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‘Launch Day’ Ep. 8 Clip | Silicon Valley | Season 5


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  • Michael Veytsel
    Michael Veytsel 6 months ago

    I want to build a new social network one which automatically groups people by their IP address so people on the same internet connection have an automatic bulletin board to share links and so forth on, people who live together or people on the same wifi router in a cafe for example, people who are signed on at the same time or people who have left messages from being there before and the best part is this would actually be really easy to make and wouldnt require logins or accounts or registration or anything and also you could group larger groups of people by the common hostname they are using which is typically regional this is a really new idea i had a few days ago and i think it is really good i am going to make it because it is not that hard i already got a domain name and it is short and easy to remember and anyone who went to that domain would automatically be routed to their network based on their IP this seems like almost such an obvious idea why didnt i think of it before!
    UPDATE: Made an alpha version, it is LIVE!!!

    Here is the code:
    Rename the 'txt' extensions to 'php', create a MYSQL database named 'myDB' and you're set.

  • Haseeb Mir
    Haseeb Mir 7 months ago +2

    And they end up sitting idle with grown beards and waiting for results which in the end were fake users.

  • Porky Pie
    Porky Pie 7 months ago

    Whaaaaaaaaat! You just know there's going to be some big fuckup!!!

  • M Ma
    M Ma 7 months ago +4

    Jared broke Haulden eventually XD

  • Ismael Fuentes
    Ismael Fuentes 7 months ago +2

    Me da gusto ver a richard feliz :)

  • Ashit Mehta
    Ashit Mehta 7 months ago +12

    "ARE WE SET?"

  • Rahul Roy
    Rahul Roy 7 months ago +13

    "Kiss my.. Pissss "

  • Mr. Anderson
    Mr. Anderson 7 months ago +20

    Sad there were only 8 episodes...

    • rchavezj_
      rchavezj_ 7 months ago +2

      Somewhere in the middle of the season it was difficult to enjoy Dinish's character becoming more insecure and jealous. The COO episode was also uncomfortable to watch. Overall the end did tied really well with the beginning of the season going from a tiny office to a corporate one. I give it a "B". I can't wait for season 6 :)

    • Amarbold Ochirkhuyag
      Amarbold Ochirkhuyag 7 months ago +1

      Daniel Treto no ep. 8 was the finale

    • John Bradly
      John Bradly 7 months ago +4

      Better focus on quality instead of quantity. They need time for ideas for the new Season. I can wait and watch something else for a while.

    • Daniel Treto
      Daniel Treto 7 months ago

      What do you mean? There's only 8 cause the 8th just came out Sunday night. There should be like.. 10-12 episodes. Right?

    • Wayne Hoxit
      Wayne Hoxit 7 months ago +2

      Mr. Anderson i know right

  • saurav bhardwaj
    saurav bhardwaj 7 months ago +1

    Kiss my piss

  • Bhrigu Naidu
    Bhrigu Naidu 7 months ago +36

    Best episode this season...

    • Renato Barresi
      Renato Barresi 7 months ago +1

      Bhrigu Naidu and one of the best in all seasons