Riff Tamson Threatens Nossor Ri/Ackbar Encourages Prince Lee Char [1080p]

  • Published on Mar 14, 2017
  • Season 4 Episode 1 "Water War"

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  • Moshonツ
    Moshonツ 2 months ago +1

    “What took you and your squids so long?”

  • Corporal Xander
    Corporal Xander 4 months ago +14

    >Tamson threatens to kill him where he stands
    >They’re both floating in water

  • Edward Stuart
    Edward Stuart 5 months ago

    That guy has ball. Riff doesn’t look like the kinda guy I’d wanna piss off

  • MadPixel
    MadPixel 5 months ago

    Kill you where you stand? Did you mean where you swim

  • Candle B
    Candle B 8 months ago +13

    0:47 he's not standing tho

  • Tony Barde
    Tony Barde Year ago +2

    Riff Tamson is Uncle Ruckus

  • St. beter
    St. beter Year ago +3

    I like how Nossor Ri sounds like Zoidberg at times. Fitting.

  • Sherlock Spobs
    Sherlock Spobs 2 years ago +2

    Ackbar has always been a good guy

  • Alestiiidae [no_last]
    Alestiiidae [no_last] 2 years ago +1

    These Quaran are chumps; the soldiers from the first battle of Mon Calamari wouldn't have taken those kinds of threats. This was a bit of a letdown from Star Wars Clone Wars.

  • Yobama
    Yobama 2 years ago +1

    0:42 "It was at this moment he knew.... he fucked up."

  • lordlossize GG
    lordlossize GG 2 years ago +1

    0:50 fuck you i'm swimming!

  • Sean KingKomodo
    Sean KingKomodo 2 years ago +29

    "Exaggeration is a weapon of war." *Cues Cold War PTSD*

    HAN STARKILLER 2 years ago +2

    Is this Jaws

  • Joseph
    Joseph 2 years ago +2

    sharks are pretty scary

    ΝΙΚΟΣ ΝΙΚΟΣ 2 years ago +31

    Ok Riff is just asking to be betrayed

  • Jeffrey Zhang
    Jeffrey Zhang 2 years ago +26

    18th view, 2nd like, 2nd comment!
    But he was just sleeping..
    0:03 jaws.. jaws.. jaws..
    0:14 "Secure the perimeter" But sure, don't bother staying there either.
    0:40 "Disobey a command from Count Dooku and I, will kill you where you stand." But.. he's not.. standing.. on anything..
    1:35 deep. pun not intended.

  • Shockwave Productions
    Shockwave Productions 2 years ago +13

    Can I still encourage someone to make a pun?

    • Nick Heredia
      Nick Heredia 2 years ago +3

      Palpatine Gaming You're just fishing for one at this point, aren't you?
      you should be worried. we sea through your façade

    • Jeffrey Zhang
      Jeffrey Zhang 2 years ago


    • Voca Productions
      Voca Productions  2 years ago +4

      Nope lol.