Rangers 2-0 Celtic | Tavernier and Arfield Score in Dominant Derby Display! | Ladbrokes Premiership

  • Published on May 12, 2019
  • A 2nd minute free-kick from James Tavernier put the Gers ahead early before Scott Arfield slid a second past Scott Bain to give the hosts their second victory against Celtic at Ibrox this season.
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  • Hungergirl101
    Hungergirl101 5 hours ago +1

    Hopefully that elbow knocked in his nose a bit more. Brown looks like grew from despicable me.

  • TNT Boom
    TNT Boom 10 hours ago

    Great to see the Broomie Stand full of Bears instead of Bheastly Peadophile F.C. scum.

  • ante slipcevic
    ante slipcevic Day ago

    The best soccer derby

  • Jim White
    Jim White 4 days ago

    Smashed the Peado Scum!

  • mind waves
    mind waves 6 days ago +1

    Come one Rangers, love from The Netherlands.

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowan 9 days ago

    I cannot stop watching James Taveriner's Goal.

  • Me and my gorillas Are a squad of killers

    I’ll remember to put a nice photo of Griffith up on the bonfire lads 😂🇬🇧

  • The Golden Penguin Animations

    5:00oh oh oh

  • john neilson
    john neilson 16 days ago

    what a drubbing we gave the beggars, kamaras drag back was the highlight of my season , what a piece of skill, we arrraaa ppeeeeppilll

  • MJ ‘03
    MJ ‘03 16 days ago


  • Stephen Quinn
    Stephen Quinn 17 days ago

    First old firm but def not the last

  • hanging1v
    hanging1v 17 days ago

    rangers have more chance of winning the lottery than beating celtic in the league, bottlers and loosers when it comes to the crunch hh

  • Gordon Stewart
    Gordon Stewart 18 days ago

    Broony ! MOTM for the Famous 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  • Канал FIB
    Канал FIB 18 days ago


  • Stuart Watson
    Stuart Watson 19 days ago


  • Josh Aston
    Josh Aston 21 day ago

    Glen Kamara before the 2nd goal still makes me cum looking at it now

  • Dublin Bay
    Dublin Bay 22 days ago

    Treble Treble Treble😂🍀🇮🇪🇵🇸 dry your eyes. It will never be achieved by any team in any league ever again. Losing £14M last year and on track to lose £19.5M this year. The Taxman will be knocking on Ibroke again. I can see another liquidation coming for the bluenoses😂🇮🇪😂🇮🇪😂🇮🇪😂🇮🇪😂🇮🇪😂

    • Physika 73
      Physika 73 14 days ago

      He’s obsessed with us. Comes on a game we win and kills the mood. You’re really making celtic look good. Showing how ‘nice’ their fans are.

    • Physika 73
      Physika 73 14 days ago

      Badly_Dubbed bet he sat there a good while thinkin up this one with the little brain he has..

    • Badly_Dubbed
      Badly_Dubbed 18 days ago

      You don't sound demented at all.

  • Kenny Shand
    Kenny Shand 23 days ago

    55 INCOMING 🇬🇧

  • It’s Jimin But in MLG mode

    Onwards and upwards from now on, no matter what some Celtic fans say

  • Jon Dough
    Jon Dough 23 days ago

    Kamara = how much is this guy worth? He oozes class and composure on the ball. He will defo move on soon, but hopefully after we win number 55.

  • alex brown
    alex brown 23 days ago

    that deviant mob are done lets go

  • deke 76
    deke 76 25 days ago

    The Tims are running scared few more good looking signings rangers looks like a really good side getting put together.some of these signings will go on to make the club big money

  • Kyle Hill
    Kyle Hill 27 days ago

    Britain's Finest, the Boys in Blue, the Queen's 11 humiliated the dirty scumbags, the rootless underclasses and paedophilia-enabling Celtic. God Bless You Rangers Football Club and Steven Gerrard. EDIT: How pathetic is those Celtic fans on here telling non-Scottish people who love the Rangers in this comment section not to support Rangers? Class is international, and that is why non-Brits love Rangers and hate Celtic. If they want to experience the Celtic way I'm sure they have junkie, run-down underclass areas within their country where they can find Celtic people and supporters. People around the world hate Celtic because no one likes bitter little lumpen-proletarians - but they sure love working-class Scottish people aka Rangers fans.

  • Sinjin Smyth
    Sinjin Smyth 27 days ago

    Any Celtic fan deluded enough to think Rangers are a million miles away from Celtic watch this game....watch the 1-0 win for Rangers v Celtic (same season different manager) and watch the Celtic 1-0 win (the last 5 minutes Celtic were defending for their lives) and see how all the cheapskating is working out (remember John Mcginn)

  • Chris H 1987
    Chris H 1987 28 days ago +2

    No atmosphere like it anywhere

  • Cameron Stevenson
    Cameron Stevenson Month ago

    Wee Kent is class this is a big season ahead for him if he does well he’ll get a big move if not then he’s not going to be in the prem

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago

      Cameron Stevenson lol

  • Jíven Fields
    Jíven Fields Month ago +1

    Huge victory

    • Jíven Fields
      Jíven Fields 27 days ago

      Sinjin Smyth im not celtic fan, but from Rangers fc rather

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 27 days ago

      Any Celtic fan deluded enough to think Rangers are a million miles away from Celtic watch this game....watch the 1-0 win for Rangers v Celtic (same season different manager) and watch the Celtic 1-0 win (the last 5 minutes Celtic were defending for their lives) and see how all the cheapskating is working out (remember John Mcginn)

  • Stark Stivie
    Stark Stivie Month ago

    제라드 ㅊㅊ

  • Kyle Reid
    Kyle Reid Month ago

    If we can’t kick a ball how did we win 🤔🙄

  • Dark King
    Dark King Month ago +3


    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago


    • Dark King
      Dark King 29 days ago

      @A Person what is your problem 😂

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago

      Dark King you’ve got a Dortmund badge yet you support Hamburg what a joke

  • Galaxy Gacha
    Galaxy Gacha Month ago +1

    Aberdeen Aberdeen Canni kick a jellybean
    Celtic is the best of all, Rangers Canni kick a ball
    No no, That's not right,We support the blue, red white!

  • Charlie Caullay
    Charlie Caullay Month ago +2

    We are the people

    UK SNAPS Month ago +2

    buzzing as a burnley fan to see scotty doing well for the rangers. what a man🇬🇧

    • UK SNAPS
      UK SNAPS Month ago

      @the naked worm he was class for us for years and we got him on a free too. massively important to us getting promoted twice but wasn't quite good enough for the prem. love the guy

    • the naked worm
      the naked worm Month ago +1

      He's been great, didn't think he was up to much when we signed him tbh but proved me wrong.

  • Jeff 101
    Jeff 101 Month ago +1

    Glasgow’s blue 🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵🔵

  • Alexander de Sévaux
    Alexander de Sévaux Month ago +1


  • Jack Mcgready
    Jack Mcgready Month ago +1

    Kamara's just pure class for 50 grand, steal of the centuary

    • Jack Mcgready
      Jack Mcgready Month ago

      @James McQuade true 😃

    • James McQuade
      James McQuade Month ago

      @Jack Mcgready Even if it was 500k it'd still have been a steal, we should have worn a mask for 50k

    • Jack Mcgready
      Jack Mcgready Month ago +1

      @James McQuade yer right jame wasn't thinking there 50 grand it was, cheers for keeping ms straight lol 👍

    • James McQuade
      James McQuade Month ago

      20th of a million mate - 50k.

  • David Turner
    David Turner Month ago

    Top manager. great season young Stevie

    • A Person
      A Person 27 days ago

      Sinjin Smyth mate gillingham beat you to a player last week...🥴

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 27 days ago

      Any Celtic fan deluded enough to think Rangers are a million miles away from Celtic watch this game....watch the 1-0 win for Rangers v Celtic (same season different manager) and watch the Celtic 1-0 win (the last 5 minutes Celtic were defending for their lives) and see how all the cheapskating is working out (remember John Mcginn)

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago

      David Turner he didn’t even get into a final

  • The Noise Of Ibrox
    The Noise Of Ibrox Month ago

    Cheer Up Neil Lennon 👀

    • Sinjin Smyth
      Sinjin Smyth 27 days ago

      Lemon has had all his juice squeezed out!
      Dermott Desmond fainted when the papers were linking Celtic with Benitez and Mourinho (WTF) so he spoke to his think tank and they suggested Lemon (as Celtic fans (while still moaning) will need to welcome him and accept him back

  • Road 35
    Road 35 Month ago

    Those fans are just screaming load

  • Sepulchral Miasma
    Sepulchral Miasma Month ago +3

    Soccer is really lame to me but man I love listening to the crowds. I imagine this is what it would sound like when Alfred the Great charged into the vikings to take back saxon land.

  • Glasgow Blues
    Glasgow Blues Month ago +11

    When Rangers win we celebrate with our own fans.When celtic won they taunted Rangers fans.Thats the difference

    • Physika 73
      Physika 73 14 days ago

      A Person well this isnt really an opinion scenario this is a fact but whatever floats your boat..

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago


    • Glasgow Blues
      Glasgow Blues 29 days ago +4

      @A PersonIll be honest mate,I think celtic are on the decline.They had a good few seasons but looks to be changing

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago +2

      Celtic on top as always

    • TheLKlad7
      TheLKlad7 Month ago +2

      Forever in our shadow

  • Robbie Wright
    Robbie Wright Month ago +1

    4.06 the crowd holding their breath lol

  • Kevan Madan
    Kevan Madan Month ago +1

    Anyone know the name of the song that plays after the Rangers scored their goals??

  • Leslie Griffin
    Leslie Griffin Month ago

    Did ranger win. League or something there fans went mental

  • Dublin Bay
    Dublin Bay Month ago +2

    Ha ha, unbelievable, you would think the tax dodgers just won the champions league. The Treble Treble never to be repeated by any team in any league ever again. Looking forward to the 55 banners again, oh my sides are killing me😂😂😂🇮🇪☘️🇵🇸🇮🇪☘️🇵🇸🇮🇪☘️🇵🇸🇮🇪☘️

    • Physika 73
      Physika 73 14 days ago

      Yes gordon!

    • Gordon Stewart
      Gordon Stewart 24 days ago

      Dublin Bay hey Nappie Ripper ! The Lawyers are coming for the Biscuit tin ya Disgusting scum bags.
      Justice for the vicTIMS. No more sweep sweep at the theatre of shame.

  • niomi hegarty
    niomi hegarty Month ago


  • Shinoharu Sensei
    Shinoharu Sensei Month ago +84

    Congratulations Rangers I wish you the best in the future
    From Greece much love xx 🔵✌️

    • Greg W
      Greg W 20 days ago

      @A Person Since when are Greeks Catholics you moron? They are Orthodox. On another note I spent Uni with a lot of Greek people, great guys and women.

    • Shinoharu Sensei
      Shinoharu Sensei 22 days ago +2

      @A Person I'm an orthodox by the way 🙂

    • Anglo Commando
      Anglo Commando 23 days ago +1

      Aren't people over the whole Catholic-Protestant thing now, surely national identity is far more important in these times.

    • A Person
      A Person 24 days ago

      Rebekah Chalmers your a burd aha

    • Rebekah Chalmers
      Rebekah Chalmers 24 days ago

      @A Person no one cares

  • Stuart Watson
    Stuart Watson Month ago +17

    The roar when Arfields goal went in was something special. Roll on more moments like these. GLASGOW RANGERS 🇬🇧

  • หมู เอง


  • Smiths family
    Smiths family Month ago


  • Lucas Heck
    Lucas Heck Month ago

    The spfl channel is unreal, absolutely love the footage without commentary, brings amazing life to the game

    • Ben Johnston
      Ben Johnston Month ago

      Lucas Heck pity they turn the mics down

  • maher ali
    maher ali Month ago +3

    Old firm is always one of the most waited derbies

  • Alan Chavez
    Alan Chavez Month ago +4

    Felicidades Rangers desde Argentina RACING CLUB.

    • A Person
      A Person 29 days ago

      Alan Chavez Celtic supports Argentina war against Britain over Falkland Islands

  • Baino Boi
    Baino Boi Month ago +1

    Anyone else or does the tav goal give you goosebumps

  • Osman Genç
    Osman Genç Month ago

    Celtic the Best.

    • 19mackay92
      19mackay92 Month ago +1

      The best at covering up child molestation

  • Saddam Akbar
    Saddam Akbar Month ago +3


  • ItsGiltch2 _
    ItsGiltch2 _ Month ago +1

    That’s what you call passion. Limbs

    SANSOUCCI Month ago +1

    All I can say is that thank god Lennys certainty that "our disciplinary would come back to haunt us" did not come true!.Ah say ..Popcorn teeth don't by any Lottery tickets this year at least!

  • ThatONEgamerHD
    ThatONEgamerHD Month ago

    Super Scotty Arfield

  • foogie fay
    foogie fay Month ago +10

    by far the loudest fans in europe and what a way to finish second,,, hopefully we're gonna bite yer bums real sore next season lol

  • Brido _
    Brido _ Month ago +7

    Kamara = 50k
    Edouard = 9 million
    You can't put a price on talent

  • tara grant
    tara grant Month ago

    You don’t get trophies for beating 8 in a row champions 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • pernah susah
    pernah susah Month ago

    Steven gerrad coach rangers?
    From indonesia

    • stewrmo
      stewrmo Month ago +1

      Yes. For 1 year now.

  • alex brown
    alex brown Month ago

    deviants put back in thier box

  • Alfredo
    Alfredo Month ago +1

    P, p, p, pumppped

  • イアン
    イアン Month ago +4

    2nd goal was a beauty.

  • PC. Yann
    PC. Yann Month ago

    True fact.......Anyone can win a title in a league of pub teams.

  • William Wallace
    William Wallace Month ago

    Love glasgow rangers

  • James Stewart
    James Stewart Month ago +49

    Congratulations Rangers from Canada. Scott Arfield doing us proud. ,🇨🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇬🇧

    • BLaudrup 1872
      BLaudrup 1872 15 days ago

      James Stewart He is a great player. Such an intelligent player. Canada have a great player. Scotland missed a trick not getting him capped for the national team.