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  • Mohammad Omar
    Mohammad Omar Hour ago

    Food P0rn...

  • fxx
    fxx 8 hours ago

    Where is the GARLIC AT?!!! 😩😩man I want flavor in this chicken so bad.

  • Brad Silvers
    Brad Silvers 12 hours ago

    tried this...dry as dirt

  • Dushant Robinson

    White folks chicken. Not washed or seasoned.

  • Ella of Frell
    Ella of Frell Day ago

    Imo, a juicy inside with no blood is much better then a dry chicken with extremely crispy skin. I LOVE crispy skin, there's more meat then skin. And well salt is a good brine, i lime adding other things.

  • Ella of Frell
    Ella of Frell Day ago

    Juicy meat is better then extremely crispy skin. . . Nobody likes a dry chicken.

  • C Walters
    C Walters Day ago

    Totally fine to soak your chicken in some water and salt and then clean it with lemon wedges. It's not like you're running it under water so the bacteria won't get everywhere. Clean up right after. Also, sorry, but salt and pepper alone won't do it. Ya'll gotta stop with that. LOL! Rub that thing down with some butter, herbs and lemon and get it under the skin, too. You'll slap everybody in the house at how yummy that bird comes out.

  • TheUnmaskedMagician

    Salmonella dose not care if you are Triggered because somebody told you not to wash a chicken

  • HarrodsFan
    HarrodsFan 2 days ago

    Rotisserie chicken.

  • Yhtoo
    Yhtoo 2 days ago

    5:46 that presentation makes me feel thirsty rather than hungry...

  • Danikajoy Estrada
    Danikajoy Estrada 3 days ago

    Can you make a Petit four tasty 101

  • taur611
    taur611 3 days ago

    CAn't go wrong with Jamie

  • محمد الدومه

    I love you're chanl can you tarns for arabic

  • No name
    No name 6 days ago

    her voice is so annoying I cant with the raspiness, speak clearly and breathe woman

  • Adam Holland
    Adam Holland 6 days ago

    I love the recipes and everything but why was there blood on the carcass 🤔

  • its your boy jesus
    its your boy jesus 6 days ago

    Omg those left over still got soo much meat dnt waste them😂😂

  • Spencer Margolis
    Spencer Margolis 6 days ago

    When is the next tasty 101 coming out. It’s been more than a month and really anxious

  • Yuri Rubis
    Yuri Rubis 8 days ago

    idfc if the chicken is dry asf... damn her voice is so wonderful!

  • Victoria Heuman
    Victoria Heuman 8 days ago

    Comments are funny :D

  • Superior Shuriken
    Superior Shuriken 9 days ago +1

    i like my water to be crispy

  • sinora azma Budi
    sinora azma Budi 11 days ago +1

    you can say anything but i bet you can't deny that any mother's roasted chicken is always the best.

  • William Moore
    William Moore 11 days ago

    I made this recipe exactly as described. Skin was nice and crispy. Breast and thigh measured 180 on my instant read. Inner potions of the meat were extremely undercooked. Yeah, this high heat turned out exactly as expected. Cooked on the outside and not on the inside. Won't use this again

  • Naomie Phylicia
    Naomie Phylicia 12 days ago

    salt & pepper is all you need ? Where is the spice ? oh no !

  • ً jastina
    ً jastina 13 days ago

    salt n pepper only???? white ppl shock me

  • Kamote Tops
    Kamote Tops 13 days ago

    Don't wash the chicken? Even home grown chicken needs to be washed because of the blood.
    Supermarket chicken packed in plastic? Yeah, don't rinse it because the smell is nice and fresh. lol

  • Manoon Manoon
    Manoon Manoon 14 days ago

    5:53 , 6:08 I always get annoyed if i found this red spots on my chicken bone , is it ok. !!! If it under cooking So how it becomes here while the chicken meet is well cooked as shown in the video, some times I thought that I cooked the chicken before it becomes completely defrost so heat didn't go to inside such as out side !!! Any help !!

  • Johan Michael
    Johan Michael 14 days ago

    In Asian cooking sometimes we pour hot water on the skin after seasoning it, pat it dry and then roast it. It still gives that crispy skin while keeping the flesh juicy.

  • oreochick24
    oreochick24 14 days ago

    You colonized the planet for spices and "salt and pepper" is all you need? Hmmm

  • BaileyPaws
    BaileyPaws 14 days ago

    Ain't no body got time for that, we have mouths to feed here...
    #1 cut the back out of the chicken, flip over and break the breast bone with on your body weight and palms. Rub entire chicken with oil or melted butter. Season with your favorite seasonings.
    #2 in a baking dish, place bird on elevated rack. Preheat oven to 425* stick that sucker in there for about an hour start checking your meat temp after that. (Put veggies underneath the rack and in the roasting pan if desired, season those too. Don't be stingy) Breast and thighs will cook more evenly. + this takes way less time. remove from oven when meat temperatures reach 162 (like 1hr15min ish in my oven). 165* + will be achieved during the carry over cook/resting.
    It didn't take me 2 weeks to figure that out. Common knowledge... more surface area equals a more even cook and crispy skin.
    If you want your skin "extra crispy" and still have a juicy bird let the chicken rest for 20 min while you crank the oven to 500... put the yard bird back in for 5-8 min. Take it out, transfer to a cutting board and cut it up and serve.
    The only thing crispy about the chicken you guys cooked is the top... the sides and dark meat are mushy, specifically the thighs.. I know 100% for a fact. The breast is overdone and dry.

  • Miraversal
    Miraversal 15 days ago

    when test tasted all the other chickens, i hope you and your team finished the rest.

  • Narendra Bagari
    Narendra Bagari 16 days ago


  • Rae Antenor
    Rae Antenor 16 days ago

    All i can hear is "crispy skin" but again seems like less flavor. At the end of the day I'd still go for flavor and not crispy skin. If I wanted crispy skin I would make fried chicken.

  • VeraIsTheTruth
    VeraIsTheTruth 16 days ago

    First of all, don’t tell me not to clean my chicken. I’m rubbing my chicken down with lemon and then pouring some vinegar on that bird. Second of all, Ina Garten already told us how to roast a chicken

  • ii_xItzAnthony
    ii_xItzAnthony 17 days ago

    In my Opinion, this video is called:
    “How to Make the Best FRIED Chicken Ever”
    Because, Almost Every Roast Chicken I tasted, the Skin is Always Soggy, Unlike FRIED Chicken the skin is always crispy. I’d prefer TASTE over SKIN.

  • Kanakanjali NATH
    Kanakanjali NATH 17 days ago

    just think some other species came to earth who r superior than us and they started seasoning us with salt and 🌶 pepper, making buttermilk fried humans

  • Kanakanjali NATH
    Kanakanjali NATH 17 days ago

    how ruthless, cruel we human beings r killing an innocent living creature just for the pleasure of our tongue.

  • Glitchy Squid
    Glitchy Squid 17 days ago

    KFC's secret recipe:
    chicken, grease, salt

  • Charles dela Cruz
    Charles dela Cruz 17 days ago

    This is like The Wirecutter of food shows

  • Tami D
    Tami D 18 days ago

    I’m washing my chicken and I said what I said

  • When The Sound Resonates

    Can you guys do a 101 on Ham & Cheese Toasties or Croque Monsieur

  • Brandon Castro
    Brandon Castro 19 days ago

    I’ll try this because I’ve never been steered wrong by Tasty. I usually run my hand between the breast and skin, coat with olive oil and S&P + herbs. The skin is comes out crispy AF. Chicken chicharrone is bomb.

  • atheclose
    atheclose 19 days ago

    Where i'm from you save the small bits they talked about to your favorite person, usually to your mom or girlfriend/wife or the mom/grandma gives it to her favorite.
    It creates problems.

  • Weird channel Stuff
    Weird channel Stuff 22 days ago

    Ur voice is calming

  • Faye Dingle
    Faye Dingle 22 days ago

    Is crispy skin the only thing they care about???

  • Kareen Smith
    Kareen Smith 23 days ago

    Oh hell naw I have to wash my chicken with lemon n vinegar plus this chicken looks narsty

  • alford walker
    alford walker 23 days ago

    This makes my black skin crawl 😬 nooooooo SEASONING... just salt and pepper.

  • Women who work
    Women who work 23 days ago

    I just want the roasted chicken recipe that will help bag me a prince!

  • Sophie__bou
    Sophie__bou 24 days ago +1

    Make PASTA plzzzz

  • Archit Kothari
    Archit Kothari 26 days ago

    It needs some jus

  • Diblik Vasco
    Diblik Vasco 27 days ago

    I made this and it was pretty awesome, the dry brine really keeps the chicken moist and it’s a really easy dinner

  • Aimee Poumirou
    Aimee Poumirou 28 days ago +1

    Don't you people clean the sink after washing the chicken? There it's desinfectants for it. I wash my chicken and i put all of the aromatics and flavor.

    • Aimee Poumirou
      Aimee Poumirou 27 days ago

      +JD CARRIB they make good food but when it comes to whole birds... i doubt it.

      JD CARRIB 27 days ago +1

      Really? Jeje. lol

      JD CARRIB 27 days ago +1

      +Aimee Poumirou Yh it is logic. Tasty can make some good looking food, but also seasoning chicken with just salt and pepper. I'm vegetarian and I still know to season my chicken and wash it.

    • Aimee Poumirou
      Aimee Poumirou 28 days ago

      +JD CARRIB it's logic. No? Jeje

      JD CARRIB 28 days ago +1

      Thank you. I don't understand how people don't just clean the sink after.

  • Salmaan Nasir
    Salmaan Nasir 28 days ago

    I think it should be renamed to "FLAVOURLESS CHICKEN SKIN RECIPE"

  • Aricka B
    Aricka B 28 days ago

    um... only.. salt & peppe.... oh ok … .. …….

  • Zarzarmon Lin
    Zarzarmon Lin Month ago +4

    Me: how is the chicken
    Family: crispy skin
    Me: how’s the flavor
    Family: there is none......

    Oranat ATTAVORANAN Month ago

    Hi! I really want to know how to make really great caramel toffee or coffee cake because my grandma's birthday is coming up and she loves coffee and caramel!

  • saeed ahamad
    saeed ahamad Month ago

    BIRD TEA!!! 🤣🤣

  • Mic 72
    Mic 72 Month ago

    Best way to cook a chicken is to get a full chicken, cut through the breast plate and take out the spine, then lay on a rack, spread out both halves and flavour to your taste then put the whole rack on the barbie, then cut in half and serve

  • Tanisha Devi
    Tanisha Devi Month ago

    Please do a 101on like equals one vote

  • Jenita Amalia
    Jenita Amalia Month ago +1

    Hello tasty, can you make the burger version of tasty 101 because the old one ist just like a regular burger, i wanted to be the very flavor full and tastiest burger recipes from tasty, okkk 😍😍😍😋

    KALMADO Month ago

    5:33 BLOOD!!

  • Sutton
    Sutton Month ago

    I clicked off as soon as their nasty selves said don't wash the chicken. That contamination only matters if y'all are nasty and don't clean your surfaces after...I don't...get...why...anyway lmao. Good luck to those who watched.

  • Prisoner Zero
    Prisoner Zero Month ago

    OK, I've been cooking for over 50 years. There will not come a day that I don't rinse my chicken or any poultry.
    The logic that you are trying to state makes no sense.
    Let say we have 2 germs on the chicken
    I wash one of mine off, but you've got 2 germs on your chicken.
    I can't even watch the rest of the movie for fear you might also except the 3 second rule. We are not on the same page.

  • Lil Flame
    Lil Flame Month ago

    Blood wtf

  • Andrew Ryan
    Andrew Ryan Month ago

    You've just dried all the meat out in order to obtain crispy skin.....

  • Ellyn Wong
    Ellyn Wong Month ago +1

    You should make the creamiest vanilla 🍦 ice cream

  • Brenande Mossita
    Brenande Mossita Month ago +2

    You are missing garlic, onion powder , paprika, herbs, and lemon juice.

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    Serch in youtb.

  • Suzy Nguyen
    Suzy Nguyen Month ago

    This is more like how to make a crispy chicken 🍗

  • BigHeadMag
    BigHeadMag Month ago

    Why do you care about it being so crispy😂

  • Druzii
    Druzii Month ago +1

    From a Jamaican, wash di chicken yerr. Yuh need more season dan salt and pepper. Unuh nuh use maggi?

  • Sianator
    Sianator Month ago


  • pablogarciaperez1
    pablogarciaperez1 Month ago

    guys..this chicken has blood...

  • oyinolavic
    oyinolavic Month ago

    "Salt and pepper is all you need" Wait, what?!? This is ridiculous. No flavour at all. Smh

    • Aaron Creagh
      Aaron Creagh Month ago

      You need at least a third ingredient if you're not using cheese.

  • Mia Shlansky
    Mia Shlansky Month ago

    Hi Tasty, please reply: Can you do this to a duck?
    Btw we tried this recipe step by step and oh my gosh!! Best Baked chicken ever!!
    And for those who says its not juicy, it is super juicy. Idk how but it is

  • claudia fahey
    claudia fahey Month ago

    I tried this it came out GREAT the dry brine was a success.. I'm guessing the other commenters on here are just being asshats (and some are racist asshats)... you don't want to try this recipe don't fukin try it

  • Aliya Nur Rahmah
    Aliya Nur Rahmah Month ago

    Aren't tap water in USA is so clean you can directly drink it?? So you can wash your chicken with tap water too and remove all the dirt and slime in the chicken

    M A SALAM Month ago

    U look HOT...

  • Sunny Macwan
    Sunny Macwan Month ago

    Saying "erb" is such a huge turnoff :(

  • Gabriel Zarzour
    Gabriel Zarzour Month ago

    No olive oil?

  • Mac C
    Mac C Month ago

    Im Vegan.

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  • Addison Wilhelm
    Addison Wilhelm Month ago


  • anieman7
    anieman7 Month ago

    I like your videos but Im gonna dislike this one. Only salt and pepper.. Disgusting. Im angry.

  • Faiza Tasnim
    Faiza Tasnim Month ago

    One more video before bed.

  • SpicyMeme Ball
    SpicyMeme Ball Month ago

    instructions were to hard, dick got stuck in blender

  • A Biker Dude
    A Biker Dude Month ago

    Cool vid!

  • Robert Sanchez
    Robert Sanchez Month ago

    Or go to Costco and save urself a buttload of time

  • Derek Barayuga
    Derek Barayuga Month ago

    It's the girl From the previous videos
    BTW,her voice is so soothing and relaxing

  • Bisayan_Tek
    Bisayan_Tek Month ago

    anyone made this to a drinking game yet? Chug a glass everytime she says skin.

  • 6004L
    6004L Month ago


  • A Rae
    A Rae Month ago

    Yes everyone, Crispy skin is the most important thing. If you want juicy chicken just bake it normally. Plus since the people commenting paid no attention to the video she was talking about getting juicy chicken AND crispy skin. Y'all just hate chicken skin and are being salty AF.

  • Maki Chan
    Maki Chan Month ago

    Why am I watching this? I'm a kid and can't afford an oven

  • Addison Wilhelm
    Addison Wilhelm Month ago


  • Pixel Pudding
    Pixel Pudding Month ago

    This sounds hella dry

  • Ada Vann
    Ada Vann Month ago

    This was so helpful!

  • FruscianteFender
    FruscianteFender Month ago

    I started crying when she put the butchers twine on... I think I’m gonna go be a vegetarian now. Poor little birdy.

  • rikki
    rikki Month ago

    Why doesn't buzzfeed season their food? Why!

  • Army Babe
    Army Babe Month ago

    Take a shot of apple juice every time she mentions the crispiness of the chicken