This was life changing...


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  • Dobre Brothers
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    • MD Lee
      MD Lee 13 days ago

      I have a lot more to do with the new year to

    • Luna Malagoli
      Luna Malagoli Month ago

      LOVE you to but I have not had a great time however every time I am sad i watch Lucas and Marcus,Dobre Brothers and Cyrus and Christina and you guys make me the happiest kid in the world so I appreciate you and how you love me and honestly I would be the same person as I am right now if it were not for you

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    • Crystal Gurrola
      Crystal Gurrola 2 months ago

      No food 🥘 was the food 🥘 is the

    • sis rieana
      sis rieana 2 months ago

      i love dobre brother

  • Ella Dtoson
    Ella Dtoson Hour ago

    I love you guys and who ever says mean things to you just ignore them and they are might just be jealous of you and that's why they are making fun of you guys but anyway you guys are amazing and your videos always brighten up my day!!!

  • patricia Halcinova

    love you dorbe army you are very strong, helpful, and sweet to other people ❤️🤟💕😘

  • Ricki Av
    Ricki Av 2 hours ago

    Stop bullies pls and thank you

  • Kahniya Tyus
    Kahniya Tyus 3 hours ago

    Marcus you not ulce

  • Brad White
    Brad White 3 hours ago

    This made me cry

  • Brad White
    Brad White 3 hours ago

    Don't do suicid

  • Natasha Duckwall
    Natasha Duckwall 4 hours ago

    no hate only love!

  • Sandra Guy
    Sandra Guy 4 hours ago

    why would somebody bully u ur so nice and ur family is very fun love u guys

  • Kerry Irvine
    Kerry Irvine 4 hours ago

    Let’s make the world a better place by not bullying

  • Kerry Irvine
    Kerry Irvine 4 hours ago

    Love you dobro brothers

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  • Bradlei Blackmon
    Bradlei Blackmon 8 hours ago

    Love you so much Dobre Brothers and army;)❤️❤️❤️

    MARION WILLIAMS 10 hours ago

    Love yall

  • Kaila Seiger
    Kaila Seiger 14 hours ago

    I love the dobre army.

  • Alayna Wolfe
    Alayna Wolfe 15 hours ago

    That was so nice of you guys to surprise Emily. You guys made Emily more confident and have more positive thoughts. Since you guys surprised her you made her feel like haters don’t even exist. I know how it feels to get bullied I’ve gotten bullied in kindergarten and people would call me names like: cry baby, and they would tell me that they don’t like me. I would get very depressed, but since I watched this video me and Emily have more confidence and we both will block the haters no matter what they do. Send a poop emoji to the hater just like Cyrus said.

  • rahul patel
    rahul patel 16 hours ago

    Cyber bulling needs to stop and if you don't stop then you are cursed forever

  • Hawa Gure
    Hawa Gure 21 hour ago

    I love your moves

  • chochys perez
    chochys perez 22 hours ago

    I think that's true I loved the video

  • Nina cuthbert
    Nina cuthbert Day ago

    Dari u hot every girl agrees with me😘😘😘😘🥰😍

  • The Fighting Pickles


  • Brittany Kilgore

    Sorry people said mean comments to you guys

  • Brittany Kilgore

    I am a fan
    Of you guys

  • Maribel Villanueva

    Katie guys ain't never been a bully and I'm never going to do that I know they've been deleted me so why am I being so rude to somebody else that they're bullying me I would not do that

  • Maribel Villanueva

    It was booty toot before see everybody hate me at school and I was so sad

  • Laura Guardado
    Laura Guardado Day ago

    Y’all should be chreted good

  • Maribel Villanueva

    Help me😣😣😣😣☹☹☹☹☹☹🇺🇸

  • Maribel Villanueva

    Rose's not even a video

  • Cierra Hogan
    Cierra Hogan Day ago

    Bright fight

  • kat attack
    kat attack Day ago

    I love you dobre

  • Lupita Jimenez
    Lupita Jimenez Day ago

    I cried when she said that they started saying death threats to her like that she should kill her self I mean that was just cruel

  • Abigail Thompson
    Abigail Thompson Day ago +1

    At least you have ur family and the dobre army on ur side the ppl sending those text I pray they understand that what they’re doing is mean and some ppl committed suicide bc of what they’re doing I love you guys and think ur grate 💗 everyone getting bullied know ur beautiful and strong for fighting this the bullies r weak for taking there anger out on u love u 🥰💗💕

  • Football_FUN_07
    Football_FUN_07 Day ago

    Dobro brother are the best

  • Poisened Gold
    Poisened Gold Day ago

    Emily is strong and beautiful. Whoever bullied her better watch out. She is strong and awesome in the best ways. She is stronger than any bully. im sorry she got bullied. Remember stay strong and don't let the haters get your attention. love y'all.

  • Poisened Gold
    Poisened Gold Day ago

    You all are the best and don't listen to the haters. let them be haters. their comments on you don't mean nothing. keep being you cause thats who you are. haters be haters, you be you. Stay strong ,stay you.

  • Makena Anglin
    Makena Anglin Day ago

    Aww don't cry all these bullies don't know how there messing with Don't let them get in your heart and head stop that bullies 💙🧡💜💛❤️💚😭😁

  • Dano Zaid
    Dano Zaid Day ago +1

    Be the hero

  • savage unicorn JUJU

    It doesn't matter want people says it is what you think matters

  • Avery Caveness
    Avery Caveness Day ago

    I would honestly rather be bullied every day for the rest of my life to keep every one else from being bullied. It's hard and no one, NO ONE deserves to go through something like that.

  • Avery Caveness
    Avery Caveness Day ago

    Bright fight! Dobre army RULES!

  • Kiskil1
    Kiskil1 Day ago

    I agree with you

  • inv Latimio
    inv Latimio Day ago

    Iv never been bullied but I hope no one gets bullied ever a gen. Hope and love is all you need,one day my friend was geting bullied and i stood up for her.

  • epic smile
    epic smile Day ago

    Your skin isn't paper so DONT cut it
    Your neck is not a shirt so DONT hang it
    Your heart isn't a door so DONT lock it
    Your life isn't a movie so DONT end it
    Your body isn't clothing so DONT change it

    • epic smile
      epic smile Day ago

      LOVE is infinte so feel it
      love u dobre brothers

  • miguel santillan

    Your the best

  • Thomas Carlstrom

    This helps me with bullying and its really sad because I got bullied to

  • Hailey Dudat
    Hailey Dudat Day ago

    I felt so bad for her it made me cry

  • Elizabeth Boyd
    Elizabeth Boyd Day ago

    Touching my heart ❤️

  • Elizabeth Boyd
    Elizabeth Boyd Day ago

    Omg this made me cry 😭😢

  • Cookie Heaven Adventures

    Aww Lucus don't cry bullying needs to stop people comitte suicide because of thisI don't think it is right. I really do appreciate it when people are being bullied and they stand up for themselves. I LOVE YOU DOBRE ARMY

  • Brayden Chase
    Brayden Chase Day ago


  • Brayden Chase
    Brayden Chase Day ago

    You are the best

  • darci mccann
    darci mccann Day ago

    as someone who was bullied throughout my school years I appreciate the fact that there are more people who are willing to help and take a stand against bullies so stay strong Emily i know you can get past it all.

  • aradia rennison
    aradia rennison Day ago

    you guys are so cool
    I love you guys
    you are amazing

  • Faith Minuto
    Faith Minuto 2 days ago

    Bright fight!

  • Queen Rose
    Queen Rose 2 days ago

    I had people tell me to go kill myself or tell me to go jump off a bridge or u don't belong on this world and that u need to go die and that your ugly and u will never find someone to marry u or that I'm always going to be ugly and I go home and cry in my room and that really hurts because it's like I'm not part of this world but I wish that everyone can be nice and not mean but I still get bullied a lot

  • Naimat Almasri
    Naimat Almasri 2 days ago

    i love you luces

  • Andrew Beasley
    Andrew Beasley 2 days ago

    Whatever those people that said something mean you know you are so valuable to people around the world 🌎😇😍

  • Emelia Osei Abeyie
    Emelia Osei Abeyie 2 days ago

    That enspired me and i will share this video vith my friends and family

  • Emelia Osei Abeyie
    Emelia Osei Abeyie 2 days ago

    Love you

  • just lily
    just lily 2 days ago

    Made me cry

  • Aubri Huff
    Aubri Huff 2 days ago

    Haters make you famous

  • Kay Kay YT!
    Kay Kay YT! 2 days ago

    #The Bright Fight!❤️💖

  • Kara Baker
    Kara Baker 2 days ago +1

    I feel bad that Lucas cried and I cried too

  • holcombebabe
    holcombebabe 2 days ago

    i always get called fat ugly stupid and i just ignor

  • Goat Peyton
    Goat Peyton 3 days ago

    stop the bulliing its not good for people

  • Ashley Estrada
    Ashley Estrada 3 days ago

    I started crying when she said they people was bulking her

  • Zaira Muñoz
    Zaira Muñoz 3 days ago

    4:40 to 5:30 I started to cry😢😢😢

  • Lea Jake
    Lea Jake 3 days ago

    Bright fight

  • Jelenis Santiago
    Jelenis Santiago 3 days ago +1

    i would you guys i would be her friend

  • Gina Fregonese
    Gina Fregonese 3 days ago

    I love of what you and emiley said because I have got in Buller before

  • Jesus Trevino
    Jesus Trevino 3 days ago

    You need to stop😢😢😢😧

  • Besty Ward
    Besty Ward 3 days ago

    Dont listen to the haters

  • Keelie Barnett
    Keelie Barnett 3 days ago

    There is bad bully’s in the world I deal with a cuple my self but just let them get to you because you are butifull you are strong and you can do it

  • German Rengifomata
    German Rengifomata 3 days ago

    Bright fight

  • SchaScha Smith
    SchaScha Smith 3 days ago +1


  • josh huff
    josh huff 3 days ago +1

    you guys are the bom dot com

  • Alison Lopez
    Alison Lopez 3 days ago

    Yeah and me too I agree that does that delete the video about bullying disability because I'm just looking at video 🔴🔴🔴

  • Alison Lopez
    Alison Lopez 3 days ago

    Can you guys please don't delete your videos about Lucas and Marcus or or about your family or about that you are with your girlfriend I think that Marcus doesn't have a girlfriend. Please don't delete your videos nice guys✌

  • Eric Orlando
    Eric Orlando 3 days ago

    The dobre brothers are always being positive

  • robin driscoll deruvo
    robin driscoll deruvo 3 days ago +1

    you guys cheer me up when I am sad

  • Alenna Gorges
    Alenna Gorges 3 days ago

    So sad 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Alenna Gorges
    Alenna Gorges 3 days ago

    Bright fight

    JOHAN KRUGER 3 days ago

    Hey guy's thank you for making this amazing video👌👌👌

  • Ashiya Reaster
    Ashiya Reaster 3 days ago

    someone told to to die and jump off the roof before i cried for hours then i relized that they where words they cant hurt me

  • Ashiya Reaster
    Ashiya Reaster 3 days ago

    i get bullied every day at school but when i watch your videos it puts a smile on my face

  • Nettie Sager
    Nettie Sager 4 days ago

    I started to cry during the video

  • Carlee Ferrell
    Carlee Ferrell 4 days ago

    this is bella i git bullyed and they called me buck teeth beaver and all that stuff

  • Willow Sowers
    Willow Sowers 4 days ago

    no no no stop crying people now i crying

  • fan fan
    fan fan 4 days ago

    Emily you are amazing you are strong the bullies who bullied you should feel a shamed

  • Drake Hudson
    Drake Hudson 4 days ago


  • Adrianna Steward
    Adrianna Steward 4 days ago +1

    This made me cry so much I get bullied still because I have a deep voice, but I try to ignore it but it’s hard when it happens over and over so you feel depressed and insecure about yourself until you get up and deal with it yourself

  • Tesia De Long
    Tesia De Long 4 days ago

    I think that girl is beautyful.😜

  • Tara Godines
    Tara Godines 4 days ago

    That helped a lot love you guy

  • Je'Na Brown
    Je'Na Brown 4 days ago

    OMG I was crying 😭

  • Daisy Duncan
    Daisy Duncan 4 days ago

    I am getting bullied at the moment and it’s so hard watched this ages ago but thought it might help and it DID thanks #bright fright well done Emily

  • Mrsravenfan67
    Mrsravenfan67 4 days ago

    I have faith in Emily that she can beat those bully’s and Emily by the way if your listening ignore those bully’s

  • Jonathan Martens
    Jonathan Martens 4 days ago

    I am being bullied in school and its not right im being left out

  • Lexi Mitchell
    Lexi Mitchell 4 days ago

    I feel so bad for Emily and if you bully people that is not right and needs to stop.