Happy Jacksepticeye Day

  • Published on Mar 17, 2019
  • I'm proud to celebrate Jacksepticeye Day with all of you!
    Whiskey Challenge: thexvid.com/video/dF-6Lq_fnqw/video.html
    LOOK AT THE FLAG KATHLEEN: thexvid.com/channel/UC2hgRzkWZmGkigghCUXDzVA
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  • Capri 24
    Capri 24 37 minutes ago +1

    12:48 And here we see the wild jacksepticeye and as he makes the beautiful mating call

  • Capri 24
    Capri 24 50 minutes ago +1

    0:01 the unrecognized vocal talent nice job Sean NO JOKE

  • Shane Healy
    Shane Healy 3 hours ago

    Athlone, westmeath, co Ireland ye o ye 100% boi

  • Philip Burchard Nielsen

    I have been to Athlone😊

  • Kidddo
    Kidddo 6 days ago +1

    Happy St. Pattys day


  • Kooper Throckmorton
    Kooper Throckmorton 9 days ago

    7:14 Never gonna get tired of him flipping out

  • fart man
    fart man 11 days ago

    Sean I'm Irish as well

  • Yami Berry
    Yami Berry 13 days ago

    I'm I the only one that keeps hearing "Patty not patty" XD

  • Am ph an.
    Am ph an. 13 days ago


  • Justin2342
    Justin2342 15 days ago


    Me: Why are you saying the exact same thing?

  • Adam Cornell
    Adam Cornell 15 days ago

    Let me know like this comment if you prefer ps3 and dislike it if you prefer xbox

  • carnage killer
    carnage killer 15 days ago

    We broke jack 7:23

  • carnage killer
    carnage killer 15 days ago

    Don't for get your logo is also green

  • Lightnite Productions
    Lightnite Productions 17 days ago

    Here after Day By Dave made a remix of this

  • Seedblower Thefairy
    Seedblower Thefairy 19 days ago +1

    Who else cried when they said Potato.Discus

  • Seedblower Thefairy
    Seedblower Thefairy 19 days ago

    Drunk Irish person : Who wants a cup of sweet spuds (hint he thinks the drug was a potato

  • NeoHiPPy1980
    NeoHiPPy1980 20 days ago

    When Sean attempts to clarify pronunciation, but pronounces both the same... 🤣️🤣️🤣️

  • Hi Hi
    Hi Hi 21 day ago

    Ah! Sean is so off-key!

  • SixShooter VanGamer
    SixShooter VanGamer 21 day ago


  • doge_gaming darkness
    doge_gaming darkness 22 days ago

    Jack i am Irish

  • Dv apex
    Dv apex 23 days ago

    I'm from Ireland I'm from carrying Island 🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮🇨🇮☘️☘️🍀🍀

  • Tristan Leder
    Tristan Leder 24 days ago

    JSE: I grew up in clawhincountleeawflee...
    Me: God bless you...?

  • A Tibetan Mastiff
    A Tibetan Mastiff 24 days ago +1

    My brother thinks it's "st padrick's day" now

  • Prototype Peregrine
    Prototype Peregrine 29 days ago

    Hi, erm excuse me, Hi, I'm sure you know this, but Patty is a nickname for Patricia which is the female equivalent of Patrick, so...
    yeah, but erm Saint Patrick was a male so 'Paddy' is the correct way to say the name just thought I'd throw that out there erm thanks.

  • GamingMadness
    GamingMadness Month ago +1

    i thought it said "daddy not patty"

  • TheAncientRaccoon
    TheAncientRaccoon Month ago

    Where did he get that beard, I want to buy it and where at school.

  • Christopher Arzate
    Christopher Arzate Month ago

    I once started to grow natural orange hair. There is only one problem... I'M NOT IRISH!!!

  • Noah Evans
    Noah Evans Month ago +1

    What sucks is that my biological father is Irish but I had to be born in F*CKING AMERICA so now I have to find a way to move to Ireland even with all of the insane rules you Irish people have. (My biological dad's last name is O'Malia, my adoptive dad's last name is Evans)

  • Ultra instinct Gaming

    Me:In America *watching TheXvid*
    Jack: *otta f*ckn nowhere
    "Paddy not f*ckn Patty!!"

  • Rory Visuals
    Rory Visuals Month ago +1

    Conas atá tú?
    (Answer if irish!)

  • Dungal Gaming
    Dungal Gaming Month ago

    And I’m actually irish

  • Dungal Gaming
    Dungal Gaming Month ago

    Shoulder to shoulder

  • Rayan Ali
    Rayan Ali Month ago

    Jack: am I a joke to you
    Me: of course you're jacksepticeye

  • Shane Green
    Shane Green Month ago

    'I wrote this yesterday, give me a fuckin break'
    Tweet posted: March 17th
    Video posted: March 17th

  • Kate O'shea
    Kate O'shea Month ago

    I'm actually 75 percent Irish and I know some Gealic

    • Kate O'shea
      Kate O'shea Month ago

      @ArtixMG now let's stop fighting and be TheXvid friends if that's okay

    • Kate O'shea
      Kate O'shea Month ago

      @ArtixMG I took a DNA test that determines it not you

    • ArtixMG
      ArtixMG Month ago

      Kate O'shea you’re not irish kid

    • Kate O'shea
      Kate O'shea Month ago

      @ArtixMG it kinda does because if your parents are something let's say Scottish and you don't live there you're still Scottish because it gets passed down from your parents have you ever been in a science class

    • ArtixMG
      ArtixMG Month ago

      Kate O'shea that doesn’t make you irish kid

  • Gabrielle Kelly
    Gabrielle Kelly Month ago

    I’m over 90% Irish I’m from Dublin

  • Cian O
    Cian O Month ago +1

    9:18 County Ireland 🇮🇪

    Seriously?????????? 😣

  • Alcohit
    Alcohit Month ago


  • Juliette Slevin
    Juliette Slevin Month ago

    10:49 : Grandad harry is that you?? 😂🇨🇮

  • Juliette Slevin
    Juliette Slevin Month ago

    I’m a bit late but I just had to say this though.... not being mean here but from 10:49 to 10:52 you LITERALLY sound like my grandad and I’m from Tipperary but moved to France (grandparents still and have always lived inIreland haha) so I miss the Irish accent (even though my dad still has it kinda😂) so much like you have no idea how great it is watching your videos! I miss Ireland so much 😂

  • itsmeh sofia
    itsmeh sofia Month ago

    I'm Irish born in Dublin and I am proud that I'm irish

  • Paul Bowthorpe
    Paul Bowthorpe Month ago

    I say paddy and then sean suddenly bursts in and says you got it right fellow irishmen.

  • Paul Bowthorpe
    Paul Bowthorpe Month ago

    My ancestors are also irish probably why i love pataters but you do pass out after 1,000,000,000,000 pints.

  • Angelita Saez
    Angelita Saez Month ago

    4:03 his jacket blended with the green screen

  • Joel Anderssen
    Joel Anderssen Month ago

    I’m Green on the inside well I’m Green on the outside

  • Devraj Ryatt
    Devraj Ryatt Month ago

    I'm not Irish, I've never met an Irish person and I've never been to Ireland but even I know that it's st Paddy's Day not st patty's Day

  • GingerrBearrd
    GingerrBearrd Month ago

    i mean 1:48 sorry

  • GingerrBearrd
    GingerrBearrd Month ago

    on 1:84 you looked liked my dad lol xD

  • Gowler 159
    Gowler 159 Month ago

    ,MGT. NY6

  • Carrie 11108
    Carrie 11108 Month ago

    I dont have to pretend to be Irish because I am.... And its Paddy not "patty"

  • Coves
    Coves Month ago +1


  • Lex multifandom
    Lex multifandom Month ago

    Hey, I'm from The North of Ireland and god IT'S PADDY NOT PATTY FUCK SAKES😊
    "I'm green on the inside" 😂

  • idk idk
    idk idk Month ago

    The only why I came here 12:10

  • Perla Jurado
    Perla Jurado Month ago +1

    My birthday is on the ol Paddy's day but I'm 100% Mexican

  • Danny DeVito
    Danny DeVito Month ago +1

    I'm from kildare boi

  • TheApex Predator
    TheApex Predator Month ago

    When your so Irish you put on an Irish accent on top of your Irish accent

  • Two Terrific Twins
    Two Terrific Twins Month ago

    *le slap*
    L A U G H

  • IceLuxray
    IceLuxray Month ago

    Jack's a pretty good tenor though

  • Soran Sarah
    Soran Sarah Month ago

    10:56 to 11:17 I cant stop laughing! Someone help! (my BFF, father, and brother, say i'm the only person they can think of of the top of their head who can die laughing)

  • Rachel Hyde
    Rachel Hyde Month ago

    I’m Irish

  • Alyss Bradford
    Alyss Bradford Month ago


  • BearKills Rollo
    BearKills Rollo Month ago

    Dr strange🤔

  • DesparateDorito
    DesparateDorito Month ago

    I was so happy to hear this at the start me being 70% Irish🍀 I sang along with jack

    • ArtixMG
      ArtixMG Month ago

      DesparateDorito you still aren’t Irish kid

  • Elite Ninjas
    Elite Ninjas Month ago

    Hey that's mean I am Irish

  • Oh no
    Oh no Month ago +1

    Anyone else notice that when he used the green screen it changed his green in his hoodie...?

    Just me....


  • ellie howarth
    ellie howarth Month ago


    i shouldnt be saying that bcoz itll probably annoy him but i literally cant hear anythinglol

  • Ultra Dragon
    Ultra Dragon Month ago

    Im really irish

  • kittycat meow
    kittycat meow Month ago

    I love this video so much this is my 3rd time watching it lmao

  • E. T
    E. T Month ago

    its also about god

  • Emma Southworth
    Emma Southworth Month ago

    I’m so late to this video but still:
    I love being insulted by and Irish man

  • Gabriel Michael
    Gabriel Michael Month ago


  • Gabriel Michael
    Gabriel Michael Month ago


  • Shane Healy
    Shane Healy Month ago

    Jack your my favourite youtuber just behind the feckin tax man and the God forbid TV licence inspector

  • Shane Healy
    Shane Healy Month ago

    Well in from glassan co westmeath

  • Shay1084 ghn
    Shay1084 ghn Month ago

    I know stevo

  • Ninja_Wayne06 - YT
    Ninja_Wayne06 - YT Month ago

    But what if you are really Irish so I’m not faking

    MFME LOL Month ago +3

    5:06 “this is serious”, laughs immediately after saying that 😅

  • Ella Patterson
    Ella Patterson Month ago

    I’m Irish and people have literally came up to me in school and said you don’t look Irish (I live in the USA) I feel like I should show up in a leprechaun suit and ginger hair and say “DO I LOOK IRISH NOW” I even have an Irish accent like what the heck!!

  • rancyd
    rancyd Month ago

    i mean im pretty sure st patrick's is MY day, that's my birthday.

  • Eva Rohde
    Eva Rohde Month ago

    Who els is watching this not on st paddys day

  • Louise Kleiser
    Louise Kleiser 2 months ago

    Joke: How many potatoes dose it take to kill an Irishman... None but it will take a famine to do it

  • Xstepro
    Xstepro 2 months ago

    If I’m completely honest I am Irish not sure how much maybe at least 50%? I’m not sure but either happy Irish day

  • Saphyrus
    Saphyrus 2 months ago

    anybody coming from the remix??

  • Phelan05 Manley
    Phelan05 Manley 2 months ago

    Hahaha, corned beef and cabbage is an Americanized food, like tacos or burritos!

  • Snow Leopard studios
    Snow Leopard studios 2 months ago +1

    Who here is actually Irish . Like if you are. This might have to be the first time I liked my own comment

  • Shysona The fennec fox
    Shysona The fennec fox 2 months ago

    What food don’t Irish people like?

  • Conor theAndroid
    Conor theAndroid 2 months ago

    As an Irish younger falla it's actually hard to say Patty is like my brainautomatically changes it to Paddy

  • jason gregory
    jason gregory 2 months ago

    Home ide enimy catleen

  • Exile Hax
    Exile Hax 2 months ago +1

    MA GET THE WHISKEY READY ITS SAINT PATRICKS oh wait nvm im late af ;-;

  • Erik Bakker
    Erik Bakker 2 months ago

    I saw a (presumably) American tourist in full St. Patricks day outfit here in The Netherlands (god knows why and how, maybe they thought we celebrated it as well?).
    The sweater depicted a four leaf clover and had a text saying 'Have an A. OK - St Patty's day' or something like that. It was spelled wrong.
    And to top it all off, his hat had the Italian flag on it. Mirrored.

  • Vegeta the Boss
    Vegeta the Boss 2 months ago +1

    Quest: say st Paddy's day correct
    Fail equals jack screams ya head off

  • loserwithason
    loserwithason 2 months ago

    My mom says we have black irish in our blood.....im not sure what that means does anyone? Does it mean theres a black irish person I'm related to somewhere in the mix? Idk I just know I feel like whatever that means it's where I should put my being as pale as paper problem. Lol I cant tan worth SHIT I look like voldemort I swear I just burn then go back to being pale.

  • LeafsFan19 this is our year

    I Am part irsh part canada

  • PyroManiaK Is Random
    PyroManiaK Is Random 2 months ago

    Your not wearing any green jack

  • i wanna be in lwiay
    i wanna be in lwiay 2 months ago

    me: hAppY saiNT pATTttTttYS dAy
    baTEnS *sips septic juce
    Me: *gets uncomfortable ._.

  • Cookie yt
    Cookie yt 2 months ago

    I’m Northern Ireish

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 2 months ago

    Happy St.patricks day jack...xd😉😉😉

  • King STAZE
    King STAZE 2 months ago

    Jacksepticeye's ancestors were warriors. Their fuel was the word "Patty."

  • What Evaaa
    What Evaaa 2 months ago

    yep he did

  • What Evaaa
    What Evaaa 2 months ago

    how much gel does he wear!? his hair tie came out yet his hair stayed perfect! (or maybe he just edited out the part where he put it on...)