• Published on Mar 14, 2018
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  • Casey Holmes
    Casey Holmes  Year ago +758

    Hope you guys enjoy this video! If you do, make sure to give it a thumbs up so i know to continue them!! If the quality is off, just give it a little longer to process & then it will be in HD! Love ya!
    Smaller containers-
    Large containers-

    • Sharmela Marie Recente
      Sharmela Marie Recente Year ago

      if you donate ur makeup im to accept that pllsssss...
      hahahha .. pick me :-D

    • Sharmela Marie Recente
      Sharmela Marie Recente Year ago

      Casey Holmes do you give away make up ??

    • Natalia Rosas
      Natalia Rosas Year ago

      Casey Holmes love your makeup look you should do a tutorial

    • Holly J.
      Holly J. Year ago

      Casey, you are my go-to for recommendations on eye primers for oily lids. Can you tell me which of the Maybelline Eyeshadow Primers you use? There are three: Prime+Smooth, Prime+Matte, and Prime+Illuminate. Which one are you using? I'd love to find a drugstore option. Already love the Smashbox and Nars ones based on your recommendations. Thx! Love your videos!

    • Jennifer Sawchuk
      Jennifer Sawchuk Year ago

      Love these types of videos and I would looovvvee to see more

  • Zachary June
    Zachary June 8 months ago

    Those plastic containers are $25?

  • Lisa F
    Lisa F 11 months ago

    I have to say... Watching your videos make me so happy! You are such a happy person and very funny! You are a breath of fresh air! Love the pups they are so cute!! Keep up with the videos!! I was wondering could you do another Amazon favorites? It would be fun to see another one! Thanks Lisa
    Have yoi ever done a meet up in NYC? I live in CT not too far from the city. I would love to go if you ever decide to do a meet up in the city.

  • cougarchick1990
    cougarchick1990 Year ago

    Do you have a current code for your extensions? Please and thank you!

  • Sophie Hill
    Sophie Hill Year ago

    Came for the makeup, stayed for the dog 🐶 😍

  • Tiffany Fichter
    Tiffany Fichter Year ago

    Your ring girl is banging!!!! I love it! I’m so happy for you every time I watch your videos! And keep these videos coming. I love it!!!

  • Julia olszewska
    Julia olszewska Year ago

    I honestly live for these types of videos!!😭😍

  • Sofía del Carmen Marín Suárez

    please do more of this videos!!! xoxo

  • B Lit
    B Lit Year ago


  • rusuke bordones
    rusuke bordones Year ago

    I enjoyed watching this. Please can you make an updated makeup collection?

  • Abhi Anand
    Abhi Anand Year ago

    Please do your blushers and haeliterd

  • stefanie s
    stefanie s Year ago

    You should Do a declutter series! !!

  • Corrie- Onagoodday

    Please declutter to me

  • K
    K Year ago

    What if you turned your "donate" into giveaway makeup. That would be awesome! So much makeup that I think we would love. Just an idea!

  • Hanna Colley
    Hanna Colley Year ago

    I need those containers 😍 anyone happen to know the name of them? She said container store, but I haven't had much luck finding them.

  • Rachel Huff
    Rachel Huff Year ago

    Pleeease make more of these

  • Ashleigh Latham
    Ashleigh Latham Year ago

    Love declutter videos! Subscribed! Also really love PR unboxing videos.

  • Victoria Vite
    Victoria Vite Year ago

    I’m so glad I watched this cause we’re foundation twins ! ☺️☺️☺️❤️

  • Janee Lytch
    Janee Lytch Year ago

    This is a great declutter. Love it..💜💜

  • Alexandra Alvarez

    Have you had a chance to try the prime and fine primer from catrice? If so do you think it's good??
    Thank you 😍😍😍

  • Alexa Pink
    Alexa Pink Year ago

    "Goodbye!!" 😂😂

  • Megan Furlong
    Megan Furlong Year ago

    please do an updated beauty room tour!!!! & if there is one please someone let me know!!!! :)

    • Megan Furlong
      Megan Furlong Year ago

      I mean makeup collection tour!!! well...... BOTH! lol

  • Sarah Brown
    Sarah Brown Year ago

    Girl going through that give a way box and picking stuff out would make my month lol 😶😶😙

  • Ssara Guness
    Ssara Guness Year ago

    Where you donate those ?

  • Ssara Guness
    Ssara Guness Year ago

    I love this kind of video! Please do more!

  • Karissa Cornelius

    Please do an IT cosmetics face products reviews!

  • Paige Utter
    Paige Utter Year ago


  • Naomi M
    Naomi M Year ago

    Favorite video of yours!!! loved this xx

  • Amanda Conway
    Amanda Conway Year ago

    Love this so much!!!!

  • Avery McConathy
    Avery McConathy Year ago

    I'm obviously very late to the game here... is there a need with tarte??

  • k. warborg
    k. warborg Year ago

    You can totally donate a shape tape to me 😂😂😂
    You have me wanting to try one since watching your videos haha!

  • Kayla Matkin
    Kayla Matkin Year ago

    Anyone know where these containers are from???

  • Jill Marcoccia
    Jill Marcoccia Year ago

    Is this a shirt from ur boutique? I love it!!!

  • farm her
    farm her Year ago

    When you say donate, who do you donate them to? I have makeup that I want to donate as well.

  • farm her
    farm her Year ago

    You are so adorable! So glad I ran into your videos. I can't wait to follow along with your GRWM videos!!!

  • rivrox17
    rivrox17 Year ago

    "I hate sprays for my face"
    Yet the smashbox primer water is your holy grail? 🤔

    • rivrox17
      rivrox17 Year ago

      Casey Holmes Ahhhhhh ok gotcha 🙂

    • Casey Holmes
      Casey Holmes  Year ago

      i don't like setting sprays that are meant to be used after your makeup. thats what i meant by it.

  • Corren Brian Hannabass

    You mentioned you got your clear containers at a container store. Would that be bed and bath? If not there do you happen to have a name of the container store ? Thanks for any help... sending lots of love and continuous happiness in your life😍
    PS about how much did they run... in need of a lot of them❣️
    Thanks for any info Casey❤️

  • Shelby Pallatta
    Shelby Pallatta Year ago

    Your should try the wet n wild primed

  • Amie Lawson
    Amie Lawson Year ago

    Love these! Would love to see the rest of your declutters.

    KATIE BUCKLEY Year ago

    Will you do your eyeshadow palettes next? Or your bronzer and blushes?

  • Bri Ella
    Bri Ella Year ago

    Love declutters! Please share your future ones with us!

  • A K
    A K Year ago

    Can u give me foundations which are lighter than ur shade. Cause in Bangladesh foundations are most of the time fake

  • Britany Nichole
    Britany Nichole Year ago

    Girlfriend 😍 LOVE this video. Just added a few more things to my Sephora and Ulta cart because of this video!!! 😍😍😍👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • joselyn valero
    joselyn valero Year ago

    Love these videos! Please do an eyeshadow palette declutter! 😁😁

  • Alix Norton
    Alix Norton Year ago

    When are we getting another

  • Shiki tyan
    Shiki tyan Year ago

    Hi! You can remove foundation from your LV purse with micellar water.

  • Ava_Williams
    Ava_Williams Year ago

    Please do the rest of your collection💗🙏

  • BeckyLovesKanga
    BeckyLovesKanga Year ago

    I love the YSL Touche Eclat primer that looks a lot like the Guerlain L'Or one. I haven't tried the Guerlain one, so I don't know how they compare.

  • Cristal Martinez
    Cristal Martinez Year ago

    Wow lol so much make up😊

  • Jennifer M.
    Jennifer M. Year ago

    Love organizing video ❤️

  • Angie Mcfadden
    Angie Mcfadden Year ago

    Is it just me or is she sounding really country in this video. 😘

  • Allison Selwitz
    Allison Selwitz Year ago

    can you do a video on how you organize your make up??

  • Nicole Teresa
    Nicole Teresa Year ago

    Tarte shape tape foundation did make different shades. In case you need to be updated. When will you do a review on the foundation? I haven’t bought it until you do a review but since you refuse I might just have to spend the $40 and figure it out for myself.

  • Lynne Coppin
    Lynne Coppin Year ago

    i would love to see more declutter videos

  • Julie Admave-Hartle
    Julie Admave-Hartle Year ago +1

    this video was so satisfying!!!! I love a good declutter!

  • Pageanteen
    Pageanteen Year ago

    Any person that tells me I have too much makeup I’m showing them this video

  • Brooke Terry
    Brooke Terry Year ago

    Where did you get your drawers? I’m really looking for something to keep all my makeup in! Thanks! ❤️

  • ObsessivelyEverAfter

    Actually was helpful because a lot of people for just do a “first impression” and call it a day, which isn’t as helpful as a full fledged review. I loved that there were things you were trying and developing a real opinion of before reporting on it!

  • mommyblessed 2x2
    mommyblessed 2x2 Year ago

    yes please do your whole collection I will watch your whole list.TFS

  • Skylar Fink
    Skylar Fink Year ago

    I really like this video. Love that your donating ❤️