aka SEOUL: As White As Possible (Part 2 of 7) | NBC Asian America

  • Published on Nov 14, 2016
  • In part 2 of “aka SEOUL,” Siri Szemenkar reflects on growing up as a Korean adoptee in Sweden and, on this first visit to Seoul, she also begins the search for her birth mother.
    “aka SEOUL" is a follow up to the documentary series “aka DAN," which chronicled the 2013 journey of alternative rapper and Korean adoptee Dan Matthews as he reconnected with his biological family, including a twin brother he never knew about. Three years later, audiences will see Matthews and four other Korean adoptees visit Korea during the summer of 2016 and shed light on other aspects of the adoptee identity.
    Featuring: Dan Matthews (instagram.com/DANakaDAN), Chelsea Katsaros, Siri Szemenkar, Min Matson, Peter Boskey
    Director: Jon MaxwellExecutive Producer: Dan Matthews, International Secret Agents (ISAtv)Producing Supervisor: Traci G. LeeDirector of Photography: Ray HuangEditor: Marcus Valerio Production: Rommel AndayaProducer: Rebecca Jung, KPMusic Supervisor: Chanda Dancy-Morizawa
    Title Track - Rell The Soundbender ft. Satica - BloomSpecial Thanks: Tim, Kim, and Jackie Holm, & 2016 IKAA Gathering and Staff, Jasmine Lee
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    aka SEOUL: As White As Possible (Part 2 of 7) | NBC Asian America

Comments • 34

  • Silver Bat
    Silver Bat 26 days ago

    Siri has a beautiful accent!! It's hard that her family tried to deny her ethnicity, that's just strange. I love her style as well! But they didn't explain if she got to meet her bio mom?!
    P.S. You should link all the parts to this series in the description!

  • Mina a
    Mina a 2 months ago

    i cant understand a thing she's saying lol wish there was subtitles

  • Melanie Rose
    Melanie Rose 3 months ago +3

    That Swedish/Scottish accent is so intense!!

  • Woden of the Angles
    Woden of the Angles 3 months ago +3

    Hey!! You can't leave us all hanging like that! Did she meet her biological mother....!!!?!

  • Spencer Austin-Martin
    Spencer Austin-Martin 6 months ago +1

    These white families are extremely kind and generous to open their homes. That should and most be acknowledged

    • C Beck
      C Beck Month ago +2

      There are also adoptees who were deported because their white savior parents neglected to get them naturalized. There are many complex stories and unfortunate outcomes.

  • ThisIsFake NoLie
    ThisIsFake NoLie 11 months ago

    i thought i recognized him/ i am subbed to Dan, i wonder if he new they used his vids

  • Jim Steuckert
    Jim Steuckert Year ago +1

    A really great series Dan. I see a lot of you in both your biological Father and Mother also your biological brother. I am so happy for you as this fills a great void in your life of who you are. Also your biological parents are so happy to know that you are well and doing well in life. It must have been agonizing for them to put you up for adoption. I suggest you learn Korean That was well done Dan congratulations

  • Ryan Campbell
    Ryan Campbell Year ago +2

    The most Glaswegian sounding Asian Swede ever!

  • Maric Dee
    Maric Dee Year ago +2

    The three thumbs down might have a sad childhood

  • Superdupper Me
    Superdupper Me Year ago

    I wish they try to search their parents

  • Bluesky
    Bluesky Year ago

    I just cant understand her accent. ㅠ ㅠ worse than British accent for me. I need to pass her story, but nice hair style!

  • Zhang Ren Hou
    Zhang Ren Hou Year ago +28

    Her accent is so cool!

  • Iga
    Iga Year ago +10

    Omgg Glasgow!! (I was shook when I heard a familiar accent ahah!)

  • loka losa
    loka losa Year ago +3

    I want subtitles..T.T

    • Bert Lee
      Bert Lee 8 months ago

      Even the caption doesn't understand her fully lol

    • accaci
      accaci 11 months ago

      Oh my gosh her accent is so strong I’m having hard time understanding it!

    • justgeorge247
      justgeorge247 Year ago

      loka losa turn on captions.

  • Chet youbetya
    Chet youbetya Year ago +1

    That broad looks like a dude

  • Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2 years ago +10

    I can at least applaud these people as they not only went to find their roots but weren't forced. You got so many Asians in the US where the language and culture or even identity dies at the second generation. It's so sad and none have any interest to find their roots or culture. This is one reason I can respect the average korean worldwide is that most Koreans I have met can at least speak their language with some sort of at least conversational or usually fluent degree. I'm Taiwanese but most of the kids are taught the language at a young age in America but other than that the culture is forgotten and dies. So I'm def raising my kids to be bilingual along with teaching the culture. You can't forget your identity.

  • Karma Fairy
    Karma Fairy 2 years ago +20

    Very very good series...except I'm confused by her accent and also struggling to understand her. Is that Swedish accent or Scottish?? :/

    • wazzas888
      wazzas888 2 years ago +4

      Strong Scottish accent

    • Kim Na Na
      Kim Na Na 2 years ago +2

      2:06 she said she is from sweden, but lives in glasgow

    • Mina
      Mina 2 years ago +4

      Her accent is definitely a Scottish accent and at 3:12 it says shes from Glasgow, guessing her family moved there from Sweden?

    • sheila sharpley
      sheila sharpley 2 years ago +2

      Karma Fairy me toooo I wish I they would of put subtitles at the bottom. She speaks so fasssssst

    • Kim Na Na
      Kim Na Na 2 years ago +1

      the info box said she's from sweden

  • David Busch
    David Busch 2 years ago +19

    its really sad how this series Only has 4.700 views. as most people probably won't understand adoptees. I myself is Korean adopted and I feel that I can relate to this series....

    • David Busch
      David Busch 2 years ago


    • San47di
      San47di 2 years ago +4

      The low viewership here may be because this happens to be a Second posting of Dan's story. Remember, Dan himself posted his own experiences FIRST. NBC is a followup. :-)

  • Expats in Pakistan
    Expats in Pakistan 2 years ago +34

    I am loving this series. Truly appreciate seeing adoptees from other nations and their stories as well.

  • Bunny1412
    Bunny1412 2 years ago +25

    really good series :)