

  • TheCoomer
    TheCoomer 24 days ago

    I've just unsubscribe from geography now.

    • Jay Foreman
      Jay Foreman  24 days ago

      Oh no! Now you’ll miss my cameo in the Pakistan episode.

  • eyhh
    eyhh 24 days ago

    so where's Cara Delevingne

  • Delta Juliet Hotel Yankee Super

    3:00 business business

  • Eva Mapianda
    Eva Mapianda 24 days ago

    I've never felt so Brifish in my entire life.

  • Imaree Graham
    Imaree Graham 24 days ago +6

    "A whole street disappears and you lot assume it's a copyright issue"

  • morthim
    morthim 25 days ago

    inb4 you become advertisers

  • JamesGodden
    JamesGodden 25 days ago

    I like how we see 36 again in the car

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