The 2019 Kia K900 Is the Unknown Luxury Sedan

  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
    The 2019 Kia K900 is a $65,000 luxury sedan you probably haven't heard of. Today I'm reviewing the K900 to show you all about the Kia K900 and its cool features and quirks -- and I'm driving the 2019 Kia K900 to show you how it drives.
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  • Doug DeMuro
    Doug DeMuro  10 months ago +1886

    CORRECTION! The K900 is only offered this year with a turbocharged V6, with no V8 option. Big thanks to C&D and Motor Trend for getting this wrong. Last time I rely on them for info!

    • MisterSkreee Master
      MisterSkreee Master 2 months ago

      Doug DeMuro lol

    • Vincent Bittel
      Vincent Bittel 2 months ago

      Doug DeMuro take some responsibility for your lack of research

    • Jay Mac
      Jay Mac 4 months ago +1

      The V6 also has 365 horsepower. The last generation had 311.

    • Demerrill Spencer
      Demerrill Spencer 4 months ago


    • Sardine Kisser
      Sardine Kisser 4 months ago +1

      Doug, I like your presentations, but I think you were kind of out of line on your pin. Don't blame Car and Driver and Motor Trend. Blame yourself. You were right there at the Kia dealership. You were going to present something to the world, it was completely on you to verify your facts. Car and Driver and Motor Trend will take their own lumps for their own mistakes. You take your lumps for yours. It was your mistake. Yours. Also, you take authority away from yourself by begging at the feet of car magazines for data on new cars. Brother, make a few calls, talk to the dealership people. Look at the online configurators. Being sloppy is one thing, but then doubling down and trying to blame others made it worse. Seriously.

  • n1s0
    n1s0 14 hours ago

    It's obvious what's the purpose of those blue dots with plastic squares on rear ceiling. To protect the roof from high heels...

    P.S. Excellent luxury car for that amount of money! There were times when I worshiped German cars but no more. I'm owning a Renault and I'm quite satisfied with the reliability considering the price of the car. More people definitely need to open their eyes and start voting with their wallets not just for the brand but for the quality/reliability!

  • Awara Billa
    Awara Billa 4 days ago

    something kia did they made telluride and i love it

  • Tom Greifzu
    Tom Greifzu 4 days ago

    It's a beautiful car, forget the Doug score. His score means nothing. He just doesn't like KIA. I have 3 KIA's since they were new. Love'em. Wouldn't have any other car. I'm glad people under appreciate them. Otherwise their price would go up.

  • Omar Acts Up
    Omar Acts Up 7 days ago

    this is my first time watching one of Dougs reviews. is he always such an arrogant douchebag? half the time he's making fun of the car without knowing the reasoning behind their decisions.

    TAVARUS YOUNG 7 days ago

    Some Honda Accord models have that Blind side camera but only on the passanger and is displayed on the center screen

  • Sea Edu
    Sea Edu 7 days ago +1

    Kia and hyundai be going all crazy now and days...🔥🔥🔥

  • abuwadie3
    abuwadie3 8 days ago

    Jay leno’s son!

  • Zam1Fear
    Zam1Fear 8 days ago

    I went to a Kia dealership and also an Acura dealership in the past week. I must say, the Kia cars (Optima and Stinger) had better quality interiors than the TLX Aspec and the ILX.

  • Mr Hawkhawk
    Mr Hawkhawk 11 days ago

    Looks Like the Genesis G90.. its nicer then our Lexus

  • Joey N
    Joey N 13 days ago

    I see no functional or visual difference between this and a Mercedes, Audi, bmw, Lexus, Volvo, or Infiniti. The only think it needs is a panoramic sunroof. Luxury cars really are priced for a status symbol rather than actual worth.

  • Steve Ellis
    Steve Ellis 13 days ago

    Now really Doug, I does it really matter that much that it's a KIA ?...This company is proudly trying very hard to make inroads as a manufacturer of quality motor cars, after all we all have to start somewhere, but it is very hard to make that hurdle when you have reviewers constantly announcing that it's just a KIA and then so therefore i give it a 4. I think its time that they are scored on effort.

  • JD Bimmer
    JD Bimmer 15 days ago

    the k900 looks like a mercedes benz

  • Andhika Wisnu
    Andhika Wisnu 16 days ago

    Blind spot camera exist
    Mirror left

  • jkandybar
    jkandybar 17 days ago

    Stumbled upon this car at the LA Auto Show and was blown away. Will definitely consider this when my 5 series lease is up. I hope this will have wireless CarPlay by then. I love having it in the BMW and now can’t imagine not having it.

  • C Alex
    C Alex 19 days ago

    If I have $60,000, I buy a Tesla. Screw KIA, and frankly, everyone else

  • Mr. PIP
    Mr. PIP 20 days ago +1

    You clearly don't have children Doug, regarding the controls lock in the backseat console.

  • Kane Viva La Kane
    Kane Viva La Kane 21 day ago

    Doug your every review is amazingly informative and entertaining too.

  • Kane Viva La Kane
    Kane Viva La Kane 21 day ago

    Love this car...don't give a fuck to what brand snob zombies think of..

  • sagehiphop
    sagehiphop 21 day ago

    Kia has come a long way but I’m not paying that much for a Kia or Hyundai

  • jerzyfam
    jerzyfam 22 days ago

    looked good until i saw all the controls int he back..kid would have a field day

  • Femi Awo
    Femi Awo 24 days ago

    The lock on the rear center console is so that you do not get accidental clicks/changes if/when you use the center console as an arm rest. I thought that one should have been quite obvious.

  • Alex Sosna
    Alex Sosna 25 days ago

    I don't give a rat's ass about the badge. That right there is the nicest 60,000 dollar car I've ever seen.

  • Harrison Yoo
    Harrison Yoo Month ago

    Doug score is such a biased and stupid score telling this car rivals Lincoln continental lmao

  • tony cao
    tony cao Month ago

    i will buy one if kia put a toyoya engine in it

  • Xinyao Yin
    Xinyao Yin Month ago

    that's a bmw x5 interior

  • MrFishbone111
    MrFishbone111 Month ago

    This car is really sweet for the price point,but since its not a "luxury brand" it'll depreciate like a meteor ,cant wait to see one slightly used for really cheap,will be a very good deal.

  • Elite Potatoes
    Elite Potatoes Month ago

    Anyone else think the dials look like Mace Windu’s lightsaber?

  • LM 1260
    LM 1260 Month ago +1

    The Genesis G90 does the same thing with the seats in sport mode and the blind spot camera when turning. The screen comes on between the gauge clusters. Rear seating has many of the same features. Doug reviewed the 2019 Genesis G90 on March 13, 2018. Doug, when are you going to review the 2020 Genesis G90?

  • rich guy
    rich guy Month ago


  • rich guy
    rich guy Month ago

    Better than e class

  • Real Man
    Real Man Month ago

    When BMW and Audi has a kid... That Audi designer that went to kia really brought all the German with him...

  • D5th Element
    D5th Element Month ago

    Kia for $65K?? Lmao

  • Diane Adkins-Diorio


  • Dima Danovich
    Dima Danovich Month ago

    Kia and Hyundai close what we saw in back to the future movies. Amazing technology that definitely outsmarts brands like Mercedes, BMW and surprisingly Lexus. But there is still stereotype out there.

  • Lars Andersen
    Lars Andersen Month ago

    Doesn't have the 'floatiness' of the s-class.

  • Boone Docker
    Boone Docker Month ago +1

    THIS is a really nice car.

  • Kaiser Dal
    Kaiser Dal Month ago

    Turn signal camera is amazing

  • Timmy Jimmy
    Timmy Jimmy Month ago

    I think the lock in the back center console is so you won’t accidentally touch any of the buttons

  • Oliver Gooding
    Oliver Gooding Month ago

    The clock might not be a Patek but Maurice Lacroix isn’t worthy of being slagged of. But still interesting car

  • Mihnea
    Mihnea Month ago

    this 2019 kia is an meredes s class and the else kia si bmw 7 had one job kia..

  • Clint Myers
    Clint Myers Month ago

    "Only 311 horsepower"??? Per Kia---Standard 365 hp 3.3L Twin Turbo V6 engine.

  • alex yun
    alex yun Month ago

    side view and back view look so similar to the c class

  • stangr21
    stangr21 Month ago

    Unknown because kia doesnt make luxury cars and never will..

  • KRG rants yes Nursery rhymes no

    You already made a review of the K900

  • Adithya A
    Adithya A Month ago

    You tell on some cars that some things are not futuristic and when you get a car like that u say it is too much...what is that??

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams Month ago

    kia is kinda popping off😔

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams Month ago

    i gotta admit, the blind spot showing up in the gage cluster is kinda cool and very useful.

  • Michael Slocum
    Michael Slocum Month ago

    does this retard actually like cars?

  • OnionMad
    OnionMad Month ago

    2:00 Not sure if I'm looking at a Mercedes or a Korean...

  • Daniel I
    Daniel I Month ago

    Those odd blue dots are usually quality assurance stickers. As each QA guy checks various things they put a dot on, gives a visual confirmation that certain items have been checked.

  • George Collins
    George Collins Month ago

    Doug the type of guy to say two thousand nineteen instead of twenty nineteen

  • Steve Roginski
    Steve Roginski Month ago +1

    I'll stick with my S 560.

  • L4sleeko
    L4sleeko Month ago

    @4:35 LoL, you nut bar! 😆

  • beyondrace666
    beyondrace666 Month ago

    If Kia is going to charge 65k for a vehicle please change that bullshit badge on the vehicle. This vehicle shouldn't be carrying the same badge you would see on a Kia Soul.

  • Attila T
    Attila T Month ago +1

    Worthless "review", most of important data is incorrect. The nice clock, from Masterpiece collection of Maurice Lacroix, also has to be bad, since it is NOT in a 4 cylinder CT6 disaster (which has more dumb score than this one). Well done!


    Honda why TF do you only put the lane watch camera on just one side! I don’t care if you charged extra, but I think it should be an option for every Honda!

  • Maxim Tanios
    Maxim Tanios 2 months ago

    4:54 our Mercedes-Benz e350 amg have this feature when you do sharp turns or you can do it manually and they are a lot faster so you can see it inflating

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    Everyone: *Laughs at KIA*
    KIA: *Fights Back*

    Everyone: *Confused Pikachu face*

  • trucker V
    trucker V 2 months ago

    I've never been a Kia fan but We bought one of these and love it. It's one of our daily drivers and it's a very comfortable car for long trips. We have taken ours from Oklahoma to new Jersey and from Oklahoma to Nevada and really enjoyed driving this car.