My Embarrassing Disney Oopsie

  • Published on Feb 5, 2019
    Thanks to Domics and crew for inspiring this video and thanks to Kingdom Hearts 3 for sponsoring the video #ad

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  • Krazee_Cookie
    Krazee_Cookie 9 hours ago

    **MmMhmm Chicken**

  • Kaitlyn Baird
    Kaitlyn Baird 11 hours ago

    7:23 why are your grandparents literally villagers? 😂

  • B Roberts
    B Roberts 15 hours ago

    Alex why u tell my name my name Boston

  • Courtney Ogilvie
    Courtney Ogilvie 21 hour ago


  • UselessAnimationz

    My parents were bored while waiting when I was in a line for a roller coaster so they saw the tower of terror and saw that there wasn’t a line so then they went in not knowing what the ride was and got scarred for life after they came out

  • Random Vlogs
    Random Vlogs Day ago

    Alex said my sisters!!!!!!!! Plural sister= sisters!!!!!

  • PZDoka
    PZDoka Day ago

    Mmmm mmm chicken

  • Logan Bruno
    Logan Bruno Day ago

    Mmm mmm chicken

  • XxRandomxXxGamerxX
    XxRandomxXxGamerxX 2 days ago

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  • nicolas playz
    nicolas playz 2 days ago


  • Jesus zapata
    Jesus zapata 2 days ago

    m m chicken

  • Chillor25
    Chillor25 2 days ago

    Once when I got my first scooter..i was PROUD and on my 2nd or 3rd ride I met up with friends at a playground...and there was a group of girls and I wanted to show I drove past them..looking at them and gave them a little 😉
    But the lantern a few meters away had other plans

  • kirungi hamdan
    kirungi hamdan 2 days ago

    Mmmmmm mmmm chicken nuggets

  • Tiper23
    Tiper23 2 days ago

    Mmm mmm chicken

  • little rubix cube cat

    In disney

  • little rubix cube cat

    Alex once I went to Australia and once i got their my brother was happy so he made me go on every ride their and i was scared because there was a giant one that just got built and it was high.then when we got to the last one it was terrifing but they still mad me do it. So i jumped on and straight after i said"nope im not going on their again".

  • the furry Devilfox
    the furry Devilfox 3 days ago

    Hey your not alone my grandparents take me to

  • Rhema Armstrong
    Rhema Armstrong 3 days ago

    Umm oof. 😐😑 the only thing I could put into all the words. Is Frick. Frickkkk

  • Lolbit plush Productions

    Roses are red.
    violet’s are red.
    All the flowers are red.
    My garden is on fire help me.

  • Katerina Speicher
    Katerina Speicher 4 days ago

    Mm mm chicken

  • Sarra Jane
    Sarra Jane 4 days ago


  • TheDeadlyNightShade Batman

    500 POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Three J’s
    The Three J’s 4 days ago

    Mm chicken

  • The Three J’s
    The Three J’s 4 days ago

    I been on that ride

  • Subaru- Kun
    Subaru- Kun 5 days ago

    What is the definition of a role model anymore?

  • Shinning_ TSG
    Shinning_ TSG 5 days ago

    Says he’s gone be lonely for gets married
    ME : * inhales deep breath * BOI !!!!!!!!!

  • morgan nave
    morgan nave 5 days ago

    ok,ok I have a story. so this dargrman walked in to a bar and said "can i have a drink?".BUT the bar tender said "sorry we DON'T serve FOOD here" XD

  • Joel Otache
    Joel Otache 5 days ago

    MMM chicken

  • wolf boy yeet
    wolf boy yeet 5 days ago

    Mm chicken

  • Amy Borishkevich
    Amy Borishkevich 7 days ago

    Mhhhhh mhhhhhh chickened. I got you Alex

  • xXQueenz_ AudiozXx
    xXQueenz_ AudiozXx 7 days ago

    *Mmm mmm..................chicken.*
    And that my friends, is how Alex won his wife's heart.

  • albert keith
    albert keith 7 days ago


  • Air dawg Animations
    Air dawg Animations 8 days ago

    Mmm mmm chicken

  • Ian Michel
    Ian Michel 8 days ago

    4:24 Sans was responsible

  • Pedro Parques
    Pedro Parques 8 days ago

    Hey, I always pussyfoot too, so..

  • Bobbi-jo Bradford
    Bobbi-jo Bradford 8 days ago

    A lot of guys only think about cute teenage

  • seagull daddy
    seagull daddy 8 days ago

    Mmmm tastes like chicken

  • Abby Runnels
    Abby Runnels 9 days ago

    tell me why boy think thay are being atactif by stare ing at girls

  • Alpha Wolf
    Alpha Wolf 9 days ago

    I have never been to Disney land

  • maxboost001
    maxboost001 9 days ago +1

    same side story happend to me lol in 2019 i was 10 in the same ride

  • Series Mation
    Series Mation 9 days ago

    Mmm mmm chicken

  • Zanderfish 123
    Zanderfish 123 9 days ago

    Isn’t this a reupload

  • Activehamster
    Activehamster 10 days ago


  • Yummy Soul
    Yummy Soul 10 days ago +1

    When did he get so many subscribers

  • Xtreme Gunner88
    Xtreme Gunner88 10 days ago

    M m 🐓

  • The Milk man
    The Milk man 10 days ago

    Iyoy Mela

  • Kit The Cat
    Kit The Cat 10 days ago


  • Bella Meyer
    Bella Meyer 10 days ago +1

    Every single time no one that's a youtuber ever Taurus in Brampton (if you think I'm being rude I'm not)

  • nichols family
    nichols family 10 days ago

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  • F0R1UN3 XAlexX
    F0R1UN3 XAlexX 11 days ago

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  • Bailey Garvey
    Bailey Garvey 11 days ago


  • Eli Mason
    Eli Mason 12 days ago

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  • Steven Michael St.Amand


  • James Shigeta
    James Shigeta 13 days ago

    not a good role modell at all

  • The Sign Language King
    The Sign Language King 13 days ago +1

    Mmm, mmm, chicken 🍗 sexy waitress and how am I your husband?????

  • Mini Boat
    Mini Boat 13 days ago


  • Rebekah Larsen
    Rebekah Larsen 13 days ago

    Why don't you ever talk about your older sister

  • PandaKing 707
    PandaKing 707 13 days ago

    I did a oopsie
    I was born

  • First to Say
    First to Say 13 days ago

    CHICKEN i am in love with the CHICKEN

  • monica rodriguez
    monica rodriguez 14 days ago

    You're acting dumb 2019