I STOLE JELLY'S Minecraft FRIDGE & All His FOOD! (troll)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • 🤪 This is going to get crazy!
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Comments • 1 893

  • Amy West
    Amy West 11 hours ago


  • Chase Hankin
    Chase Hankin 15 hours ago

    Please go into Jelly’s secret floor trapdoor!!!!!

  • Matt Bullard
    Matt Bullard 16 hours ago

    Don’t start your videos with like buttons just say hit the right like button

  • Anthony Morassutti
    Anthony Morassutti Day ago +1

    You should do a daily video of pigtown
    Like so Crainer can see

  • fan of crainer and fan of slogo

    Hey,crainer i am your fan. Jelly have a secret and he stole the emeralds

  • Vivienne Wei
    Vivienne Wei Day ago

    Jelly stole the diamonds in the donation

  • Gaige Claypoole
    Gaige Claypoole Day ago

    pigtown sounds like digtown

  • Olsi gejming
    Olsi gejming 2 days ago +1

    Go to jelly hause end go in trapdoor in beismend

  • Kacen Green
    Kacen Green 3 days ago

    Josh stole floppy and he put him in a chamber and fed him to you! Everyone like this so crainer can see

    • Anthony Morassutti
      Anthony Morassutti Day ago

      ''Tis was the first episode not the episode with Slogo stealing floppy

  • Mohmmad Asjid
    Mohmmad Asjid 3 days ago

    They didn’t. Legitly
    get the stuff to build the houses

  • kendra cruzat
    kendra cruzat 3 days ago

    he's jelly has a SECRET BASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erin Rudisill
    Erin Rudisill 3 days ago

    Make a vid were the Mayer gets a wife

  • New EcoFits
    New EcoFits 4 days ago

    Put a aloti of berry bush it will hurt

  • The Cyber Warrior
    The Cyber Warrior 5 days ago

    Crainer stop trolling jelly because Josh stoled floppy and u ate him

  • مصطفى صباح
    مصطفى صباح 5 days ago

    Troll jelly and slogoman with hidden tnt

  • مصطفى صباح
    مصطفى صباح 5 days ago

    My name is tony

  • Memoona Khan
    Memoona Khan 5 days ago

    In the new video

  • Memoona Khan
    Memoona Khan 5 days ago

    Floppy is in slogomans house where he sits outside with the campfire behind it is a lever that opens where floppy is

  • Saleh Tariq
    Saleh Tariq 8 days ago

    i need you to do something to jelly and josh just fill jelly'x house with water and say that slogoman did it and fill slogoman's house and fill it with cactus and say jelly did it

  • Tabletop Jetsfan
    Tabletop Jetsfan 8 days ago

    Crainer: *pulls out his axe while looking at Floppy

  • Catleo Litob
    Catleo Litob 9 days ago

    Did you make the tax troll?

  • Elmer Grace
    Elmer Grace 9 days ago +1

    15:11 Jelly stole Josh's emeralds

  • Franky Tan
    Franky Tan 9 days ago


  • Zed Thegamer
    Zed Thegamer 9 days ago

    Does Josh drinks Milk Tea?

  • MikaelaZoei Baja
    MikaelaZoei Baja 10 days ago

    Jelly here is good

  • Sam Haddon
    Sam Haddon 10 days ago


  • Emma Lavigne
    Emma Lavigne 11 days ago +1

    If you need to find your fish

  • Emma Lavigne
    Emma Lavigne 11 days ago +1

    Behind josh house behind the couch dig down

  • You Wu
    You Wu 11 days ago

    How do you go into pig town?i mean, it is a public server right?

  • MegaPokéGuys MPG
    MegaPokéGuys MPG 11 days ago

    Jelly: comes in the front comes out the back

    Me: diarrhea

  • MegaPokéGuys MPG
    MegaPokéGuys MPG 11 days ago

    Craner your merch is to expensive why is it $40.95

  • Izuku Midoriya
    Izuku Midoriya 12 days ago

    the thumbnail xD

    when ur bro say this is my fridge and it has all the bacon in the world
    you: naruto runs out of ur bros house with the fridge

  • Normelita Galvez
    Normelita Galvez 12 days ago

    Troll them by killing there pets taking all there stuff and destroying there garden adding a zombie next to there bed look at jelly's base and to put in a space I sujest you put a coffee room a tool room☺

  • Xyrus Lacurom
    Xyrus Lacurom 13 days ago

    Crainer is a loser jelly #1

  • ICnetal
    ICnetal 13 days ago

    Can someone send me the like to the first episode

  • Helen Norman
    Helen Norman 14 days ago

    Slogoman stole Floppy and killed him if you want to know were he was look behind his fire place there is a lever

  • Sandra Mendoza
    Sandra Mendoza 14 days ago


  • Shane Odom
    Shane Odom 15 days ago +1

    Hiy you at flopy.

  • Sonny Burgess
    Sonny Burgess 15 days ago

    Nice vid

  • Lala Huseynli
    Lala Huseynli 15 days ago


  • dEAThShoT 36
    dEAThShoT 36 15 days ago +1

    This is how many times Crainer has opened and closed the entrance Gates and doors in this video

  • dEAThShoT 36
    dEAThShoT 36 15 days ago +1

    9:10 ocean view cause we can't forget about Crainer when he was a shark💕 ahhhh the memories 🦈
    Edited: Runic and his voices in fortnite.
    In the fortnite times I got 150+ likes on 4 of my comments. Love you all

  • Zayd Fazni
    Zayd Fazni 16 days ago

    Jelly Stoline Josh émerelde Johe stole floqqy est johe telle you jelly stole flloqqy

  • Zayd Fazni
    Zayd Fazni 16 days ago

    Slogomans Kill floqqy not jelly stolit

  • Toni Hall
    Toni Hall 16 days ago

    Crainer can u hop on da server now i just added it plz

  • Ana Alfaro
    Ana Alfaro 16 days ago

    crainer have you ever met kwebbelkop

  • Lamalover -_-
    Lamalover -_- 16 days ago

    At 12:45 the sun is a star tho

  • Amber Dingle
    Amber Dingle 18 days ago

    Floppy a human and fish now crainer???

  • Eljin Solomon
    Eljin Solomon 18 days ago +1

    Crainer slogoman killed floppy in his chair

  • Rytis Aleknavicius
    Rytis Aleknavicius 19 days ago

    Hey crainer you ate your own fish josh gave you fish stew it was your fish and he was torchoring floppy

  • Tree dude
    Tree dude 19 days ago +7

    Crainer Jelly's toilet has a ladder inside of it

  • Alba Vazquez
    Alba Vazquez 19 days ago


  • Alba Vazquez
    Alba Vazquez 19 days ago

    TNT canon

  • epha jaranilla
    epha jaranilla 19 days ago

    Crainer Josh will steal floppy

  • Robbie Janse Van Rensburg

    Lava trap

  • pipper morin
    pipper morin 20 days ago

    Josh stoll floppy

  • Jason DiCaprio
    Jason DiCaprio 21 day ago +1

    how come when i clicked on this video it said


  • ppyles2012
    ppyles2012 21 day ago

    Crainer's house was the best

  • Carl Thomas
    Carl Thomas 21 day ago


  • Franciszek Schulz
    Franciszek Schulz 21 day ago +7

    Slogoman has a secret hide out behind his marshmallow chair.